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Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr give us an exclusive look at Stella McCartney Spring 2014 backstage at Paris Fashion Week.  Miranda and Cara adore Stella McCartney for the same reason, “the Stella girl is effortlessly chic and elegant without having to try”.

Stella McCartney’s Spring Summer 2014 collection is all about the idea of approaching summer “in an honest way – the masculinity is still there but it’s also about that fluidity and femininity, it’s the idea that the clothes aren’t wearing you” she explained just moments after the show.  It’s one of the strongest collections by Stella McCartney, full of gorgeous clothes and some of the hottest accessories that we want now – especially the sunglasses.

The beauty look makeup artist Pat McGrath created for the show perfectly captures that Stella cool-girl look.  As Pat explained backstage “Stella wanted something more rebellious so we did an eyeliner on top of the eye and underneath the eye as well. It’s natural, fresh, tough and strong”.  The chic look that Eugene Souleiman created was “quite strict but had a softness about it”.  Models wore ponytails with a deep side part that gave them a masculine look but had a fresh sexiness about it.

Watch our exclusive Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014 backstage video here now and discover more and shop the collection online at StellaMcCartney.Com.

Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network. Music Credits: “The KorePower Dance ‘instrumental’;  ‘Incorruptable’ and ‘Life’ by Beckah Shae. Music Licensed by Audio Socket


Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. Hicham Ben says:

    Please name song

  2. LadY. says:

    If i had to choose between Cara and Miranda, i’d be faster than light. Cara
    all the way, not that pretentious fake duck.

  3. Avril Vcg says:

    Mario Testino ♥

  4. woohyukikkoku says:

    I LIKE Stella’s clothing line, but her BAGS??!!! OMG, must have.

  5. Estela Flores says:

    Stella Mc Cartney
    Feliz Cumpleaños 43!
    Desfile primavera -verano 2014…

  6. Andrew Taylor says:

    Miranda is like the Princess and Cara is like the Rebel lol.

  7. Gabriele Celiberti says:

    Miranda Kerr is my idol♥♥♥ i love her

  8. fuzzybear655 says:

    Cara’s awesome, bc she’s real. she doesn’t act like an airhead or a vain
    model twat..that’s why we all love he. She doesn’t taker herself too
    seriously, and knows the industry is a big wank..good on her, what a breath
    of fresh air!!

  9. InfiniteDreams says:

    Well aren’t you a little bitch… lol She’s not pretentious, she’s just
    confident. Can’t hate on girl for feeling good about herself. If she’s a
    duck, then I want to be fucking duck! She’s gorgeous. I will gladly be a
    duck if I look like her! C’mon don’t hate, it’s not good for the soul..

  10. YoliBeauty says:

    that wink haha Miranda’s so cute

  11. Sammie Surat says:

    Not used to Cara being so serious when she does the walk.

  12. SNSD1100 says:

    Love them !

  13. Karen Morrison says:

    #VIDEO: Go backstage +Stella McCartney #SS14 with +Cara Delevingne +Miranda
    Kerr and makeup artist *Pat McGrath* Photographer *Mario Testino*

  14. MODTV says:

    Our +Stella McCartney #SS14 video with +Cara Delevingne +Miranda Kerr and
    makeup artist *Pat McGrath* has had 225,000 views! Thank-you to all our
    friends and followers!

  15. green zanty says:

    Victoria’s Secret feats you better sweet Miranda! <3

  16. legrandmechantloup says:

    Miranda looks like a duck. Pretentious bitch.

  17. jintuo123456789 says:

    pls second song name??????????????????????????

  18. xoxo~` says:

    what is the name of that song?

  19. catherine layosa says:
  20. Abel Sánchez says:

    I love cara she’s the best 🙂 and Miranda is beauty <3

  21. Asha Kamilia says:

    Can we talk about how everyone is like “we need Cara”?

  22. JODY CRAWFORD says:

    Love the atmosphere!

  23. Jocelyn Hiranyajinda says:

    Liu wen!!!

  24. TrancyMiss says:

    I love Cara. I hate Miranda.

  25. Manal Kadiri says:

    Yeah ! I like Those Glasses

  26. bela bella says:

    Miranda kerr <33

  27. wawa wen says:

    5:43 charming full !! Miranda

  28. Plushteddybear69 says:

    Cara’s dress!!!

  29. Antonio Igartua says:

    wow she is very sexy

  30. Gabika Fridrichova says:

    what is the name of that song?

  31. alisa perne says:

    miranda so cute, she look like a baby

  32. Dina Strange says:

    I can’t believe someone actually buys this or wears it.

  33. geb mir says:

    Stop saying something about Cara. Nobody is perfect. But she’s lovely

  34. Meow Good says:
  35. Rosaline Flower says:

    Cara talks just like Jamie Oliver

  36. TheWanderbugChannel says:

    cara is pretty but she isn’t a very good model

  37. SaintOrCinema says:

    Cara is absolute trash.

  38. anky phamdang says:

    What is this song

  39. Mary Tutu says:

    Miranda winked at the end… Super cute!

  40. MelodyTaintedHearts Clay says:

    Wow! I really want one of those cool glasses! And those two dresses worn by
    Miranda and Cara, the long black ones with beautiful chiffong and pattern.

  41. zuridah noor says:

    cara is damn cute…
    she’s unic while Miranda is fabulous

  42. Gogatsu Emerald says:

    Miranda Kerr is BEAUTIFUL!

  43. Lop Basset says:

    miranda <3

  44. Young Mi Park says:

    Liu Wen <3

  45. Barbara È. says:

    Cara is super professional! I heart her ^^

  46. Barbara È. says:

    Cara <3 her walking is amazing dont know what your problems are

  47. Judith Shipstad says:

    Will that dirty old man hairstylist please get “sexy” off the brain? What
    a vulgar sexist to a woman.

  48. joshzacproductions says:

    0:14 who is that

  49. Ivam Kent says:

    Cause Cara is my London Girl, GOTTA HAVE HER. Stella McCartney

  50. Zana Shazayna says:

    love them..

  51. Alice Rush says:

    Models are not supposed to look Barbie-like,They must look unique & strange
    in many different ways because they represent many things like clothing
    lines that must unforgettable,so it’s the look that must be something
    different and beautiful in their own way. 🙂

  52. Marlon Cajas Chicaíza says:


  53. Mariafernandahen says:

    I wish I had Cara’s life, she’s so lucky!! being friends with patrick
    demanchelier and mario testino wow

  54. thechloerooney says:

    Wow caras walking is shit

  55. Mojaki Medupe says:

    Jst wnt to c

  56. The home industry product says:

    loved it!

  57. Yvy Ngu says:

    Cara has really oily skin

  58. redtomatolips says:

    Check out Beautiful Miranda!  Miranda Kerr

  59. Kimberly Duya says:

    Mirandas wink 😉 5.44

  60. Isabella Soloway says:

    I’m sorry but I do not understand the Cara Delevinge phenomenon. She looks
    like she has badgers on her face and I’ve seen loads of her in different
    prints and on the runway and she is not special!! Miranda Kerr is a true
    icon. I just don’t get it at all.

  61. Maria Palmer says:

    Cara’s so shiny…

  62. dominique delta says:

    cara is so polite and educated asides to be very very funny she is special
    her parents did a good job

  63. poisxe says:

    Why is Cara Delevinge so successful? She seems to have the type of face
    that needs certain angles to be editorial, whereas most other supermodels
    are flattering at all angles.

  64. Anthony Lopez says:

    u kidding me ?

  65. supernoligirl says:

    i’m always blown by her wink! wheew! she stands out in the runway!

  66. DOB PD says:

    Miranda owns the runway

  67. Rah m says:

    Cara I love you :-**

  68. By Koket says:

    This is so Koket…

    Koket Design Studio

  69. Hung Nguyen says:

    what song ?

  70. Michael Smith says:


  71. da man says:

    dat wink

  72. HollyGolightly078 says:

    stella mccartney lost all her credibility by using this amateur

  73. HollyGolightly078 says:

    yea,miranda is so hungry for attention.

  74. Jet Yamashita says:

    Miranda that overrated melon bobble head fake famewhore.

  75. Stevie James says:

    5:44 Wink OMG~

  76. katsan88 says:

    They need some pizza up in there

  77. lilermycx says:


  78. Billy Smith says:


  79. R greenbluelove says:

    I think that’s not professional….. I don’t really like Miranda always
    puts a smile on her face on runway. Real models wouldn’t do that. Because
    models are just the tools of showing the brand’s newest fashion and the
    real models know that. That’s not about you, but about fashion…Miranda
    ….. xxxx

  80. gaegogi9 says:

    miranda so beatiful

  81. hansolo1022 says:

    Cara is so amazing but have to admit her walking is terrible

  82. MODTV says:

    Thanks for watching MODTV! We have new videos coming featuring hanne gaby and all the top models…so stay tuned!

  83. Belén Merletti says:


  84. Jesus Quezada says:

    Onky two models of color. Joana and liu wen

  85. tknothe13 says:

    what movie is cara working on?

  86. Link Zeppeloyd says:

    don’t know who the other models are… but Miranda shines over them all 🙂

  87. ruting1000 says:

    I love Miranda!

  88. lucia lirio says:

    i love stella mccartney´s designs 🙂 so shic!

  89. AliceWanner says:

    Miranda. <3

  90. Mark Anthony Sangalang says:

    Miranda is just so different from the others

  91. Mark Anthony Sangalang says:

    i love the song <3

  92. amver08 says:

    why you guys only upload things about cara ! how about jagaciak, frida gustavsson, hanne gaby and others coz im a fan of them .

  93. MODTV says:

    Hi there – thanks for watching MODTV! All the song information is on our credits – All Tracks Licensed by AudioSocket

    ‘Power Dance’ Instrumental by The Kore
    ‘Incorruptable’ by Beckah Shae
    “Life’ by Beckah Shae

  94. inassah1 says:

    love u miranda

  95. Sara says:

    Life 🙂

  96. ji0819 says:

    Cara delevingne♥♥

  97. Lookyhee Thararin says:

    May anyone tell me which is this song??

    Miranda Kerr is real

  98. chellymrdillon says:

    Miranda acting like it’s a Victoria secret fashion show at the end.

  99. Frida Shao says:

    Which song in the background?

  100. mikemarin106 says:

    Wow!!! Testino and Demarchelier!!!

  101. MODTV says:

    Want an all access pass #backstag with +Cara Delevingne and +Miranda Kerr
    at +Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014? Watch the video and subscribe to
    +MODTV YouTube channel.

    #stellamccartney #pfw #fashionweek #video

  102. MsBubzbeautylover says:

    oh how I adore Miranda and Cara, my two favorite models for sure

  103. Hannah Gunton says:

    Gorgeous collection

  104. Karen Morrison says:

    +Cara Delevingne and +Miranda Kerr give us an exclusive look #backstage at
    +Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014. Makeup by *Pat McGrath*, hair by *Eugene

    #stellamccartney #ss14 #caradelevingne #mirandakerr #pfw +Storm
    Model Managament

  105. Mahadewi Nindya says:

    Miranda ❤

  106. Aliza says:

    That little wink from Miranda at the end

  107. Alana Simas says:

    Lindooo demais

  108. FriendWiggle says:

    I love that they used a Beckah Shae song in this video!

  109. tiffanisvideos says:

    LOVE IT!!!

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