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Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel reveals the $10 million dollar fantasy bra she’ll wear in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013. This holiday, Victoria’s Secret introduces the $10 million Royal Fantasy Bra and Belt designed exclusively for Victoria Secret by world-renowned jeweler, Mouawad.

Courtesy Victorais Secret

Candice Swanepoel Wears Victorias Secret Fantasy Bra 2013

Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel will model the Fantasy Bra in the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Dreams & Fantasies Catalogue (in mailboxes October 23rd) as well as in The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airing December 10th on the CBS television networkThis is the first time Candice has been given the prestigious honor of wearing a Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. She follows in the footsteps of other top Supermodels that have worn the Fantasy Bra: Tyra Banks, Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima and Claudia Schiffer among others.


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  1. Cem dir says:

    they should change the name of barbie doll! it must be candice doll!

  2. Cem dir says:

    they should change the name of barbie doll! it must be candice doll!

  3. M Ko says:

    Candice Swanepoel Meets the Royal Fantasy Bra:

  4. Sponge Bigz says:

    Who the fuck buys a 10 million bra?!

  5. Wieslaw Sobocinski says:

    Candice Swanepoel Meets the Royal Fant….

  6. musicvideosish says:

    She radiates beauty

  7. Jakub Borys says:

    Nah. Let’s put it in the bag.

  8. ilovebapak says:


  9. gadisha says:


  10. Gencay Deniz says:

    $10 million bra and hairy arm at 01:08.. What a World huh?

  11. davidred7697 says:

    This girl is absolutely stunning!

  12. Mithiranee Ramesh says:

    My mind is all confused whether to look at that beautiful fantasy bra or at
    her unbelievably gorgeous looking face

  13. Ramhari Ramhari says:


  14. pxDayana says:

    the definition of glorious

  15. jenshu7 says:

    omg i just like melt every time she looks down and then looks back up its
    like the prettiest thing on earth i just wanna hug her.

  16. yvfreebd says:

    She’s one of my favorite models in the world, I think she has the perfect
    body AND face. And she’s lovely too.

  17. kd217able says:

    She is stunning

  18. đănghuymp3 says:

    wow It’s very very beautiful and luxury I can’t think that it’s beautiful
    like it it’s the most beautiful fantasy bra in the world i love it and like
    it and very very want it hihihi happy for candice swanepoel i like her and
    i think the fantasy bra of 2013 beautiful like a great fantasy dream for
    the girls in the world

  19. Boondock SAİNTS says:
  20. FinalFantasy NexTopModel says:

    This girl must have something unperfect, I don’t know what, theres no way a
    human can be this perfect O:
    she takes your breathe away!

  21. Letta Ly says:


  22. Lumelodic .16 says:

    Pucha esta mujer es hermosa o.o y pensar que hay mujeres asi de bellas me
    siento un poco mal u.u

  23. Lizzie Lorraine Dimasuhid says:

    Adriana, Miranda and Alessandra wears the million dollar bra in this
    particular year….
    Why didnt they made Doutzen wear it???? Doutzen is much better looking than
    Doutzen is the among the adriana, miranda and alessandra that are the most
    famous supermodels…

  24. Fernando Rodriguez says:

    curioso en 2010 Adriana uso el fantasy bra, llegaba de tener a su bebe, en
    2011 lo mismo paso con Miranda, en 2012 con Alessandra, Doutzen akaba de
    tener a sus baby estaria genial que ella porte el fantasy bra de este año!!

  25. Dudong Pitt says:

    VS! please choose Doutzen for this year’s fantasy bra! PLEASEEEEE

  26. Francisco Marin says:

    Candice Swanepoel Meets the Royal Fantasy Bra:

  27. Caroline Cross says:

    Am I the only one who thinks her boobs are so down (if you know what I
    mean) 😀 Maybe it’s because of the heavy bra or the boobs are small

  28. dimitrulii says:

    candice wore the most expensive fantasy bra! and the difference is that the
    other fantasy bra were just diamonds on a simple bra. but this fantasy bra
    is ALL diamonds!

  29. goldengirl9499 says:

    Candice is the sexiest model&woman ever !!! love her

  30. Fem Fem says:

    Please give Doutzen the fantasy bra this year! 🙂

  31. TheAmazed5 says:

    why do victoria secret favor candice so much? doutzen should have gotten
    this honor

  32. Ratatoo Holmes says:

    Candice is beautiful, healthy, sweet, kind and smart model! I’ve never seen
    anyone like her, she’s absolutely perfect!!! <3

  33. abdulkarim nshar says:

    lots and lots of Photoshop sadly :\

  34. John Reeb says:

    Hey Rarity, why not spend your anger and enthusiasm by buying condoms for
    these third world nations who are pumping out more kids than they can feed?
    I wish everyone had a 10 million dollar bra. Then we could hock them and
    educate people to NOT HAVE KIDS THEY CANNOT AFFORD. God bless.

  35. Fat Virgin with Ridiculous Standards says:

    I can see her gums when she smiles. Gross. 3/10 would not bang.

  36. Clarissa O'Neil says:

    I love how she ssays i have never seen anything more beautiful in my life.

  37. Jesus Hernandez says:
  38. Francisco Marin says:
  39. Anastasia MJEltonFreddie says:

    How can people be so beautiful, huh?!? I just couldn’t watch this video
    normally: I paused it every second to take screenshots of this goddess…

  40. lexie mays says:

    tbh its not fabric its gold and colored dimonds she had to get her body
    molded to wear it

  41. Hừng Đông says:
  42. Amitanshu Shakya says:

    candice is worth more than this piece

  43. Calleigh Lone says:

    1:04 haha the way those guys are looking at her

  44. jesses30 says:

    i do rip those 10 m right off her tits

  45. Stephen Bozelak says:


  46. termfocus says:

    aryan blonde hair blue eyes but a lil too airbrushed but either way no
    wonder dark women are fugly in comparison

  47. Jennifer Ashlyn says:

    Instead of whining about starving children, why don’t you go do something
    about it? Children won’t fill their tummies off of your complaints, so use
    some of that energy to donate money to charities and organizations. Or even
    better, go visit the children yourself and give them food physically.
    My words may seem jarring to some, but I’m just giving you some ideas to
    feed Generation Z. :3

  48. Lincoln Murphy says:

    Umm damn

  49. Fatima Teresa Traore Bello says:

    Jajajja i have seen something more beautiful…. You jajjajaj just kidding
    .What is the point of a 10 million bra? Now i dont feel bad buying 80 euros
    bra but…. This things when so many people are having a hard time are over
    the top. BYW Candice would look good in any bra 🙂

  50. Bea Terrado says:

    Candice is the it girl ♡

  51. RisaRisa says:

    It looks so cheap :/
    Candice is makes anything look good though, haha

  52. Thannie Starc says:

    I am pretty sure the guards are glad to be stuck with her

  53. Snack0Jack says:

    She’s so classy x

  54. ♡Sass Princess♡ says:

    holy crap candice is perfect

  55. louisa Weichmann says:

    Wow! how very….useless:(

  56. chrisssiiy says:

    She’s so gorgeous <3.

  57. Marianna Lag says:

    i hate the fact that ale was from 2001 in victoria secret and in 2012 she
    finally wear the 2.5 million fantasy bra! and candice who became a
    victoria secret model in 2010 wear in 2013 the 10 million fantasy bra !
    it’s not fair…

  58. lee789123 says:

    can u even have sex in that bra …. who would buy that

  59. Rarity Pie says:

    Children are dying of starvation as we speak and she’s wearing a $10
    million piece of fabric.

  60. catherine layosa says:

    ” WOoOow Work Ten Million Dollar Super Super Expensive !!!!

  61. kate bull says:

    she perfection its unfair

  62. haute03 says:

    Hahaha! I died when they showed the bra’s handlers.

  63. Catherine Helberg says:

    10 million dollars for that bra?! I think all the materials to create that
    bra was worth idk about $50 or soo (maybe more). But a $10 million
    bra…seems a bit stupid.
    btw: she looked so Gorgeous in it.

  64. Titania Alix says:

    Her accent <3

  65. Nahuelgt Lais says:


  66. Stephanie Chan says:

    behati, doutzen or lily for the 2014 fantasy bra!

  67. Susan Sun says:

    KARLIE <333 for 2014!
    I don't care if people think she isn't vs material
    She is absolutely stunning to me

  68. Nahuelgt Lais says:


  69. bnsykkv says:

    adrianna for 2014

  70. jcp300 says:

    Never seen anything more beautiful huh? has she looked in a mirror lately
    Candice is Perfection<3

  71. Felipe Montoya says:

    I feel sorry for her if this is the most beatiful thing she has witnessed

  72. Geraldine J says:

    Behati For Next Year’s Fantasy Bra <3

  73. Bubu93 says:

    Doutzen for Fantasy Bra 2014 !!!

  74. Amna Ahmad says:

    Behati should wear it next year

  75. Charley Rose says:

    The bra’s horrid but Candice is stunning!

  76. Fátima Mota says:


  77. GiWiK says:

    All i see is only shining stones mined out of dust so it does not worth
    anything for me but on her it looks good.

  78. Jess Bella says:

    Body guards are like heck yada

  79. Alan Raguindin says:

    I Love U Candice, now & 4ever!!!

  80. Basak A says:

    Candice believe me nobody looked at the bra…

  81. Liz M says:

    Candice have never see her self ? 0_o 0:43

  82. Js Dart says:

    I guess I’m being mean to the people behind that bra but shiny bras don’t
    look good! I guess I prefer a matte finish bra instead on women 😛 It
    doesn’t compliment the model chosen and may I add she is quite stunning.

  83. TLUDaProf says:

    The two bodyguards are like “Yeah, this definitely doesn’t suck”

  84. Tommy Luck says:


  85. Malevolent says:

    There should be a pair of Royal Y Fronts for me to try on, then I can leave
    a melted kit kat in them.

  86. alcoholichamster says:

    10 million!! fuck the industry, im working so hard to get 400 bucks a month

  87. juan aragon says:

    Candice I love you. Gorgeous

  88. Summer V says:

    I met her in the grocery store recently in NYC. I did not know it was her
    at first when talking to her but she is very shy but sweet. Beautiful

  89. rockstar5671 says:

    But dear, you are priceless compared to that bra.

  90. sachinn purohit says:


  91. Savannah Evans says:

    Oh my God people just shut up and accept the fact that Candice is the it
    girl. Candice is stunning, she has unique features about her. Adriana and
    the others all had their turn now it’s time for Candice to shine!

  92. Ali Siso says:

    She is skinny, but not too skinny. If she was to do crossfit and gain she
    would look more beautiful with curves! Anyways, she is gorgeous.

  93. dan tan says:

    A bit surprised that she doesn’t shave her arms but she is beautiful one
    the less

  94. Max Corvin says:

    Fap fap fap to her all day

  95. Nacho Tamburlini says:

    what a babe!

  96. Esmeralda Gomez says:

    I met her on Thursday for a meet and greet at my mall and let me tell you
    she is soo beautiful in person, and very sweet. Pictures on my instagram!

  97. Nicoline Van Niekerk says:

    Candice is for real,no plastic…and her personality is fantastic…South
    African girl!!We love you.

  98. platinumbb21 says:

    She’s not too skinny. Too skinny for what? Your taste? Candice is beautiful
    and has an amazzzzing body. I love that all the “too skinny” comments are
    coming from overweight people themselves. Stop being so jealous and hit the

  99. Francisca olivares says:

    I can not believe the negative comments there here, why the hate? I do not
    understand. Adriana compared to everyone, want to find every defect in it
    to make it look bad. She is still beautiful, famous, millionaire and much
    more, which one of you will never have :).

  100. Beth Thompson says:

    Candice’s figure is every girls dream!

  101. gobSIDES says:

    Good point, it’d look awful weird bringing it to a jeweller.

  102. gobSIDES says:


  103. poppylisse says:

    Beautiful. =)

  104. Nell Yuan says:

    The comments are full of brainless and jealous Adriana & Alessandra fans
    that is so butthurt and has to attack Candice personally . Honestly where
    the **** were you guys hiding ? Candice has been rocking the fashion worlds
    for the past few years from Chanel to Versace , Blumarine , Maxmara etc etc
    , she is the only angel that should be wearing the bra this year , not
    even Doutzen has got as much bluechip booking as her in 2013 . Where the
    **** you jealous b*tches were in this past few years or totally not
    following any fashion news at all ?

  105. Revathi Valluvar says:

    I actually think this is the prettiest fantasy bra! Its really gorgeous and
    I like candice. I think she deserves more credit than what people give her

  106. littledelrey31 says:

    I hope next year Adriana or Alessandra opens the show. And Doutzen or Ale
    to wear the fantasy bra.

  107. Nidhi Vaidya says:

    She’s too skinny….

  108. Nidhi Vaidya says:

    My fave fantasy bra was Miranda’s, she was my fave angel and I wish she was
    still one

  109. Anne Le Dreff says:

    Funny to see candice ‘s fave when she opened the show. She looked like a
    debutante and smiled like : so cool I open the show. Adriana has always
    been so swag for the opening. Look the VSFS with usher or Kanye. She was
    killing every things. Adriana, Miranda and Alessandra are the only angels
    who have a personality.

  110. normortor w says:

    I think you are more beautiful than bra,candice <3

  111. christina gill says:

    nice bra, but who buys these things

  112. lily boom says:

    ….the bra is horrible

  113. mitsubishidiamante says:

    those lips @ 1:21 goodness!!

  114. kim tranxo says:

    I love you Candice but no one and I mean no one can open the show like
    Adriana, probably the reason why she has opened 5 shows and all of them was
    fierce and sexy.

  115. Victor Pologlob says:

    Candice never compare the queens ALESSANDRA and ADRIANA, Ale and Adri are
    the greatest angels forever, when alessandra and adriana exit VS, victoria
    secrets will not be the same: (

  116. 1GoldRunner says:

    Miranda Kerr….:'(

  117. 1GoldRunner says:

    I don’t care for her but good for her anyway. Being a super model takes
    ALOT of hard work, time, and self esteem. 🙂

  118. estawantah says:

    SHE DESERVES TO WEAR IT 100%! If you follow her instagram she has been
    working her butt off shooting campaigns with VS and a whole lot of other
    magazines and + her body is FRIKKIN AMAZING and she is so gorgeous!

  119. Gentacles says:

    I digitally painted the Angels, have a look if you want a painting of you
    or an Angle, have a look if interested 🙂

  120. Alexis Tajon says:

    better with her hair up!

  121. Alexis Tajon says:

    kinda reminds me of Cameron Diaz

  122. IamIceQueen7 says:

    i’m not a vs models fan at all and i don’t watch the shows but candice
    might be my favorite and she’s the only real beauty in my opinion 🙂 !! she
    deserves this

  123. haco007 says:

    I don’t think that she deserved it because Alessandra f.ex. is since more
    than 10 years an Angel and she wore it last year and Candice is a little
    child and wears it this year and that’s not fair. someone else should wear
    it like Doutzen

  124. USA Fashion & Music News says:

    #CandiceSwanapoel #Fantasy #FantasyBra #RoyalFantasyBra
    Candice Swanepoel Meets the Royal Fantasy Bra – Go on set as Victoria’s
    Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel gets to see and try on the Royal Fantasy Bra
    for the very first time. Look for Candice and the $10 million bra, designed
    exclusively for Victoria’s Secret by Mouawad, on the runway of the 2013
    Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The show airs Tuesday, December 10, 10/9C,
    on CBS.

  125. Dianna M. says:

    @corinne1197 Of course she knew, they needed to know the exact measurements
    of bust before making and she said that they told to her 5 months before,
    but but she did not imagine how it was!

  126. Sophia irinaya says:

    she is okay but really? i saw her in real life, to me she is just a perky
    little blonde, and the eyes? i have better..
    lol and the bra is hideous! her boobs r saggyyyy

  127. FanOfJanis says:

    Candice deserves this! I believe she is now VS’s #1 model. For years, it
    was Adriana Lima. I predict Behati Prinsloo will one day be their #1.
    Candice is the IT Girl. She is perfection incarnate and is a very nice
    person. I work for VS, by the way. I’d love to meet her someday. Can’t
    wait to watch The VS Fashion Show!

  128. Kim Honey says:

    What do they do with these bras when the shows are over each fashion show?
    Do they have all of these bras locked away in a secret Victoria Secret
    chamber or something? LOL

  129. Mello Carrier says:

    I miss Candice from 2009 now she looks too old what happen ;(

  130. Mello Carrier says:

    Candice was insincere she didn’t look surprised at all she knew she was
    chosen lol I’ve seen the other Angels and they were exited oh well. Good
    luck to her,but I don’t think she’s insincere about being surprise. Can’t
    wait for the VSFS. Not watching or probably I’ll mute Taylor swift
    performance how annoying ~.~

  131. Ivory623 says:

    This might be the nicest fantasy bra VS has ever had.

  132. fahda alshareef says:

    she needs to shave her arms ew!

  133. Cassiee P says:

    Miranda cant wear the fantasy bra anymore, shes not even a part of victoria
    secret her contract ended. She wore it once already, and Candice deserves
    100% to wear it this year. Shes an extremely hard worker, and is an amazing
    model. But i do agree doutzen for next years fantasy bra.

  134. sunkissedallure says:

    red and yellow bra…. those are McDonalds colors, its a royal fast food
    bra xD why didnt they catch that when they picked the colors, and the known
    colors for royalty since back in the day when real royalty existed are
    purple and navy blue.

  135. Ciara C says:

    Does she keep it after the show?

  136. liz kiahitl says:

    could she be even more perfect?

  137. markjovana says:

    She used to be so beautiful. Now she is like every other anorexic looking
    blonde on the runway…sad…
    I want to see 2007 Candice!

  138. Xiomara Reyes says:

    This bra was made for Candice. It accentuates her waist and shape so well.
    So so perfectly beautiful on her.

  139. Missy Hertz says:

    How can they wash the bra Lols

  140. marryy96 says:

    I love it lol

  141. audrey60hepburn says:

    “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful in my life”… gee
    candice, do you live under a rock or what

  142. bri1s21 says:

    I can’t wait!!!!

  143. J3smily3girl says:

    DOUTZEN FANTASY BRA 2014!!!!<3333333333333

  144. jjndnp08 says:

    wow just WOW

  145. joongki maru says:

    she is such a sweetheart

  146. eduvalenzgo says:

    congratulations to candice … but i really hope doutzen wears fantasy bra
    next year, its time …

  147. Jenny Lo says:

    #behatiforfantasybra2014 man!!!!

  148. kylierocks30 says:

    Is this for 2013

  149. Jenny Wang says:

    lol this is weird but i think this cut is too low for her and shes got a
    little nipslip going on…

  150. InternalnebulaVideos says:

    1:08 left upper corner.. H A I R Y…

  151. RunningOutOfTimexx says:

    she’s perfeeeeeeect

  152. flynndallion says:

    She’s just fit 🙂

  153. JieQi Ren says:

    thats kind of ignorant to say that there are thousand of girls that looks
    like her, cause u’re obviously refering to her as being just a blond
    bombshell type from cali. same can be said to adrianna in Brazil, there are
    thousands of girls that look like her there. but these two are both 1 in a
    million faces, in their own catatgory. cant compare.

  154. Patrick Amuro says:

    It isn’t the first time a different model has worn someone else’s Fantasy
    Bra – In 2006 Heidi Klum wore the $6.5M Hearts On Fire Fantasy Bra, but
    everybody still remembers and associates it with Karolína Kurková. So it’s
    not a big deal with Adriana tbh.

  155. Dominant Jerks says:

    the bra is the lucky one here…

  156. sienna vega says:

    I’m not a hater and I would be lying to myself if I said she wasn’t pretty
    because obviously she is and she has an amazing body. But the thing is I
    live in California and they are thousands of Candice’s here.. So to me
    Adriana is the face of VS because I’ve never seen anyone like her. When I
    see her in the VS catalogues I’m like danm and I stare at her for like five
    minutes before I flip the page. But Candice is good model though

  157. PrettyPurpleful says:

    You know, its also funny that Adriana will also be wearing this bra, too.

  158. Tijana Hazer says:

    She is the perfection!

  159. Rali Georgieva says:

    those lucky bodyguards

  160. Carolina Gomes says:

    Candice deserves it!! She’s the one who’s working more for VS this year out
    of all the angels, she’s been focusing 100% on all things VS so she does
    deserve it… I couldnt be more happy

  161. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show says:

    Candice Swanepoel Meets the Royal Fantasy Bra

  162. Paksie E says:

    Honestly? I don’t think of Adriana “like most people do” In fact I find
    don’t find her to be that interesting. Candice is more VS.

  163. salome jakeli says:


  164. MsTurn21 says:

    For a model… she’s not THAT skinny… which is good… and she’s very
    pretty too~ 😀

  165. Tina Ha says:

    So? Is she suppose to shave them?

  166. neusguillen says:


  167. Lily Lilanila says:

    i want Miranda to wear it,i want Miranda back !!!!!!

  168. RafaNightwish says:

    #DoutzenForFantasyBra2014 ! please!

  169. Duke Ashvin says:

    Yuppie Happy B’day 😉

  170. hellodancerx says:

    we are humans we have hair on our arms HA BYEEEEEEE

  171. Emma Mac says:

    stop with the “too skinny” or “eat a sandwich” or “anorexic” comments.
    candice is beautiful. out of this world stunning. and im betting like most
    models, she eats very healthily and has a fast metabolism. yes, believe it
    or not, this is probably her natural weight and she looks incredibly
    healthy to me! maybe shes not your ideal weight or body type, but give her
    some credit, she works her ass off, shes down to earth, and she is a
    glowing goddess, slim but with beautiful womanly curves xxxx

  172. neecee401100 says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that Doutzen hasn’t worn it yet. It took VS forever to
    finally put it on Alessandra.

  173. Elle Cox says:

    disassemble?? they go up in showrooms!!

  174. TropicalFeel says:

    10 Million Dollar BRA – amazing – looks really beautiful, love all the red rubies!


    Shes never seen anything more beautiful. All she has to do is look in the mirror. Not those crummy rocks. 🙂

  176. aligrandi13 says:

    Happy Birthday Candice, you are so beautiful and so sweet soul! There not exist another model so natural and so kind and so sweet and so sexy like you!! Many best wishes to you, you deserve ALL the Best in your Life!!! ♥ P.S. The Royal Fantasy Bra is awsome, and is made… for YOU!!! Fits you so well, You are the most beautiful Jewell!!! ♥♥♥

  177. danielle fernandez says:

    She looks really skinny :/

  178. Chyzabella Chadwickson says:

    So glad she gets to wear Fantasy Bra!!! im killing to know what song she will be walking to!! shes going to be so stunning! ahhhhhhh cant wait! xx its Candices moment to Sparkle and Shine embrace it you haters stop complaining for fuck sakes

  179. zblamm2121 says:

    Obviously Doutzen will get it, but just let Candice have her moment. You can clearly see just how happy she is. She is going to look SPECTACULAR wearing it on the runway.

  180. Johana Cabeza says:

    nah nobody buys it. They just disassemble it after the show

  181. Dyrssen says:

    well…She is actually a natural blonde. she turned brunette when she started modeling. Check some of her childhood videos from other VS talks.

  182. Izzelite says:

    Wow I never noticed how moley she was before this video

  183. animaldream1 says:

    The fantasy bra is only made to get attention

  184. Violet Nur says:

    I love Victoria’s Secret, I really love his world of Beauty and Femininity, but, please, 10 million dollars for a bra, it is really too much, also luxury should have a limit, otherwise it is disrespectful, just my opinion…

  185. IAmYourHEAVEN says:

    I`m wondering…. Did anyone buy FB every year???

  186. IAmYourHEAVEN says:

    pink bra))) just for her)))

  187. opie mogijenner says:

    i saw my Barbara ♥

  188. Millanna Kurnirove says:

    yeah,but she looks shining,beautiful and quite fits in blonde,can you even imagine what she’ll looks like if she still brunette,all I can say is her brunette was the mistake of god.

  189. Luke Wasserfall says:

    yes, she is not a natural blonde she is a brunette. Victoria secret dyed her hair blonde.

  190. enbutterfly says:

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!

  191. Dianna M. says:

    Candice is a Fake Blond OMG, PLEASE!
    Just look the pictures when she was a kid!

  192. CR7king says:

    Is candice a fake blonde her roots are brown..mmh? And why candice before doutzen like dam ale waited what 13 years to wear it Candice gets it before Doutzen?

  193. Georgina Lewis says:

    Wow that’s like the best 25th Birthday present ever – getting to wear that bra! Candice totally deserves it though, she is practically THE FACE of VS.

  194. Ma Zonis says:

    wait, it candice a brunette? why are her roots so dark?

  195. Lilly Urdaneta says:

    Perfect!!! Next year?? doutzen!!!

  196. Victoria Prescott says:

    i love her accent <3

  197. Caroliina Aerosmith says:

    go CANDICE go

  198. Jennllch says:

    YAY! I am so happy for you Candice! You deserve to wear the fantasy bra!!! 😀 you are gorgeous and have such a sweet personality!!! <3

  199. Robin Reilly says:

    She does remind me of Diana Agron from Glee, except Candice is prettier.

  200. I Pologlob says:

    Who told you that VS confirmed? it is obvious that she would not refuse
    Fantasy bra, they were unfair to Alessandra!

  201. Celestiss says:

    Verdammt bist du schön

  202. Silvia Krumova says:

    $ 10 000 000?????!!!!!!

  203. Wenjing Sheng says:

    omg, her voice is so seductive

  204. RafaNightwish says:

    The guards are totally checking out Candice hahah

  205. RafaNightwish says:

    I wanted Doutzen to wear it 🙁

  206. SuperLaserbean says:

    When doutze !

  207. Dianna M. says:

    Gisele is a UBERMODEl and wore the Fantasy Bra
    Alessandra was 31, did many campains and wore the fantasy Bra
    The Fantasy Bra is the most expensive thing in the Vs Runway, every model that works there would like to use a jewel-shaped bra.
    Candice is one of the highest paid moodels in 2012, she is not just a angel of Vs, but sure, her contract with Vs, made her popular.
    You don’t need to talk that FB is not important, because it is important, according to VS just the most leggendary models use!

  208. veronica C says:


  209. Tae Junsuta says:

    I read it. Let me summarise it for you. – “yap yap yappity ya”

  210. Sonja Villsten says:

    Yeah… or it should had been Rosie (if they knew that she would leave in a few years).

  211. annikamakela says:

    What happens to all those fantasy bras? Does someone very rich always by one?

  212. Rachelle Tougas says:

    I’ve never seen anything more beautiful… And I’m a beautiful girl

  213. Rachelle Tougas says:

    I swear I thought I was going to go like this:

  214. Amina R-va says:

    for 20 millions in 2014

  215. Dudong Pitt says:

    Without VS. Candice would be nothing. Doutzen on the other hand doesn’t need the Fantasy Bra. She is worth more than 10 million. and I probably think she won’t get the chance to wear it since she is one of the faces of Tiffany, Co. which is also a jewelry company. Posing with a bra made from a different jeweler will probably get her into trouble with her contracts and all. so yeah. Im sad Doutzen didn’t get it but she doesn’t need the fantasy bra. shes too cool for it.

  216. omgphinito says:

    The best part of this video was the picture of barbara palvin she is so beautiful but i like candice too

  217. b3VakaB3v3rLyMaRsh says:

    I’m so happy she got it! she definitely deserves it!

  218. sienna vega says:

    Karoline is ugly she only got the FB because she was huge in High Fashion at the time

  219. sienna vega says:

    When I think of VS I think of Adriana like most people do. Most people don’t know Candice and can’t even pronounce her last name

  220. Richie Alarcón says:

    lol and it’s not just any fantasy bra it’s THE ROYAL FANTASY BRA, lol, i feel like candice is the next guisele or heidi

  221. sienna vega says:

    Your right Adriana is the queen

  222. skiagrafima says:

    Adriana should get it for the third time!! I love her!!

  223. Flore Le Bris says:

    Candice is quite shy and you can see she’s really happy

  224. Jagodica Bobica says:

    sooooooo cute:3

  225. FanDlify says:

    i hope doutzen gets the fb next year.

  226. Maria Hernandez says:


  227. Kathy says:

    how can she be soooo perfect? my favorite model 🙂

  228. frenchbakerify says:

    There’s no reason to worry about Doutzen not wearing the fantasy bra this year. I mean, Alessandra wore the fantasy bra after working for them for 12 years. Her time will come.

  229. HollyGolightly078 says:

    It’s not just the body:the face,the attitude…everything about Karlie is boring ! There’s this Russian model,named Anna Selezneva,who’s probably even skinnier than Karlie,but she has probably the most beautiful face I have ever seen.Go watch some interviews with Anna S and then you’ll see the difference between Karlie and a really beautiful model.

  230. Ava Summers says:

    no Candice started in 2007 and Doutzen in 2005

  231. Ava Summers says:

    Candice is thin but she isn’t as thin as Karlie and Candice is much more beautiful than Karlie will ever be

  232. Ava Summers says:

    no she isn’t . you can look on VS’s official website if you don’t believe me.she just works for VS but many other girls do work for them too and they aren’t angels either

  233. Kate LovesFashion says:

    she is so sweet <3

  234. saamidicaprio says:

    I bet the guards for the jewels on the bra that have to follow Candice around in it are thinking: Fuck yeah, best job ever.

  235. Caitlin Beadles says:

    She is amazing xx

  236. Millanna Kurnirove says:

    Well,then,have you seen Candice in 2006 VSFS? NO! The year she first appears is in 2008 VSFS.
    And I’m not telling a story kid,I just hoping everyone will be happy for Candice.
    But one thing you’re right,she really deserves it.

  237. lovelylouro says:

    Love her! She’s sooo pretty!

  238. misstika9 says:

    sooo happy for her:)

  239. 2112puzzle says:

    i this the two of them have both been in VS for 7 years, so your story doesnt make any sense. candice has been here long enough, she deserves this.

  240. nynke ver says:

    doutzen should have got it..

  241. Victor Pologlob says:

    ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO and ADRIANA LIMA are the best, period, no more to discuss! the Originals, Alessandra has 14 years of VS, and Adriana 15 years ♥

  242. clementedx says:

    I love Victoria’s Secret but for when a fantasy dress?
    I need it so much…I HOPE YOU LIKE ALSO!
    Thank you.

  243. Cheryl Looi says:

    I love them both but quite disappointed that Candice got the FB ahead of Doutzen ):

  244. Mirosław Piskorz says:

    o shit now i have dirty mind. my head just exploded

  245. Tae Junsuta says:

    Karlie is unattractive though that is why. xD

  246. dimitrulii says:

    candice is an amazing woman! she deserves everything! i’m so happy for her 🙂

  247. Dyrssen says:

    wow Congrats Candice….. Fantasy Bra!!!

  248. hạnh vũ says:

    I love Candice,but I don’t really like the bra…

  249. Valerietta tatata says:

    10,000,000 you’re right!!! so many 000 :p

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