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This is a rare treat, being able to watch a shoot by photographer Steven Meisel that’s been captured on video. Meisel is one of the world’s hottest fashion photographers, and a regular contributor to Vogue Italia and Vogue USA. He never lets anyone shoot him on camera, and rarely lets any video crews on any of his sets. But perhaps now that Vogue Italia now has a hot new website,, it looks like the legendary photographer has had a change of heart.

A genius storyteller, for the June edition of Vogue Italia Steven Meisel looks to the wilderness for inspiration and shoots the story “Wild Is the Wind” with supermodel Eva Herzigova. It’s a styled by Meisel’s favorite beauty team – hairstylist Julien d’Ys and makeup artist Pat McGrath.

Everything Steven Meisel shoots is magic, and this one has a raw, enchanting mood about it. What can we say except we love it. Check out Vogue Italia’s new website, the art direction is stunning and it’s on our daily must read list.

by Steven Meisel
Head stylist Julien d’Ys.
Makeup Pat McGrath.
Fashion editor Marie-Amélie Sauvé

Allure Magazine Beauty Editor Victoria Kirby gets a first look at the look of YSL 2009 with makeup artist Tom Pecheux and hairstylist Julien D’ys. Executive Produced & Directed by Karen Morrison. Edited by Giovanni Sicignano. A MODTV Production. For more beauty insider news go to ALLURE.COM

Allure Beauty Editor Victoria Kirby goes backstage at the YSL show in Paris and learns how to get the look from makeup artist Tom Pecheux and Hairstylst Julien d’Ys.  Executive Produced and Directed by Karen Morrison. Edited by Giovanni Sicignano. A MODTV Production. For all the latest beauty news go to Allure.Com.