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Watch Prada Spring Summer 2013 Women’s Ready to Wear Collection from Milan Fashion Week. Designer Miuccia Prada collection was inspired by Japanese style – from the skinny satin skirts, the origami folded satin tops to the stunning platforms and sock boots.

Watch Prada Spring 2013 Backstage Beauty Video
Get an exclusive look at the beauty look of Prada Spring 2013 and go behind the scenes with makeup artist Pat McGrath and Guido Palau.


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  1. mandymonkey99 says:

    didn’t like it honestly, felt like i was seeing the same thing for 12

  2. motorisssada says:

    What is the song at 7:58, please?

  3. motorisssada says:

    What is the song at 7:58, please?

  4. Juan Pablo Bordarena says:

    Does anyone knows the soundtrack please???

  5. kruberz says:

    youtube convert it!

  6. Jairo Bustos says:

    definitivamente prada cada año sorprende
    hermosa y fenomenal colección me encanta.

  7. antongrad says:

    Not sure about the flower print…mmmm! I dont know…i think it’s too early 90’s been there, done that!

  8. MrMasirati says:

    loved everything.. as usual with miuccia. bravo.

  9. MrMasirati says:

    read miuccia’s interview for wwd shes not inspired by japan here, it just happened. so thats obviously why its not “authentic”

  10. eduardo42897 says:

    Although the heels do look comfortable.

  11. eduardo42897 says:

    I like the first few outfits. The shoes were an extreme disappointment.

  12. chrisbrazy10 says:

    Jessica Stam & Magdalena Frackowiak <3

  13. honey island queen says:

    look at 7:07…dying

  14. Yasith Fernando says:

    great music

  15. alejandro chavarría says:

    Please, can someone teliing me the name of the soundtrack? It´s wonderful. And I have to say: the catwalk, the atmosphere… This art! Every detail! Thanks Prada… What a creation!

  16. magicapricot says:

    wait so what are you saying about this collection

  17. Libbertin says:

    +Song please?

  18. Angel Carretero says:
  19. hulik243 says:

    Fantastisticous !

  20. Алёна Дорн says:

    yeah! Please tell me tooo
    I wanna know

  21. johnnydtractive says:

    Very directional, but last year’s F/W 2012/13 was gorgeous and truly inspired. Not a fan of this particular presentation, but I’d love to see where she could end up in a few seasons if she stayed with the Japanese sourcing/inspiration. Love her.

  22. arijunashop says:

    I do like the concept of Japanesque inspiration but i think it’s poorly executed. I have lived in Japan,and some of the prints look unworked, a rip off of already existing ones usually found on vases.. Defo some of the ideas are interesting like the shoesocks. Also the light is really unflattering to the models who look washed out, as if they have underbags. all in all left me disappointed for a super brand like Prada.

  23. Gidget Bowden says:

    Prada Spring/Summer 2013 Womenswear Show

  24. razva81 says:

    good point

  25. Alek Landeros says:

    track id ?

  26. Lux Gopaul says:

    I love the shoes. But I hate the dresses, totally awful dresses.

  27. Bernhard Fink says:

    Team für Mode Fashion News

  28. teenmobs says:

    This is inspired by japanese culture I think, and the shoes look like tabi socks. Amazing collection indeed.

  29. teenmobs says:

    This is inspired by japanese culture I think, and the shoes look like tabi socks. Amazing collection indeed.

  30. liudkanezabudka says:

    hideous collection

  31. 2Chuas says:

    Shoes/socks are awesome! Love Elena Bartels’s dress, Kati’s capelet and Grace Mahary’s legs. I’m betting we’ll see elements from this show on the street for quite a while1

  32. MODA OLDU says:

    Prada 2013 İlkbahar Yaz Modelleri PRADA SPRING/SUMMER 2013 WOMENSWEAR SHOW

  33. says:
  34. Mackenzie S says:

    This runway is fantastic

  35. Mackenzie S says:

    I love the florals

  36. Anna Baranna says:

    03:29 totally awesome. i just can’t get the whole collection it’s so decorative and god save the woman who gets those shoes. i can see prada in this, i just don’t see much effort and there’s no wowness about the collection, just like it’s made for mass prod only.

  37. coolsk8tergurl123 says:

    @tiwhixx damn you guys using youtube as your wank bank. i found this site a few weeks ago with real girls that are horny as hell have a look at this

  38. coolsk8tergurl123 says:

    @tiwhixx damn you guys using youtube as your wank bank. i found this site a few weeks ago with real girls that are horny as hell have a look at this

  39. anUHkins says:

    I am in love with the metallic socks and the furry+daisies look! times like this I wish I was rich …

  40. Joshua Soberanes says:

    I see a dash of Mary Quant in this!

  41. Kittygooch says:

    Does anyone know the name of the first song played?

  42. minp2001 says:

    I really love the soundtrack. But I love the collection, except the shoes

  43. minnnazz says:

    08:20 was my favourite

  44. insanecaine says:


  45. mademoiselle E says:

    Any true artist like Miuccia Prada doesn’t create clothes based on what retail buyers think is on trend for the upcoming season. The whole point of fashion is to have an original point of view; and if you are making clothes just to fill a market quota; your not a fashion designer you are a dressmaker!

  46. mademoiselle E says:

    Because nothing is forbidden in Prada world! The Japanese influence—”tough rigor, the delicacy after, and the folding”—was certainly a novel tweak. Set against a background of blacks, whites and pale pinks.

    I was more surprised by the footwear; there were the Harajuku wooden platforms and the more daring metallic socks (the new flat?), bound with bows.Mixing girly bows and eccentric, metallic socks/shoes, adding a feeling of nostalgia to something so modern; that’s just what Miuccia Prada does.

  47. minp2001 says:

    My favorite 03:30!

  48. lavenderultra says:

    the movement of the fabric somewhat reminds me of the s/s 2010 collection.

  49. minp2001 says:

    The models look short

  50. minp2001 says:

    I didnt like the shoes but the other things were great

  51. Kanae2062 says:

    Shoes are HORRIBLE!

  52. Katie Reynolds says:

    Check out my blog­!! I would really appreciate this as I am a beginner at this! Thanks xx

  53. Allysha Ishak says:

    I don’t think the good quality is shocking because the past streak of seasons have been going great for Prada. I have to disagree with the ‘Kawakubo homage’. Rather than specifically her, I think it’s mostly inspired Japanese culture all in all – as you see the tabi shoes, harajuku do, origami detail and kimono silhouettes. But Prada claimed that this inspiration came late in the design process.

  54. Roderick Van says:

    I adore the music!!

  55. MrApochanel says:

    τι χαλια ειναι αυτα τα πρωτα ρε φιλε……..

  56. 15moschino says:

    One of my favorite shows from prada.

  57. nunoswitzerland says:

    somebody knows the Track-Name or Remix?

  58. axelmontgomeryadams says:

    the print …. so bad

  59. jlvsoundengineering says:


  60. Pablo López García says:

    They are very clean silhouettes, that’s admirable but the first flowers were very strange, also that socks that are like shoes.

  61. TonhoJSB says:

    Please, go back to the 80s magazines and look what was Rei proposals. She was dialoging with Derrida and other deconstrucionists, like Peter Eisenman. There was no decorativism; there was no worry about selling “merchandise” to silly people like you!!!! Nowadays fashion is about business only; big business. There is nothing wrong with that. But please don’t say is has something to do with Rei Kawakubo or with art!!!

  62. weeatfashion says:

    oooh no! no! no! no!!!!!!

  63. candlelitfuck says:

    08:43. So perf.

  64. rudy labsilica says:


  65. rudy labsilica says:

    And I WANT those slipons that look like socks! 😀

  66. rudy labsilica says:

    Her homage to Japanese designers like Comme de Garçons and Yamamoto is Genius! They’re Asian influenced but not obvious or resorting to stereotypes.
    Many of us look at the works of these designers and think it’s ridiculous, but they’re missing the point.
    Fashion is ART.
    If we all wore khakis and plain tshirts the world would seriously be a boring place to live in!

  67. NoMNLif says:

    cool shoes….

  68. djcarlito says:

    i think they’re all tracks by Megumi Satsu ^_^

  69. sourapril says:

    beautiful, love prada!

  70. Ariane Herzock says:
  71. mahahz94 says:

    but lovely clothes

  72. mahahz94 says:

    ugly shoes !

  73. Lilith Sarafyan says:

    Does anyone know the soundtrack, please?

  74. Lilith Sarafyan says:

    Does anyone know the soundtrack, please?

  75. Akawette says:

    i usually love Miuccia’s designs, but this didn’t do it for me, the fabrics, the shoes (are those even shoes?) they looked like socks to me, i just didn’t get the message behind the collection 🙁 the bags & the glasses were gorgeous tho ! can’t wait for next season to see what this brilliant couturier has for us !

  76. Cameron K says:

    julia nobis is perfect for prada. amazing show

  77. jazzdoull says:

    well on the above comment i thought it was pox.

  78. Damian Rhea says:

    1:04 Pretty girl, look up!

  79. Damian Rhea says:

    1:04 Pretty girl, look up!

  80. Damian Rhea says:

    1:04 Pretty girl, look up!

  81. lilianamolko says:

    Oh my! Miucci rules the fashion world!!!

  82. TheErjohnen says:

    I fucking love Prada

  83. 9009cookies says:

    its so old…. and sad

  84. telecake says:

    The black ones in the beginning was kinda ok, but the pinkish / red, with a black rectangle on the chest with a flower LOL – it just look kinda ridiculous. It’s a very westerner’s take on Japanese / oriental sensibility I’d think.

  85. M.K Outland says:

    Stunning collection.
    -M.K Outland, pioneer/establisher of Trance(genre fiction)

  86. Juan Jaar says:

    This collection looks like it was made on Power Point circa 1998. You dun goofed.

  87. Matt Larkin says:

    Is it just me or have the models for Prada,Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Chanel all been way to young to pull off the sensuality of the clothing? I can’t seem to take the clothes seriously. The clothes themselves are good though.

  88. milena mimi says:

    не понравилось! музыка отвратительная! обувь тоже!


    An homage to Japanese design…Very 1960s/80s MOD look…Classic Miuccia Prada redefining for the masses who would never understand wearing Japanese designers, whilst still maintaining her design esthetic. “The Japanese Mod Girl”

  90. jkglamour says:

    Is Wintour wearing this? Usually she would have worn Prada collection few days later after the show but it seemed no one saw her wear them???

  91. bobostep78 says:

    Surely there is a message about the hardness and seriousness of our times in the show. This urban geisha does not convince me, although I am a longtime Miuccia fan and I am sure it will influence the whole satin and duchesse industry, as her work always does:
    Impossible shoes too…from leather socks to jeweled mega platform sandals. Pure provocation!

  92. OhhCathy says:

    anyone know what all the songs are called?

  93. Terence Reyes says:

    It’s good, but the Japanese aesthetic has been used a million times already in fashion. I think it’s better to bring something new to fashion nowadays.

  94. PradaHombre says:

    Now this is Fashion. No commercialism and no compromising, Prada at her finest.

  95. arizcats03 says:

    This was an OUTSTANDING collection completly different from all the other collections we have seen so far. Fresh and new. Some nice bags and can’t wait to see what the shoes for the stores will look like. Definitly see alot of influence this collection will have on mid-grade luxury brands, can’t wait to see what pops up at all the local retailers. Bravo Prada once again pushing the limits and succeeding.

  96. Daikamaitachi says:

    Pink leather toe socks Miuccia? We’re going to have a serious talk about this.

  97. QM3980 says:

    Ahahahahah nice suggestion!

  98. Libbertin says:

    What the song, ?

  99. Windlespoon says:

    Some of the “shoes” were just socks…

  100. lilianamolko says:

    IS AMAZING! Miuccia rules fashion world! I really love everything

  101. taevondickerson says:

    I love it. I was getting a kind of Margiela vibe from the shoes.

  102. sujikatful says:

    Don’t like shoes

  103. TheArslanProduction says:

    well if you were expected for the same collection like ss’12, then you wrong!Collection has a great idea and it doesn’t look a cheap or horrible, Miuccia is a genius and she know what she’s doing to.

  104. aphkumund says:

    very nice. will the noobs who protest move it to ralph lauren? thank u

  105. aphkumund says:

    tres cool

  106. franckbouche says:

    My first impression was… ugh hold on… what is this mess? but after a wake up, I realized how interesting the collection behind the idea was. It is makes sense?

  107. BloodBoundGodfathers says:

    are thr models male or femaes?

  108. 2012mikus says:

    This collection falls short of expectations for PRADA.

  109. michaelmacneil5 says:


  110. XFRAiiD says:

    actually , is found this looking really cheap, and unclassy , especially the shoes….

  111. sflacali says:

    Love it! Reminds me of Japan! Prada youre a genius

  112. Misseffortlesslychic says:

    Miuccia Prada is a visionary. Great collectio: so modern, chic and sophisticated

  113. should be CHIC says:
  114. ischregmischuff says:

    Im absolutely in Love with this collection. I think its about the shape of all human thoughts, it tries to connect all human is possesed of. And i really love those japanese flowers, shapes, and shoes that were put in.

  115. Mauricio Olivares Paganoni says:

    This is the usual Prada statement. Do you get Prada? or You don’t get Prada at all. That is the question…

  116. Joubaier Joubert says:

    Wow this collection is soooo beautiful I really loved it

  117. Jakub Lankas says:

    BRAVO !

  118. somewherealongtheway says:

    I’m in shock with how good this collection is. Obviously she has made clear her admiration to Rei Kawakubo and maybe this is a slight homage. But none the less this was Miuccia at her finest. All who obviously are gonna comment on how horrible this collection is, are clearly missing the point on who Miuccia is as a woman and as a designer. One of the most influential designers of our time.

  119. iseline22 says:

    reminds me of prada from the lae 90ties.

  120. @Axleorius says:

    RT @MODTV: #Prada Spring 2013 Fashion Show: Prada Spring Summer 2013 Women’s Fashion Show from… @MODTV

  121. DONG1020 says:

    *musician. She is Japanese.

  122. DONG1020 says:

    it is by a musical called Megumi Satsu.

  123. chrisbrazy10 says:

    The music sounds like the lady is having an orgasm.

  124. haremgoddess says:

    ONLY in the hands of Prada can certain things become cult, covetable and cool – Miuccia has that way of taking something you think you don’t like, that might even be ugly, putting her stamp on it and off you go: sold.

  125. CarlosSpungenMoss says:

    I just love this, it has something oriental also is like comme des garcons meets PRADA.
    can’t wait to see the advertising campaign¡¡¡

  126. chrisbrazy10 says:

    It looks like there on a bridge & if they make a wrong turn they will fall in the Prada pit.

  127. joshuanassiri says:

    The brilliance about Prada isn’t the initial runway reactions; which are often unsavoury. To know what Prada is all about you need to take it to the street.

  128. João Batista says:

    Oh my god everything here was just beyond horrible!!! Some clothes were similar to the ones Marc Jacobs showed last week, but not in a good way. And don’t get me started on the shoes…

  129. unvergleichlich says:

    few people will say: wtf, Miuccia? for saying so would entail not understanding the concept of this (ugly) collection, thus not belonging to the fashion intelligentsia.
    well, i’ll say it: horrible, sad, unattractive, stiff, flat, and non flattering.
    My opinion.

  130. joshuanassiri says:

    Genius collection as always by Prada.

  131. mantronixtube says:

    that was fast! thx!

  132. varsid991 says:

    honestly, this isn”t muicca’s best work, her spring and summer 2012 collection, now that was amazing! my favourite fashion collection of 2012

  133. BLBrooks59 says:


  134. DelacroixEdgar says:

    Can someone tell me the name of the first song?

  135. Kinneymania says:

    I may be not a Fashion connoiseur but this is just plain ugly , I still think Prada is overrated and if the devil wears Prada He surely has a poor taste

  136. annatata1234 says:

    I love everything that Prada does..Im obsessed of Miuccia..I adore everything..from japanese motifs to crazy shoes.. and also the diversity in models

  137. XampyBlues says:

    This is a reflection of the decline in sales of Italian fashion business, but I kinda like it, anyway!

  138. annatata1234 says:

    LOL..You wont buy anything fromher collection because you cant afford it not because they are

  139. DelacroixEdgar says:

    I loved the collection, but the “shoes”…

  140. PhilJay1000 says:

    It’s everything she does: It’s butt ugly and hopefully it gows on you! At this moment, I am totally hating it all, especially the shoes!! are those supposed to represent the sandals that Gieshas wear with their kimonos?

  141. bitesnailz says:

    it’s not as if this is bad…
    i guess, i just have a high set bar in my head for prada since 2012 spring & winter, that this collection just won’t compare.

  142. VVanessaYu says:

    this is awesome

  143. Martin Pirina says:

    like every year, big fail… who is going to buy this ?

  144. selmoonneamt says:

    yeah ur amazing LUCIANO I SAW IT LIVE STREAMING, THE SHOW was horrible from my point of view, no glam at all, I won t buy anything from Prada this year

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