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Gisele Bundchen Backstage – supermodel Gisele Bundchen created a lot of buzz at New York Fall 2012 fashion week, making a surprise appearance at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2012 Collection. We caught up with Gisele backstage and spoke to her about what it was like to be reunited with her top model friends including Frankie Rayder, Shalom Harlow and Carmen Kass.  We also asked Gisele to share a few of her beauty secrets.

Check out our exclusive interview with Gisele Bundchen at Alexander Wang Fall 2012 now and download the episode on our Podcast at Apple iTunes.

Executive Producer & Director, and Interviews by Karen Morrison, DP Cameraman: Giovanni Sicignano. Camera Karen Morrison. A production of MODTV Fashion Network.


Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. Brian Shewoerer says:

    Whats the music at very beginning? Has a very beautiful Latin beat

  2. chrisbrazy10 says:

    That is because Gisele and all the top models are too good for New York.

  3. OntheForehead says:

    is this carey579 again?

  4. OntheForehead says:

    amazing cheekbones, perfect body, tall- technically all models are equal.

  5. Ariana T. says:

    she seems like a humble person

  6. TheAndrew35945 says:

    She’s so perfect 🙁

  7. Cassie A says:

    I think that’s what people like about her!

  8. Azucena Mendoza says:

    Alexander is sooooo cute omg

  9. kelley bunny says:

    what she great on the cat walk.. she has a great body for that.. long legs long body.. she also works very hard…there is alot that goes into being a model like her…

  10. Aso Paso says:

    I would in no shape or form think she is ‘ugly’ but to think SHE is the most paid model…. What is wrong with this industry?! Compared to all the other models out there, she is just a plain Jane! Look at Chrishell Stubbs, Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls, Naomi Campbell. There is absolutely nothing exotic or striking about Giselle. I swear if I saw her on the train, I’d think ‘Hmmm very pretty’ and not give her another glance.

  11. Chyzabella Chadwickson says:

    You wouldn’t know true beauty if Gisele stomped it onto your face..She is a Unique Beauty i mean its unfortunate that she has a boy like figure and androgynous face but she is beautiful she wouldnt be admired by men and appear in countless sexiest she walks the runway like no other she pioneered the stomp and opened doors for many Brazilian Bombshells Victoria’s Secret doesnt hire ugly women and she isnt the highest paid supermodel for no reason you campy person go wash your sins in the Ganges!

  12. franconese01 says:

    What is that suppose to mean. Anyone who models for the major fashion houses is considered a supermodel. You’re delusional. You can try to build Gisele up all you want, but the girl has a fugly face. I shouldn’t have to point it out. Her nose? Her football player husband has a prettier face.

  13. franconese01 says:

    Not for me. Sorry, but Gisele’s face is not beautiful. That nose needs major plastic surgery. It’s too big, making her face look more masculine. She looks a little like Steffi Graf in the face. She’s not beautiful. That’s the elephant in the room that no one’s discussing.

  14. franconese01 says:

    So Alexander Wang is Vera Wang’s sister?

  15. lelelo costa says:


  16. Denize Paula says:


  17. morgilaura7 says:


  18. livia patricia lima says:


  19. martinoblond says:

    agree! If you see the other models backstage they pose and make sexy faces. Gisele is so natural and makes funny faces. she doesnt take herself too seriously. so full of life (as they always say) compared to most models backstage.

  20. martinoblond says:

    I felt bad for the tweets when she walked A wang. everyone said all models disappeared when Gisele walked in. hey had to leave notes on people’s chairs saying “dont get up and cheer for the last model” aka Gisele. talk about power! she makes the ppl in the room go nuts!

  21. martinoblond says:

    says a 12 yr old who thinks nameless tween models are “haute”? Kate Moss,Naomi,Cindy,Linda are also “old” and guess what? still putting the young models to shame as is Queen Gisele! hahahahha

  22. james cooper says:

    fuck you racist bitch and you’re from where? i’m sure if adolf hitler was alive you’d be dead too bitch! you think you’re perfect. don’t watch it if you don’t want to see alexander wang, it’s his show idiot! fuckin’ low life uneducated loser

  23. siegegoggles says:

    Good riddance this chink is such a long haired faggot.

  24. krickhyuuga says:

    i saw ann winner of antm 15 there……

  25. Gisele Bundchen Backstage: Alexander Wang Fall 2012

  26. xbbzinhaainglesax says:

    Proud to be from brazil, VOCE E LINDA GISELE!

  27. YABooksROCKS says:

    you know you know you know you know you know you know you know I DON”T FUCKING KNOW!!!

  28. Flory Oprescu says:

    Inna/Romania music background at the begining

  29. ProvocatuerBarbie25 says:

    Alexander Wang is my favorite designer-everything I wear is meant to give off that edge he so strongly portrays. Gisele looks fabulous- 10 years off the catwalk & shes still as gracefully poised as ever!

  30. Nancy Drewblood says:

    Only Ugly people call others ugly…If my boyfriend left me for Gisele, I would hi-five him.

  31. Adray07 says:

    high five!

  32. 1mariaregina says:

    gisele is getting old

  33. FreshEyes22 says:

    god she is soooooo beautiful!!!

  34. karine dehn sampaio pinheiro says:

    GISELE BUNDCHEN linda e brasielira !!!!! AMO VOCÊ

  35. Linnéa ahlin says:

    So pretty

  36. luisa124 says:

    The other models are so skinny!!

  37. Lindsayluver13 says:

    kates stunning!

  38. Bryan Houston says:

    Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is 32. Tom Brady’s missus. What do you think of

  39. aaaloveya says:

    no other model\woman can be compared to her !!! she is BEAUTIFUL… even without makeup she looks just AMAZING<3 Natural Beauty... and she is so nice and funny comparing to other models which are stuck-up! ( no not every model but most of them...)

  40. BKIBANEZ1 says:

    hottest photos of gizele here……

  41. lingreen777 says:

    she is the true top top model, one and only!!

  42. tyrone7402 says:

    I love Gisele… Shes a TOP model. The highest paod, plus more covers than other model. She knows wat she wants.. True Diva

  43. bokhorstp says:

    She is very pure and natural – and that makes her stand out. She’s a beautiful no nonsense woman enjoying life and that is what she represents. Bless her.

  44. Skippyraptor says:

    Kate Moss looks like an alien, she’s got nothing on Gisele.

  45. delilahnoir says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  46. VicGon07 says:

    She IS the best model of ALL times!

  47. Anjho16ify says:

    she is so beautiful but still very humble and sweet
    she is one of my favorite models of all time :))

  48. diorboy84 says:

    song after intro is inna – days nights

  49. Lamafayo says:

    Love her

  50. Mauricio Olivares Paganoni says:

    Found it! Thank you so much! I just located it here on Youtube too. Thanks again! It’s funny but Chicane was so hype in the early 2000’s just when Gisele started being a big name.

    Song: Chicane / Saltwater Paul Thomas Remix

  51. suziestrawberry1 says:

    It’s Chicane- Saltwater I think but a remix of it, not sure which 🙂

  52. msshellypink says:

    she’s amazing. I love following her modeling career. Still on top after all these years, amazing icon. The only models who can compare are the 90s Supemodels and Kate Moss. No new age model should even be mentioned in the same sentence as her!

  53. eka111star says:

    Inna amazing, u welcome 😉

  54. Mauricio Olivares Paganoni says:

    What is the song in the back for the middle part of the video? Anyone?

  55. canidja12 says:

    She is the last supermodel !

  56. Karen Morrison says:

    Check out my video exclusive with Gisele Bundchen at NY Fashion week – I’ve
    known her for over a decade. She shared some beauty secrets with me
    backstage at Alexander Wang.

  57. wuminghao1 says:

    my love !

  58. martinoblond says:

    Love what Alex says about her. Every photographer,designer,magazine editor says nothing but nice things.

  59. Kamilytio says:

    she is so unique

  60. rique says:

    she´s amazing… i love her!

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