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Donatella Versace electrified the audience at her Versace Fall 2012 collection in Milan with a collection that was a gothic, hard-core sexy and gave homage in part to her late brother Gianni Versace’s last collection in 1997.

This show perfectly captures the mood of the moment, “the Gothic Goddess” a tough, strong woman inspired by actress Rooney Mara, the star of the film ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. Hair stylist Guido Palau gave the models short cropped bangs in the spirit of Joan of Arc.  That severe, stunning look was offset by artist Pat McGrath‘s dark smoky eye makeup and bleached brows.  It was powerful, sexy and defiant.

Donatella hit the mark with this collection; it screamed confidence, from the armorlike corsets;  the chain mail pieces and the encrusted crosses, it was stunning. Designer Christopher Kane and fashion editor and model Anja Rubik spoke to us after the show in this exclusive fashion video.

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  1. Anne Göppert says:

    Black + some crosses = Gothic? Ftw!?

  2. KiayaCris says:

    Love it

  3. pimenel says:

    Fashion represents women gaining power???? These women look like bags of bones. Gross

  4. Clark Pitti says:

    the girl at 0.25 need to gain weight. look at her bones!

  5. vampirekitty001 says:

    could ve been better if there werent an obseen amount of sparkles
    and ‘modernizations’
    and probabley the first time i’ll ever say these words “fugly hair”

  6. poordetroit says:

    OMG Stop losing weight!!! if you weren’t so twiggy the outfights might look good!

  7. T0XXXlC says:


  8. Giusy Ferrigno says:

    I wish I could buy all of them!

  9. GRAY OLYMPUS says:

    A M A Z I N G

  10. SoleilCollective says:

    does anyone know song?

  11. tobbechanel says:

    the name of the soundtrack please!

  12. inspirationrules says:

    baby bangs

  13. TheMutantX109 says:

    Medieval Is Not Gothic. Medieval Is From Celtic Countries A Term That Also Covers The Middle Ages And Renaissance And Was First Used In 1469 To Describe That Period Of Cultural Blooming, Discoveries, Art And New Sciences. Gothic Is An Archetectural Form Belonging To The 12Th Century. This Was Ripped Off From The Goth Sub Culture. Nothing I’Ve Never Seen Before. Mostly Plagiated From Hand Working Artists. Very Dishonest Way To Sell Fashion. Stop Stealing Ideas From Original Artists.

  14. pinkhanalenses says:

    You know Id hate to sound like captian obvious here…..but these girls are too skinny!

  15. micbling says:


  16. iseline22 says:

    no probs, if you can’ find it, i can send it to you 🙂
    yes chanel is good, but my fav soundtrack always is from lanvin by ariel wizman, he can mix shit <3 😀 yes versace soundtrack is cool, i wish i can say the same about the clothes :S

  17. ableblue says:

    Donatella….running out of ideas!….awful!…just awful!

  18. Breesanful says:

    thank you sweetheart 🙂 isn’t that best sountrack of all fashion shows? only chanel can beat that, waiting for a chanel video 🙂

  19. iseline22 says:

    das glow – lost sight, ramadanman – glut, kate wax- echoes and the light, anne clark lover’s audition defile is tainted love soft cell 🙂 that’s the full show, in this clip is Kate Wax. cheers!

  20. tigerlily2030 says:

    Anja the devine !!!!

  21. babygaga41 says:

    Anja!!!! Would love to see her on the Versace catwalk again!

  22. MrPiper77 says:

    Anja, creative director and supemodel, love it BUT I did not see any grunge in the show…

  23. TheBallet97 says:

    Fair enough that you have an opinion, but I disagree- I thought it was fantastic!

  24. GiselTY says:

    This collection was tasteless! it was awful, really ugly clothes!
    and not to mention they used animal fur! that is disgusting, they dont even care about animals!

  25. Breesanful says:

    dying to know the music, anyone?

  26. christofrofosho says:

    Oh Anja, no grunge in the hair. It’s punk glam

  27. TheDisneyBelle says:

    aymeline valade

  28. Breesanful says:

    it’s Aymeline Valade.

  29. ferdinan803 says:

    This collection is amaziiingggg love those shimering chain mail type of bonding dresses phenomenal

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