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Go backstage with Karlie Kloss, the 19-year-old American beauty who insiders like photographer Mario Testino say is destined to be fashion’s next supermodel. The last year has been an extraordinary journey for Karlie Kloss and we captured some of those moments in this exclusive behind the scenes video.

In the last year, Karlie graduated from high school, walked in every top designer fashion show from Dior to Lanvin, appeared in numerous editorials and ad campaigns and was shot for the cover of LIFE Magazine by fashion photographer Gabrielle Revere.  Karlie is the first model to appear on LIFE’s cover in over 20 years, a true honour for this former ballet dancer who grew up in St Louis and is represented by IMG Models.

We followed Karlie behind the scenes at New York, Milan and Paris Spring 2012 fashion week, and caught up with her backstage at  Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to find out what life has been like for this icon in the making.  Watch our exclusive behind the scenes fashion video featuring interviews with Mario Testino, Gabrielle Revere and hair stylist Sam McKnight. 

Interviews by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano.   A production of MODTV Fashion Network

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Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. Casonova CorkClub II says:

    She’s YUMMY!

  2. HollyGolightly078 says:

    she’s too ugly for both

  3. floralsss says:

    she’s so skinny but not in an anorexic way. thats so rare in models.

  4. SofieIsRainbows says:


  5. Juan Carlos says:


  6. HaileyHeartsHorses says:

    she reminds me of taylor swift for some reason..maybe the arched eyebrows and the lean build..

  7. AliceAristocrat says:

    I don’t know. I feel like this year she looked better than last year so maybe it’s just that this is her 2nd year

  8. cdaute says:

    I don’t like her

  9. Burcu Mannheim says:

    She is so skinny

  10. mynameisdylan000 says:

    Karlie Kloss you are not an Angel, and you never will be, because if you were than Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t be Victoria’s Secret anymore. It wouldn’t embrace confidence in your lingerie and be comfortable with your body. Victoria’s Secret will fall into the stereo typical bone skinny models we see in high fashion. You are by far one of the last models to receive an Angel contract. You will however grace the runways of Chanel, Dior, & Oscar de la Renta. DONT GET COCKY CAUSE YOU DID VS!

  11. fanoffloyd34 says:

    Every model for Victoria secret is skinny, so I Dont understand why people are saying she’s too skinny. I just think she need to be more toned. All the models for VS are skinny and toned.

  12. normis roman says:

    I believe is too thin for Victoria’s Secret!

  13. BebeMr123 says:

    She’s devine, has the personality, with an extremely proportional body, she’s not anoreix nor too skinny, she’s super toned, amazing exuberant face. The next supermodel to be.

  14. nobullshitzone says:

    2:04 to 2:09 wow what a walk ….she really is something

  15. MrBrotoriousBIG says:

    I would bang her, guys perspective.

  16. kat cee says:

    yes I agree with that but maybe vs is taking a step in the right direction by having people of all different sizes and people who aren’t usually classed as ‘sexy’ because not everyone can look like they do.

  17. kb101bk says:

    you make a valid point, but vs has had a certain image going on of a sexy, curvy woman, and karlie just doesn’t fit that image. it’s like having an unnattractive abercrombie model, people of all different standards of beauty shop there, yet they predominantly have the stereotypical jock & cheerleader type caucasian, preppy teens/young adults as models.

  18. Sariah lizama says:

    She’s not for VS, she tries to hard to be sexy which she isn’t,I mean if she made it, I can make it also.

  19. german108chant says:

    If she had bigger boobs and ass she would be perfect for victoria secret

  20. kat cee says:

    i hate when people say she isnt right for victorias secret because shes skinny, because women of all sizes shop there so they should have models of all sizes

  21. zai Chris says:

    She is so lovely and also her personality, that the most important!

  22. amyheartsswiftie says:

    Wow she actually seems so sweet! I feel bad how she is getting so much hate for VS.

  23. WeRunBrands says:

    O shes in VS, cant wait to catch her on tv. Dec 4 means so much to me, because I have huge meeting with partners on globalization, STL being one of the places.

  24. WeRunBrands says:

    Shes my fav, hope to see more of her

  25. Mary Edwards says:

    ” I SAID SHE IS ANOREXIC LOOKING AND FUCKING UGLY”. I really don’t see how thats any better to what people accused you of saying. and she’s fucking a supermodel, how the fuck can she be ugly- she’s 10 times as beautiful than you cos she doesn’t call people, she doesnt even know, ugly.

  26. carey579 says:

    You are absolutely right, the thing that her PR keeps coming up with is just beyond belief!

  27. carey579 says:

    See this ‘Soph Whitley’ profile is another from the hundreds of fake profiles of ‘Make Karlie Kloss A Supermodel Club’ making compliments to Karlie all over youtube!

  28. Level80Fangirl says:

    true that
    Her face is pretty but not unique like gemma ward or versatile like Kristen Mcmenamy.
    Her agency is just killing themselves trying to turn her into a huge billboard cash cow whereas Gemma didn’t have to lift a finger to book work in her heyday because she was gorgeous and everybody wanted her.

  29. carey579 says:

    I AGREE! Karlie is absolutely a train wreck at VS! Not that she’s any prettier at HF!

  30. carey579 says:

    I AGREE! Karlie is absolutely a train wreck at VS! Not that she’s any prettier at HF!

  31. carey579 says:

    Really?? Who is her PR?? They make her sound like a saint!

  32. carey579 says:

    Really?? Who is her PR?? They make her sound like a saint!

  33. saucyfbaby says:

    Not only is Karlie beautiful, but she is also so down-to-earth & so real. I don’t know how anyone could hate her. She seems like such a sweetheart.

    — Nicole

  34. Soph Whitely says:

    she is sooo damn pretty:) I really want to be like her when I grow up

  35. Yamileth Diaz says:

    dayyum she rocked that black dress!

  36. floralsss says:


  37. Miriam Cotter says:

    She’s naturally that thin guys.

  38. cheykiddd says:

    She looks like candy(Diane Lane) from “The Outsiders”…It’s amazing

  39. Level80Fangirl says:

    Whoever told Karlie she would look good in Victoria’s Secret is not her friend. (o___O)

  40. desertsonata says:

    Fair enough.

  41. xllincon says:

    not only super model, but also top 10 in the world,moreover she is top1 in my mind.

  42. carey579 says:


  43. desertsonata says:

    What are you even talking about? I think you’re paranoid and delusional. Karlie already is a supermodel, just like all of the girls you listed earlier. Supermodels come in all shapes and sizes as well, you know. Why are you hating so hard on this one girl? It’s insane. And what “club” are you talking about? I’m not trying to make Karlie anything. I’m just a girl sitting at my computer in Australia, being ugly, non-supermodel-like, and smarter than you.

  44. carey579 says:


  45. Sergio Díaz says:


  46. bubbles02010 says:

    she looks a little too skinny for victoria’s secret. although she is very gorgeous

  47. ana8327 says:

    her walk is one of the best i’ve ever seen.. thats all!

  48. doodl3bugg13 says:

    That LIFE cover is stunning! Wonderful model!

  49. Pepperek4 says:

    2:05 wow !

  50. isa mendes says:


  51. german108chant says:

    Holy Shit how old is she

  52. tanio12 says:

    are you serious karlie is gorgeous and her walk is killer she is perfect for clothes.

  53. jezzyjj1 says:

    victorias secret is a ridiculous wank

  54. JakeeHall says:

    I wish she would ditch the gum…

  55. MrMichaelYo says:

    @richiegist uhhmm…hello?! Gisele has amazing personality so does Miranda ok?no hate but saying karlie is the only one with awesome personality is insane..

  56. MrMichaelYo says:

    Don’t keep saying all models look anorexic cos that isn’t really the job. I admit the ‘have’ to be thin but they all look healthy and anorexic people don’t look healthy at all. Don’t be jealous cos you don’t have the discipline to have a diet or work out!Its ok to be you and its ok for the models to be them. Just do what makes yourself happy and don’t be jealous and hate on people.

  57. josephmoore77777 says:

    i know but karlie isn’t anorexic she is naturally thin and thats how people who want to be as thin as her turn anorexic because they starve their selves which karlie doesn’t thats why she looks healthy and not bony because she eats anything she wants because she doesn’t gain weight

  58. josephmoore77777 says:

    AGREE i love her face, and personality but vs is not only a gorgeous face it’s also with an amazing body

  59. GlamGlitters21 says:

    I sense some jealousy among the commenters…!

  60. AlbaneeM says:

    She is perfect for haute couture but terrible for Victoria’s Secret.

  61. maschust83 says:

    love the beautyshots and everything – but she looks horrible in underwear…

  62. xllincon says:

    hmm….. she always has confidence??….I would like to say she always wink in front of cameras to tease people

  63. onlydarkness1990 says:

    I like her but it is not ok that she get the wings at the victoria’s secret show at the first time!

  64. GabbyTeAma says:

    People need to stop hating on Karlie. Off course I would rather look like Adriana or Miranda but Karlie is gorgeous too. She doesn’t appear to be suffering from a disorder and she has a beautiful face. She has loads of confidence and that just makes her even more likeable and attractive. Karlie is perfect. Your argument is invalid. Case closed.

  65. palekar2 says:


  66. carey579 says:

    not as pathetic than someone who thinks Karlie is prettier than Toni, Jac, Constance, Edita, Yulia, Maryna, Bregje, THAT IS FUCKING REDICULOUS!

  67. desertsonata says:

    Christ, you truly are pathetic. You’re not being slighted just because people YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW think she’s pretty. Get the fuck over it.

  68. carey579 says:

    she IS the embodiment of a lot of evil things, favoritism, the continuance of anorexia and vulgar marketing of someone that doesn’t deserve all that, whatever excuse you bring up in the end Karlie is unattractive

  69. desertsonata says:

    99.9% of models are scarily thin. And having wide hip bones doesn’t make up for the fact that almost every single model is STILL that way. Being that thin doesn’t make you unhealthy, and people are allowed to be attracted to that body type. You might not be, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is wrong because they like it. Nobody is personally attacking any of the models you like JUST because they like Karlie. Stop seeing her as the embodiment of all evil. She’s just a girl trying to make it.

  70. carey579 says:

    I meant Karlie is nothing but marketing from her PR, she’s clearly scarily thin and that’s not a good thing, add to that she is shapeless with no hips, she looks fucking anorexic

  71. tyrone7402 says:

    I loooovvvvvee her… She’s so tall and beautiful!!!

  72. desertsonata says:

    Right here: “we will be called jealous, fat and bitter and that is exactly what Karlie is”

  73. carey579 says:


  74. floralsss says:

    she reminds me of tyra

  75. Alejandro Cabezas says:

    How imbecile is everyone who claims to know about this industry, and yet doesn’t understand how essential it is to understand the rare beauty, not the traiditonal, that’s so backwards, faces like Karlie’s move the fashion industry right now, it doesn’t matter if you know a shitload of models, you just can’t say someone’s ugly, it’s about understanding all kinds of beauty, so yeah, there’s very few people who get what fashion and beauty are about anymore, idiots

  76. kochamnalesniki says:

    Karlie is stunning! Beauty is subjective so there will always be people who find her pretty and people who don’t. The point is to tolerate each others views and not make fun or hurt feelings.

  77. kochamnalesniki says:

    Karlie is stunning! Beauty is subjective so there will always be people who think she’s pretty and people who don’t. The point is to learn to tolerate each other and not make fun.

  78. Aprilrockpop says:

    Her body is perfect! Really beautiful,

  79. rachieface103 says:

    i absolutely loveeee her!

  80. cassandrajess says:

    maby all this models needed imitatinghe africa lifestyle;

    have o food = hunygry everyday african – childerens annorexia!!!!
    ar you still not awake?

  81. xlollmfaox says:

    If you call her fat, then clearly, you’re the messed up one.

  82. desertsonata says:

    Obviously Adriana Lima has a much more attractive body, but some people really do want to look like Karlie. Crazy, I know.

  83. carey579 says:

    wasn’t the Vogue Italia case enough proof? not only is Karlie skinny (natural or not i don’t care) but her proportions are bad, she has no hips and her legs are too long making her look even more emaciated, i don’t think anyone would wanna look like HER when there are Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio in this world, thats why i believe some people have bad tastes

  84. desertsonata says:

    No, anorexics are people who actually starve themselves to look like Karlie. Wanting to look like Karlie doesn’t mean you’re anorexic.

  85. carey579 says:

    yes some people want a body like Karlie’s and we call those people ANOREXICS

  86. desertsonata says:

    I agree that her body isn’t fantastic (to me), but a lot of people are dying to be that thin for some reason, and she definitely has the body FOR a model, which is supposed to look practically anorexic. I don’t go around researching her, so I have no idea about these fake flings, and it’s fine for you to say she’s plain/unattractive, but don’t go around acting like your taste in people is so much better than other people’s. They’re going to be offended when you’re so arrogant about it.

  87. carey579 says:

    i was talking about her PR glorifying her like giving her the title ‘The Body’ only for the pictures to end in pro anorexia websites and VI having to take them down also when her body is nothing compared to many other models, her fake flings with a list of celebrities from leonardo to eddie redmayne, she’s the fashion illuminati like gisele and kate were, and if you say otherwise her fans call you ‘fat’ and ‘jealous’ even for stating the obvious that karlie is plain unattractive!

  88. desertsonata says:

    Probably, but I don’t give a crap about them glorifying her. I just like her face. And Karlie, fat? Really? She’s scarily thin. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Have you been dipping into the supermodel cocaine stash?

  89. carey579 says:

    there are a number of things ppl do in this business and the movies one to get ahead…if you´re ready to do that, they will glorify you and market you in a way that it seems like you´re the saviour of the earth! that´s it if anyone dares to just express their own taste instead of this P.R machine´s…we will be called jealous, fat and bitter and that is exactly what Karlie is

  90. desertsonata says:

    Hilarious. I never claimed to be attractive, because I know I’m average at best, but I also know I don’t hate any of the girls you listed. I’d rather look like them than look the way I look, that’s for damn sure! But besides that, I know what my eyes see and what my brain interprets as attractive. Everyone has different definitions of what attractive is, and you don’t have to be so ridiculously arrogant about YOUR taste. It’s different for everyone. No one’s taste is superior.

  91. carey579 says:

    ‘average pretty’ ‘interesting’ you know what the people that say these words are ususally plain looking people themselves who hate the naturally attractive people because they weren’t born that way and twist and complicate the meaning of beauty to fit their own insecurities, that in a nutshell is karlie’s fanbase

  92. desertsonata says:

    I’m not part of Karlie’s fanbase, by the way. I think she’s a pretty girl and I can see she has great work ethic. I was telling you why people like her; not saying I loved her to pieces. The only model whose fanbase I am/was a part of was Ruslana Korshunova.

  93. desertsonata says:

    Yes, I do. You have VERY similar taste in girls, and they all look average-pretty. Nothing too interesting about any of them. They do nothing for me.

  94. carey579 says:

    you think she’s prettier than Edita Fucking Vilkeviciute? Toni Garrn? Conastance Jablonski? Ok case closed, you have bad tastes like all the other tweens Vogue fans that are Karlie’s fanbase!

  95. desertsonata says:

    I didn’t say she was BETTER than other models; I’m saying why people love her. I really love her face. And yes, I do personally think she is prettier than all of those, unless by Jac you mean Jacqueline Jablonski, then no. Not prettier than Jacqueline. And did you watch the video? She has great work ethic.

  96. carey579 says:

    you think karlie is prettier than Toni, Jac, Constance, Edita, Yulia, Maryna, Bregje, etc or more versatile or better body and how do you know she has great work ethic or better than other models?

  97. desertsonata says:

    You’re an idiot. People love her because she’s versatile, has a great face, a good runway body and amazing walk, and great work ethic/personality.

  98. TheCRISPYCoconut says:

    She can work the runway. But not Victorias Secret.

  99. palekar2 says:

    I love this woman. can she just marry me please.

  100. carey579 says:

    that whole affair is so dodgy who knows whats going on?

  101. Jennifer Franklin says:

    With comments like the “next truely great american super model icons”, and
    “she is the definition of glamor” its hard not to get enamored with this
    young model Karlie Koss. Check out this behind the scenes video, and see
    some amazingly wonderful shots taken

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