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Go behind the scenes with Candice Swanepoel  and the supermodels of Victoria’s Secret as they shoot the Victoria Secret Swim 2014 Collection in St. Tropez. Featuring top models Alessandra Ambrosio and Gracie Carvalho in some of the hottest suits from the 2014 Beach Sexy Swim collection.

Check out our our Photo gallery from the Victoria’s Secret 2014 Swim shoot and for more and to Shop the collection visit VictoriasSecret.Com


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  1. Aditya Thaokar says:

    Alessandra is the best swimwear model ever…..
    Love her lips n smile and those eyes are wow….

  2. Sam S says:

    Do a video about the best options for shaving

  3. Stella Ong says:


  4. Martina Yzabelle F. Ricardo says:

    I miss miranda in vs so much

  5. indra darmawan says:

    candice it’s sexy and good pose i like

  6. Maria Koskimaa says:

    The Angels get to travel the most gorgeous places, are laying and posing on
    the beach, they look like goddesses and get millions for shooting those
    pictures. Could life be better? No. 🙂

  7. Abby Ramos says:

    They should go to Aruba !!!!

  8. jesterb says:

    I’ve had sex w most of these chix

  9. nameYUnoavailable says:

    I wish Barbara Palvin was still with VS !

  10. Emma F says:


  11. Andrea Anderson says:

    Join the girls in St. Tropez to hear about the latest trends for #VSSwim2014, then shop them right here:

  12. Mujeres Famosas says:

    Victoria’s Secret Swim 2014: Trend Watch

  13. torri castar says:

    only thing that’s missing here is erin heatherton

  14. Marco Dominic Gonzales says:

    …:) #VSSwim2014

  15. TuttaLaModa says:
  16. Ermin Anderson says:

    Candice is so beautifulllllll I LOVE HER SO MUCH

  17. Laylla Willow says:

    I just realized they are in the shade for photos like that. xD

  18. Charles Brownfield says:

    need to make a 2014 Calender

  19. mitsubishidiamante says:

    I Love you Candice

  20. Abby x says:

    where’s my self-esteem?

  21. Wieslaw Sobocinski says:

    Victoria’s Secret Swim 2014 ; Trend Watch

  22. Wieslaw Sobocinski says:

    Victoria s’ Secret Swim 2014; Trend Wathch

  23. Diana Heel says:

    NO!!! Dont like it,better be fit,not skinny

  24. Amanda Ferri says:

    I miss Cara Delevigne e Barbara Palvin at Victoria’s Secret:(

  25. Mutiara Nasti says:


  26. Melissa Mieske says:

    Join the girls in St. Tropez to hear about the latest trends for #VSSwim2014, then shop them right here:

  27. Edgar Cruz Negrete says:
  28. Alex Torres says:

    More Barbara Palvin plzzzz

  29. Bold Psiu says:

    I love Candice. I like the combination of Alessandra, Gracie and Candice.
    Thank GOD they didn’t put Karlie. She is so so so NOT hot or VS material.

  30. Bella Delirium says:

    I love Candice and Alessandra.
    But ADRIANA LIMA is the queen of making this commercials, we need more HER,

  31. Hannah Gunton says:

    Alessandra is just so beautiful. I love her so much haha

  32. Lindsey Stevenson says:

    More adriana and miranda please!

  33. nuno live says:

    Hey, it´s candice the barbie plastic doll! Annoying much…?

  34. francielle wiermann says:

    more Barbara Palvin please I miss her

  35. vanessa350z says:

    More Doutzen and Adriana PLEASE

  36. gleekforev says:

    Alessandra is so beautiful! No more Candice

  37. Al Mansur says:

    is there any chance for non super famous photographer in the world like me
    to take a shot an angel? come to Bali, I’ll shoot your angles for free,..
    although we (especially me) not a super famous photographer, we can deliver
    beautiful images n video just like they did,.. hehe *just asking 😀

  38. Nikita Stephen Delano Thijm says:
  39. Chinchin Baldeo says:

    Beaches here in the philippines are awesome too. Why don;t you shoot here?

  40. Tonya D says:

    Can’t wait! Love them all

  41. Brenda Ruiz says:

    Why no more Barbara Palvin?

  42. sabina maria amet says:

    Candice is soooo beautiful and cute om shes my fav vcs model 🙂

  43. Jet Yamashita says:

    There’s a reason Candice is everywhere, just look at her body, it’s
    perfection. Sorry but Ale and Gracie can’t even compare. Was hoping to see
    Adriana and Doutzen do a swim shoot/cover with Candice but VS doesn’t know
    wtf they’re doing.

  44. Beatriz Sobral says:


  45. mariia sanchez says:

    Beautifull swim wear OMG *-*

  46. ZSUAkay says:

    Candice is absolutely gorgeous :-*

  47. Letta Ly says:

    oh that black model has SUCH a pretty face

  48. Beth Schofield says:

    in love with the bright orange bikini!!

  49. purplepaint143 says:

    I miss the days when VS videos have Barbara Palvin! Bring her back please!

  50. Tareesa Huynh says:

    Candice is an absolute goddess!

  51. Pau Baez says:

    I am tired of seeing Candice everywhere, I used to love her and now I look
    at her and I am like “oh there she is AGAIN!” use Adriana, Doutzen, Lily,
    Lindsay, Behati, Karlie! stop using Candice everywhere! please!

  52. reisspixma says:

    Do a commercial with Alessa and Adri <3

  53. reisspixma says:

    Alessandraaaaaa <3

  54. Makemeacheesebagel says:

    So glad tht there’s no karlie here haha

  55. Adriana Lima says:

    Gracieee! I’m so happy to see her in their videos again.
    They all look gorgeous!

  56. Tee Nyidon says:

    Candice ‘ bod is gorgeous.

  57. Heero Shinn says:

    Candice looks so funny when the waves touches her XD

  58. Victor Pologlob says:

    O my God, Alessandra Ambrosio is a Goddess, her face is Real stunning
    Gorgeous , #Queen of VS

  59. izabelaoliviablog says:

    Candice’s butt was sculpted by Gods.

  60. Jasmin Sauerland says:

    What is a good bikini colour for very white girls?

  61. Alicia Hernández de R. says:

    @CiraCadena If you’re just you, then you’re already perfect

  62. JayvH says:

    “We are capturing the glamouros lifestyle of beautiful young women
    traveling the world”…snobby little bitches. Sorry, the models are doing
    their job, but most of the girls at St. Tropez achieved nothing but being
    daughters of rich assholes.

  63. Ali Siso says:

    Candice! <3 Alessandra has no body though just a pretty face.

  64. Cira Cadena says:

    They’re so beautiful and perfect and I’m…. just me 🙁

  65. Jack Fullam says:

    I wish ming was there

  66. Ash says:

    Gracie! =)

  67. claire moretz says:

    Candice = goddess

  68. Victoria's Secret says:

    Join the girls in St. Tropez to hear about the latest trends for #VSSwim2014, then shop them right here:

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