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Allure Backstage – Get an exclusive look at Prada Spring 2015 backstage where makeup artist Pat McGrath called the strong, lived-in look “almost an hallucination.” Plus, find out the inspiration behind the greasy ponytails from the hairstylist himself, Guido Palau. Featuring backstage interviews with top models Malaika Firth and Hedvig Palm. Watch our Allure Backstage Spring 2015 series on Allure.Com.

Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Filmed & Edited by: Giovanni Sicignano. Allure Backstage is a production of MODTV Fashion Network.


Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. mystery gal says:

    fashion is fad-shion but classic is always in style.

  2. Virginia B. says:

    I know where all you girls, guys? are coming from; before I knew fashion I
    thought, “eww that is soo ugly, no one will actually wear that on the
    street. But I’ve come to understand fashion from reading magazines, plus my
    major is fashion design, so I know I’m well-informed. Anyways, what i mean
    is to answer any doubts, the fashion presented at fashion shows/runways
    aren’t to be taken literally. The designers and all the other people
    behind-the-scenes often like to present their new creations dramatically.
    So that means, that one takes the basic concept of the designs and tries to
    incorporate it in their wardrobe for an everyday look. For example, based
    on this video, the prediction for Spring 2015 would be to wear tight,
    body-hugging skirts, designs/detailing on the clothing, sleek low
    ponytails, the dramatic winged liner, and either thin or thick,
    high-on-forehead eyebrows

  3. MODTV says:

    Get an exclusive look at +Prada Spring 2015 with makeup artist *Pat McGrath*
    hair stylist *Guido Palau* and top models *Malaika Firth* and *Hedvig Palm*.
    Video by +Karen Morrison +MODTV

    Get an all access pass backstage at S15 Fashion Week – Watch Allure
    Backstage on Allure.Com

    #Prada #Spring2015 #AllureBackstage #patmcgrath #Guido

  4. Amanda Bentes says:

    Like the makeup, hate the hair. HAAAAATE

  5. justcallme Lin ;) says:

    Ok I’m being totally honest as someone who sees this kind of “fashion” on
    the street or as an onlooker and the first thing that came to my head was
    “wtf?” And then “dude, that looks like sh*t.” And I’m from Austin :/ …..
    our slogan is “keep austin weird” incase you didn’t know why I said I’m
    from austin :/

  6. Jen Brown says:

    I like the wings but I don’t care for the eyebrow look at all

  7. Ashley O'Hara says:

    I really don’t get “fashion”.

  8. elsiegutz says:

    So unattractive! Wonder how this translates to real life!

  9. JSummerBreeze .S. says:

    This looks like over sized baby barrettes they look RETARDED! IF U FOLLOW

  10. JSummerBreeze .S. says:

    This looks like over sized baby barrettes they look RETARDED! IF U FOLLOW

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