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The hottest club in Milan is Plastic, founded by resident DJ and art director Nicola Guiducci who is a genius music producer and publisher, and also one of our good friends. Nicola opened the club on Viale Umbria in 1980 and this year the club will celebrate its 30th Anniversary. This is ‘the’ place to be at night in Milan, especially during fashion week where fashion parties are held like the one being held for Moschino tonight.


From the first moment Plastic opened its doors in 1980 it has attracted a really mixed crowd, and it has become a symbol of the city’s nightlife and the soul of the avant-garde and experimental clubbing scene. Fashion designers like Stefano Gabbana are regulars, and the who’s who of the fashion world go there for the electric atmosphere and amazing music. Nicola Guiducci opened Plastic as DJ and art director, and he still is its art director today as well as DJ of the eclectic set “Match Å Paris” on Sundays.

Nicola Guiducci, DJ and Art Director of Plastic

Nicola Guiducci, DJ and Art Director of Plastic

Over the years, Nicola has been a powerful influence on Milan’s nightlife scene appealing to a crowd that isn’t afraid of change and is hip to what’s new. Nicola Guiducci was part of a world (and not only after dark) open to change to new forms of expression and enthusiastic about multi disciplinarity, a concept that was just beginning to evolve at the time. And Plastic with the motto: “The club with a class by itself” represented that world.

If you want to read more about Plastic, there is a stunning book available at This is Plastic 25 Years of Hard Clubbing. Written by Nicola Guiducci, Lucio Nisi, Elio Fiorucci, the book gathers together photographs from the first 25 years of the club, which attracted “people that seemed to have been born out of the imagination of a futurist writer,” as Elio Fiorucci recounts. “It was 1980, and a slient adventure was about to begin, which would transform Milan into one of the most interesting places for nightlife and lovers of the avant-garde“.

The funny thing is that today when a friend from out of town asks us “what club do you recommend in Milan?”, the answer still is “Plastic”.(Source: thenewyooxer)