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Go behind the scenes with the top models of Victorias Secret as they shoot Victorias Secret Swim 2013.  Featuring Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Gracie Carvalho, Elyse Taylor, Erin Heatherton and Toni Garrn in some of the hottest suits from 2013 Beach Sexy swim collection, including the new Fabulous bikini top.  SHOP Victoria’s Secret SWIM NOW at VictoriasSecret.Com


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  1. Erick Urbina says:

    Barbara Palvin and Sara Sampaio I Love future angels ♥

  2. Erwin Santana says:


  3. Natalie Vladimirovna says:

    karlie kloss is very sexy with long hair))

  4. Ines Dias says:

    I wanna see more Sara in this vídeo!!

  5. antonio esposito says:


  6. Zahra Asakzai says:

    Behati & Candice my fav!!

  7. Marisol Sofia says:

    Love Candice & Barbara!! But I wish I could see more of Barbara… she
    BETTER be in the VSFS of 2014!

  8. ashna ash says:

    barbara n lais are my fav <3

  9. Kye Casey says:

    i think Barbra is the best

  10. irenedance98 says:

    who is at 0:38?

  11. Clara Rodrigues says:

    Barb, Candice and Behati are my favs

  12. flor Guerra says:


  13. Cristian Quecan says:

    Candice, Lais, Erin and Barbara are the future of Victoria’s Secret

  14. bless salcedo says:

    ERIN IS <3

  15. กรรณิการ์ ยาวรัมย์ says:

    I like Karlie Kloss.

  16. Nachiketa TJ says:

    Erin and Barbara <3

  17. TAVVIDA C says:

    CANDICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LESBO ALERT FOR YOU!

  18. Rene Nanita says:

    so did your parents when they had u

  19. Yang Jin says:

    Amazing Body with Beautiful Face! They look so great!

  20. Ha Nguyen says:

    why VSFS 2013 didn’t have Barbaraaaaaaa???? :((

  21. Sergeant Roach says:

    ccc barbara ccc

  22. itsEcyor says:

    Barbara should have an Angel contract!

  23. Ha Nguyen says:

    Barbaraaaaaaaa!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  24. Amber Noymz says:

    Lais Ribeiro!!! I love you 🙂

  25. DUCKFROMSKY says:

    Candice Swanepoel! <3

  26. carlos pa says:

    Barbara Palvin the best VS model ever!!!

  27. supa speed says:

    barbara dont do it like that damn!!!!!! so hot!! that it hurts

  28. Alyssa Traoré says:

    Barbara and Erin, gooosshh

  29. GreenLife says:

    0:25 Sara Sampaio

  30. bluehoney6 says:

    thought i was the only one who hates Karlie ewwwwwwwwww

  31. Elena Kotz says:

    barbara palvin

  32. OceansFromTheRain says:

    I don’t know what your problem is with Karlie – but I think she is perfect.
    So what if she is really thin; that is her natural body shape! Why is
    everyone hating on her? Because she is a Victoria’s Secret and not you? You
    are just jealous’; How about you become an Angel. then tell me Karlie is
    not beautiful.

  33. randomunicornturds says:

    Who is the model at the end?

  34. Leah Cohen says:

    Erin is so ugh.. not special? and karlie is just ew. Candice though,

  35. LeejMr says:

    The sexiest commercial around the world

  36. oceanwave322 says:

    ew karlie is just a bag of bones.. she has no “WOMAN” features, which VS
    represents. no lips, no butt… nothing..

  37. Alexandra Vajda says:

    I love Barbara so much she is my favourite model, but why are you hate

  38. Alexandra Vajda says:

    Why are you hate her? What has she done to you?! Please tell me because i
    cant understand!

  39. Elle Cox says:

    Karlie is a beautiful girl….great runway model…but I don’t think she is
    suited for VS. Notice all her shots are from the chest up…she’s just a
    bit too svelte, too thin for victoria secret. i mean all the models are
    thin they’re models! but the have defined curves

  40. littledelrey31 says:

    karlie is beyond beautiful…. but just not for vs. at all

  41. Carolina Rojas says:

    Angels …

    If I’d be so inclined to climb up beside you, would you tell me that the
    time just isn’t right? And if I should ever find the key you hide so well
    Will you tell me that I can spend the night?

    Leaving your smell on my coat, leaving your taste on my shoulder. I still
    fail to understand what it is about this woman.

    #Maroon5 #Woman #Whatitisaboutthiswoman #Angels #VictoriaSecret
    #TopModels #Gorgeous #CHChic

  42. Kazz Min says:

    OHMYGOD. All you do is hate Karlie. Yeah she doesnt look suitable in
    lingerie collection but shes not the one who decided that she would be an
    angel. u immature people

  43. Araks Ghazaryan says:

    no she doesnt she is perfect, are karlie’s spagetty legs any better i think

  44. maria alvarea says:

    are you fucking crazy? man she is PERFECT!

  45. armeverschrenk says:


  46. Makemeacheesebagel says:

    always Candice 😉

  47. Mia Cid says:

    its so unfear, they are so pretty haha

  48. Mikayla Johnson says:

    I bet they don’t get to eat a whole tub of ice cream when they are on their period!

  49. Camilla Piergentili says:

    me too! 🙂

  50. NICEMUSIK1 says:


  51. thefashionhoe says:

    and then knowing your too lazy to do anything about it :/

  52. violeta reyes avalos says:


  53. Prommie Koy says:

    Keep going girl

  54. Lourdes Capacette says:


  55. TheDigitalUrban says:

    What a great video when you turn the sound off…..

  56. Eduarda Costa says:

    I wanna be a Victoria’s Secret model sooo bad!!!! I’m tall and thin and a catalogue model!!!! Soooooo close….lol not reallly

  57. thefashionhoe says:

    i meant like indian/pakistan

  58. TheBaeeee says:

    thanks 🙂

  59. TheStrawberryswinger says:

    This is actually great motivation to work out 😀 thanks for that! haha

  60. brianhuber100 says:

    gracie cavahlo

  61. Alisha Shrestha says:

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  62. Nick Martin says:

    they do have one, her name is Liu Wen, she’s the first chinese supermodel in the world 🙂

  63. Mariana Carneiro says:

    Mute and enjoy! 🙂

  64. thefashionhoe says:

    it would be nice to see an asian vs model 🙂

  65. bzylizzy says:

    Go for it….

  66. Mariana Carneiro says:

    I’m 13 and I’m also working on it!

  67. Gabiya Pirinauskas says:

    me too ahaha 😉

  68. Med Tounsi says:

    Candice <3 lets get her to the top come on!

  69. AnayaW96 says:

    I want to be a model when I get older, America’s Next Top Model, or a VS model, its my dream I love modeling.

  70. Natalia Gonzalez says:


  71. rendersen22 says:

    Cool. Do you like to wear a bikini?

  72. Dmitriy Baranoff says:

    then, your dream to be a prostitute.

  73. klobrilleification says:

    aw same here! also 14 and working 🙂

  74. Naomi Bernal Evangelista says:

    Tulum, Mexico <3

  75. Myboobseclipsethe sun says:

    Yah, I remember that phase I had of wanting to be a victoria’s secret model. Everything was going fine until I went to this convention thing for modelling and the girls I talked to were TERRIBLY mean and snobby. But this one girl was nice enough to give me tips. She told me that 98% of the girls eat only a handful of veggies a day, and run for FOUR HOURS A DAY. I threw my papers on the grown and promptly (without thinking) walked out.

  76. Sahad Sulvaran says:

    Awesome! I love all VS angels!

  77. Sopho Shoshitashvili says:

    Candice ♥

  78. Bnarlicious says:

    This video I swear I love it, it’s like motivation. With the Justin song and their bodies.. Great combo!

  79. ILoveAngelCandice Swanepoel says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOMG Candice and Behati!

  80. Uchiha Naruto says:

    I wish you a good luck 🙂 Waiting for that day hehehehe

  81. kpopcity1 says:

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  82. maria22162 says:

    Omg i’m fat :/

  83. Mari Sky says:

    Ahhhh all my fave angels<333

  84. Kelsee Mint says:

    Yeah..back to the gym.

  85. zorbarian says:


  86. 97Mymarty says:

    how is possible to look so good under water? I would look like a sea-cow

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  88. Simran Singh says:

    My dream is to be a Victorias secret model!
    Im 14 and working on it! 🙂

  89. Aloth Buenavidez says:

    behati!!! love~

  90. NesrineHedri says:

    Barbara is not in it because her and Justin fucked

  91. animallover3006 says:

    i know right!!! -.- it sucks soooo bad

  92. yadaais says:

    Congrats to Bee for getting engaged to Adam! Never thought this would happen, good job girl! 😉

  93. Nectarferraz says:

    Summer beach VS bikinis
    VS new design bikinis
    I paid $12.1/piece bought three pcs from this site: w w w. busifanshome. com

  94. Nick Martin says:

    @0:34 dat ass!

  95. Виктория Николова says:

    Candice is way better than your Barbara Palvin, Jesus. It’s full of new
    angels now, thanks for the old ones who will stay like Ale and Behati .

  96. Aqua Mata says:

    i think she’s Behati 😀

  97. Zsofi Dancsa says:

    OMG I wish I had their bods

  98. Sabrina Johnson says:

    Behati Prinsloo

  99. Lennamala says:

    Looking at this video…looking at yourself in the mirror afterwards and feeling great because you worked out hard and have the best body of your life!

  100. Miriam Diedrich says:

    I just love this. Awesome.

  101. Angel Welch says:

    I see you Justin -3

  102. Justina Bieber says:

    bieber is everywhere. #PROUD

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  104. Berkin Tan says:

    I looked at your profile. You are beatiful. Don’t worry about it!

  105. Berkin Tan says:

    Who is this in 0:18 with watermelon?

  106. TheBaeeee says:

    who is that dark skinned angel ?

  107. ana lordkipanidze says:

    This is best commercial:)beaaautiful

  108. alice69inmurderland says:

    They can really move..

  109. Icebreakers86 says:

    I feel fat now

  110. Nicole Hungtinson Whiteley says:

    Toni Garrn is hot ..!

  111. kom amm says:


  112. Richie Alarcón says:

    The days were victorias secret models were uber sexy like gisele, heidi, marissa, adriana, etc are over….

  113. fionagr98 says:


  114. hellogorgeous1999xx says:


  115. Elizabeth Z says:

    the colors are so vibrant! 🙂

  116. JarsOfRedClay says:

    perfect song.

  117. Ioan Alexandroaie says:

    That phrase.. was borned there.

  118. Maia Lima says:

    wtf is 9gag?

  119. Ioan Alexandroaie says:

    Enough with the 9gag shit here. Please.

  120. Maia Lima says:

    i have lost faith in humanity

  121. Stella Smulders says:

    This video has the most views, just because of Justin ♥

  122. JustinSelenaVEVO says:


  123. Sophia Fernsler says:

    behati is cute but not vs type definitly i would not call her pretty or sexy..

  124. bonquiqui soundslegit says:

    I wonder how they directed this commercial.. “uhh just dance around and act like you’re having fun”

  125. lildebsnack says:

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  126. Ramūnas Stripeika says:

    cool video

  127. Ramūnas Stripeika says:

    cool video

  128. ILoveAngelCandice Swanepoel says:

    Caaaaaaaaandice ! 😀

  129. Thatislandgurl says:

    May I ask why are you attacking me on here? Have I done or said anything verbally abusive for you to just attack me? You berate me because I said when I look in the mirror I feel like a million bucks. It’s called having a self esteem, which a lot of girls do not have. It seems like you have an issue with me liking the way I look. You need to stop with your foolishness!

  130. Thatislandgurl says:

    Listen here, each of those girls are beautiful in their own way, and I am beautiful. I do not wish to be a model or VS secret model, so the jokes on you! I never claim nor want to be a model. I am studying to become a medical doctor, where I can actually contribute to the society and work hard, versus flaunting my assets around television and on runways for money. And yes I am prettier than they are 😀

  131. KaylaaMae says:

    Why does everyone hate Karlie? I’m just laughing because it’s honestly so

  132. nicknameidono says:

    «pões na borda do prato»! LOL! Adorei! 😉

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