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Go backstage with supermodel Adriana Lima on set for Maybelline New York. Considered the world’s most desirable woman, Adriana Lima was born in Bahia, Brazil and is one of the world’s hottest supermodels.

]Voted the ‘hottest girl on the planet’ Adriana Lima is one of the highest paid fashion models in the business and has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000. We had the rare opportunity to see the very sexy and confident Adriana at work, as she gave us an exclusive peek backstage at one of her campaign shoots for Maybelline New York.

What is so refreshing about Adriana Lima is how down to earth and authentic she is. Adriana is a single mother of two and says she is so grateful for where she is today –

I pinch myself every day because I am so lucky to be working as a model and working with Maybelline“.

Hear Adriana’s story and find out what she thinks is the secret to always being beautiful.

Watch our Maybelline New York behind the scenes video with Adriana Lima. Hair by Stephane Lancien, makeup by Charlotte Willer.

Interviews by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  A production of MODTV Fashion Network.  Produced in association with Maybelline New York. 

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Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. MODTV says:

    Congrats to +Adriana Lima who is returning as the face of *Maybelline New
    York*. We love Adriana – she is a natural beauty and a genuine superstar.
    Check out our exclusive *Adriana Lima* behind the scenes video we shot for
    Maybelline in 2009

    #adrianalima #maybellinenewyork

  2. Benjamen Riley says:
  3. ZoSoIV Zeppelin says:

    and Adriana is back on the market to guys she is getting a divorce

  4. Helena Lévano says:

    Awwww love her demaiss❤️❤️

  5. mathilde randall says:

    Adriana Lima is an example for all women. She is stunning inside and
    outside. She’s an angel and will always stay an angel for me, she’s
    hardworking, adorable, cute and sexy and give a good example to girls. I
    love her. Her personality, her behaviour and her physics make her
    wonderful. She is irreplaceable for me.

  6. jessicamaes94 says:

    +Sweetiegirl18 She most likely doesn’t have an Asian background because
    she’s Brazilian which makes her Latina.

  7. Gillian Marsi says:


  8. Ronnie James Osbourne says:

    In Her Words…..
    *”Beauty Comes From The Inside.”*
    This Is Coming From The Most Beautiful Human Being On Our Planet…..
    Imagine What *”WE”* Would Look Like If We All Applied
    The Same Philosophy To “Our” Own Lives…
    *The Proof???*

  9. oxfordblues18 says:

    Adriana is very healthy, athletic, & thin. Pregnancy hasn’t ruined her
    figure. Incredibly, she’s still ranked as the #1 SEXIEST model in the world
    by and that’s after giving birth twice. An American must’ve
    written this garbage, because most Americans are fat and look like pure
    shit after just 1 pregnancy.

  10. jebaki says:

    In this video she is 27 years old and looked like in her teens. Now after 2
    pregnancies and being 32 she starts to look her age. Nothing destroys
    woman’s beauty like pregnancy.

  11. Char Doll says:

    Beautiful inside & out. Love it

  12. Queeny0114 says:

    what’s the name of the song?

  13. Ness zita says:

    she is so perf.

  14. Mi Styles says:

    Dude she’s like the hottest girl i’ve ever seen.

  15. WildPonch4LMAO says:

    she is 30’s and somenthing and she looks exactly like when she was 16 , 17… well if you sit in the sofa all the yes you will get old quikly

  16. WildPonch4LMAO says:

    lol i dreamed today that she was on a runway on my old school WTF?! 😀

  17. lumpompusya says:

    the most beautiful woman in the world!!! Not Megan Fox, Irina Shayk or someone another…ADRIANA LIMA ALWAYS THE STAR…THE ONLY STAR!!!!

  18. aleksandrabg10 says:

    She is so unbelievably gorgeous <3

  19. WildPonch4LMAO says:

    WHHHAT? she has one of the most beautiful faces of the planet , and she never had a plastic surgery , wow you must be blind or retared

  20. Angela Anaconda says:

    Very beautiful inside… People sometimes don’t realize how important that is!

  21. sienna vega says:

    she said she wanted to be a non

  22. worldsoull says:

    I think she said she wanted to be a doctor! (:

  23. francisco holanda says:

    We adore +Adriana Lima . Check out the BTS film we produced with Adriana
    and find out her secret to beauty

    #adrianalima #beauty #behindthescenes #video

  24. MODTV says:

    We adore +Adriana Lima . Check out the BTS film we produced with Adriana
    and find out her secret to beauty

    #adrianalima #beauty #behindthescenes #video

  25. Georgi Lewis says:

    She definetley seems one of the nicest models – like she is obviously very grateful for her looks, but you get the impression she would be just as happy doing a normal job if she had to. Didn’t she used to want to be a nun?!

  26. Hong Anggie says:

    She is so so beautiful in and out!

  27. Delon Jordan says:

    Dang she looks good.

  28. TysonIsKetchy says:

    0:50 emily didonato twin

  29. nicesterhill says:

    Comment the VIDEO, not my comment, SLUT.

  30. Jasmine Kassam says:

    Says someone who knows nothing about her 😛 A role model to who? Somebody who claims to be beautiful and healthy from the inside and smokes isn’t much of a role model tbh…especially not to the target you’re most likely referring to.

  31. Jasmine Kassam says:

    That’s because you only see her after tons of retouching, or caked in makeup, and/or on a Victoria’s Secret runway where it’s ok to be fat, unlike any other runway in the world..The smoking has started to get to her skin, if you’ve ever seen an un-retouched recent photo of her.

  32. hellodancerx says:

    thats funny. cause she had a kid & she looks better than ever.

  33. hellodancerx says:

    she’s such a legend

  34. MushroomBlueGoddess says:

    : )

  35. estefany espinoza. says:

    She’s gorgeous, inside and out!

  36. xxawsome88xx says:

    but this model is just realy nice and nor a diva i always get bullied because i am ugly and stuff be happy with who you are

  37. xxawsome88xx says:


  38. adrianagochoa says:

    Most amazing and beautiful women on earth♥

  39. gennynhazel7 says:

    Shes such a nice girl, love her and she sets a good example for girls

  40. TheMDCnumber6 says:

    what a beautiful person, inside and out.

  41. Camilo Cubillos says:


  42. Tatoowww says:

    Fortunately you are part the extreme minority of the population of the world that think like this. Monica Bellucci more beautiful than Adriana? Makes me laugh.

  43. Tatoowww says:

    Só se for no teu chiqueiro.

  44. Tatoowww says:

    You can find million women like Adriana? Please tell me where! It is exactly the opposite, it is hard to find her exotic beauty, a perfect mix of different races. For me, the imperfection of her teeths make her even more adorable! And Monica Bellucci? Yeah, she is a comon beauty.

  45. xlisax84 says:

    She is down to earth and honest.

  46. Jermain Jacobs says:

    she kick asssssssssssssssss sssssss around the world the world ass

  47. habbofreak01235 says:

    name of the last song or music please 🙂 ?

  48. nicesterhill says:

    Adriana is not just a model but a role model. She is so beautiful and caring she is trying to comfort us by saying that beauty comes from within. The most BEAUTIFUL woman alive…

  49. Filipa Parreira says: -> follow me darling,

  50. Alessia Rossi says:

    I love her so much, not only because she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but beacuse she is a great woman, She is a model but she is so down to earth, fresh, intelligent. She is professional when she works and she always finds time for her family. I remember that one time on twitter, a girl said “Why I’m noy Adriana Lima? I’m ugly!” And Adriana answered “Please don’t say that about yourself, you are a very beautiful girl!” Love her, always.

  51. liquidquinn says:

    She’s so adorable with that accent! and she can talk just about anything! Always & forever will be my idol 3

  52. Brigitte Van Hugh says:

    Who cares about her teeth honestly. She is an exotically beautiful woman. Monica is also very beautiful. Don’t get me wrong. But I just hate how some people put Adrianna down. She’s beautiful and very nice and down to earth.

  53. mellythebeex3 says:

    omg! I love her because your eye are pretty

  54. bangbangtangahwei says:

    perfect mix from various race.

  55. Jordaniixo says:

    Shes so gorgous and inspirational!! Shes so fresh and smart!! I wuvv her so much :3

  56. mirananightshade says:

    She is freakin gorgeous…she is indeed better than perfection..i love it when she smiles cause her cheeks puff and it makes me feel that she is just a girl though ultra gorgeous than normal…her beauty is not the boring Barbie type but more like of an exotic succubus or something…its not really just being pretty i think its her sex appeal..

  57. mrpaiva04 says:

    Your mama has ugly pussy that pooped you out.

  58. Jigpikchu says:

    aweh she seems so sweet i like how shes down to earth. 🙂

    and shes correct in that that inner beauty comes from within , when someones happy and has a lot of confidence that automatically makes them attractive ! =)

    so smile everyone !

  59. Jordan Sr says:

    megan fox da de 999999999 a 0

  60. AnitaFlorra says:

    She’s so gorgeous ! Love her eyes too !

  61. shinera ramlakhan says:

    she is born so friken gorgeous i love her….and shes so smart….. weh

  62. ramona remona says:


  63. Johanna Herrera says:

    “Just be happy and you’ll be beautiful, always”. :3 ♥

  64. lettheonerightin says:

    her face is TOTALLY natural, without surgeries or lip injections… Everybody knows Doutzen has a NoseJob and Lip Sylicone Injectiones…

  65. Trentini Beatriz says:

    sexy short hair. <3

  66. Audra Nicole says:

    short hair is a no no

  67. brzybriana says:

    What photo shoot is that, her with short hair? Where can I find pics?

  68. dvdv7777 says:

    She is not only stunning, she also has a gorgeous voice and a refreshing attitude.





  71. PierceTheValerieskies Foster says:

    I could listen to her talk about a toilet seat… I love her voice that much

  72. Alana S says:

    everything she said in this video was so original. She really understands how things work. Im glad she has had the strength to do what she does. Even though ugly control freaks are trying so hard to camouflage that. She seriously is the best. “She IS that pretty.” lol.. too many problems.

  73. Joanna Mellinger says:

    she’s so beautiful inside and out:)

  74. Cashusstoolive says:

    She’s so down to earth I love it

  75. Anda Warda says:

    she seems like such a nice comforting person, and she’s so pretty

  76. Jovan Damnjanovic says:

    dislike from me man

  77. Maro B says:

    she has nice eyes but shes not THAT pretty

  78. babayoghurt says:

    HAHAAH 1:55 : ow
    and then she gives that look..:P

  79. CloudsofEuphoria says:

    i couldn’t help but smile throughout the entire video at her lovely words. ahhh what a beautiful soul 🙂

  80. brenda munoz says:

    she is so lucky to own sucha natural t beauty

  81. KanzeonB says:

    Cant be more agree 🙂

  82. ZakariaPan says:


  83. stephanie s says:

    I completely disagree. Emily’s cute, Adriana is PERFECT.

  84. Laure668 says:

    @qcdipwe yeah. i am very lucky to get to know about this site. Listen, even my friend got the maybelline mascara for nothing after signup in this site. you can also get it from here >>

  85. Ronnie James Osbourne says:

    In Her Words…..”Beauty Comes From The Inside.”
    This Is Coming From The Most Beautiful Human Being On Our Planet…..
    Imagine What “WE” Would Look Like If We All Applied The Same Philosophy To “Our” Lives…
    The Proof???………..ADRIANA LIMA

  86. kandooma2010 says:

    She is so nice and beautiful at the same time. She has caracter and modest for a model thats why I like her. Keep goinig Adriana

  87. kendra walker says:


  88. TheDddXXXddd says:

    3:35 , 3:54 , 4:07 WORDS OF WISDOM! Well, said, well said <3

  89. Anda Warda says:

    other way around 🙂

  90. isa mendes says:

    emily didonato is pretty …adriana lima is beautiful if you know what i mean

  91. LCbabyxO says:

    There will never be a model again like Adriana Lima.. she is an absolute goddess and angel in every way. I love her so much, ugh. <3

  92. Anda Warda says:

    emily didonato

  93. allenamenwaren says:

    fucking ugly mens-face

  94. PerfectStranger896 says:

    ” just be happy and you will be beautiful” she’s just so sweet gah. Shes my idol

  95. PerfectStranger896 says:

    My favorite model EVER

  96. manaral7rbi says:

    I looooooooooooove u :((((

  97. isa mendes says:

    who? can you please tell me

  98. Johanna Herrera says:

    agree with u

  99. MrLoganj84 says:

    By far the best model in the world…

  100. Luis Guilherme says:

    What made Adriana the best model of the world, was her simplicity. Above all, she is a human being, always relaxed and with beautiful smile, unlike almost other “frigid” and “too perfect” eastern models. Her imperfect smile, so criticized by a lot of people, is specially cute for me.

    O que fez com que Adriana fosse considerada a mulher mais bonita do Mundo é a sua simplicidade. Ela é descontraída, simpática e tem um sorriso lindo, ao contrário da maioria das modelos frigidas da Europa de Leste.

  101. phynazissocoollike says:

    telepopmusik – breathe

  102. melliLovesSweets says:

    She looks really good (: , but emily didonato looks soooo much better (:

  103. Vie Bordeaux says:

    I hate it when there’s a YouTube comment fight and I’m too late to actually read what they said. First world probz

  104. Charles Brownfield says:

    she is so awesome~!!!!!!!

  105. raahb1 says:

    being a model in not only being about looking beautiful al the time she got those theeth and those cat eyez thats what make adriana a supermodel having a unique look just saying lol

  106. Aidan Rose says:

    that was my point…did you not even read the comment I was responding to?! hahah youre dumb. all humans are an impure race HENCE its impossible to trace what race gives ppl certain features. HENCE we shouldnt analyze her beautfy just appreciate it. soo please gtfo.

  107. Anda Warda says:

    she’s overated, i’ve seen people more beautiful than than that

  108. mariiedestiny says:

    Shut up ,humans have lots of different ethnicity.We are a mixte of all.Impossible to have a pure race.So its why everyone is different

  109. mariiedestiny says:

    you are damn right 🙂

  110. mariiedestiny says:

    and so what`s the deal?? o_O everyone can be like this,like example a gay

  111. Irakli Kvartskhava says:

    short hair = ugly! for FAGs

  112. TheAndrew35945 says:

    @mikyjking You must know nothing about fashion because Victorias Secret isn’t high fashion and isn’t even a real fashion show. Without Victorias Secret Adriana Lima would be a nobody I’ve never herd of her doing other work in fashion so no she’s isn’t a Supermodel get your facts right please

  113. Krissy C says:

    LOVE adriana <3

  114. Johanna Herrera says:

    Emily DiDonato is more beautiful, but I love how Adriana describes her job as a true supermodel!!!!!!!!!!!! I love what she said about being happy to be beautiful 😀 I think she could not be the most beautiful woman on earth, but she could certainly catch a man’s heart.

  115. Johanna Herrera says:

    Hahahaha, yeah, I know XD

  116. lorena lozano says:

    love her THE LIVING GODDESS!!

  117. Dorlan Pabon says:

    Que mujer tan impresionantemente hermosa y sensual♥♥♥

  118. Jenna Hamilton says:

    chill out no one will kill you just for giving your opinion lol

  119. gummybear2501 says:

    I love her she is amazing.

  120. Lindsayluver13 says:

    Adriana has some Japanese in her .. she said so herself , regardless she is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.

  121. YABooksROCKS says:

    Forget them both, Candice is the prettiest

  122. Curtis Cofme says:

    Of all the models I’ve seen, Adriana is the most refreshing, alive, intelligent, profound, down-to-earth, friendly muse of beauty! She doesn’t even seem like a model but a loveable, endearing girl friend who just happens to be unimaginably beautiful. She’s the Ultimate beautiful woman that one should aspire to be.

  123. Johanna Herrera says:

    Emily Didonato is more beautiful than Adriana. Kill me if you want. I will rest in peace.

  124. Shaian Gutierrez says:

    if she had a spanish accent she would be hotter

  125. georgiana1010 says:

    great…super model….Adriana Lima

  126. TheBarneyStimpson says:

    Megan Fox and Adriana Lima Videos on my channel.
    Here an Adriana Lima Video ——————–> /watch?v=rFm-SDQmQds&feature=plcp

  127. aaos say says:

    One sexy stare of her can stop wars

  128. loveehousee says:

    She is so genuine..most beautiful model

  129. almasollaellania says:

    She is so beautiful and shes healthy and has a greaat body, not like the anorexic models..ugh.
    Shes just perfect!

  130. Clara Benhaim says:

    Adriana Lima, it’s an all . It’s a face, a body, a sex-appeal, a personality… She’s BEAUTIFUL. I love her, the mixture of all her origins makes her face beautiful, it’s better than the perfection, it’s a charm very special and beautiful. That’s why she stay the most beautiful woman in the world.

  131. Allegra De Nova says:

    u mad bro ? hahah

  132. ملاك المشعل says:

    سآمعين بنات تقولكم بس كوني سعيده
    وحتكوني جميييله و شابه 3>فعلا ..

  133. dimitrulii says:

    the beauty comes from the genetics! not from the character! 😀

  134. Serena vd says:

    Please does anyone know the songs featured in this clip?

  135. brianc99995 says:

    I challenge him to a fight to the death, and there’s only one thing I want out of it. I hope he is brave so he might answer this challenge. I get so angry when I see pictures of them together.

  136. Blackboy4719 says:

    Stop talkin shit about her husband, he is Serbian and Serbians have that kinda dangerous personality they are very brave, manly and guarding, she likes that…

  137. hotmamakasia says:

    I love that that she is happy and knows how to make herself happy and doesn’t need anyone to make her happy 🙂 cool

  138. hotmamakasia says:

    <3 :)

  139. brianc99995 says:

    I looked at more pictures of him and her together and they just made me angry. I’d like to poke his beedy little eyes out after I’m done kicking his ass. He looks worse than blind Eddie from Jeapordy. He must be drugging her.

  140. phynazissocoollike says:

    I don’t know why some people bother saying her husband is ugly etc etc. he’s not too bad looking and in case you haven’t noticed, he needn’t have looks to make Adriana Lima happy coz probably a) she’s not shallow and b) he’s probably a smart, charming guy who knows how to treat a lady. And not talk like crap coming out of his ass..

  141. Valentina Kashtan says:


  142. addyfiona says:


  143. kristina1097 says:

    you tell em! 🙂

  144. ilovebadcomments says:

    shut up

  145. addyfiona says:


  146. Sweetiegirl18 says:

    well many asians say tht small eyes are attractive on adriana because she doesnt look like an asian so she doesnt get ridicule for smaller eyes. plus she gorgeous. im asian and i know that asian women are ashamed of small eyes because people often say bigger eyes are more attractive and people would do that annoying thing where they pull their lids to make them slanty.

  147. Sweetiegirl18 says:

    its quite impossible NOT to “stalk” a model esp Adriana when she is a public figure and uses publicity to gain money. so technically, everyone in this comment section is a “stalker”. I dont understand why I am funny when you clearly look pathetic here, first, calling someone ignorant when you were wrong, second just being plain rude, third, claiming to know genetics when its apparent you do not, and finally, calling me a stalker because I know the ethnicity of a public figure.

  148. addyfiona says:

    hahahahha you’re funny. and i believe that not stalking a model and not knowing every bit if her ancestry does not make me ignorant…just makes me not a stalker.

  149. Sweetiegirl18 says:

    well arent you just lovely? first, i actually considered majoring in biology and so i believe that i have learn a good share of genetics. and if we are talking about features here, her eye shape is the only feature on her face that resembles somewhat of an asian feature because her eye shape is smaller in ratio to her lips and bone structure. idk how i can be the ignorant since YOU were the one who claimed she doesnt have asian in her, when she does, and that “genetics dont work like that”

  150. MrItalyhorse says:


  151. addyfiona says:

    observant? or ignorant? like i said before genetics dont work like that. her eye shape may not even be related to any japanese backround she may have. take a science class if youd like to learn more.

  152. eminemsbitch01 says:

    i was watching this then i saw myself in the mirror and i gasped.

  153. mikyjking says:

    The Andrew guy…whatever your name is. Are you thick? Adriana lima is one of the highest paid SUPERmodels on the planet. Shes been modelling for ford since she was 15. She’s been modelling for Victorias secret for over ten years. If you even know what that is, pretty much the biggest most extravagant fashion show in the world, the first ever show to be webcast, most watched webcast ever. Then later the biggest televised fashion show in history?! She’s pretty much the star of the show these day

  154. Sweetiegirl18 says:

    first, she said it herself that she was a bit japanese, and there is a pretty high possibility since brazil has the largest japanese population outside the native country. second, everyone else in the comments were analyzing her features, comparing her to emily didanto, so why not go in depth with it? she is a model, and what the audience normally focuses on is her beauty. plus im an art student so i am a bit more observant than most people.

  155. addyfiona says:

    wayyyyy over analyzed. WAY. she doesn’t even have asian in her for one and two genetics dont work like that. she is very beautiful and instead of analyzing just leave it at that.

  156. lilia551 says:

    Whatever helps you sleep at night….

  157. brianc99995 says:

    Have you seen her husband? Looks like a cyclops. Clearly I would have a shot.

  158. lilia551 says:

    Even if you and Adriana were the last people on earth, she’d never be your wife. She clearly has standards.

  159. brianc99995 says:

    I would kill 10 thousand men or 1 billion muslims to make Adriana my wife. I would rather kill the muslims than the men.

  160. Jet Yamashita says:

    Thank you! I know people are just jealous lol. Adriana has the best face of all models!!!

  161. mlkmar says:

    it is obvious she has no idea about the difference of ‘small and slant’ lol! but exactly jealous !!no doubt

  162. mlkmar says:


  163. Jet Yamashita says:

    There’s a difference between small and slant. She has neither. Adriana has the exotic long almond shaped eyes not round.

  164. Jet Yamashita says:

    the link above and you will see Adriana DOES NOT have small eyes lol

  165. Jet Yamashita says:

    I think you might need glasses. Because Adriana has big eyes. They might “look” small because she’s glaring at the camera to achieve the seductive look she’s famous for.

  166. Jet Yamashita says:

    Adriana does not have small eyes. She has big beautiful eyes. In face there’s a photo of her right next to Ana Beatiz Barros who has big eyes, and Adriana’s eyes look bigger.

  167. thePreciousBOX says:

    My idol! She’s too much perfect. <3

  168. chloefountain1995 says:

    I have the same nose as you 😀 (Y)

  169. kristina1097 says:

    all these asians that are ashamed of their small eyes & are getting surgery to change them need to look at adriana. her eyes are small, exotic, & beautiful! i notice in the comments someone said her hair is straight/wavy, like a native american’s. her hair is actually very curly. she just straightens all the time. she also tans really easily so her skin ranges from pale white to medium brown. she is very gorgeous & diverse, but her kind & humble personality is the cherry on top!

  170. TheAndrew35945 says:

    Not a supermodel but she is pretty

  171. Abimyshu says:


  172. erniedogg3969 says:

    I fuck Adriana every night, my dick explodes over her heart I receive deepthroat! BAD LUCK you guys can’t have her, because she’s in my bed every night!

  173. OlgaGorgeous says:

    most beautiful women were born in 80s !!!!!!!!!

  174. Bella23rd says:

    adriana and emily are fukkin gorgeous!!!!!!

  175. mlkmar says:


  176. SuperBAMBI1995 says:

    modelfreax.tumblr com
    check it out 😉

  177. Andorinha14 says:

    hermosaaaaaa adriana!!!!!

  178. RINAD333 says:


  179. Sweetiegirl18 says:

    well by ratio compared to the rest of her face, her eyes are slantier.

  180. mlkmar says:


  181. mlkmar says:


  182. dimitrulii says:


  183. Jeva157 says:

    Wao so cute

  184. Isabella1846 says:

    She’s so down to earth:)

  185. 00191GIULIA says:

    her personality sems amazing but i have to say i don’t like her features at all..

  186. bustallovermyface says:

    its those eyes!!!

  187. TheRedlion1988 says:

    GODDESS with the short hair she looks like LINDA EVANGELISTA OMG BEAUTIFUL,GORGEOUS

  188. chico trak says:

    she is just an angel that came to earth to prove that God exists.

  189. MXL3025 says:

    i wish i was her

  190. dadreworld says:

    I kind of thought she was overrated in terms of beauty, but I still thought she was gorgeous. But NOW, I watched a couple videos of her and she has one of the most intriguing, beautiful personalities. I would do ANYTHING to meet this woman! Seeing her move, talk; it’s overwhelming how close to perfection she is. Those eyes. THOSE LIPS! My god, a true role model. I love Adriana Lima.

  191. SydtheKiddy says:

    Her voice does not match her at all ahahaha

  192. sony2612 says:

    she sure speaks her mind love it

  193. Peshugadepollo says:


  194. Peshugadepollo says:

    She’s from bahía, brazil,

    And I visited that place, In 2008, and Oh my gosh, There’s a lot of beautifuls girls there!

  195. iLuvSoccer172 says:

    her ethnicity is Swiss, African, Japanese and Native American Indian

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