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Valentino is one of the great legends of fashion who has been making women look beautiful for over 45 years. We went backstage at Valentino’s Fall 2007 show in Paris to find out why he says “beauty is in his blood”.

Valentino Garavani’s Fall 2007 collection was inspired by a forties movie star, it’s “old Hollywood” glamour, a look that has really defined this designer’s extraordinary career –

” I put this collection together thinking about the glamorous girl, the glamorous people and they are around and they want to be beautiful. This is my final arrival – I want to make women look beautiful. I always loved glamour because I love a woman being beautiful, this is in my blood. You know what do I have to do – it’s beauty, like I love a beautiful lady, I love a beautiful dog, I love a beautiful piece of furniture

I love beauty, it’s not my fault” – Valentino

Featuring Daria Werbowy, Julia Stegner and some of the world’s top models including Anja Rubik, Gemma Ward and Natasha Poly. Interviews with makeup artist by Pat McGrath, Hair by Orlando Pita.

Interviews by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Sebastien Goyer. A production of MODTV Fashion Network

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  1. josaldinho1883 says:

    i just loved julia s and lily donaldson

  2. greenlight34 says:

    This is my Theme make up !! love red lips the next night out I’ll wear this

  3. goldiel0cks says:

    wow this has to be the most beautiful hair and make up i have ever seen in a fashion show!

    my favorite in this look are lily, snejana and of course JULIA!!!
    blondes rule.

  4. mizz Lebanese says:

    Breathe by: Telepopmusik

  5. jane doe says:

    “I love beauty. It’s not my fault.”
    Love it.
    Love Valentino.

  6. simlover323 says:

    the song at 2:10 is still borderline :]

  7. simlover323 says:

    god bless valentino. he truly makes women, women.
    no one will EVER do it even CLOSE to how well he does.

  8. J Bee says:

    does anyone know the name of the song that you can hear from 1:25 and ends at 1:39?????

  9. the5thmedium says:

    Have a look at the London Fashion Week channel on site t5m, weve just put up a backstage interview for Pat Mcgrath! The runway shows and interviews with the celebrities are on there too. The collection was amazing, and we spoke to her right after the show. Have a look at these exclusive interviews on t5m.

  10. lK3V1N says:

    at 1:15, I hear this lovely piano in the background, so i was wondering what song it might be.
    My friend says its Kylie Minogue but im not sure…

  11. FashionKaren01 says:

    I <3 Valentino!!

  12. hidetaka0329 says:

    >Hi, from Argentina….The name of the song is “Borderline” >performed by Michael Gray.

    This is copy.

  13. hidetaka0329 says:

    I also wanna know.
    Thinking the same thing. This voice is Kylie?