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Here’s our exclusive backstage look at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 with top models Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman, Lily Donaldson, Miranda Kerr, Lindsay Ellingson and Doutzen Kroes.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is annual event is known as “the sexiest night on television“,  the world’s top models star in this prime time lingerie fashion show which is must see TV for millions of Americans. Victoria’s Secret Fashion show airs on CBS Television on Tuesday, November 29th at 10PM EST and features musical guests Maroon 5, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj. Here’s our exclusive behind the scenes look at the show and check out our Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2011 photo gallery.

Video Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network.

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Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. charlotte pajinag says:

    Stolen kiss. Lol

  2. Anna Belle says:

    Adam !!!!

  3. alone says:

    I love you “Adriana Lima”. Please sent for me your photos and video;
    I looooooooooove :” YOU”:

  4. Immy JimmySw says:

    Miranda didnt get fired. She just retired 🙁

  5. Olga Maria says:

    Adriana <3

  6. Meleny95 says:

    5:36 Nicki Minaj looks like a dwarf creeping behind her.

  7. Karamel Bombshell says:

    she got fired

  8. Kaelin Brand says:

    Aww when Orlando stood up and cheered Miranda on!!!!

  9. Isadiore Goh says:

    What’s the name of the last song to be played?

  10. samanthamaury1 says:


  11. ROBERTIKO22 says:


  12. Savage Deity says:

    Victoria’s Secret Top Models at Weebly >>> victoriasecret-models.weebly.c­om

  13. smolna19 says:

    Alessandra and Erin – amazing !!!!

  14. randycasey99 says:

    Candice is HOT!

  15. TheHaloop says:

    I know someone who looks like the lily chick.

  16. Jouer moi says:

    Its was so cute when miranda’s husband stood up and clapped for her when she was walking down the catwalk

  17. CandyMakeUp07 says:

    I love Adriana <3 shes gorgeous but Chanel Iman is.........STUNNING

  18. tala711ify says:

    I love CANDICE¡¡¡¡¡

  19. Phil Jennings says:

    I luv Adriana!

  20. HoTbOi4LyFe says:

    Does anyone know the song at the start of the video, which plays for not even a second. When it says Mod Tv

  21. gemilang nagari says:

    Lol nicki minaj was walking following the model,and she seemed like a oompa loompa

  22. TheMsMirror says:


  23. SeanaSparkleKisses says:

    of what?????

  24. nigshot says:

    u jelly

  25. tom kat says:

    Alessandra is beautiful…a Male Beautyful Version i mean!

  26. Anne Tung says:

    Miranda Kerr

  27. SelinaaaBro10 says:

    Adriana is the definition of sexy, goddess bombshell!

  28. SelinaaaBro10 says:

    Adriana is the definition of sexy, goddess bombshell!

  29. jackassqwe2 says:

    Victoria secret has the best fashion shows, the girls are pretty, happy, and not nasty skinny. I seen Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, and Gucci, the models are skinny has hell, they put a lot of make up and their faces look mad.

  30. TaddyEsmena90 says:

    Alessandra has a beauty of a ‘man’ ..

  31. Zoe Cursual says:

    I can’t believe she wasn’t on the latest Victoria’s Secret show 🙁

  32. emptywallet says:

    2:27 miranda gave her glance to her hubby awwwww such a cute couple grrrr

  33. kim tranxo says:

    Candice and Adriana is the best!

  34. itsjohnnymc says:

    Alessandra Ambrosio can look really fierce when she tries to its gorgeous and stunning and when she does her fierce faces all i can see is queen bitch xo 4:36

  35. handendaer says:


  36. TheAndrew35945 says:

    How is considered a fashion show. God what happened to the real fashion shows with Naomi and Heidi

  37. bounca2006 says:

    Alessandra is so pretty…. She does these amazing poses with the muscles of her face…. I really took note of her back in 2005……I must say that she’s looking more muscular in the face… To me she’s still pretty…

  38. Jet Yamashita says:

    Alessandra is such a horse face, by far from the prettiest. Adriana, Doutzen, and Candice are the most gorgeous.

  39. PernillePBD says:

    I actually think Alessandra Ambrosio is the prettiest..

  40. PernillePBD says:

    I actually think Alessandra Ambrosio is the prettiest..

  41. Suya Ars says:

    Lillllyyy <3

  42. moshiandcute says:

    Um she did the Superhero one too

  43. sofichopikope says:

    poor nicki minaj looks like a midget next to erin lol

  44. cwysonia125 says:

    So am I!! :D:D

  45. fantagechocolate123 says:

    i am watching this cause i am being in a fashion show :O

  46. bbright777 says:

    damn! thank you so much 🙂

  47. MsMarianthoula says:

    Ercola feat. Daniella-Every Word (Wendel Kos First Sunlight Radio Edit

  48. MsMarianthoula says:

    Ercola feat. Daniella-Every Word (Wendel Kos First Sunlight Radio Edit)”,

  49. John Law says:

    oooooo whats the song??? !!

  50. lenore071 says:

    Adriana is the best! : )

  51. aika906090 says:

    im jelaous…

  52. krnstrong says:

    she is so good and i think this year she will do not only PINK segment

  53. Regina Kelly says:

    No it isn’t! The gorgeous Shanina Shaik is at 1:35

  54. omie scherzinger says:


  55. seul2sistas says:

    I’m sad they didn’t show Behati’s runaway ! She’s seriously so good !

  56. fjracha1 says:

    several different views to that seen on tv

  57. UAjenny says:

    Alessandra looks tired….:(((((

  58. LovisaMartinell says:

    Please can you have an interwiew with the swedish model Caroline Winberg in the 2012 backstage clip?

  59. corgi409 says:

    No, she hasn’t been in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show since 2006, she’s retired from VS unfortunately 🙁

  60. daniiinen says:

    the voice of chanel iman is stupid! u.u

  61. Phil brown says:

    Tom Brady’s wife Gisele in this? She’s so hot man..

  62. maryhc97 says:

    Adriana Lima .. Is the model at 3:04

  63. maryhc97 says:

    Candice 4:00 perfect

  64. inspirationrules says:

    adriana lima

  65. MyGingerstar says:

    Sorry. I’m not a pro but who is the model @3:04?

  66. swimbaby1000 says:

    Dear Lily,
    Thank you for being perfect.

  67. gicaguess says:

    HAHA Now I got it:)))

  68. Maroon 5 says:
  69. daskillingmoon says:

    No.. I mean the one who says ‘sorry’ …

  70. gicaguess says:

    Joan Smalls,maybe?

  71. gicaguess says:

    They are tacky,I agree!

  72. MariaNNaBoBos says:

    I was quite sure that they`d buy the best lingerie out there. I was wondering if any of all these fans like the products. Most of them are very tacky, in my opinion. 😛

  73. daskillingmoon says:

    5:24 who’s the dark haired mysterious one behind Lily Donaldson?! The prettiest one of them all <3

  74. lolometroflogo says:

    yeaaah!!! and erin!

  75. bbright777 says:

    6:12 anybody know the song’s name?

  76. Deidra MC says:

    I still can’t believe that Alessandra was pregnant when she did the fashion
    show, she still looked amazing!

  77. Seana Sparkle Kisses says:

    Chanel Iman is one of the prettiest, there’s couple other ones that ain’t
    all that looking, with long chins and noses

  78. gossipyourself says:

    @MODTV No, isn’t it Caroline Brasch Nielsen @ 1:28?

  79. madchaoslover says:

    coolness Karlie Kloss is included and she’s on fashion tv’s fresh face for
    2012… they made segment for her i think she’s number 7 at the rank.

  80. elnazkhoshgele says:

    @TheKatieSmile thx she is unbelieveable

  81. TheKatieSmile says:

    @elnazkhoshgele Shanina Shaik is her name 🙂

  82. mayaaisabel says:

    @saavstories agree!

  83. Muggle D says:

    who else saw orlando standing up for miranda?!

  84. MODTV says:

    @RiceARonia That’s Shanina Shaik from Next Models. It’s her first
    Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

  85. MODTV says:

    MODTV’s execlusive look backstage at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion
    Show with Top Models Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Donaldson,
    Chanel Iman, Karlie Kloss

  86. Conor Murphy says:

    Chanel is so jealous of Karlie

  87. Camilo Vivas says:

    Constance Jablonski is GORGEOUS! Karlie is great, but really skinny.
    Anyways, she looks like she’s enjoying it, so it looks good. About
    Chanel… Her beauty isn’t as obvious as the other girls, but she has the

  88. babacadescarile says:

    adriana – she’s phenomenal !

  89. paranoidandroid1997 says:

    i remember Alessandra in 2005 with (to me a more healthy weight) nowadays
    she looks super thin, i guess its because shes doing more shows in Europe,
    on the other hand Adriana Lima looks great with an atlethic body. I like
    Karlie but she needs to put on a few pounds to look sexier.

  90. peekabooyay says:

    @landundersea Australian Shanina Shaik 🙂

  91. Alenka Arya says:

    such a beautiful girls! my fav girls this year so far: Miranda, Behati,
    Alessandra, Candice and Lily Donaldson, but some I must see in action first
    before I say something more and looks are incredible <3

  92. rgur90x says:

    @landundersea You mean the blonde? That’s Lily Donaldson!

  93. j3nnabear says:

    Eh… Victoria Secret models are overrated in my opinion. Except for
    Adriana, of course. :). Also, I don’t like the makeup this year. Maybe it’s
    just me but I like fashion show makeup to be a little bit more…daring.

  94. ninadechiwawa says:

    I don’t think Chanel Iman is as cute as the other models o.0

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