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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009 backstage featuring top models Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Marisa Miller, Julia Stegner, Behati Prinsloo, Chanel Iman, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel and all the world’s hottest supermodels. Watch our exclusive behind the scenes video and go backstage now.


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  1. GTAvsICQ says:

    madonna celebration remix

  2. meshary5 says:

    they covered thier Bums in the last few shows , if you look back at 2001 and 2002 you will see some crazy G-srings shots

  3. FerezFawla says:

    yeah thats true…:D

  4. ravil says:

    “sssshhhh Don’t tell anyone….” SO CUTE….i love you

  5. TheNiDreA says:

    akon-celebration ft madonna 😉

  6. LiberaMe28 says:

    no adriana?????????????????? :S

  7. alexjogahuntergrecia says:

    love alessandra

  8. maacmbcgrap says:

    thanks to saurabh459 for the song

  9. saurabh459 says:

    celebration by akon ft madonna

  10. maacmbcgrap says:

    whats the name of the song where miranda kerr starts to speak ???
    i want to know it please

  11. maacmbcgrap says:

    miranda kerr is the best vs angel she wil be the number one angel of victorias secret
    miranda kerr eres la mejor
    miranda kerr your the best

  12. guerraroberto2 says:

    Thanks you so much!!! saurabh459!!!

  13. saurabh459 says:

    MODTV is amazing ,but its high time they go HD,isabeli fontana for me is the best

  14. saurabh459 says:

    ,lovestoned by justin timberlake(tiesto mix)

  15. guerraroberto2 says:


  16. DamAzn says:

    Alessandra Ambrosio is sooooo freakin hot!!

  17. locaman69 says:

    Who is the girl at 2.50???

  18. loveXtoXride says:

    i was so exited for the show…but then iwasnt because there was no FLAVIA DE OLIVEIRA

  19. camfas19 says:

    miranda is sooo hot and funny

  20. greatworld1979 says:

    of course love..Jamie lee blow the kiss ..Julia Stegner is the girl whom the others get her hair done..and she the one who say” the show gonna start a minute ” .-)) @ 1:11

  21. 1974egb says:

    She is not Julia Stegner, she is Jamie Lee, a contestant in VS shearching new angel.

  22. marky8418 says:

    Thats Isabeli Fontana and she’s been around since Adriana and Alessandra Started VS as well…. its a shame but I think it may be the major Language Barrier and the fact that she is a High Fashion Girl and has always maintained that.

  23. timebye says:

    I love her smile…she lightens up the runway
    n SHeS sooo much better than the other girls !!!!

  24. greatworld1979 says:

    Adrina and Kurkova r pregnant…Just only Heidi Klum had made it just intime this year..even for Heidi this year i guess it was hard for her as well becuase just only 5 weeks after her gave birth…but anyway she was amzing …i hope next year all of them will be on VS runway…

  25. greatworld1979 says:

    she is famous…i guess now she is working with Armani or something like that..not so sure but big company…..yep..yess..she shines on the runway..i agree

  26. greatworld1979 says:

    @ 1:11 is Julia Stegner ! sweet face !

  27. timebye says:

    The girl at 5:27 needs to be an angel..shes cool !!!! She has grace,
    amazing bod and nice face!!!

  28. AzNAnhKhoa says:

    doutzen is a real angel i’m sure

  29. eritatty says:

    Celebration!!! madonna feat akon (DAVID GUETTA REMIX)

  30. michame says:


  31. pocciainposa says:

    wich is the song at 4:20?

  32. pauLifst says:

    2 guerraroberto2: Justin Timbarlake – Lovestoned (Tiesto’s remix)

  33. Roberto GUERRA says:

    WHAT´S THE NAME OF THE FIRST VIDEO SONG?? please answer someone

  34. Mithra Nordique says:

    QUEBEC CITY!! I love Victoria Secrets! bye lol oué. oué oué!

  35. Homar Merino says:

    which is the name of the song’s video???

  36. kevin112112112 says:

    Really cool! I love Doutzen Kroes and Chanel Iman is nice too, but that
    model from 5:40 needs to eat!!!

  37. viceanterra4 says:

    great show great girlz. a lil too skinny for my taste but iss cool. they
    all looked amazing. GREAT JOB LAYDEEZ!!!

  38. bpc2011 says:

    I am so want to be a Victoria’s Secret model? lol grammar.

  39. Vogue385 says:

    please god make me one of them, ahh soo envious best video ive seen so far

  40. missvsecret says:

    me too!

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