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Get the sexy supermodel beauty look of Victoria’s Secret 2012 and go backstage at the world’s hottest fashion runway show with top models Barbara Palvin, Doutzen Kroes, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne.

The beauty look of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is modern, fresh and very sexy.  The VS glam team, makeup artist Tom Pecheux and hair stylist Orlando Pita are two of the world’s hottest beauty pros and they are bringing more of a fashion edge to the show.  Orlando Pita piled on the extensions and gave the models sexy tousled waves using Victoria’s Secret Volume Mousse and a large barrel curling iron. As Orlando explained ” it’s going to be shiny with very luxurious waves and still have that glamour edge“.

Tom Pecheux decided to ditch the bronzer this time and gave the models a fresh, healthy look using the VS Makeup collection.  The focus was on the eyes – he used a black liner and lots of mascara added some false lashes to give more a cat eye shape. The result is ‘super sexy‘ and a look that all the models adore.  Watch our exclusive Victoria’s Secret backstage beauty video and learn how to get the sexy supermodel look here now.

Check out our  VS 2012 top model photo gallery from the show and don’t forget to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 on CBS, December 4th at 10PM EST featuring Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Bruno Mars.

Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network.

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Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. nadine cini says:

    They’re soooo perfect why I can’t look like them?
    Not like a potato
    How can someone be this perfect?

  2. IrishKatieKatz says:

    Who’s the model @ 0:31? 🙂

  3. Natalie Vladimirovna says:

    I think that Karlie Kloss was sexy with long hair but nowadays she has
    lost her personality(

  4. Emilee Mae says:

    This video makes me feel so ugly. They are all so Gorgeous!

  5. Emilee Mae says:

    This video makes me feel so ugly. They are all so Gorgeous!

  6. Michelle Gogar says:

    What’s that song?

  7. EmzyB2 says:

    WoW O.O They all look stunning!!

  8. Ani Beridze says:

    I love Barbara very very much,I always loved Barbi. I ship Narbara ^^

  9. IloveoneD Payno says:

    Justin Bieber sounds horrible in this. Holy crap.

  10. Hannah Hamilton says:

    Barbara is so adorable and pretty and sweet!

  11. Espinoza Jocelin says:

    Barba palvin is pretty but i hate that she is dating Niall Horan 🙁

  12. Karina Halskov says:

    Niall is making me feel insecure

  13. Danielle Rosselli says:

    the girl at 0:46 looks like Perrie Edwards. ♥

  14. Sarah Gann says:

    i liked barbara b4 niall so i was like JAYHANSKAUSHANA when they went

  15. Abii Marquina says:

    ¡Miranda! 😀 Love her

  16. kamiev2011 says:


  17. 1DMartiy says:

    Here because of Niall Horan!! Barbara looks like an angel <3

  18. DirectionersForLiife says:

    Barbara makes me jealous. she’s sooo beautiful! haters will hate but she is
    one of the best.

  19. Creammy Sweetty says:

    Barbara !!! ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Niallgirl37 says:

    Niall brought me here lol

  21. Josephine Nedergaard says:

    omg Adriana, Miranda, Cara and Barbara! world’s most beautiful girls!

  22. Kevine Kabuyaya says:

    Haha Niall brought me here

  23. Alex V. says:

    Niall brought me here lol

  24. Victoria Ragoo says:

    Adriana, Alessandra, and Barbara ♡

  25. FabienneBisel says:

    There goes my self esteem

  26. Avalon Millay says:

    Ugh, how do you get like that? xD ♥ Barbara and Cara are so pretty! <3

  27. Elise Mohn says:

    Omg Barbara<3

  28. randomawkwardllama says:

    these beautiful, skinny girls make me feel like an ugly potato.

  29. Meisjemetijsje says:

    Doutzen and Barbara! Prettiest ladies ever

  30. Эви Бурзало says:

    Barbara is so hot and sweety)))

  31. Selina Limbu says:

    Cara and Barbara are perf

  32. Yeezus Christ says:

    holy shit barbara palvin my god

  33. j mo says:

    Barbara palvin is so sweet and absolutely stunning!!

  34. Johanna Herrera says:

    0:14 OMG she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. András R says:

    off: What the fuck happened A|X videos?

  36. Teen Idle says:


  37. luvpeacehopehappy says:

    how are they so skinny???? its NOT fair!!!!!!!

  38. MODTV says:

    #VSFashionShow Go backstage at last year’s *Victoria’s Secret Fashion
    Show*. Subscribe to +MODTV *YouTube Channel* if you want to be the first
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  39. claudia raenelle says:

    holy shit barbara is so cute aw BBY

  40. francielle wiermann says:

    barbara is perfect <3

  41. Maca Bieber says:


  42. Bernice idk says:

    barbara is sooooo beautiful

  43. Selena Glove says:

    Barbara has a a big n’ose +_+

  44. bella luka says:

    Music: Usher – scream

  45. f47lbx3 says:

    I want to be in the middle of a Barbara-Miranda sandwich!

  46. nate479official says:

    OMG! Rihanna is an amazing live performer!! *much better than JB* ;P

  47. Patty Sims says:

    Miranda, Barbara, Adriana y Cara <3

  48. misspsycho1000 says:

    check out my video – Victoria’s Secret-Backstage Moments !

  49. alvaro cutti says:

    geredad music fefefeta

  50. yasir muchtar says:

    She’s beyond beautiful and so is her personality. Your negative comments are useless.

  51. Volkan Erdem says:

    barbara herhalde barbara manken olan.

  52. Nhox Chip says:

    what name music???

  53. helenevienna says:

    extensions? 🙁

  54. Osnapitz anna says:

    Miranda is so sweet looking and just hotly gorgeous! Lol is there even such word? xD But seriously though, out of all, Kerr’s my favourite 😀

  55. Nhox Chip says:

    what name music ?? 0.08

  56. Annabel Field says:

    Miranda and Cara are perf.

  57. canyoubelieveit92 says:

    All that work for hairstyle that looks like my hair when I get out of bed :/

  58. Maria Fernanda Irias says:

    barbara palvin is the best :3

  59. Olivia Clark-Davis says:

    Erin Heatherton .

  60. Olivia Clark-Davis says:

    She is not a bitch she’s down to earth and a sweetheart you’re some jealous twat behind a computer screen .

  61. Aaliyah West says:

    Idk by people think that Harry and her are dating THEY ARE NOT

  62. HollyGolightly078 says:

    it’s true,barbara is too hungry for attention

  63. Kevork89 says:


  64. dara99894 says:

    Candice is the best and i hate barbara palvin is a bitch

  65. 12juliette12 says:

    erin heatherton

  66. s ayala says:

    that was a self esteem boost

  67. Kaylee Lyons says:

    Who is that at 1:55

  68. Dóri Burai says:

    Barbara, Cara, Miranda, Adriana.:333333

  69. Emy99Bieber says:

    Miranda Kerr is the best.

  70. Autumn Romero says:

    Barbara is so gorgeous

  71. cloudydaiz123 says:

    I still dont understand why karlie is an angel.

  72. Mo L says:

    Doutzen Kroes must do her best, she eats less too be thin and does to many excercizes too be slim. I wish we could find a English girl who hasn’t got a Frisian Germanic Dutch background. Don’t forget all Dutch German girls are one race. She pays her husband to be a black DJ. Third Frisian people are same race as West North Germany & Friesland have a Nazi background. Her grandpa and grandma were Nazi members during second war & where permitted to wear Nazi cross that party was only in Friesland

  73. Lauren Schussel says:

    candice Barbara and Miranda❤️

  74. aligerberr says:


  75. GeeZTaMeisteR says:


  76. amver08 says:

    where is frida gustavsson ?

  77. PunchaYo Buns says:

    I’m a girl but at 1:18 I fucking had an orgasm. FUCK. And Barbara Palvin is SO SEXY I love it! And Cara Delevingne is so graceful and cute! Omg if I had their genes, I would like DIE. I WOULD JUST DIE. This is why I sometimes wonder what my preferences are.

  78. Daisy Foldesi Daisy says:

    Gyönyörű vagy Barbi <3 Büszkék vagyunk 🙂 <3

  79. xMcFlyxBlinkx says:

    Can’t wait for this year show with one direction ! Gonna be fun..

  80. smokeplk says:

    Hot chicks but bieber ruined it. Cheers.

  81. GuessWhatWeGaveTheModels says:

    They are awesome! Check out Guess What We Gave The Models video that is hilarious!

  82. lifesperfect says:

    they’re so so perfeeeeeecccccct T__T

  83. Maia Cleofe says:

    candice! miranda, and cara! <3

  84. dani TS says:

    she’s an angel anyway 🙂

  85. Sofiq Stefanova says:

    barbara and adriana <3

  86. MODTV says:

    Thrilled that our +Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show video has had almost *1
    million views* on +MODTV *YouTube* Channel! *Doutzen* +Barbara Palvin +Cara
    Delevingne *Karlie Kloss*

    #victoriassecret #supermodels

  87. Aynur Yuksel says:

    they all look the same. big colored eyes, small noses, full lips. basically they all have the beauty standards of this generation and people who have not feel worthless.

  88. lexi nolte says:

    Barbara is way better than anyone else…she’s stunning!

  89. spritmc says:

    miranda kerr, barbara palvin

  90. Mira C says:

    Only Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr

  91. Vanessa M. says:

    miranda kerr, barbara palvin and cara delevinge are my favourites

  92. Turquoise1013 says:

    Cara is nice too.

  93. La Bonita says:

    Adriana lima is really pretty

  94. dogukan demir says:

    analar neler doğuruyor amk

  95. Kateri Dion says:


  96. Judson Wells says:

    cara miranda and barbara <3

  97. LegendVelvZ says:

    karlie gtfo

  98. CharlieBrown says:

    Karlie is like fish out of water

  99. Alonso Jonathan says:

    Barbara should be an angel instead of plain jane Karlie!

  100. ForeverSanrita says:

    Barbara Palvin and Miranda Kerr are my favorites 🙂

  101. Barbara Thayling says:

    Barbara Palvin e Cara Delevingne <33 '

  102. JonieHitlish says:

    I really didn’t like that there was no short hair representation. =/

  103. idksaruhh says:

    Barbra’s accent is so adorable! she’s perfect.

  104. Maartjekusss says:

    Doutzen is dutch ;D like mee

  105. PeaOFnuT says:

    WOW these women are just totally beautiful!!! Miranda Kerr I find the most striking, she is so stunning!!!

  106. wannalaugh90 says:

    Barbara palvin, Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr, i love them so much! and Barbara is soooooo down to earth!

  107. Onlywiky says:

    yeah barbara is nice but the rest of them eeeehhh….

  108. KOSE H says:

    erin heatherton

  109. Sofie Falstroem says:

    Who is that 1:59?

  110. patosmen18 says:

    i’m in love of barbara, i love her voice,her face,everything. she is perfect

  111. Ruchira Stenberg says:

    There is not gonna be a new Miranda Kerr.. Miranda is Miranda, a fantastic model and perfect human-being. Barbara is Barbara, the new face and an amazing model who is gonna be big. Don’t compare them… That would be like comparing a rose and an orchide….

  112. vanny13100 says:

    Barbara and cara are my all time favourite models they’re so perf omg

  113. flynndallion says:

    because she’s stupid

  114. Miriam Jewel says:

    Ummm…..then why is she a Victoria’s Secret model?…and ur not??

  115. Pilar Meier says:

    Why is Karlie at VS when there are millions of hotter women than her?

  116. Adam PK says:

    Barbara is hot but not a Miranda Kerr

  117. Adam PK says:


  118. GlitterSwizzle says:

    Cara’s accent <3

  119. amamasaeed23 says:

    She’s so gorggg

  120. Alia Shaharuddin says:

    Perfection ♡

  121. Goldie Gyang says:

    You do realise what you’re saying is wrong and it’s called cyber bullying and just because she’s a little famous and has people telling her she’s gorgeous doesn’t mean it hurts any less when you say shit like that so stop I mean I’m pretty sure you would not like me calling you ugly when I don’t even know you

  122. Talha Gündoğdu says:

    I withdraw more beautiful

  123. ManciniLoveVintage says:

    I don’t understand why Karlie Kloss is Victoria Secrets model is too thin and just have curve ..

  124. Natallya9 says:

    Palvin ♥

  125. carey579 says:

    Hello Myla.

    Meet Sarcasm.

  126. Jordan Harrell says:

    uck, Karlie is so annyoing

  127. Missy Myla says:

    Funny how you call her ugly but your profile pic is her…

  128. Dana Revey says:

    justins sidetracked

  129. WildPonch4LMAO says:

    wow you really must be on of her old enemies and now you are gelous because she done somenthing with her life and obviously you still in shit

  130. hellodancerx says:

    i love how they dont even mention karlie in the title of the video

  131. Irena Kolar says:

    02:22 JUSTIN! <333333

  132. Mr14amb14 says:

    really happy that i found a cool way to get a ton of likes on twitter! have a look:\18Ei86l

  133. emptywithuu says:

    Lily’s walk is so awkward lol; Miranda is so gorgeous head to toe, Barbara
    and Doutzen are simply beautiful, love the way they look. Karlie…just meh

  134. FerGloves says:

    then why is she in your profile picture? lol

  135. teja s says:

    victoria’ s secret angels are…ya, true angels 😀 all of them are soo perfect in every way!!

  136. xxiLoveMyUnicornxx says:

    barbara is the most beautiful model ive ever seen

  137. gulaitemesheva says:


  138. MurrayBells says:

    “I’m very excited to meet with the performers…” little did she know :S poor Barbara

  139. 08mrRandom says:

    Check out the song by Sway- runway girl karlie kloss tribute. He captures her stage presence.

  140. queatore says:

    sorry but for me she is not…i´m not saying she is ugly either..

  141. queatore says:

    real beauties are for me adriana lima,alessandra,tyra,you know not the typical skinny blond but with something more and exotic that not all the people have

  142. queatore says:

    I agree with you,i think that everybody “buys” everything that victoria´s secret shows,doesn´t matter if they are really beautiful or not,just cause they are vs they have to be stunning,people don´t have self opinions…i don´t like cara delevigne with those eyebrows that looks like one eyebrow,or karlie kloss that looks anorexic and really not that pretty…i see more beautiful girls in my city if they were vs models all people would be like “oh my god they are so perfect”,just saying ..

  143. ZkimzyZ says:

    Watching this while eating ice cream. Not the best choice.

  144. Laura Douum says:


  145. queatore says:

    cara is not pretty

  146. Chio Vicky says:

    Breath taking women….

  147. gokice says:


  148. Seren Seo says:

    Her name is liu wen

  149. Seren Seo says:

    KortFilmPMI her

  150. Minnie Bea says:

    I looked at Barbara and then i looked in the mirror and I was like :Shit .

  151. lovexxyouxxx says:

    if only. this is my dream that will never come true.

  152. susie baranovsky says:

    Cara, you’re the best <3

  153. aleksandraMmusicc says:

    I really like it when Karlie do this thing with her hands when she speaks 😀

  154. ITZmeiii says:

    Ahhh Miranda!!! Cara!!! well and barbra too (please this is a joke,since this is what this world has come to)

  155. jihen abbadi says:

    Miranda Kerr <3.<3

  156. KortfilmPMI says:

    3.26, what is her name!!!!!!!?????

  157. shine bright says:

    I don’t like the new generation of Victorias’s Secret models..They are not curvy and their beauty is not breath-taking!For me the best new angel is Candice..But Adriana will always be the queen.!!!!!

  158. TinkyKoolz says:

    They’re all so beautiful… Even without makeup. And Barbara does not look “plain” without makeup, she still looks stunning!

  159. bedrantje says:

    Karlie is not ugly

  160. GriZzJLy says:

    Bieber lol))

  161. fatih çetin says:

    barbara herhalde barbara. Manken olan.

  162. CupOfCoffeeTea says:

    OMG BARBARA PALVIN LOOK ALIKE >>> @agneheart on insta

  163. Paulina Cota says:


  164. Paulina Cota says:

    Barbara palvin is Beautiful:)

  165. Gee Daluz says:

    OMG… She’s gorgeous! Fresh and overwhelming

  166. eimear odonoghue says:

    Barbara is perfect

  167. celine ng says:

    my two ideals are cara and Barbara

  168. Laura Waddingham says:

    Shes so perfect

  169. evolynena says:

    she is just tall, ugliest body, her style is way different for vs, maybe that is why they keep her

  170. nobooksleftbehind says:

    I love uuuuuu barbie

  171. LaurentDeLyon331 says:

    They have Justin Bieber, the boy that looks like a lesbian. That’s terrible.

  172. Tanya Croft says:

    do they pick vs models according to their eye color ? coz they all have big blue eyes , or its just coincidence

  173. Sophia Fernsler says:

    wtf… karlie is like this anorexic stick NO curves or sexiness i can find not a model for VS im sorry..

  174. katherina petrova says:

    my inspiration model : barbara, miranda, and cara <3

  175. Abdullah Kucukali says:

    barbara heralde manken olan

  176. Leslye Rosas says:

    Barbara Palvin is so PERFECT!!

  177. imstephwang says:

    that’s exactly what i think every time i see her

  178. ptvxsws says:

    Miranda + Cara + Barbara = beyond perfection

  179. mikeysapowell18 says:

    Cara, Barbara, Miranda. One word. Perfect.

  180. Berkay Ekici says:

    Barbara yirim sni

  181. Ece ilayda Kılıç says:

    agreed with asya11

  182. crunk4124 says:

    lol I feel sad for girls that have to compare themselves to THAT :S

  183. asya2011 says:

    Without makeup barbara is very plain but she is stunning with makeup on

  184. chocomacaroni says:

    Dayum, their beauty just stuns me and I’m a girl 😛 I can’t imagine how much sexy they must look to the guys if they have this affect on me.

  185. higherify09 says:

    adriana lima *-*

  186. teenspiritwild andfree says:

    ALL are perfect

  187. Boglárka Köcsky says:

    Barbara Palvin!!!
    Go hungarian girl!!!

  188. crunk4124 says:

    I wonder if Rihanna got the model’s wings on her face when she turned back lol

  189. Maggie O. says:

    Douzen <3

  190. Jenny Bubwhale says:

    I don’t like Karlie she comes off as a person who is full of themselves. Models aren’t just pretty they need a good personality too.

  191. TheCookiexx says:

    miranda kerr is actually perfect literally unfair

  192. MrMxylopink says:

    3:20 ……………………omg

  193. Anahi Montenegro says:

    0:17 how is she beautiful.<3333 love her

  194. ZCG AP says:

    I love Cara and Barbara.. i don’t see whats so special about karlie

  195. sparkssam14 says:

    I want this job!!!!!! Damn

  196. Martina Yzabelle F. Ricardo says:

    Cara and Barbara ;*

  197. GeeZTaMeisteR says:

    I can 🙂

  198. bluqua says:

    Doutzen is just gorgeous

  199. Ephyra13 says:

    ….Ima go for a jog now -.-

  200. Trina Solo says:

    i am mindblown by barbara’s beauty… what a superstar!

  201. Triin Lillsoo says:

    Cara *_*

  202. Wizhix says:

    modelgirls… so… biuriful… must…. fertilize..

  203. Tania Oropeza says:

    i dont like lily aldridge on the runway, she’s like tense when she walks

  204. Elisabeth Van Gaver says:

    Same, I don’t rely like karlie, she is sorta snobbish

  205. Natasha West says:

    Barbara Palvin 🙂

  206. xAsianPandaSwagg says:

    barbara palvin is so beautiful

  207. Savage Deity says:

    Victoria’s Secret Top Models at Weebly >>> victoriasecret-models.weebly.c­om

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  209. CAMIbelive says:

    who’s the perfect model at 2.08 ?

  210. comceive says:

    LIMITED TIME: Advertise for #FREE on Fore Models. Code ‘fm100’.

  211. Aya Shin says:

    blahhh i dont really like Karlie, she doesn’t look like a VS angel in my opinion..

  212. Amelia Clairs says:

    barbara palvin

  213. filmingXpert says:

    Miranda kerr 🙂

  214. Astro Bro says:

    i’m a straight male and watch model videos just to appreciate their aesthetics. Not saying I wouldn’t have sex with them but that’s not why i’m here

  215. Paul King says:

    I’m a guy here. Does that mean something?

  216. Michelle Gogar says:

    Barbara is perfect 3

  217. emmanuelle lessard says:

    barbara is gorgeous!

  218. LeighH182 says:

    Adriana, Barbara & Cara!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  219. eronhawk19 says:

    i would wreck her hard

  220. Tugberk Güler says:

    Magdalena Frackowiak

  221. Louise Natanael says:

    but there’s men that can’t enjoy beauty of girls or handsome of guys?

  222. behindthetalent says:

    Check out our interview with Barbara in Australia, and her very funny side

  223. guey1000ify says:

    She is my nightmare ,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,HELP!!

  224. beckydemilovato says:

    Barbara its so gorgeous

  225. theofficialameera says:

    Barbara is SO beautiful…….. I can’t even D:

  226. BLACKCAT5646 says:

    I like them all except for Karlie. She might be a great model but NOT for VS.

  227. CrazyKrazyMind says:

    i can’t appreciate the beauty of some men without wanting to have sex with them

  228. ThePclg says:

    Aww barbara is so cute!

  229. DizieFX says:

    Oh no, Erin is my future wife. The sex part is just a plus. (still the achivement of having sex with a vs model is any man’s dream.)

  230. carey579 says:

    Karlie Kloss looks like a troll next to the other models 🙁

  231. erin cristina garcia hernandez says:

    1:26 karlie kloss has like a spider in her hair hahaha xP

  232. annaluvs90210 says:

    i wish i was 4 ” taller ;/

  233. Taree Formgren says:

    Justin Bieber. ❤

  234. esmeralda de bruijn says:

    Beautiful show always

  235. TheVintageBallad says:

    Justin Bieber ♥

  236. TheHero189 says:

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  237. bratzlover501 says:

    So you want men to want that?..

  238. 2godis2 says:


  239. Swissbritt says:

    They are all so thin

  240. Elif Timberlake says:


  241. caerulea0 says:

    I know It doesn’t even make sense

  242. carey579 says:

    Who is jealous of Karlie Gross?

  243. ItsLuigiTime123 says:

    The blonde is Magdalena Frackowiak and the brunette after is Miranda Kerr.

  244. Kemal Akar says:

    barbara heralde barbara manken olan XD

  245. FR3NCHY21 says:

    Wait. Is there skin really that perfect… ._.

  246. Khycee Heth Alonzo Aragones says:

    I’m jealous of their heights. -_-

  247. MrBubblygoodness says:


  248. yigit4634 says:

    98 people idiot

  249. VAPforever8299 says:

    Woooow people are calling karlie ugly??? Jealousy alert? Hahaha

  250. 96ecstasy says:

    not cara, the girl right after

  251. 96ecstasy says:

    who is the girl at 2:46

  252. nadasastifeita says:

    CARA 3

  253. MODTV says:

    Get the sexy look of +Victoria’s Secret and go #backstage with #beautypro’s *Orlando
    Pita* and *Tom Pecheux*. Featuring +Barbara Palvin, *Doutzen Kroes*, *Karlie
    Kloss* at the *VS 2012 Fashion Show* in NYC #topmodels #VSFashionShow

  254. Izak Miranda says:

    BARBARA AND CARA <3333333333333333333

  255. AliPLL123 says:

    Huge girl crush on Cara

  256. Diego Rose says:

    I love Cara

  257. GoodMusic OL says:

    Cara and Barbara are my favourites!! ❤❤

  258. TheEsilla says:

    Hungary is proud of you,Barbara! <3

  259. Desiree Payne says:

    Cara and Barbara.. aklbjsdujkgdb.❤

  260. gtfirewalker says:

    2:04. Did she pee? Yikes

  261. Lily Wright says:

    Oh, so you already had me predicted did you? Karlie doesn’t need a club. She is already one of the best in the supermodel ranks. And btw, I’m not some stupid ‘fangirl’, I just can’t stand it when innocent people are criticized by someone who is just trolling their asses off, having no proof or reason to their allegations whatsoever. Btw, telling me to “F Off!” just suggests a nonsensical ragequit. 🙂

  262. carey579 says:

    Just like I predicted, another profile from the ‘Make Karlie A Supermodel Club’ F Off!

  263. Lily Wright says:

    Certainly. Karlie has participated in a Cure for AIDs charity walk, she has co-founded Karlie’s Kookies, where all the money goes to the Sandy Relief Project, and she also does charity work restoring playgrounds in Harlem. These are just a few examples of the selfless projects she does. I admit, Karlie is not the most attractive model in the universe, but she has a charismatic personality and she’s a wonderful role model.

  264. murat alkz says:


  265. iTzDeStRoYeR says:


  266. carey579 says:

    Charitable? Name one charity that she does and even if she does its all for hype like her whole career! Stop making excuses, you can see from the comments here, Karlie is simply unattractive!

  267. carey579 says:

    Pedo alert!

  268. Sarah Wheaton says:

    it would be soooo cool if there was a victoria secret CHILD angels

  269. lilamaca1 says:

    HUNGARY <3 Barbara Palvin <3

  270. Micana3 says:


  271. Lily Wright says:

    Ugh! I’ve seen your posts on other vids featuring Karlie, and you say that she is ugly/hideous, but that is so not true. Karlie is one of the most beautiful models of this present time. Her face is different, very unlike the typical stunning faces such as Doutzen Kroes and Toni Garrn. Karlie is also so sweet and charitable! Quit dissing Karlie she has a prettier face and personality than you will ever have.

  272. MissPandaaaz says:

    I follow her husband on tumblr lol lucky man

  273. naazarenavaras says:

    I love Cara and Barbaraaa:D

  274. Edusu1994 says:

    Even in the dream world to be able to do this you must have a password and wait in line, champion. 😉

  275. Youalreadyknow Boo says:

    im a girl..butim just saying u cant blame men because the girls are in their underwear and bra what do u think theyre gunna look at…the models’ hair?


    That’s why God had created the Gay ones.

  277. ItsElle95 says:

    DOUTZEN KROES ;o stunning

  278. TheUniqueBieber says:

    Barbara Palvin omfg.

  279. carey579 says:

    Yes she does! Too bad Karlie is also the ugliest! 🙁

  280. iTzDeStRoYeR says:

    I admire Barbara.She is the most beautiful girl in the world, indisputable but her beauty is injustice for the humankind.

  281. Nara Batbayar says:

    2:05 dat balck thing 😀

  282. Micana3 says:

    it’s impressive how men can’t simply enjoy the beauty of girls without wanting to have sex with them.

  283. Abo alazz says:

    Barbara one day I will kiss your beautiful lips

  284. NvRDiE19 says:

    karlie kloss has the best walk in victoria secret

  285. Rose Carroll says:

    Miranda Kerr

  286. Guy9221 says:

    who’s that at 2:56

  287. adelaa07 says:

    barbara omg so perfect<3

  288. ilovemilan101 says:

    barbara palvin is so beautiful and sweet!

  289. Nyroko Smile says:

    3:09 …… she’s so gorgeous <333 like a goddess 🙂 Love Cara , Barbara and Miranda ♥

  290. mineraals says:


  291. RickyRozayy says:

    She will be my wife.

  292. tamra danelle says:

    Feeling confident about yourself the watching the vs catwalk ever year ahahah.

  293. kimber londi says:

    Barbara one day I will merry you and have sex with you every day for the rest of my life <3

  294. Shauna Dubler says:

    Cara. Love her.

  295. larabug99 says:

    3:25-3:28 the girl in the backround with the camera on her neck is just as; if not prettier than the model in front, just sayin

  296. Nurazira Samsuri says:

    Cara Ftw <3<3<3

  297. lovejustin44 says:


  298. ama deus says:


  299. Anita Király says:

    Barbara is HUngarian 😀 Hungarian girls are the most beautiful in the whole world 😀 😉

  300. carey579 says:


  301. Bárbara Santos says:

    Cara and Barbara are so perfect, omg s2

  302. Pausas Veintisiete says:


  303. kekesul says:

    Where’s barbara from?

  304. poker7499 says:

    i thought this fucking liz meets brad add was over with. dammit!

  305. parislights21 says:

    what is up with lily’s walk..

  306. heartbounceful says:

    actually no, her teeth aren’t that good. i mean, they’re straight but her mouth shape is a bit weird ahah i don’t know how to explain this :p she’s really pretty though !

  307. Alexis M says:

    They all look stuck up. No thanks.

  308. Rachel Jones says:

    Cara is perfection

  309. Anna Horvath says:

    Barbara is hungariaaan 3 soo proud of sheeee xoxo

  310. Annabella Szilágyi says:

    hahaha, Barbara is a hungarian girl ^^

  311. karenbee1996 says:

    Barbara and is beyond beautiful and she’s like so young!!!!

  312. thomas Hooper says:

    fashion, when did people purposly start looking like retards!!!!!!!!!
    Fashion is repulsive enough to only have a life expectancy of 6 month!

  313. keepoo246810 says:

    LOL it’s okay! sorry if that came across badly :p

  314. TheIzabela567 says:

    I just correct you because you wrote her name wrong! oO

  315. Wale Echevarria says:

    Yeah, I am so jelly.

  316. Tahmina Riley says:

    Hey , self esteem where’d you go?

  317. Barbara Palvin says:
  318. Adriana Ponce says:

    Barbara Palvin is my inspiration 🙂

  319. Kwa17 says:

    Barbara is very beautiful,first time I’ve seen her.I haven’t been following vs for a long time.

  320. rogerste34 says:

    She’s is not sexy

  321. YourMagicDreams says:

    can i be pretty like her? No? ;okay;

  322. Neresa M says:

    which are deceiving

  323. Jorge pinto de almeida says:


  324. Nini Sevigny says:

    wow doutzen on 2:59, shes selling the lipstick

  325. fairydust15 says:

    How can you say that!? You see about a minutes worth of her in this video and already you’ve made a decision like that about her. If you actually knew her you might think differently. Talk about judging a book by its cover.

  326. joanne rose says:

    Barbara is so perfect ❤

  327. joanne rose says:

    @Qutie787 oh my gosh I seriously thought I was the only one who saw it 😮

  328. BieberCyrus1000 says:

    Even tho I love Miranda from the bottom of my heart, Adriana Lima will always be the queen of VS.

  329. Jacoy Springer says:

    did justin mess up in his performance?

  330. IsanAgus says:

    Barbara Palvin is the very best of them all.

  331. RandomGosia says:

    goodbye self esteem

  332. duulcegancas says:

    Adriana is just the goddess
    love her

  333. Bouchra Benghomari says:

    Karlie and Cara are my FAVORITE fashion models everrr, but I agree that they are TOTALLY WRONG for VS.

  334. kujbusnikol says:

    I am from Hungary 😛

  335. Dorina Óvári says:



  336. GlamourHollywood says:

    And btw just because Doutzen don’t have a crazy loud-mothed way of being doesn’t mean she don’t have personality. I find her to be humble, sweet and seem like a good person, just watch her interviews.

  337. GlamourHollywood says:

    Yes I did forget Erin!

  338. Федор Федорович says:

    SO sexy!

  339. Marianna Senicar says:

    love adriana!!

  340. makiita26 says:

    she walk at the calendar girl part , she was the last one dress like santa 🙂

  341. makiita26 says:

    she walk at the calendar girl part , she was the last one dress like santa 🙂

  342. startvideonow says:

    Need some corrections there:

    Adriana WAS the queen of VS, now it’s Miranda (the sexiest women alive, by Esquire)

    Doutzen has a gorgeous face and HOT body, not really the personality.

    You forgot ERIN HEATHERTON

    And the full package is clearly Miranda. Hot body, cute face, unbelievable eyes, sexy as hell, amazing personality, and all of that being a mom.

    Agree with all the rest.

  343. Lauren Maguire says:

    I know you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I think Cara and Karlie could give a bit more variety to VS specially Cara! Not by their looks, but Cara’s pretty quirky and weird, it’s refreshing to see that she can be crazy and stuff 😛 I mean I know Adriana is pretty quirky at times and stuff, but Cara’s a lot weirder! haha. But I know exactly where you’re coming from but I guess VS are just trying to mix it up a bit haha 😛

  344. heartbounceful says:

    finally someone who doesn’t like Cara as a VS model !!!

  345. keepoo246810 says:

    I think I got my point across though

  346. GlamourHollywood says:

    Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
    so you’re entitled to your opinion just like I am to mine.
    With that said, in my opinion Cara is not “beautiful” in the way I think of a Victoria’s Secret angel, which is supposed to be a goddess and feminine.
    While Cara has interesting features and looks beautiful in high fashion ads, she has the body of a boy and in her backstage interviews she is nowhere near as beautiful as most of the other angels..

  347. ytube4714 says:

    Adriana is queen of VS,but Barbara is her heiress.

  348. ytube4714 says:

    Cara has the most amazing face ever,her bone structure is apsolutly fabolous,her cheek bones,Gosh,STUNNING! You can’t say she’s not gorgeous enough for VS, becouse she’s more then that,she doesn’t have that usuall kind of beuty like VS angels,she’s more for catwalks,but she’s defenetly prettier then all of them!

  349. YouMyLovers67 says:

    Barbara Palvin share the same birthday with Bruno Mars. They both chatted at the VS show!

  350. thunderlovelightning says:

    Did barbara walk the runway? how come i didnt notice her ._.

  351. tanymoo05 says:


  352. lizbeth martinez says:

    is it just me or on 2:03 her thing is wet

  353. caerulea0 says:

    Barbara Palvin’s face is literally flawless, so stunning.

  354. schnozolo says:

    no she’s 19

  355. maegzz81 says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Karlie masturbated to her own reflection…

  356. megannucoleindonesia says:

    Barbara Palvin and Cara Delevingne the best♥

  357. deadharmonic says:

    lilly very ugly

  358. SuperDiamondgirl100 says:

    isn’t Barbara Palvin like 20 something??

  359. allamericanteenager1 says:

    Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanpoel, Cara Delevigne, Barbara Palvin 3

  360. TheIzabela567 says:

    Izabel Goulart*

  361. itsmeelooozers says:

    justin at 2:28 = looks like a fat blob w/ dem pantslmfaoo!!

  362. leanda banks says:

    love V S so much.!@

  363. Jean-Marc Fortes says:

    What a wonderful show ! I wait the next one with impatience !

  364. elinececiel says:

    Aaaargh Karlie is sooo anoying!

  365. anitatommo says:


  366. Lola Smith says:

    when I hear Karlie I want to say:

    Honey, shut the f*ck up

  367. Bibico97 says:

    Actualy, i am talking about the new models, like Barbara, not about the old ones.. xoxo

  368. Haley Callahan says:

    Doutzen, Doutzen, Doutzen! What a beauty. I don’t see what all this fuss is about Barbara. Yes, she is beautiful, but not more beautiful than the rest of the Angels. Also, Karlie says “gorgeous” a lot in this video.

  369. 0XVV says:

    HAHA the girl at 2:14 took a picture of her and tried to play it off. lmfaoo

  370. Mackenzie Jones says:

    Adriana,miranda,Alessandra,Erin,and Lily are the queen bees!

  371. Mackenzie Jones says:

    No matter how gorgeous cara,Barbra,karlie or any other new comers

  372. osnapitslari says:

    Doutzen is sooo beautiful <3

  373. anaaastyles says:

    Barbara,Cara,Mirandaaa are perfect ♥

  374. coco heigl says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the top comment! Barbara Palvin is the most beautiful of all.
    Others are beautiful too but Barbara is… special, together with her natural humble, sweet sexy personality and she doesn’t have this ‘Look at me, I’m so gorgeous!’ (arrogant) look at all when she has such a stunning face like that! Salute her for not being arrogant, not even a bit. Yet, she’s a very confident person.

  375. schmexie98 says:

    Oh look theres Barbara! Well theres go all of my self esteem and confidence..

  376. oneskyee says:

    I love Miranda o: I think she’s the one that’s able to look innocent & sexy whenever she wants.

  377. emelyh7 says:

    Awwww cara bby

  378. GlamourHollywood says:

    Adriana is The Queen of VS.
    Miranda is totally adorable.
    Doutzen has an incredibly sweet personality and a beautiful face.
    Alessandra is beautiful, fun and exotic.
    Candice is the ultimate blonde bombshell.
    Barbara is my fav, she’s an ANGEL.
    Lindsay seems a bit air-headed but she’s cute.

    Karlie and Cara may be good fashion models, but they are TOTALLY WRONG for VS.
    Sad to say but they are not gorgeous like the rest,
    only very photogenic! But not the woman VS is about :/

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  380. lolitomik says:

    Cara is so nice

  381. Uglymonster22 says:

    well, according to, karlie is #2 model in the world and she’s more relevant in high fashion than all of those 3 together

  382. purplereader53 says:

    I don’t see how cara was picked to be in a vs runway . she’s a great model , but definitely not made for vs

  383. kimmy rosello says:

    cara delevingne! <3

  384. kimmy rosello says:

    cara delevingne! <3

  385. thunderlovelightning says:

    I didn’t notice Barbara Palvin is in VS until i read these comments ._. wtf. haha but Candice still my no.1 choice <333

  386. PaolaCs2 says:

    Victoria secret tiene alguna competencia ? 😀

  387. Qutie787 says:


  388. littlevamp103 says:

    well, my friend we are different, we have distant taste- especially if we talking about beauty or models-, so maybe barbi is the most adorable one for someone, but maybe she isn’t for someone else. i prefer barbi, because i’m from hungary too, and anyway she’s so beautiful. very cute and sexy in the same time 🙂

  389. kissingpink7 says:

    Barbara and Cara are the most beautiful and personable models in the industry today. I adore them as people as well as models.

  390. PinkLover2378 says:

    Barbara is innocent but sexy the same time! That’s why everyone like her

  391. PinkLover2378 says:

    Karlie seems like a bitch

  392. SilverLeguar says:

    Did anybody else notice he was having trouble with his mic at 2:36
    just saying

  393. Kjadija Kassa says:


  394. thoserubyslippers says:

    I agree! All the other models are gorgeous but she is so regally stunning,like Grace Kelly.

  395. thoserubyslippers says:

    I dont know why but I think Doutzen is just the most beautiful woman. She reminds me of one of my idols, Grace Kelly,so ethereally stunning.

  396. vifogaca1 says:

    when u feel a little bit of beautiful u see that video and want o die

  397. CloudsofEuphoria says:

    doutzen’s beauty is unreal…

  398. CloudsofEuphoria says:

    well she is the youngest 🙂

  399. saintsational28 says:

    Why is Karlie Kloss a VS Model? She irritates me so much. She doesn’t have the VS look. Sorry Karlie!

  400. Pinksie2507 says:

    Why is everyone so excited about Barbara Palvin? Adriana Lima is the very best.. Incomparable.

  401. Luis Fontana says:

    Barbara Palvin is simply amazing!

  402. paulagraniffo says:


  403. Victoria Stamatova says:

    Barbara Palvin a.k.a the most beautiful girl on this planet.

  404. PegaFag says:

    Barbara palvin 🙂

  405. flashbash32 says:

    @cgheqat u’re right. this is really fantastic. but i can tell you one thing, when i was not in house my mom received the beauty kit from maybelline for no bucks. its worth a try here ->

  406. 909me1 says:

    there’s no secret! 800 calories or less per day of really healthy food, lots of water, and exercise to tone but not to be too muscle-y. Its all abut self-control.

  407. ghazal afs says:

    i want to have a model body :(!

  408. Julia Malakhova says:

    Cara Delevingne at 2:38 proves one more time how disgusting English accent actually is.

  409. TokyoNetTV says:

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    Happy New Year♥!♥

    You are so ♥Kawaii♥!♥
    ♥Kawaii♥ has the Magic to make life ♥Happy♥!♥

  410. marco aurelio urbina says:

    there are only girls, like Barbara Palvin, justin bieber, Cara delevigne etc.

  411. maosd says:

    Miranda, doutzen, and Barbara uGH

  412. lucia urrutia ugarte says:

    of all?? pff noo

  413. bijecama says:

    😮 Bo?!?

  414. goozikas says:

    @acgbqou Yeah this website here is just giving out comletely free White Apple iPads for today only. But you do have to be living in the U.S though but it’s legit, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Get in quick!

  415. Emily902010 says:

    and what’s the name of the girl who was going before Alessandra Ambrosio?

  416. beamay says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention Doutzen and Rosie. 😛

  417. Emily902010 says:

    what’s the name of the girl before Barbara?
    Barbara is soo gorgeous^^ #Barbellas

  418. beamay says:

    Barbara doesn’t look anything special. She looks like the typical american girl you see in school. The prettiest ones are still Miranda and Candice! You won’t find those faces anywhere.

  419. TexasMovingPictures says:

    They are all beautiful, but Barbara Palvin is a goddess.

  420. sexybrittybear says:

    All the gurs lol

  421. ImNotAlrightGirl says:

    Barbara has a typical face of a teenage American girl, I think she’s boring for fashion….

  422. Lisandro Orellano says:

    How is called the song of the minute 1:04?

  423. xMaibBieber says:

    I’m officially a potato.

  424. Oleh Palash says:

    They are sooo beautiful, you just can’t get your eyes off these girls *.*

  425. Serega Smirnov says:

    3:33 is also dying :))

  426. Kakashi Hatake says:

    *_* her smile

  427. YouKnowYourBeautiful says:

    They are so beautiful

  428. AnnaZnna says:

    Barbra Palvin looks SOOOOO much like a young Brook Shields!

  429. Naomi S says:

    I love Miranda Kerr’s smile!

  430. dodicicus says:

    Karlie Kloss is a very unsympathetic stuck-up girl!
    Look the acting hands..
    All others are cute 🙂
    Barbara Palin especially!

  431. Missy Oinks says:

    How about Beiber : One Direction = GAY!!!?

  432. kasskapis says:

    um no ?

  433. Amy Shepherd says:

    everybody knows that karlie doesn’t fit on vs 😉

  434. KA4R0LiiNE says:

    Ale and Adriana the queens

  435. kimsuu7 says:

    caraaaaaaaa 🙂

  436. MsLilyCatherine says:

    Allasandera Amborss

  437. mlrh1 says:

    Barbara Palvin is most beautiful of all, although they are all pretty. But I like how she can be innocent and sexy at same time, other models don’t do that. Only her. I will buy their product because of her being spokesperson model for store.

  438. Kerem Sağdinç says:

    Alessandra Ambrosio

  439. Julia Beeb says:

    Shut up Karlie.

  440. Julia Beeb says:

    Everybody loves Doutzen.
    Everybody loves Cara.
    Everybody loves Barbara.
    Nobody likes Karlie.

  441. L Tovar says:

    I fell in love at 3:09

  442. romania9515 says:

    2:05 Candice:x

  443. Maaike van der Wal says:

    Alessandra Ambrosio 😛

  444. Maaike van der Wal says:

    She’s the best!! I really adore her <3 Adriana Lima forever!!!

  445. Kakashi Hatake says:

    what is the name of model at 4:13-till end

  446. MsDeeZeey says:

    Why is Karlie being so bitchy… She’s not even beautiful

  447. Gabby Stoeva says:

    Can somebody please tell me why are everybody so perfect ..

  448. MOFODUBSTEP says:

    I know 97mscancer she really is…!!!!!

  449. 97mscancer says:

    why is barbara palvin so perfect…

  450. xoLoveLeti says:

    She looks so much like denise richards to me

  451. xoLoveLeti says:

    Everyone but me evidently…. hah

  452. carey579 says:

    That would be Karlie Kloss then, the bitchiest girl in fashion, everyone knows this

  453. demetriaisdead says:

    God must’ve been in a good mood when He created Barbara.

  454. xIxLovexAvrilx says:

    barbara’s hungarian accent 😀

  455. xoLoveLeti says:

    1:30 that girl is too cocky for someone who isn’t that pretty

  456. MegaCheeseballs1 says:

    Cara completely shits all over Barbra!

  457. bianca rojas says:

    you bitch..!! OK

  458. louverachmar says:

    Barbara Palvin is definitely my favorite. *_* So pretty

  459. jordan elling says:

    Lily Aldridge is a sweet heart and so cute…but that walk…How many years has it been? You’re officially an angel and you still can’t walk the runway?

  460. music814 says:

    OMG!!! what a hottie!! Barbara Palvin!!! soo captivating!!!

  461. xNoordv says:

    3:41 – 3:50 was definitely my favourite part of the show. Doutzen is absolutely stunning <3

  462. riverphoenix23rip says:

    kerr is such a bitch

  463. Shannon Ye says:

    Barbara Palvin…my new favorite VS model

  464. truongerrrs says:

    barbara palvin is sooo pretty

  465. heartbounceful says:

    uhhh they all have full lips 🙁

  466. zkemm76 says:


  467. EsigDesign says:


  468. Afiqa Fauzi says:

    Miranda Kerr so pretty.

  469. hrzflynd says:

    check out my song about Barbara Palvin on my channel! i think you guys will love it! 🙂

  470. dqjlol says:

    Who was at 0:47 ?

  471. Lyra H says:

    3:09 dying

  472. AsteriskRolled says:

    wow justin’s voice was horrible live, whereas rihanna was just amaaazing!

  473. Becky Horan says:

    They’re all really pretty. I really like they’re bodies because their thighs aren’t like twigs and they’re all healthily skinny

  474. olinabeautii says:

    Karli Kloss really annoys me. She’s been on like ONE show and she thinks she’s the shit. She’s not even that beautiful! (in comparison to the other models!)

  475. 96oceans says:

    Which model? Can you give a time she was at?

  476. liann1998 says:

    The model with brown hair. What is her name? Shes pretty

  477. ilovecheetahs7 says:

    barbara is adorable <3 what a beauty!

  478. jezzi665 says:

    Im sorry but cara delevigne is just ugly

  479. tim dymond says:

    5405322697 call me all of you

  480. Jay Johnson says:

    Doutzen, Erin, Miranda and Lindsay. Just beautiful.

  481. Stella GetMindless says:

    omg babara

  482. misstika9 says:


  483. bananajoe700 says:

    the girl that won the show was definitively 2:29

  484. Rariimnida says:

    Doutzen, Candice and Erin!! <3 All super gorgeous.

  485. litlleXdiamond says:

    Barbara palvin OMGGGGGG

  486. ilovemilan101 says:

    barbara palvin

  487. misscherryglow says:

    does anyone know who the model at 3:09 is?

  488. Afke Shelley Horan says:

    Doutzen was the high light of the night!

  489. Zayn Malik says:

    I’m both and I like Barbara more. We individuals have our own

  490. Tobi Rocky says:

    I’m a belieber : Cara delevinge -.-

  491. moni bara says:

    Rihanna YES

  492. AvrilMockingjay says:

    Barbara > Cara, any day.

  493. moni bara says:

    Miranda Kerr
    Adriana Lima
    Bárbara Palvin
    girl 3:36

  494. sara radulovic says:


  495. wahedonewahed says:

    i have an ugly face

  496. Irina Norkina says:

    i blame my parents for making me look like a potato…….

  497. Fran Pinto says:

    Beliebers: Barbara palvin
    Directioners: Cara delevingne

  498. Dhhey Zee says:


  499. xHeartHeartbreakx says:

    what was the theme this year? laast year it was natural california inspired ..?

  500. MichaelJloveyou says:

    barbara pavlin looks like adriana limas and lana del reys love child:D

  501. oceanwave322 says:

    cool thanks i will

  502. Kyle MDSADAS says:

    Interesting, I have CBS version in 1080p and I went to the part where he says that right after the girl with the spinners walks away and he says “come on” but it’s not like it sounds here. I’m not sure if it’s been edited for T.V as opposed to the version used for behind the scenes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has but still, very interesting find. Try get the HD version of the full show, it’s spectacular. Made my year =)

  503. Pamex Styles says:

    Barbara Palvin is beatifuuuul!

  504. Pamex Styles says:

    Shes amazing!!

  505. oceanwave322 says:

    2:35 justin seems to be having trouble in the song he says “come on” very nervously o.o

  506. junkfood1991 says:

    thats an insult….. to the potatoe (which is loved by a lot of people)

  507. Choris Lee says:

    3:26 heaven

  508. theyingyang13 says:

    3:08 ………..perfection

  509. TheCrystalanime says:

    Barbra? OH HELL NO… CARA ALL THE WAY!!!!

  510. Sailorcutie14 says:

    So that’s what cara sounds like!

  511. Fernanda paz says:

    3:06 Adriana Lima <3

  512. onedirectionUSC says:

    caras eyebrows are perfect wow i love her

  513. JonathanLightyear says:

    Alright Alright I’m joking. Sorry. And in-fact I am a little. It depends, yes he gets all this fame, money, and girls fall for him everywhere. And no, so many jerks are making fun of him. (Because he gets all the fame, money, and girls. And I, in that case would classify as a jerk too. I will now delete that comment.

  514. xcuteandhotx says:

    she has a weird chin. other than that she’s pretty.

  515. cloveny says:

    jelly much?

  516. Xiomara Reyes says:

    Oh Barbra met the performers all right lol she met up with j biebs after the show hahahahaha she’s gorgeous

  517. JonathanLightyear says:

    And so is he.
    Sorry, just had to.

  518. Lauren Jane says:

    sorry but thats just getting old at this point.

  519. Peoplearebullshit says:

    My self-esteem.. all on the floor. Oh, God :/

  520. megan diamond says:

    doutzen is absolutley gorgeous…

  521. megan diamond says:

    how does barbara seem full of herself? the only thing she said was it was her first fashion show and she was nervous…

  522. JonathanLightyear says:

    2:28 Hey! No ten year olds on the stage!

  523. protestingwithjimmy says:

    they’re married..

  524. MaximaPax says:

    doutzen kroes … i’m speechless!

  525. elinxoxox says:

    thats erin heatherton 🙂

  526. sumiji888 says:

    Thank you….he said” it takes a lot of work “…lol

  527. inshalla8990 says:

    I think Candice had a little accident in her February outfit

  528. jackiemackie100 says:

    whenever they show karlie she is talking

  529. Timi96113 says:

    Barbi is so gorgeous, and Hungary is proud of her!<3

  530. Ezgi Doğan says:

    i love barbara palvin <3

  531. barbaraolfers says:

    oooh i didn’t know that. that’s great! i’m glad they are since they have a child 🙂

  532. AZZGIRL87 says:

    Hmm well believe me Karlie is pretty compared to some girls I know who would like to become models..for a model she is not pretty but compared to mormal girls she is.To me she doesn’t absolutely fiit in Victoria’s secret.Like Lindsay Ellingson..the face is just not there.Barbara is short for a model but her face is great so she fits in there perfectly.I personally used to dislike Behati but that changed,now I see her as not one of the most beautiful but absolutely VS material,IMO.

  533. 13300ines says:

    a 15 16 ans encore gamine elle montre sa poitrine et son popotin… honteux

  534. hannargh22 says:

    they’re still together 🙂

  535. kristin lowe says:

    well she’s probably quite satisfied, being a VS angel at only 18. One can hardly blame her

  536. tokix says:

    miranda n orlando are still togetherrrrr

  537. Shannon Ye says:

    No offense but compared to all the other girls, Karlie’s kinda low on the level of aesthetics.

  538. jenna malone says:

    erin heatherton

  539. iWinFoLife says:

    2:01 Wet much? WTF

  540. barbaraolfers says:

    the blonde one? that’s not miranda kerr. I don’t know who that is.

  541. barbaraolfers says:

    Miranda Kerr. Orlando Bloom’s ex girlfriend and mom of his son.

  542. barbaraolfers says:

    Very pretty.

  543. alex99fever says:

    i love cara she is so beautiful =]

  544. Laura b says:

    karlie kloss looks khaos .. really annoying .. i have no idea what is she doing on VS

  545. nicolekonner1 says:

    Barbara seems a bit full of herself, shes not all that great

  546. p1t4t4ru says:

    miranda kerr
    surprised u dont know tht

  547. George Wilkinson says:

    WHO is the brunette at 2:56?? people help

  548. Réka Ambrus says:

    Barbara is the most wonderful girl in the world, i’m so proud of my country.

  549. MultiBarbi98 says:

    Barbara is a very beautiful and lovely girl! and fortunately she is Hungarian just like me!! 😛 #the first moment when i’m proud of my country :))

  550. Layla19951 says:

    miranda kerr

  551. maRiamk96 says:

    OMB Selena looks like shit compares to Barbara Palvin

  552. nattynittynat says:


  553. nutellagurl26 says:

    and the one at 2:02 ?

  554. nutellagurl26 says:

    whoo is the one at 1:57! so gorg

  555. xonktrof1 says:

    Im gonna go ahead and say it, she has the worlds most perfect face

  556. ghostofdayinperson says:

    I love Karlie SO much

  557. twodifferentworlds11 says:

    Don’t forget hun, their job is to work on their bodies for these kind of things and they have professionals doing their hair and makeup so that they look perfect, so don’t feel bad you would look exactly as they do if you had the chances they have

  558. shesikags says:

    I don’t like Karlie Kloss :S

  559. sheltongirl345 says:

    Omg they’re all so perfect D’: . I wish i looked even half as good as them.

  560. 4everstarstrucked13 says:

    Miranda Kerr!

  561. secretcombination94 says:

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  562. TheMelodyheart says:

    you cannot look this good in underwear come on please lkjdfalklagdjfs

  563. PoochMount18 says:

    Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima are goddesses!! They are the two most beautiful Angels in my opinion.

  564. May Belieber says:

    Barbara is the prettiest <3

  565. May Belieber says:

    Barbara is the prettiest <3

  566. May Belieber says:

    Barbara is the prettiest <3

  567. floralsss says:

    i dont like barbara palvin. she seems really naive, ditzy and clueless

  568. BerBaby07 says:

    I don’t like Karlie she looks gay and looks like Sharpeys personality

  569. Valerie Bee says:

    hair extentions? oh, I feel better about myself

  570. pitsukassi says:

    i feel like a potatoe…

  571. pitsukassi says:

    i feel like a potatoe…

  572. AdemKhal1 says:

    3:08 wow. just paused at looked at fer face for 10 minutes.

  573. natasha sutiono says:

    Barbara Palvin is freaking gorgeous

  574. 2012hale94 says:

    Karlie does deserve to be there. They all do, now stop the Karlie hate. It’s ridiculous.

  575. lovesbroadway1 says:

    STOP hating on skinny girls. You all sound bitchy. There are plenty of more curvy girls who have walked the victoria secret runway, let there be an even skinner girl on the runway to represent the thin girls out there who don’t feel beautiful.

  576. Nickmyboyfriendjonas says:

    i think karlie has such a cute smile for VS, just because she isn’t innocent or acts nervous and shy like Barbara doesn’t mean shes over confident. She probably doesn’t get nervous easily, and the VS fashion show is all about being sexy and fun, not quiet and reserved. I love Karlie and Cara!

  577. LifestylePrincess11 says:

    please check out my victoria’s secret makeup tutorial!! xoxoxo

  578. S Mittako says:


  579. MneraWooz says:

    Barbara palvin is what i want to look like.

  580. angela maria says:

    Barbaras voice seriously scares me.. She’s pretty except when she’s smiling. Candice is the most stunning one, I love her!

  581. chelseantoinette says:

    Although Karlie is ranked #2 on right now, she should stick to high fashion, VS isn’t really her thing. Somone like Cara or Barbara is more versatile…

  582. Amalie Nielsen says:

    i can’t stand Karlie Kloss.

  583. chicosci0690 says:

    Couldn’t put it better myself. Barbara is hot and sweet and sincere, Karlie is.. Thin. Loudmouthed. Annoying.

  584. carey579 says:

    ThaliaGrace Please stop spreading fake rumors trying to promote Karlie Kloss okay? We all know how she got to walk for VS in the first place!This girl’s doesn not even deserve to even be a model YUCK

  585. FadingAwayxo says:

    Not every model is going compare to adriana ,they’re all gorgeous in different ways.It would be boring if they were all the same..

  586. someonelikecierra says:

    Not a big fan of Cara and Karlie’s look.. love Adriana, and Shanina. and where was Lais??

  587. freddunyman says:


  588. supergirl121493 says:

    so true!

  589. fuuuuuuuism says:

    Yeah but as a high fashion model. She doesn’t have that VS look or feel.

  590. ThaliaGrace15 says:

    karlie kind of does deserve to be there though – she’s the second biggest girl in the business right now and there are so many rumours that the heads of VS are trying to get her to sign an angel contract, which she is apparently refusing in order to further her high fashion career first.

  591. penutubahabalidu says:

    barbara and cara <3

  592. keepoo246810 says:

    Allesandra Ambrosio’s eyes are brown… so are Isabella Goulart’s…

  593. DIAMANTSNOIRS says:

    Ah, Barbara Palvin! She looks(is) so young & fresh! It’s good to see her in the lineup.

  594. Angeline Banes says:

    I can’t believe that Karlie is only 20 years old.

  595. careluvzu says:

    i wish i looked like this omg they are so beautiful

  596. Sarah Ottinger says:

    BEAUTIFUL! love the look 🙂

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  598. Gabby Weissman says:

    Omg they r soooo beautiful

  599. Trice Sese says:

    Barbara Palvin is following Adriana`s footsteps. I know she doesn`t come close to where Adriana is right now, but she is going to be the next big thing. Mark my words.

  600. ohhitstheshizz says:

    Karlie doesn’t seem very articulate.

  601. LittleMissHurley says:

    barbara palvin is not real. these girls are literally angels holy shit

  602. codegeassfanone says:

    Karlie Kloss’s eyes are hazel…

  603. pinakellada says:

    a waste of brain cells.,

  604. adrianafrancesca says:

    Barbara Palvin
    Positive: Gorgeous face
    Negative: Too short, only 5’7″ (1.71cm)

    Most of Victoria’s Secret Models are 5’10” or 5’11” (1.78-1.80cm)
    Huge difference, especially when they are wearing high heels.

  605. debblovesu2 says:

    couldnt agree more!!

  606. Yuliin says:

    Can I be beautiful so I can be a victoria secret model, please?

  607. funn1bunn1 says:


  608. Nicholette Tan says:

    Babara palvin is perfect

  609. sebastianochoafernan says:

    Actually you are wrong….Alessandra is one of the most beautiful angels of all time and she has brown eyes. Also, there are all kind of girls in the show (Like the China model).

  610. Bibico97 says:

    All of them got blue eyes.. hm, Hitler’s standard of beauty.

  611. diaryofanearthling says:

    Barbara at 3:08 WOW

  612. DARTHxPOOH says:

    lol i love how karlie moves her hand @1:24

  613. akissofthesun says:

    I think Barbara Palvin is way better than some of the other models VS had walking this year. She has a phenomenal body and a very unique beauty that definitely can play up the sexy and sultry vibe. On the other hand, I think that Karlie Kloss is terrible and completely out of her league with these girls. She really has no business representing Victoria’s Secret. I don’t think Erin Heatherton or Constance Jablonski are fit for the VS runway, either. Those are the downgrades, for sure.

  614. akissofthesun says:

    Yeah, I don’t understand Karlie. The way they were talking about her last year at the show, I expected someone phenomenal (another Adriana, Alessandra, Miranda, Candice, etc) but I was completely unimpressed. Nothing about her says “Victoria’s Secret model” to me…I couldn’t *believe* that she was back again this year! I’ve never heard anyone outside of the casting directors say anything positive about her. She doesn’t have what it takes to be a VS model at all. She’s so average.

  615. Tainteddx3 says:


  616. Tainteddx3 says:

    karlie kloss is currently one of the top models but no one really likes her…

  617. marie dakar says:

    Before VS fashion show almost nobody was talking about Barbara Palvin but now she walked in, everybody who watch VS’ videos are impressed by Barbara’s beauty and remember her name.
    For example in this video there are a lot of supermodels, known for a long long time and actually very beautiful, but once again it’s Barbara who catch our attention and she’s in the top comment as always !
    Love u Barbara, you’re doing a great job. I hope the best for you !

  618. PetluverChannel says:

    I look like a monster compared to these girls :((

  619. ilovemilan101 says:

    it amazes me how arrogant karlie can be

  620. Shalom Enmanuel says:

    Barbara Palvin!!.. GOSH!. How GORGOUS!!.. I’m dying over her eyes and BODY..

  621. MrGetGorgeous says:

    2:38-2:46! yayayay <3

  622. saki14duh says:

    Barbara palvin should not be a Victoria secret model! I just don’t see it …I am not saying she isn’t pretty but definitely no Adriana …what wrong with them why are they downgrading?

  623. Haley Callahan says:


  624. gamebozco says:

    2:39 i thought they asked “what do you think about Justin Bieber”

  625. nicesterhill says:


  626. xoxogossipgirlBARBIE says:

    i luv karli kloss

  627. mari ebralidze says:

    Adriana is amazing <3

  628. 1964Skye says:

    Is it just me or do the models seems to have alittle more meat on their bones this year. I know the show was criticized last year for the models looking way too skinny – in the year’s past the models we alittle heavier and then were getting thinner and thinner. Some of them look about 5 pounds heavier than last year – which is good – more curves.

  629. pinoynyc28 says:

    Justin Bieber’s penis is no bigger than a victoria secret lipstick! hahahaha!

  630. SnipesHalo says:

    I love barbara i don’t blame justin for banging that hot piece of ass.

  631. Jakeexmvs says:

    Barbara is just so cute and she doesn’t even know it!

  632. rhymesandgoodvibes says:

    Barbara Palvin is the prettiest model at the VS show.

  633. s kuma says:

    Thumbs up for Barbara Palvin

  634. Blu3AquaMarine says:


  635. 3Glimpse3 says:

    but like a meaner version

  636. Yasmine Montes says:

    barbara’s accent is SOOOO se-cute! she is adorable! not to mention drop dead gorgeous!!!

  637. karenbee1996 says:

    Barbara palvin is STUNNING, DROP DEAD GORGEROUS.

  638. Juanita Lynn says:

    Do you not see we all have the capability to be beautiful like these models. The new the now in this day are fashion and beauty flaws. Today Mick Jagger’s daughter is sought by many modeling agencies because of her imperfections such as the gap between her teeth.

  639. Juanita Lynn says:

    Do you not see we all have the capability to be beautiful like these models. We are all special in are own way. Many of these girls look like the regular girls you would see on the streets without all the makeup an fabulous clothing. Trust me. I watched a famous make up artist turn a girl who looked like a vampire to a beautiful exotic princess!

  640. imtruelycrazy says:

    Adriana is so exotic, urgh X

  641. Kanniproductions says:

    Hahahahhahaha yes she does….#NOhaylor

  642. Laura Tafner says:

    Adriana Lima!!! <3

  643. do11face21 says:

    It seems almost as if Karlie Kloss is mocking the Victoria’s Secret’s creation of the now coveted VS Angel Bombshells (1:25-1:30). I used to dislike her for her incapability to properly articulate anything regarding fashion or modeling until she earned a little respect for her very obviously talented debut of a recent Christian Dior show that she opened.

  644. mileycforever64 says:

    barbara is STUNNING shes make me wanna cry

  645. Dharane0902 says:

    No one’s jealous of Karlie Kloss. I think some people just have a problem with considering her VS Material since she is very skinny and even her face is not what I would consider to be super sexy and bombshell material. I also think she has this attitude, like overconfidence bordering on cocky. Compare her to Barbara Palvin who is 10x more gorgeous than her — Barbara acts like she’s lucky to be there, Karlie acts like she deserves to be there.

  646. TUBESTEAKNIG says:


  647. PXPCreation says:

    Honey, these girls are just like any girls. Have some confidence you would be surprised, girls with confidence are the hottest one’s around 😉 These girl’s are sexy and they know it 😉 so tell yourself your sexy and you know it!!! <3

  648. nutellanarwhal says:

    They are so perfect .

  649. uc1203 says:

    I just think she’s too skinny for VS – no curves whatsoever

  650. sasafunny02 says:


  651. Chicroussevogue says:

    hey im this girl from california :)<333 just triying to make my dreams come true 🙂 so CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL 🙂 if you like fitness beauty and fashion please help my dream come true and subscribe to my channel 🙂

  652. hai guise says:

    Barbara is gorgeous~

  653. fmamjjasond says:

    let me go eat some cookies and cry..

  654. bengalifob2 says:

    Omg YES! I thought I was the only one! Barbara and Shanina are my faves! Tbh, I never really liked Adriana, she seems full of it.

  655. debblovesu2 says:

    very much agree!! barbara and shanina are the only two that get my attention like the others 🙂 they belong there

  656. MaevaCrankItUp says:

    Adriana’s wink…………. god.

  657. thatovoandthatxo93 says:

    adriana lima. no words for her damn.

  658. jessvera24 says:

    VS needs more brazilians bombshells again <3

  659. cincincincin says:

    4:05 oh my…

  660. 3Glimpse3 says:

    I LOVE the new models, but they have nothing on Adriana, Miranda… and all those over 30’s super sexy women

  661. 2402xbv says:

    some of them seemed kind of bored to me or something..or maybe they were just tired..i didnt see the same excitement in their eyes for some reason

  662. 3Glimpse3 says:

    i don’t know why, but she reminds me of taylor swift.

  663. Dean Hamrich says:

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  664. Nudliiiii says:


  665. MuniRa98xx says:

    Miranda kerr has to be the MOST beautiful woman in the world. Like no joke.

  666. hautxtalons says:

    Whoever said that Barbara Palvin has a plain face is out of their mind.

  667. @norah_s says:

    Get the supermodel #beauty look of #VSFashionShow 2012 with Tom Pecheux and Orlando Pita via @MODTV

  668. evatalley86 says:

    karlies secret attitude ..I don’t like her…she’s just not..hahaha..

  669. Scarlett Lau says:

    there goes my seeeeelf esteeem,,,

  670. emergencyexit16 says:

    Absolutely RIGHT..but for some reason, average people seem to prefer the kissing and shit. I guess they find it more relatable or something. MODELS ARE NOT SPECIAL WHEN THEY ARE RELATABLE.

  671. emergencyexit16 says:

    I’m still confused as to why Maryna Lunchik isn’t a Victoria’s Secret Angel? She’s curvy and has a great face…definitely better looking than average looking Miranda and Lindsay, and definitely more than ugly ass Alessandra.

  672. emergencyexit16 says:


  673. yungjune1216 says:

    Then do you want all same looking VS faces on the runway or something? She’s GORGEOUS.

  674. emergencyexit16 says:

    I find Barbara to be kind of plain looking…pretty, but plain.

  675. princebenjy7 says:

    she is massively gorgeous they might just be all tucked about how she is very runway not bombshell

  676. Jesús V.A. says:

    3:21 i love you Barbara <3

  677. castronovoluv says:

    Barbara is beautiful

  678. angelabellar says:

    miranda kerr

  679. tayyp123 says:

    ofcourse they show justin performing right after barbaras interview…… dahhaah

  680. loveanissa3 says:

    i am crazy about barbara! such a gorgeous face!!

  681. BeautifulRX says:

    Miranda, Alessandra, Doutzen Adriana and Candice are the true angels. They are in the same league as Heidi, Giselle, Tyra, Karolina etc. Karlie, Lily, Erin, Lindsay are so not in their league. Barbara and Shanina are the next true new angels in a few years.

  682. 3mptySkyz says:

    2:08 speechless..

  683. @MODTV says:

    Get the sexy supermodel #beauty look of #VSFashionShow 2012 with Tom Pecheux and Orlando Pita | MODTV

  684. AmaziiingGrace19 says:

    Adriana’s the best!

  685. Khanh Nguyen says:

    Should be 19 now.

  686. LanaD94 says:


  687. bubbles02010 says:

    they’re all amazing! but i especially love barbara 🙂

  688. DSLproductions says:

    I bet you do though!

  689. Mckerrah Knopf says:

    Cara is like the least VS model ever

  690. wendyl123456 says:

    Karlie Kloss’ hair is… messy. Didn’t know it’s the new sexy? =)))

  691. 3mptySkyz says:

    lol why did they choose karlie’s hair as an example, it looks messy as anything.

  692. Fruzsi Erős says:


  693. Hanna Meier says:

    karlie might have the face, she’s a beautiful girl! but not the body 🙂

  694. JRxREplay says:

    cara and karlie… no… just…. no

  695. Apple Orange says:

    I do not like Karlie and Cara. argh

  696. Apple Orange says:

    Justin’s performance was shit

  697. SimTad98 says:

    Barbara is so perfect!

  698. wolfiswalking says:

    idk, karlie kloss kind of looks like chuckys bride…

  699. Amy McCready says:

    Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima are both the epitome of a Victoria Secret Angel… Barbara Palvin is absolutely gorgeous too. The rest of them are just runway models (bar alessandra)

  700. bekie004 says:

    Cara is amazing its nice to see an English girl up there 🙂

  701. Mesakh L-wh says:

    I like her but not on VS, she more of a high-fashion kind of a model. And yes I think people here are hating on her a bit too much.

  702. Mesakh L-wh says:

    I like her but not on VS, she more of a high-fashion kind of a model. And yes I think people here are hating on her a bit too much.

  703. 98hbt says:

    they should’ve shown when the models arrive with NO makeup on…for our self-esteem’s sake

  704. 98hbt says:

    they should’ve shown when the models arrive with NO makeup on…for our self-esteem’s sake

  705. centurytunaadobo says:

    scream by usher. 🙂

  706. centurytunaadobo says:

    omg barbara is frickin adorbs!!

  707. Sabine van Aard says:

    I HATE cara. She looks like she is 12

  708. Sabine van Aard says:

    I HATE cara

  709. apohatz1 says:


  710. meela tiba says:

    i don’t know why everyone is hating on karlie kloss i think she’s gorgeous.

  711. Anastasia Teoriman says:

    yups 100% agree

  712. Anastasia Teoriman says:

    i dont know, but i hate karlie.. sorry :s

  713. FvckUAndrewLuck says:

    What’s the name of that first song? I heard it a long damn time ago and need to know the name of it now.

  714. Mickhyla Kintanar says:

    Idk bout’ you people, but I’d choose Karlie Kloss over Cara Delevingne anytime.

  715. anaxsanamun1 says:

    how old is barbara?

  716. s kuma says:

    To be honest people should shut up whoever hates karlie. I would want to see those people try to be in VS and try to do their best.

  717. s kuma says:

    First song name please, one were at start say usher.

  718. Yassen001 says:

    I do too! And I think VS should honestly make the girl an angel and start training her to take Adriana’s place when that sad day that Ade leaves comes (and eventually Miranda and Ale). The other models are pretty and all, but Ade spearheads the entire thing and the only model I’ve ever seen that could hold a candle to her is Barbara.

  719. PrincessJgalaxy98 says:

    Miranda’s showing her bra inside her robe sooo sexy! 😀 Mirandaa <3

  720. crazyman00 says:

    Who said my opinion was based on fact? Just because she is paid to show off her “looks” does not mean she measures up to the other models. I’m sure the majority agree that Karlie cannot compare to the likes of Doutzen, Adriana, Candice, or Miranda. Victoria’s Secret has built their reputation on marketing beautiful models and in my book, Karlie does not fit at all.

  721. heavenonearthbaby says:

    3:03 “we dropped the over-tan look, you know we’re really going for the healthy look,