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Get a first look and watch the Prada Fall 2013 fashion show, one of the strongest ready to wear collections at Milan Fashion Week. For Fall 2013 Miuccia Prada cast some of the most iconic models in the business including Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima and top models Catherine McNeil, Kirsten Owen, Liisa Winkler, and Esther de Jong.

The beauty look of the show was very on trend with the wet hair by Guido Palau and undone burgundy stained mouths Pat McGrath created  –  the models looked sexy, sultry and very powerful. It’s one of our favorite collections of the Fall season. Watch the full length Prada Fall 2013 Fashion show video here now.


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  1. muzik mazik says:

    Instant love ! Always edgy and sexy

  2. tictocmm says:

    I wanna know too. They also played this at Miu Miu.

  3. tictocmm says:

    Es la mujer Prada una mujer peligrosa?

  4. MW2048 says:


  5. chrisbrazy10 says:

    Magdalena Frackowiak

  6. TheIceQueen222 says:

    It’s unique how Miuccia Prada turns the unfashionable into the “Must-have”

  7. Federico Righini says:

    Miuccia Prada is the one and only very free person in a fashion world, she doesn’t follow fashion currents, she is a very creative, she’s an artist and her fashion it’s an art form ! Werable Art !

  8. Tấn Lộc Nguyễn says:

    Jessica Stam

  9. Gerald Kafka says:
  10. braebraepettit says:

    4:19 model..

  11. Vanessa Suset says:

    Love the music… very good!

  12. olimac909 says:

    Vanessa skipped Milan

  13. Flash Quotidiano Giselle Giaco says:
  14. hathor261 says:

    Because she put more money on doing great clothing for the movie “The great gatsby”. at the same time she made these.

  15. Michal Jozwiak says:

    In the live show they’ve used two Visage’s songs – Fade to grey and Steps

  16. chrisbrazy10 says:

    Where is Sasha Pivovarova Isn’t she a Prada girl?

  17. mario cosi says:

    Amazing video. Please watch king David by michangelo. If u like it please share it. U never saw anything like it. Nothing more amazing In the history of art.u need to watch it 2 times

  18. Carducci1959 says:

    Prada’s lost it’s freshness.

  19. millybells says:

    The style of the colection is very viveine westwood

  20. Pietro Bonacina says:

    visit my blog where I allways post something about prada. my blog is:

  21. Yeoni Kim says:

    Queen mariacarla is back!! She nailed the runway agian!!

  22. QuietIsBetter says:

    Miuccia Prada is incapable of failing.

  23. 杨立夫 says:


  24. Polo mo-Nnyong says:

    Why can’t they make such beautiful clothes for men? I’m tired of wearing boring, masculine stuff!

  25. Kriztof Rouchellier says:

    i don’t really really like prada this time

  26. TheMinecrafterNerd says:

    Why is their hair wet?

  27. Shakira Wolf says:

    Only here for the goddess Adrianna fucking Lima!! Bow down!!

  28. QuietIsBetter says:

    So so so good!

  29. Max Lira says:

    her look is so cool, will definitely watch her career. and so glad vanessa got to close miu miu in paris!

  31. maciejplaciej says:

    can anyone identify the song at 9:01?? as i remember in the original version there was more of it in the show…

  32. Carducci1959 says:

    These lifeless looking models do nothing for the dreary clothes and presentation.

  33. Earl caña says:

    i love mariacarla!!!

  34. carlos luna dagdug says:

    amo prada y mucho mas

  35. JoseDFuentes says:

    Damn, MariaCarla Boscono stole the show. 0:45.

    Her Body is even better after her pregnancy,
    and that walk just doesn’t get old. Feels good to see her back.

  36. Prada Fall 2013 Fashion Show Video

  37. GcQfashion says:

    AMAZING COLLECTION! Black and shines, the fur, the leather incredible the belts and shoes, bags and knitwear it’s all beautiful, the hairstyle and makeup so vaporous, the scenery and the music. Loved these colors and the designs are so brilliant, clearly one of the best show of the season. Good job Miucia Prada.

  38. Damian Rhea says:

    The music is very interesting! Please inform which “Visage” are you referring to? Thank you.

  39. littlecamcam says:

    Adrianna for Prada? omg just no. Daphne had the best walk and collection was stunning, thats all.

  40. jholick87 says:

    the layering is genius! she really makes you think about new ways to dress

  41. Allen Orlanes says:

    Hands down to mariacarla! Best walk!

  42. Bryan Kagenveama Jr says:


  43. Stilago LT says:

    Kaip atrodo ir kuo spinduliuoja kito rudens/žiemos “Prada” moteris? Tarsi
    lietaus sušlapinti plaukai, lyg poilsio atgulanti gamta nublukęs makiažas,
    klasikiniai modeliai bei “Prada“ vizitine kortele virtę aksesuarai primena,
    kaip svarbu atsigręžti ir įsigilinti į save.

  44. Marta Conte says:

    Once more, Prada sets the standard.

  45. Alex Mora says:

    1:45 ! ADRIANA LIMA!! … and then, on the back 2:55 :3 ,,,and at the end: 11:04 ;D

  46. Esra Okan says:

    I love Saskia’s skirt

  47. olimac909 says:

    An amazing collection

  48. MODTV says:

    Watch Prada Fall 2013 Fashion Show from Milan Fashion Week #mfw #prada #fashion

  49. Leo River says:

    Why did you guys change Visage’s soundtrack into this one?

  50. arizcats03 says:

    This collection was absolutely amazing… so many past references to older Prada collections…amazing. Shoes awesome and the cuts on the skirts brillient and the decorations awesome. Another amazing collection Prada.

  51. 2Chuas says:

    Hopefully we’ll see Vanessa in the Paris shows!

  52. 2Chuas says:


  53. 2Chuas says:

    American, Amanda Murphy.

  54. Karin Vriese says:
  55. johnny kh says:

    ADRIANA <3 <3 WoOoW 01:44

  56. tomtom2ize says:

    Prada always surprises me!!!!!! always ahead of the game! what a great collection!!

  57. Max Lira says:

    who’s the opener? and why didn’t vanessa axente walk the show?

  58. Joey Gonsalves says:

    @0:46 is sexy as hell!

  59. Adriana Beijos says:

    Adriana looking so Hot wit this wet hair.

  60. Samuel Beecher Vargas says:

    Adriana is wonderfull!!! good job

  61. Joey Gonsalves says:


  62. MOAVFA says:

    ADRIANA !!!!!!!

  63. diamondsunfold says:

    This was really touching

  64. loveAnneLD says:

    Adriana ❤❤❤❤

  65. alamodealex says:

    Something for everyone… Prada at her best.


    PRADA Jesień/Zima 2013! ♥

  67. ny_excuse says:

    This isn’t the original soundtrack to the show. The original playlist was
    The Steps – Visage Fade to Grey – Visage Whispers – Visage I really don’t
    think the backing track that Prada have uploaded does the collection any

  68. sophabella says:

    can anyone identify the song at 8:44???

  69. joshcka says:

    it seems like Prada want to represent an urban classy lady with strong
    personality because a lot of strong features model walked on her runway,
    Maria Carla as an example and then Adriana-Suvi-Magdalena-Kasia-Ginta etc.
    strong collections for strong and independent classical women :3 anyway i
    love the mixing garments and off shoulder tops

  70. francescolau17 says:

    Adriana Lima? Wow

  71. iseline22 says:

    prada is alone at the top. + liisa winkler :O

  72. should be CHIC says:

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