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Brazil kicked off Latin America’s premier fashion event, Sao Paulo Fashion Week on Wednesday, with parades showcasing its economic prosperity and optimism.

“We’re a young country, a young culture, with an enormous potential for growth, for development,” organizer Paulo Borges told reporters ahead of the first shows.

Brazil’s designs for the 2010-2011 summer season — including the inevitable sexy bikinis — are sashaying down the catwalks daily to next Monday under the overarching theme “Anima” (“animated” or “lively” in Portuguese).

Gisele Bundchen, the Brazilian beauty who has become the world’s top-paid model, will Sunday be making her first catwalk show since giving birth to a baby four months ago with her husband, US football player Tom Brady.

The Sao Paulo Fashion Week this year trains the spotlight on Brazilians’ obsession with brand names and stylish clothes, underpinning a 50-billion-dollar fashion market that is becoming one of the most profitable in the world for the big luxury groups. (AFP)

We’re going to see plenty of bikini’s on the runway over the next few days, and here is a great video by Cool Hunting which answers the burning question – why do all Brazilian women look so great in the sexy bikini.

SAO PAULO — The organizers of Latin America’s biggest fashion week in Sao Paulo Brazil raised the alarm Thursday over emaciated Brazilian models apparently following unhealthy US and European trends.

“We have noticed with concern that some models on our catwalks — often the most booked — are extremely thin. These Brazilian girls are based most of the year in Europe and in the USA where they work majorly,” Paulo Borges, the creative director of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, said in a statement.

He issued the warning after seeing models fly in to parade in this week’s Brazilian fashion event and stressed he and the other organizers were intent on “preventing extreme health problems among these professionals.”

The Sao Paulo Fashion Week has over the past three years introduced minimum age restrictions and a health report requirement for the agencies and design houses that book models to help create “a positive message” about modeling. But the perceived new push towards skeletal models was a worry.”This situation cannot be ignored,” Borges said, urging those in the fashion industry to stand up against the new trend.

“We would like to propose a joint effort towards minimizing this issue and preventing the effects of this trend on models, on our industry and on society itself,” he said. (Source: AFP)