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Go backstage with Lisalla Montenegro as she shoots her first campaign with Maybelline New York. The 21 year old Brazilian model signed with the cosmetics brand in April, joining fellow glamazon spokesmodels Christy Turlington, Adriana Lima and Emily DiDonato.

Lisalla Montenegro was born and raised in Goias, Brazil. Although she had dreams of being a doctor, there was another bright future that awaited her. At a young age Lisalla was encouraged to pursue modeling. After participating in a competition for Miss Goias, she met with modeling scouts who saw a star and brought Lisalla to America where she would begin her career.

Lisalla has walked the international runways for some of the most prestigious designers, among them: Hermes, Michael Kors, Nannette Lepore, Nina Ricci, Armani , Kenzo, Gottex, Alberta Ferretti, Luca Luca, Vena Cava, and Pinko.

Lisalla has appeared on inside pages of Vogue (Brazil, China and American), Glamour (American and German), Italian GQ, Nylon, Cosmo Girl , Stilletto, A Magazine, Style Monte Carlo, among others. She has had the pleasure of working with the industry’s most renowned international photographers including, Mario Sorrenti, Tom Clayton, Alexi Lubomirski, Patrick Shaw, Peter Beard, Miles Aldridge, Bruce Weber, Warwick Saint, Paul Cruz to name a few.

She has also starred in advertisement campaigns for Emanuel Ungaro, Baby Phat, H&M, Wolford, Dooney & Bourke, UGG Australia, Michael Stars and Yamamay. Lisalla has also appeared in a variety of hair campaigns.

Now here is your chance to see Lisalla Montenegro in action on her Maybelline photo shoot with fashion photographer Kenneth Willardt. Hair by Stephane Lancien, makeup by Charlotte Willer.

Behind the scenes fashion video Produced and directed by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network.

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Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. Lina Reyes says:

    she’s beautiful

  2. chilifry4612 says:

    That has nothing to do with if someone resembles someone lol

  3. hahaha1122van says:


  4. leonorpilar says:

    kendall is armenian she’s south american enough said

  5. claire thomas says:

    She obviously has African ancestry+other

  6. josephmoore77777 says:

    why do people compare other models with one another the only thing they have in common is their gorgeous faces and tall slender bodys and comparisons get really annoying and boring

  7. dimitrulii says:

    she is soooooooooooooooooo beautifulllll!

  8. BetweenOurLungs0 says:

    could you stop being so offending it’s not your fault when you were born with a big head and i think girls with a round face can be beautiful aswell. so adriana lima is great!

  9. SaseumiSunnyS2s2 says:

    she looks like a mix of Eurasian beauty but with a Latina spice mixed into it.
    personally did you guys know that her chin is actually considered hmmm. beautiful? because some celebs actually add that line in the middle of their chin to make them look cuter or something, well thats what my mom said. xD

  10. 21350ctw says:

    Aww 😮 That other girl at 0:56 must feel like shit :/ having to whip her dress like a maid :/

  11. MichelleCosmo says:

    Kendall Jenner resembles her a lot

  12. kristina1097 says:

    Uh, you guys kno that brazil has all races of ppl right? Just like the USA. Idk what lisalla is, but she’s stunning! And screw all the ppl complaining about her chin. Its perfect!

  13. MODTV says:

    Get to know LIsalla Montenegro one of Maybelline New York’s hottest stars

  14. autoneto says:

    When you think that Brazil has run out of bombshells like Gisele, Adriana, Alessandra, Caroline, here comes another ones like Lizalla, Lais Ribeiro, Barbara Fialho. It will never end!

  15. MrWhokilledkenny says:

    I Don’t know if i should make comments in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person…thats deep and something to think about no?

  16. JonJury says:

    “feminine yet sexy energy”…wtf is that guy talking about?? As though they contradict. Smh.

  17. MrKrav3r says:

    She is gorgeous there’s no doubt about that

  18. leoniddead says:

    her eyes are so super sparkling!!! she’s amazing.. I don’t understand how some people can always find things to complain about beautiful women like her..things like: “her chin is like this and thats ugly” as if perfection was pure boringness. she has a super interesting face. and also she’s right saying that beauty comes from the inside.. look around you. a lot of people would appear more beautiful to people if they would have this positive energy inside and smile a little more.

  19. sofiafulify says:

    where can I find it?

  20. cheebaka66 says:

    I just saw her on content mode, she did an exclusive interview with them.she is stunning.

  21. FrankieDej says:

    I have to agree, she is gorgeous

  22. shred305 says:

    I think her and kendall jenner look alike !

  23. BloodyFairy1369 says:

    okay, je vais devoir annoncer a ma mère que je suis lesbienne

  24. TheAmmi90 says:

    sorry guys, this woman is PERFECT!
    you can forget about adriana lima , alessandra ambrosio and gisele bündchen
    she´s the new brazilian queen

  25. chiefexecutivelady says:

    reminds me of halle berry

  26. elenavlada says:


  27. rianrobot says:

    the makeup is used to define her strong features like that ON PURPOSE & people can’t help the way they look or the shape of their chin. at least she’s not afraid to show herself unlike you; and many people would beg to differ about her beauty and don’t have to take their insecurities with themselves out on SUPERMODELS.. -_-; fail.

  28. LilianaFan says:

    uhm no not really.
    she looks scary on that caption photo of the vdo

  29. josesbaby81 says:

    ahahaha aint that the fuckin truth ” find a girl that thinks your funny”.

  30. Berry736 says:


  31. LionRoseProductions says:

    can she work the camera or what?!

  32. Samie Robinson says:


  33. LUVBEAUTY888 says:

    what lipstick is she wearing at 0.38?

  34. Aaron Ladner says:


  35. k3arle says:

    Balmain’s Jacket <3

  36. xoxolovergirl21 says:

    @rianrobot agreeeeee so jealous. models cant have fat huge bloated
    heads/faces like normal chicks. dont hate cuz when you see a model beauty
    its SO RARE you gotta mix it up with tranny (bc they are rare too) lol
    maybe most average girls do have fat faces/big heads. doesnt mean they can
    be paid for their beauty….LMAO. she is gorgeous!!! way prettier than fat
    face lima!

  37. rianrobot says:

    @LilianaFan jealous.

  38. JStone Fotog says:

    Hey! This is the song I used for my June video release. Nice taste.

  39. olg06 says:

    and a bit of micheal jackson as well

  40. olg06 says:

    u can kinda tell she partial black or what brazil calls “pardos” brown
    girl. She looks like brown eye Rihanna with facial features of Carmen

  41. LilianaFan says:

    uhm butt chin…. btw her features are soo strong she looks like a

  42. K3chocolate says:

    Wow, she’s gorg!! Can’t believe I’ve never heard of her!! Brazilian models
    are taking over the industry haha they all look different from each other,
    but still beautiful!! At some points when she laughs, she looked a bit like
    Halle Berry to me!!

  43. Dani Bani says:


  44. SmellyChips says:

    beautiful! her eyes are stunning

  45. rianrobot says:

    geez, she’s so beautiful

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