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Emma Stone takes us backstage at Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2013 designed by Francisco Costa. It’s a sexually charged collection that celebrates the female form. As designer Francisco Costa explained after the show, “I love women’s bodies and I like to celebrate it all the time, it is a celebration and that is how I feel about the clothes”.

It’s that beautiful balance between the modernity and femininity that has so many women in Hollywood loving Costa’s collections. Diane Kruger is a huge fan, “It’s always very simple very contemporary with out it feeling too fashiony…I’m always impressed with his cuts – it always feels very great to wear”. Watch our Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2013 fashion video here now and discover more online at CalvinKlein.Com.

Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network.   Photo Credit: © Robert Fairer