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Get a first look at the Victoria Beckham fashion documentary, titled Five Years: The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story. In the film Beckham opens up about her journey. “I’ve always loved fashion and I was that kid who used to watch my mom get ready and just think ‘Wow, you look amazing,’” she says in the voiceover, adding, “I always dreamed of designing my own collection. It was always my passion.”

In the film the former Spice Girl gives a rare glimpse into her life and talks about breaking boundaries, ““I was a Spice Girl married to a footballer. I was trying to do something that no one had really done before.”

The documentary is a partnership with Skype, a tool that has become an integral part of the Beckham’s design process. “Most evenings I’m curled up in front of Skype speaking with my studio in London,” she shares. “But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Then catch the Victoria Beckham Fashion Story documentary on Jan. 30


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  1. Angie Sharp says:

    hmm I watched my mum & thought nope I wouldn’t wear that.. not ever 😉 Her
    designs are.. her! – gorgeous. some to die for. Victoria is ambitious,
    persevering, highly self-disciplined & all with a great business head. She
    really is incredible.

  2. Eliza Roza says:
  3. Alexsandr Danilov says:

    New for you!

  4. Сергей Виноградов says:


  5. Maurizio Ciavatta says:


  6. Armuoo7 says:


  7. stambouli nouri says:
  8. Saurav Ghosh says:

    please remove the ad above the person’s name in skype. plz ;(

  9. Артем Зяблов says:

    только придурки спросят как тебя зовут, и твой пароль, а пототом при входе
    спросят твой логин не пойми из чего должен взяться!!! при чем все что ты
    ввел до этого не подходит!!!!

  10. Артем Зяблов says:

    конченный саппорт!!!

  11. Артем Зяблов says:

    АМ водео интересное, НО ВЫ ПРИДУРКИ: Я день ебусь чтобы

  12. Rebecca Twohey says:

    Five Years The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story 120 second trailer ★

    #VictoriaBeckham shares her unique fashion journey from red-carpet icon to
    award-winning designer. A never-before told story brought to life in an
    innovative new way — in depth, inspirational and interactive. Coming soon
    #exclusively to The #Skype Collaboration Project.

    Get more #fashion exclusives at: and join in the
    conversation via #SkypeCollaboration

    Five Years The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story 120 second trailer

  13. Uintended says:

    Any idea who the music playing in the background is?

  14. News For Kids says:


    Victoria Beckham estrenará el documental ‘Five Years: Victoria Beckham
    Fashion Story’ por medio de Skype; dijo que su pasión por la moda surgió al
    observar a su mamá preparándose para ocasiones especiales.

  15. vogue2ya says:

    Thank you so much Skype for this. LIterally can not wait to see it in full,
    very cool she gave access, even to the team members. Loved the last
    collection, and cant wait to see the next.

  16. LondonJamesZurich says:

    Looking forward. Victoria Beckham has always been my favorite Spice Girl
    and i’m really proud of her, what she has done, in the past few years. Once
    she said: I wanted to be as famous as Persil Automatic”. You’ll find these
    words, recorded in Victoria Beckham’s 2001 autobiography “Learning to Fly”:
    She’s my Icon and I Love everything what she has done yet. Love from
    Switzerland, xoxo

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