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Watch our exclusive video and get an all access pass at Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 and go backstage with Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger and Lily McMenamy and makeup artist Francois Nars at New York Fashion Week.

It’s all about individual style at Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 and one look at his model casting and you instantly understood the message.  Even though all the models wore bleached out surfer punk wigs, it was impossible not to still notice the models of the moment – Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger and Lily McMenamy (MJ current campaign girl).

Makeup artist Francois Nars gave the models a “slash of teal or ink blue eyeliner”.  There was no blush, no lip, and the skin was kept very transparent.  As Francois Nars explained it “Marc always wants the girls to look a little decadent and “off”.  He used NARS Blue Dahlia and Kaliste eye pencils (coming out in November) and tons of mascara to give the models that coo, downtown edge. The look was so cool and it worked perfectly with the clothes. Watch our exclusive Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Backstage fashion video here now.

Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network.  


Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. Sonic A says:

    best girls inteviewed ! * * *

  2. richie downik says:

    Where are the sexy chicks who drive you red hot ????? Not in this footage

  3. acacia elenka Romanov says:

    Son muy lindaas no son gordaa son finAs y muy delgadas

  4. acacia elenka Romanov says:


  5. zzgeoergez Dane says:

    There are some boys on here, disguised as girls. You catch it too? That’s
    their game!

  6. hitsyouwithabook says:

    0:56 i`m drowning in her big beautiful eyes 😮

  7. April Rose says:

    I wish Mick Jagger was my Dad.

  8. Chicproducer says:

    Pause at 2:31

  9. Rivers Rory says:

    at 1:14 can somewone give to this girl something for washing her teeth??
    gosh they yellow! eeeww!

  10. elydia smith says:

    1:15 her teeth

  11. Miriam Ni Fhathaigh says:

    fashion is such a load of bollox

  12. Aleja cnel says:

    Cara delevingne♥

  13. Leonardo di caprio says:

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  18. Rebecca Velasco says:

    who is the girl at 1:12

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  28. Body Ache says:

    0:34 OMG

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  35. Carrie Köberich says:

    3:08 scared the shit outta me.

  36. Jennifer Lawrence says:

    whats the name of the song omg its so nice o.O

  37. Katie Grimshaw says:

    2:32 how on earth is she a model I mean just look at her!!?

  38. sav0405 says:

    anyone who thinks someone being a model means they are automatically
    beautiful needs to watch this video.

  39. J Hself says:

    This collection is so ugly 🙁

  40. Didi Collins says:

    0:31 that hair is horrid

  41. Cendrine Pennell says:

    MARC JACOBS Spring 2014 Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger Backstage |

  42. Mayra Grimolizzi says:

    Name of the song?

  43. PrivateAckbar says:

    1:19 who is THAT!?

  44. Jim B says:

    These girls need a sandwich before they die

  45. daeshik cho says:

    They all look like final fantasy anime characters. ^^

  46. alisa perne says:

    beautiful designs but makeup ? Girls in particular have disfigures

  47. ohmygodness58 says:

    What’s the name of this song? Please !

  48. honeyLKT l says:

    Her Arms too skinny….

  49. lauragirly11 says:

    what’s the name of the song??

  50. lauragirly11 says:

    *correction: all are ugly

  51. lauragirly11 says:

    Cara and georgia are so ugly….and that’s not fashion…that’s boredom.
    they just want to earn money with these stupid shows…only for rich
    people…no one would ever wear these things on the street

  52. mina ivanov says:

    That one girl looks like a donkey actually no more like a donkeys ass

  53. Irina Gruber says:

    Ich liebe euch!!!
    Alle haben bequeme Schuhe !!!
    Keine Pannen mehr!!!

  54. Stephen Wright says:

    fashion at this level is so trivial and pointless

  55. supermenka0 says:

    1:20 who’s that? She’s stunning

  56. Katia Coste says:
  57. Soso Ward says:

    beautiful makeup !

  58. carmemlc says:


  59. Myspaz3 says:

    In the fashion world, they only care about the structure of the runway
    model not the teeth or face. Height is a major priority.

  60. FozzyWig says:

    I find it funny how these gorgeous girls have teeth horribly out of
    alignment xD

  61. NakedWithoutMyLippy says:

    Oh my god! that girl at 0:33 is SCARILY thin….wow!

  62. Heyssel Falcon says:

    Charlotte Free is so underrated, she has an amazing body and she has a
    stunning face, I’m surprised they didn’t get an interview with her, she was
    here too. 1:27

  63. bcnspain92 says:

    Is Lily McMenamy seriously a supermodel? I mean, seriously? WTF

  64. Pretty Diiva says:

    1:44 what is her name?

  65. Carli Aramayo says:

    cara ♥

  66. Volomon Netwok says:

    Georgia May Jagger did look sexy at 3:21

  67. Noelle Horn says:

    sky ferreira was here too im surprised they didnt get an interview with her

  68. keti lejava says:


  69. veroheart says:

    Cara Delevigne // young and beautiful

  70. starfun17 says:

    0:34 that shouldn’t be allowed, poor girl O.o and btw Cara looks very

  71. 2Chuas says:

    Model at 1:53 is the fabulous Binx (!) Walton.

  72. FAWEXX says:

    gross teeth on that blonde short haired.

  73. Botos Anett says:

    who is the model at 1:53?

  74. Sabrina Nguyen says:

    Deborah Ann Woll <3

  75. Juliet Winchester says:

    sky ferreira was here!

  76. Stella Patella says:

    Cara Delevingne is going to look more masculine as she gets older!

  77. Sara Herrmann says:

    The models are horrible less Cara Delevingne ._. Minute 2:38… I can be

  78. HollyGolightly078 says:

    so true !

  79. caca boudinnet says:

    in the very beginning, it’s breathe – telepopmusik 🙂

  80. autofill1003 says:

    Ew 2:38 is uglyyyy

  81. BIrectiober Potato says:


  82. Sam mie says:

    OMG Lily McMenamy’s teeth are horrible!

  83. hellodeary1 says:

    marina nery 🙂

  84. Mia Martiny says:

    I love Georgia 🙂

  85. nakbar421 says:

    who is the model at 0:59

  86. Mandarinensalat says:

    I definitely agree with your comment but in this business its often not all
    about beauty. Its often about have a speciall presence or characteristic! 😉

  87. jollie Park says:

    tbh im just watching for cara

  88. AnneLien1987 says:

    omg yes, she is really ugly!!!! What’s up with those teeth. Is that what a
    model should look like???

  89. Georgina Lewis says:

    Yeah Georgia you are too short, do u think you’d really be asked to do the
    shows if your dad wasn’t Mick Jagger???? Nope…

  90. konkelkent says:

    That blonde chic with the gap teeth looked so anorexic:( i feel for her

  91. Andiiq Schmidt says:

    Lily McMenamy horribleee…!!!! Cara HERMOSAA..!!!! NO SE QUE HACIA AHI

  92. Beccies says:

    That’s not nice. You’re probably just jealous because her “ugly” can become a model whereas you can’t

  93. Jessi Slaughter says:

    that’s not Georgia. Different clothing. But who ever that is, holy moly.

  94. Gregorio Flores says:

    I Love Marc I cant wait to see what he will come up with these next years to come 🙂

  95. jack hardy says:

    lily is so ugly how do some people make it seriously lol

  96. franco244 says:

    The first, FIRST song in the beginning is Telepopmusik – Breathe

  97. yurienu1 says:

    how can they even stand up with so little meat on their bones, they all look disgusting ffs.

  98. whatslifespurpose says:

    Cara Delevingne looks like a guy! More androgynous look! Nice face!

  99. Eva Winters says:

    Um. Georgia looks literally emaciated. Her arms resemble that of a starving African child at .35

  100. margaux0307 says:

    LoL! So true!

  101. margaux0307 says:

    Her name is Marina Nery…You’re welcome 🙂

  102. jennifer may says:

    These videos are really good!!!

  103. Chacha Keiko says:

    Telepopmusik Breathe 🙂

  104. A Jay says:

    *if lily mcmenamy didn’t have a super model for a mother she wouldn’t be walking all the great shows

  105. calvin albright says:

    if Lily McMenamy was ugly she wouldn’t be walking all the great shows.

  106. ninasgottamakeit says:

    everybodys beautyful in their own way.

  107. alexis santibanez says:

    cara se ve tan bonita jejejjejeje

  108. FrostedLlama says:

    Personally this collection looks way to gaudy for me! Too much of the wrong thing going on too!

  109. JoeoShaw says:


  110. looisjo92 says:

    breathe telepopmusik

  111. looisjo92 says:

    breathe telepopmusik

  112. Dannie Grr' says:

    Lily McMenamy is sooooo ugly! Look ay her teeth

  113. Laura Law says:

    acacia is so perfect ! :3

  114. Bríet Ósk says:

    she’s so pretty! yeah who is she? haha xx

  115. Bríet Ósk says:

    not true

  116. Bríet Ósk says:

    I know!!! it’s horrible :/

  117. jeniip says:

    Remember the days when it seemed impossible to get Cara to stop talking?? Now it’s like a challenge to get more than half a sentence out of her. She just doesn’t seem herself lately, I hope she’s okay!

  118. MrIceT1993 says:

    What i wanna say is that the reason why they all look so sick and skinny is because of their agents. They do everything for this job

  119. MrIceT1993 says:

    I have a friend that was scouted when she was 16 , she gave up her school and went to paris . She said it was the most dumb thing she ever did. She was sooo skinny and agents still said to her that she was fat. She was traumatised for a whole year long she only could eat carrots and vitamins. ( sorry for my bad english)

  120. Judrina Kymantas says:

    whos the girl at 1:12, shes so gorgeous with her big eyes


  121. MODTV says:

    Hey the track is listed in the video description/credits
    “Let Go” featuring Mimi Page
    by Kezwik

  122. K3chocolate says:

    OMG I saw that too! Her shoulders!

  123. issac walker says:

    Cara was the only good looking one there

  124. Evgeniya Matveenko says:

    the girl at 0:34!!!!!!!! SHE IS SOOO FREAKING SKINNY and how the hell fashion industry is fighting with super skinny models?

  125. Connie O says:

    Its the same girl that walked Louis Vuitton last S/S 13 and people thought the same thing but she’s definitely unique thats why shes a high fashion model

  126. onehotminutex says:

    The thing is… Model’s aren’t models because they are pretty. They have to have some kind of unique thing, it’s not a typical beauty, and afterall beauty is subjective. George May Jagger looks like a skeleton from the side, that is worrying.

  127. Maria Dunn says:

    Yeah cause alot of shot models dont even get to do runaway,only photoshoots and catalogs

  128. understanable says:

    0:34 and 2:40 huge WTF, how can people like this make a living from modeling and appear at such famous fashion shows?

  129. Michał Kamiński says:

    Anyone knows title of the song at the begining?

  130. Tokifan2 says:

    It is because of his mother who was a model in the ninties.
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  131. abru pode says:

    lol they both are into modelling just bc his daddy and cara for her rich ass family

  132. Char Doll says:

    Not a fan of the models.

  133. kim allen bewick says:

    that girl at 2:40 is ugly as fuck! Probably the ugliest model I’ve ever seen OMG. If she can model then I can too.

  134. egbonss says:

    wasn’t expecting georgia jagger to sound like that!

  135. María Martin says:

    0:34 my god she’s anorexic

  136. HollyGolightly078 says:

    both of them are only famous because of their wealthy families
    enough with this hypocrisy

  137. missplpify says:

    Cara Delevigne is amazing!



    * I hope you all could check my channel out ^_^

  138. littlesheep11 says:

    0:34 …. wtf poor girl 🙁 fashion is so awesome but this idea of being severly underweight is disgusting

  139. candylollipop11 says:

    This looked amazing, pissed that I couldn’t go 🙁

  140. MODTV says:

    Hey the track is
    “Let Go” featuring Mimi Page
    by Kezwik

  141. neenawwxo says:

    what song is this pleasee?Xxx

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