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Rihanna x River Island Fall 2013 Collection

Get an exclusive first look at Rihanna’s Fall 2013 Collection for River Island which hits stores on September 12th.  This is Rihanna’s second collection for the British based brand “I literally designed everything I want to wear—exactly how I want to wear it,” Rihanna explains in a video of the campaign shoot, which she wanted to exude a “New York Street vibe.”

In addition to the RiRi-tagged underwear there’s “G4Life” underthings and plenty of camouflage and leather pieces.  The campaign features models Nayasha KusakinaTati CotliarMilou Van GrossenNayasha Kusakina and Ji Hye Park, and was lensed by Lachian Bailey.

Check out our Photo Gallery of the collection and watch the behind the scenes video of Rihanna’s River Island campaign here now. To shop visit RiverIsland.Com for more.


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  1. Mina Han says:

    Right now by rihanna is the song

  2. crystalgirl460 says:

    whats the song in the advert called?!:o pls

  3. chocoholicSISTA263 says:

    the asian model is WOW. I like some of the jackets in the line

  4. Abbie Quirk says:


  5. OfficialLoud2012 says:

    Rihanna – Right Now

  6. OfficialLoud2012 says:

    Thank River Island, I’ve collected your Videos and now I have the official instrumental of Right Now!


  7. Alyssa Salton says:

    Don’t like riverisland but what name of dubstep

  8. vi3torious says:

    Thank you X

  9. La'Quashis La-a says:

    her name is jihye park

  10. vi3torious says:

    Does anyone know the name of the Asian model, she is very gorgeous X

  11. Lee Siks says:

    her name is Nyasha Matonhodze

  12. clemmierocks says:

    Those models are way to skinny

  13. Tiffany Hill says:

    I ‘m not really feeling her line it’s a couple a piece in their thats cute but that’s about it

  14. Louise Pepperrell says:

    I like the white crop top and the army print leggings. To nice 🙂 lovely collection through

  15. matanpaull1 says:

    I like Rihanna’s style!

  16. cara evans says:

    loveee her

  17. jkhidd314 says:

    Right Now by her

  18. rorboyy says:

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  19. Joey Imergi says:

    what’s the name of the model @1:04 . The black skinned one.

  20. özgür şen says:

    Models are so wild

  21. honeybee7700 says:


  22. aokii1 says:

    The white and red striped dress with crop top, and the black dress with the jacket! <33

  23. Fagner Macedo says:

    Could be worst.

  24. lokeyah123 says:

    i love it

  25. youneekk says:

    SATAN IS THE GOD OF JESUS. Click on my channel to see…

  26. Kat Ashley says:

    i want that g4l dress or oversized tshirt as you call it

  27. vaviki iopu says:

    Fuck that I am getting that over sized G4L shirt and the baseball one biggest size possible. Because I cant pass that shit up. Fuck it if I’m a dude homie 😉

  28. PaparazziP says:

    she should make a unisex clothing line 🙂

  29. Robyn Rihanna says:

    New behind the scenes footage! Take an EXCLUSIVE look at Rihanna on the
    Rihanna For River Island Campaign shoot, before the Autumn collection hits
    stores on September 12th! Keep up-to-date with all things Rihanna For River
    Island here >

  30. Blankname101 says:

    Because all we got is right now

  31. Katie Danville says:

    def need the underwear

  32. yaschan says:


  33. Lana Queen says:

    Rihanna-right now

  34. Vencislava Vasileva says:

    What is the song to video ???
    Very nice…

  35. Sanja Sabljak says:

    I really think they should change the models. Whenever I see Rihanna wearing something from the collection; I love it. These models are way too skinny and don’t make the clothes look flattering..

  36. alisha kabondo says:

    Love her clothes

  37. Cynthia Choi says:

    OMG. I saw Sasha Pivovarova!

  38. Nancy Ruiz says:


  39. rihanna010893 says:

    Love rihanna

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  41. Denise Hippie says:

    That Rihanna reign, just won’t let up All black on, blacked out shades Blacked out Maybach I’ma rock this shit like fashion, as in goin’ til they say stop And my runway never looked so clear But the hottest bitch in heels right here No fear, and while you getting your cry on I’m getting my fly on Sincere, I see you aiming at my pedastal I betta let ya’ know That I, I, I, I’m so hard

  42. Denise Hippie says:

    Tougher than a lion Ain’t no need in tryin’ I live where the sky ends Yup, you know this Never lyin’, truth teller hard

  43. angelravin77 says:

    Great job rih success is your middle name everything you do flourish…keep it up!!

  44. coldplay1121 says:

    Wow!!! Love it all!!!

  45. ThePatrolwrk says:

    What a about man’s collection ?

  46. IamLyricMarley says:


    Get it on Itunes RIGHT NOW!

  47. jaley uango says:

    y rihanna????

  48. River Island says:

    Attention ‪#‎RihannaNavy‬! Take an EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes look at
    Rihanna on the #RihannaForRiverIsland Campaign shoot, before the much
    anticipated collection hits our stores on the 12th of September. One word –

    Keep up-to-date with all things Rih here >

  49. CWPxixiUNBx says:

    Can’t wait to buy!!!

  50. chautsunkit says:

    Tatiana Cotliar

  51. Ignacio Benjamín says:


  52. Plunkie says:


  53. Daniel Soares says:

    I love the Riri style

  54. pamstares says:

    Freja Beha Erichsen ?

  55. renieboi00 says:

    Rihanna “Right Now” from her -Unapologetic album

  56. Paula Marques says:

    what song is this?

  57. JaneRihannanavy doe says:

    Love the style! I want the G4L hoodie <3

  58. Nanny Santos says:

    QUEEN ♥

  59. liki djudju says:

    I love everything

  60. Dylane Dexter 2 says:

    Those sunglasses <3 Anyone knows where they are from ?

  61. Rihanna Germany says:

    #rihannanavy <3

  62. Chaima Bouchtig says:

    Im def gonna buy that black G4life shirt! Dopeeee

  63. Scott Foster says:

    That Moment Whene You Wish You Were a Girl

  64. ComedyDS says:

    rihanna <3

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