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Go backstage at Roberto Cavalli Spring 2013 with designers Roberto and Eva Cavalli.   The Cavalli look for spring is all about a cool, sophisticated girl who has an effortless approach to beauty.  As designer Eva Cavalli explained “If you are a beautiful girl you don’t want to overdo – she doesn’t need so much”.

Guido Palau kept the hair very natural, “there is an ease and the realness with the glamour of these clothes that works”.

Roberto Cavalli loves beauty and wants to make a every woman who wears his clothes feel special “the inspiration was to make something different and keep the Cavalli style.  I love the to give the feeling to see and not to see – try to create a new romanticism”.

Backstage after the show, Eva Cavalli explained the collection is “a hymn to the body of the woman.  We started with white and blonde women and ended with dark haired women wearing mostly black.  That is how women are -we are an angel and we get dangerous sometimes – and we like to be dangerous”.

Watch the Roberto Cavalli Spring 2013 fashion video here now and to shop the Collection visit RobertoCavalli.Com.


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    Just seen your “could be your daughter” girlfriend washing your ass n balls off the deck of your boat… u lucky rich old son of a b*tch!!!

  2. Roberto Cavalli Spring 2013 Backstage – Fashion Video-MODTV

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    In love

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    is it just me or are those women even thinner than the ones on other shows?

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    Love it. Amazing shapes and textiles

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    <3 magdalena

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  8. Roberto Cavalli Spring 2013 Backstage: Go backstage at Roberto Cavalli Spring 2013… @MODTV

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    ANA everywhere….

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