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Supermodel Adriana Lima is the face of “Night” the new fragrance campaign by Victoria’s Secret. Go behind the scenes with Adriana as she shoots the new campaign that was inspired by Paris at night. Discover more at VictoriasSecret.Com


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  1. subarashisekai says:

    She’s so cute. Her perspnality her smile everything I love her

  2. aileen cabalhin says:

    If you don’t like her, then don’t watch her videos. team goddess lima

  3. Tropigal05 says:

    Just bought this scent for myself for Christmas! I love it, it smells so

  4. Oscar Gonzalez says:

    Adriana is the best shes much better & beautiful than the other ones

  5. Bernardo LeΓ£o says:

    Please someone tell me the name of this song?

  6. aquatic angel says:

    Angel Adriana Lima shooting for the Fragrance ‘Night’ for Victoria’s
    Secret. #adrianalima #victoriassecret #victoriassecretfragrance
    #victoriassecretangels #supermodel

  7. julia hart says:

    candice is not a common blonde, show me a girl that is more down to earth,
    caring, does modelling free of charge for big organizations such as
    bottletop and rhino foundation.she is your average south african blonde
    plaasmeisie and we love her when she visits and when shes doing well in her
    career. she can get like karlie(i dont dislike her but she loves attention)
    and adriana. and for the sienna girl try looking at videos of adriana
    without make-up and you’ll then see that natural beauty isn’t for everyone.

  8. julia hart says:

    its so annoying to see her face again. jesus when are you going to retire.
    so glad victoria’s secret has started making a new face as its cover girl.
    i dont hate adriana its just that i used to follow victoria’s secret brand
    for a long time and they used to put her face in everything since she was
    seventeen shes been appearing in ads for them and i think she extremely
    special but iv almost gotten really tired of seeing her. the brand got
    tired of giselle, heidi and tyra too. their faces were shoved in every
    paper of the brands mags, ads and meet N greets. but atleast those models
    knew when to call it quits. come on victoria’s secret please get some new
    models in. love what you did with the new ad campaign featuring lily and
    also the new holiday commercial featuring candice, lily, lais and
    martha(who is becoming the new it girl)

  9. Adriana Lima says:


  10. giu fenn says:


  11. Cassie Tran says:

    She is so beautiful! Adriana, you are my role model!!!

  12. Alex Mora says:

    HAHA! That moment: 0:41 !! I fucking love her! The best angel ever! πŸ˜‰

  13. The Brenda Walsh says:

    OMG she is the best angel. Sooooo beautiful, it’s crazy !!

  14. markjovana says:

    She is stunning!!! No other VS model comes even close! Adriana is the
    Queen!!! <3

  15. holekyo says:

    if it goes of plum, i won’t “be using the same spyglass with another man”
    so i won’t have a plum eye anymore/ it was better than holding agression in
    my soul after all. physilac paycheck is better that holding offence in
    eachother souls after all

  16. Kenza TIU says:

    I missed seeing you adriana <3<3 THE BEST <3<3

  17. luka zervaki says:
  18. Candycutters says:

    Her english has improved a lot! πŸ™‚

  19. Rari says:

    I know a girl that looks exactly like adriana. What’s funny is her younger
    sister looks like candice lol. I don’t even know how that happened

  20. sienna vega says:

    I know

  21. Ana Silvia says:

    She’s brazilian not italian

  22. 2kooolkid says:

    adrina isnt italian she part Swiss and native american, and i think we all
    agree the only thing common on Candice is hair colour, thats it

  23. Jael Ramirez says:

    You guys should have a press day in Kansas City Missouri .!!!!!

  24. sienna vega says:

    yeah but she’s boring as hell

  25. Asya Yagmur says:


  26. sienna vega says:

    Well yeah I have very good vision so I can tell you Adriana is a lot
    prettier than Candice

  27. happyfulXD says:

    Adriana the goddess! πŸ™‚

  28. Victor Pologlob says:

    ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO and ADRIANA LIMA are the greatest angels of Victoria
    Secrets, and Candice is a fan of Alessandra, herself talked about it!
    candice has said he thinks alessandra one of the most gorgeous angels ever!
    but nobody ever replace the queens, the originals, which are in victoria
    secrets has always been like that since 2000 Alessandra is there, and
    Adriana Lima is that since 1999 there are the angels that more time spent
    on the mark! The only original one left; *

  29. Katie Scanlan says:

    I’m not blonde, so your vision is indeed accurate. And I’m also a fugly
    beast so again, completely correct in your visual assessment. Now that
    we’ve agreed that you have fantastic vision, I think we can also agree that
    Candice and Adriana are beautiful.

  30. crazyman00 says:

    It’s the truth. Candice does resemble Megan quite a bit (before the plastic
    surgeries) except she has blonde hair. We all know Megan at the time was
    stunning, but now she looks…weird. Hopefully, Candice won’t succumb to
    any pressure to look perfect because she is close to perfect as is.
    Regardless, Candice can’t come close to Adriana who I feel is one of the
    most beautiful women on this planet.

  31. Gabriela Santos says:

    “”a blond haired Megan Fox””” hahahaha

  32. crazyman00 says:

    I don’t get why people compare Candice and Adriana. Candice looks like a
    blond haired Megan Fox, whereas Adriana is a true Goddess. Don’t get me
    wrong, Candice is undoubtedly beautiful, but Adriana possess almost a
    supernatural type of beauty that is beyond rare.

  33. josephineee92 says:

    i don’t think that candice lacks something… she is so gorgeous, her body
    is spectacular and she has a perfect face. but also the way she talks and
    the way she moves is very erotic and seductive. she seems to be very clever
    and flirty. adriana’s accent and talking sometimes irritates me.. i mean
    she’s gorgeous but..

  34. Katie Scanlan says:

    There’s so much comparing on YouTube. Both women are unbelievably gorgeous.
    Why can’t we all just appreciate both of them? And if all of the western
    world looks like Candice, I think I need to get out more πŸ™‚

  35. Yassen001 says:

    0:40 “And all of a sudden somebody calls me ‘Hey!’ and I’m like
    ‘Yessssssss?'” it’s these things that make me love her xD

  36. sienna vega says:

    Adriana has a bigger but. Just google them both on the beach not a photoshoot but relaxing on the beach Candice’s butt is like non existent there. And Candice has like no boobs all she has is a small waist. If you want skinny with a small waist and boobs and a butt Marissa Miller and Bar rafaeli are the girls for you not Candice

  37. sienna vega says:

    No that would go to Marissa Miller. Adriana has the most beautiful face ever. So exotic and unique

  38. sienna vega says:

    All of the western world looks like Candice she’s just a common blonde . Adriana is unique It’s very rare to find a darkskinnned Italian with blue eyes so what the fuck are you talking abouy

  39. aligrandi13 says:

    The mass of course love Adriana, but no-one is like Candice. Candice have CLASS. I was watching this video to see Candice. Adriana is beautiful, of course, but so common girl. In Italy is FULL of girls like her.

  40. xela1516 says:

    what is gonna happen whe Adriana And Alessandra Retire beuty is not eternal

  41. misspartyprincess31 says:

    Adriana, the QUEEN of VS! No one is better than her! Thumbs up if you agree! πŸ™‚ <3

  42. happyfulXD says:

    Adriana makes me smile so she’s my fave vs angel.

  43. enbutterfly says:

    Adriana is beautiful & funny πŸ˜€

  44. Agus Shi says:


  45. iojsidjojd osjdpoksd says:

    the queen of vs 3

  46. Claire bear says:

    She is STUNNING

  47. loveAnneLD says:

    hahaha Erin doutzen Candice are pretty similar, Adriana is unique end.

  48. Arts1234june says:

    Adriana Lima is SO AMAZING !!! She’s definitely the most beautiful woman ever !!!

  49. meli260582 says:

    I love you Adriana!! You’re the best!

  50. rachelleexxx says:

    why r u guys comparing among them. everybody is unique and beautiful

  51. Claudia Dehut-bailey says:

    Adriana IS Victoria’s Secret

  52. AdriaNaSelEna1 says:

    Queen A <3

  53. yummygirl1425 says:

    No better than the queen for this ad.

  54. chellymrdillon says:

    I guess to you she is, I don’t see anything special about her tbh

  55. chellymrdillon says:

    you mean when Adriana still hadn’t lost the baby weight? If you compare them when they’re both in shape Candice is definitely curvier.

  56. sienna vega says:

    So what if she has no waist why do people always feel the need to look for flaws

  57. Cansu Ileli says:

    I love her Personality so much and her voice so cute ^_^

  58. Irsyad Daniels says:

    I just love everyone from vs! They all have that different kind of sexiness!

  59. Mio Lee says:

    I argee w you, they’re both amazing by their own ways, but just a bit that Candice is Alessandra’s fan, she used to talk about it πŸ™‚

  60. TheCRISPYCoconut says:

    Adriana – Victoria’s Secret

  61. Jessica Ortega says:

    Is she actually wearing the fragrance in these shots?

  62. shahirah577 says:

    I 3 u

  63. Pau Baez says:

    The real queen!!

  64. iRisZowwie says:

    she makes me feel like a potato ):

  65. Dana Alexi Fazonela says:


  66. Dana Alexi Fazonela says:

    Would stop comparing Adriana to Candice? Very Angel in Victoria’s Secret has a different personality. Candice is a fan of Adriana. Her body? She tries everythibg to have that perfect body and so does Adriana. They’re bot Amazing and Drop Dead Gorgeous.

  67. Chyzabella Chadwickson says:

    And yeah she is alot tinier this year but go back to 2011 show and look at the ‘Put a spell on you’ segment she is alot fuller there im not taking sides but im just saying Candice is definately a curvy girl and is very well known for it Adriana is curvy yes but her perfect face is what stands out but both girls deserve due credit

  68. Chyzabella Chadwickson says:

    Yes im very aware Candice is pear figured 34-23-34.5 but her figure looks close to hourglassy she may not have big breasts but they are proportioned with her waist to hip ratio aswell as ass Adriana does have bigger breasts but her ass is definately not a prominant feature Candice is very well known for her curves its why shes chosen to represent the lingerie and catalogues alot more due to her curves Adriana is definately the Iconic Angel her face is perfection but she has no shapely waist

  69. Dianna M. says:

    She stoled all the beauty of the world just for her

  70. Zoe S says:

    Now if only someone could call me and I can answer that fabulously.

  71. TheMsDoctorWho says:

    Adriana… meaning of the “BEAUTY”…

  72. dinaminajj says:

    she is just absolutely stunning, I love her so much! Adriana forever <3

  73. loveAnneLD says:

    Don’t compare adriana to her because Adria is simply a godness, the beauty

  74. Chyzabella Chadwickson says:

    How original you big reotard go bury your face in a pigs ass were you
    belong stop being so jealous xx

  75. Juan Pablo Mena Mena says:

    Adriana!! total!!

  76. Nicole Bexs says:

    the bottle is black

  77. Andrew Dy says:

    Just about time to have her promote a product. She is the BEST ANGEL EVER.
    She serves as a role model and she fits perfectly well with her title. Make
    Adriana open the show again and give her more outfits in the show!

  78. ellifunk says:

    Yay Adriana is finally back. we missed you stunner

  79. mrscoldplayful says:

    Adriana Lima=Gorgeous Goddess of Victoria’s Secret. Btw does anyone know
    the name of the song playing in the background. :3

  80. CR7king says:

    The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be Mrs.
    Victoria Secret Mrs. The Whole Dam Show …..Mrs. Adriana Lima

  81. Valerietta tatata says:

    I love Adriana,she’s my favourite angel but i still think Doutzen body it’s
    the best Victoria Secrets body! πŸ™‚

  82. Chyzabella Chadwickson says:

    Maya you need glasses idiot Candices waist to hip ratio means her ass is
    very prominant and her breast size is full for her height shes 55kgs …for
    a girl her height and weight she is very curvy shes almost an hourglass get
    your facts straight before you run your mouth

  83. maya campbell says:

    some people like curves, yeah candice has waist to hip ratio, But there are
    boobs and ass people who like boobs and ass and candice has neither.
    Adriana does, so some would actually prefer adriana’s body because she has
    more curves, candice has one. Adriana has two main ones, and lets not even
    talk about before MS.Lima has kids and she has better WHR with her boobs
    and ass. Yeah I can def see someone thinking Adriana’s body is better.

  84. emily gabby says:

    Adriana Lima had her first kiss at 17 and lost her virginity at 27, it just
    shows how you can still be sexy and be beautiful and she is an inspiration
    and I’d rather her than Candice swanepoel tbh

  85. patlol1000 says:

    When is th

  86. sunbittenskin says:

    Adriana Lima, is that brand. She is Victoria. Sexy, Sophisticated, Forever
    Young. She’s cultured, and sexy, and worldly, and well spoken. She speaks 5
    languages! She has an amazing heart too. Adriana Lima is like, the queen of

  87. j3nnabear says:

    wow Adriana, what a beauty

  88. rio sandi says:


  89. naji osta says:

    no model would work the commercial better then adriana , the minute you put
    clothes on them they look like average models , but not queen adriana lima

  90. beachgyal3 says:

    PLEASE do a “Get the Look” on Adriana!!!!!!

  91. beachgyal3 says:


  92. ζ’“ι³³ 荘 says:


  93. Vanessa Varela says:

    Can’t wait to buy it!!! And my god Adriana is so gorgeous!!! That girl is
    my role model.

  94. Matheus Macedo says:


  95. ham7334 says:

    make a “Day” fragrance and have Doutzen represent it?

  96. BlushnBlue says:

    Yes, finally Adriana Lima on here. The perfume bottle is very pretty.

  97. Emel Mollamustafa says:

    We want VS in France

  98. iclairey1 says:

    she is so perfect <3 the queen of vs

  99. gabi alcaraz says:

    she is the god of VS πŸ™‚

  100. Jose Montoya says:
  101. Media & Entertainment News says:

    New On IrieTubeApp Victoria’s Secret Night: Behind the Scenes

  102. Kazuya MASUDA says:

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