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More Gisele Bundchen news. Check out this slick image video Gisele shot exclusively for the May 2010 issue of Vogue Korea, directed by photographer Nino Muñoz. It’s hard to believe the 29 year old supermodel had a baby on December 19, 2009 – just four months ago!

“CALL OF DUTY” featuring GISELE, directed by Nino Muñoz for Vogue Korea

DP/editor: Shannon Ruddock Producer: Rikki Keene,;
Stylist: Katie Mossman,; Hair: David Von Cannon,;
Makeup: Yumi, Set design: Taylor Lorentz,
LA production: Jill Roy, Assistants: Jason Willheim, Alex Hoffman

One of our all time favorite models Gisele Bundchen is back on the cover of Vogue USA’s April 2010 shape issue. Joan Juliet Buck sat down for an intimate talk with Gisele Bundchen at her home and interviews her about her new life as a wife and mother.

Gisele Bundchen Vogue USA April 2010

Gisele Bundchen Vogue USA April 2010

Patrick Demarchelier photographed the cover story in Costa Rica, but while Gisele allowed for a video crew to film, she didn’t speak to them on camera. Strange no? For a model who has always been so easy, cool and relaxed, it’s hard to understand why Gisele couldn’t find time to give a few words to explain how fun it was to be back on the cover of Vogue again.

It’s major news to see any fashion model on the cover of any American fashion magazine, and how sad that the only person able to comment on this rare event is the writer of the story, Joan Juliet Buck. To find out more about Gisele Bundchen’s life as a wife and new mom pick up the new issue of Vogue, on news stands now. Watch the behind the scenes video that Vogue produced about Gisele’s cover shoot.

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Top Model Kemp Muhl is one of the hottest faces of Maybelline New York. She’s got ‘it’ , that magical quality, mega watt personality and gorgeous looks that have made her a star in fashion and on MTV.

Kemp’s full name is Charlotte Kemp Muhl. she was born August 17, 1987 is an American model, singer, and musician from Atlanta, Georgia. Modeling since the age of 13, Muhl, at 16 years old, became the youngest model to appear on the cover of Britain’s Harper’s and Queen magazine. Muhl has been in a relationship with Sean Lennon since 2006.

Muhl is a singer/songwriter and also a multi-instrumentalist, with the instruments she plays including, guitar, bass, keyboard, and the Bayan (accordion). Lennon and Muhl are involved in a musical project, titled “The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger”. The couple has also formed the record company “Chimera Music”.

Kemp has appeared in videos with Aerosmith, campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and is currently studying acting and working on an album with boyfriend Sean Lennon. Here’s our exclusive look at Kemp Muhl as she shoots her latest campaigns for Maybelline. For more go to Kemp’s website:

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