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Prada’s autumn 2012 campaign is set on futuristic vision of fantasy and desire. It has been shot by Steven Meisel, and features models Elza Luijendijk, Vanessa Axente, Iselin Steiro, and Madison Headrick.

It is an abstract video placed in Miuccia Prada’s Fall 2012 show’s ‘virtual princess’ theme. We love the way Steven has got glimpses of the collection, and still managed to hold the viewers interest with the models playing an intense game of chess.


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  1. Daniele Bronzino says:
  2. The Modernist says:

    Love the prints, colors, and textures. Miuccia Prada knows what she’s
    doing, for sure.

  3. Adam Martin says:

    Whoa.. Amazing music, amazing beauty, and amazing primity. Yes, I just made
    that word up.. 😉

    Primity: The lengthening of the word “Prim” to make essence of what it
    means to be prim and everything flawless.

  4. tictocmm says:


  5. tictocmm says:


  6. tictocmm says:


  7. tictocmm says:



    i think i just held my breath for 1 minute and 35 seconds

  9. Osmar Gallardo says:

    The best campaign of Prada

  10. barryinglaterra says:

    Very nice.

  11. mariahfan999 says:

    How did Magda lose? Magda NEVER loses.

  12. felipepl says:

    Magdalena Frąckowiak <3

  13. rainonurparade3 says:

    Keep coming back to this ad campaign, obsessed still

  14. yolas1299 says:

    i hope she lands Prada this season 🙂

  15. Kym Nguyen says:


  16. YirPafooYelRue says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of this song? I know it’s by Dan Lea from Golden Hum, but what’s the name? Thanks xxx

  17. nycvair says:

    The girls represent the game pieces, watch as they move along with the pieces! You can tell who’s playing on what side. Very well put together!

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  19. takashi8san says:

    Does anyone else noticed that the girl in black was in one position at 0:02 and then she switched position at 0:04 ? If u look carefully… she did…

  20. Feby Annisa says:

    i love this campaign >>>>

  21. mariocardona15 says:

    Fawshun isint meant 2 be understood

  22. norhal says:

    Chilll your eggs. People have different taste, I feel sorry for you if your’e gonna react like that every time you see someone with different opinion then you.. it’s so childish

  23. jess jesse says:

    most models are converting into more muscolineze muscles males body ?
    that such ugly ? we want an really women body with meat and lovehandle hips bigger budds and you know what we means :
    if you needed males muscules you think this is feminity then watch transsexual queendrags they are the same ?
    what happend with your eyes ? you tube watchers?

  24. jess jesse says:

    make -up + clothes = darkness of society and misleading you ?
    how manny eyes you needed to see the true ?

  25. chelseantoinette says:

    I keep re-watching this, Magdalena is so alluring…

  26. blipblopification says:

    Given Miuccia’s reference point of the show as ‘modern princesses’ the ideas of battle, allegiance and conquest are brilliantly portrayed here through that central chess motif.. BYOOTIFUL

  27. Tomás Cavaco says:

    E L E G A N C E

  28. norhal says:

    Magdalena one of my fav models!

  29. Alfredo Galíndez G. says:

    Completely classy….what’s the name of the song?

  30. arizcats03 says:

    One of the top 10 ads for the fall season very stunning and a brillient concept. BRAVA Prada!!!

  31. adleenartp6 says:

    give me chills everytime i watch this

  32. RUBIT LEE says:
  33. tonkaposh says:

    My ultimate favourite Ad

  34. minp2001 says:

    love muiccia prada! 🙂

  35. minp2001 says:

    very creative!!!

  36. YTspeurder says:

    it’s all as cool as ice. brrr.
    Who on earth has his mind so screwed up as to support the fashion business like prada et al.?

  37. Sonusproject says:

    Looks like a lack of inspiration supported by big budget…

  38. niknokvdo says:

    I’ve just recieved my pradra spr-230 at 0:55 loves it!!!!

  39. NiceHaircutBro says:

    That was the shittiest fucking shit I’ve seen in a long time.
    And those girls look like they have Down’s.

  40. Will403536 says:

    wtf is this shitake muschroomz

  41. William Armstrong says:

    wow that was crap couldn’t care less

  42. daniel Junior says:

    i loved that.

  43. Korjench Clara says:

    OMG they are coming from the FUTURE !!!

  44. 216bsmith says:

    oh, thanks!

  45. chrisbrazy10 says:

    Best model choice.

  46. matthewjameswaters says:

    It was composed especially for this ad.

  47. 216bsmith says:

    Do you know the song title? Or was it made custom for Prada?

  48. Iconology says:

    i always look forward to the prada ad campaigns 😀

  49. DarkoErrorcore says:

    people that don’t like prada -don’t know anything about fashion,period xo

  50. zajacam says:

    Magdalena is amazing !

  51. matthewjameswaters says:

    James Lin

  52. matthewjameswaters says:

    It’s by Golden Hum.

  53. Jasjyot Singh Hans says:

    What soundtrack is this? Can someone please tell me? I’m obsessed!

  54. facilito088 says:

    it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy if you have the attitude and the creative to pull out this clothes you’ll look Groundbreaking!

  55. ThaliaGrace15 says:

    omg that fall hahahhaha

  56. adem usta says:
  57. XFRAiiD says:

    I’m a guy and i want to buy everything.

  58. Watching Prada Fall 2012 Ad Campaign via @MODTV

  59. elenakitzo says:

    super prada i love u

  60. flipkicker22 says:

    11 people dont know what true art is

  61. madboy29 says:

    Shit like this makes one want to become a slave (Designer) to Fashion

  62. Ilovemisgafas says:

    Nueva campaña Publicitaria de Prada

  63. canonanibas says:

    No colored women? Hm.

  64. XFRAiiD says:

    a new kind of perfection is born.

  65. andreselbazz says:

    but what’s the name of the sun and where i can get it? is it on youtube?

  66. andreselbazz says:

    for sure Hanna

  67. iseline22 says:

    who falgged this as foken spam? i must agree, space, refference of the 70s in prints and idea of the the future, clean lines, video gameish, anime.

  68. missfanpire612 says:

    That’s very well put. 😀

  69. 65756878658568 says:

    That reminds me video “push the limits” by enigma

  70. MrJoetothec says:

    That’s the point, where would the imagination be if models looked like “real people”, then fashion would just be pointless, commercial, and bland.

  71. MrJoetothec says:

    Meisel obviously lol

  72. irmabaileys says:

    it’s amazing!! who is a director?

  73. LandofHelena says:

    this is really creepy, they dont even look like real people

  74. sara battilana says:
  75. First says:

    Für das neue Kampagnenvideo der Herbst/Winter-Kollektion 2012 von Prada
    zeichnet sich der Star-Fotograf Steven Meisel verantwortlich.
    Die Models sind Elza Luijendijk, Iselin Steiro, Madison Headrick, Magdalena
    Frackowiak, Vanessa Axente und Anne Vyalitsyna.

  76. ycjalin says:

    Stunning music! Thank you Daniel Lea of Golden Hum

  77. Kelly Dance says:

    Beautiful! Dan Lea from Golden Hum did the music

  78. MultiVivib says:


  79. mcqueendave says:

    suuuper cool!!

  80. DESOBREAGLE says:

    i don’t like this make up

  81. midnightmagicwitch says:

    This was just pure beauty. But WHERE are the credits???

  82. bibib99 says:

    great concept! and i can’t get enough of the music!

  83. melodyshimoariki says:

    can’t get enough of that soundtrack

  84. flipkicker22 says:

    @musicphotoandfashion thats madison headrick from south carolina, usa

  85. wyobrazmniesobiee says:

    Magdalena is one of best (top)models alive :O

  86. noxure says:

    The moves in the game coincide the moves that were made in the other shots,
    where the women where chasing and fighting each other. It symbolizes how
    polite social elegance is a thin veil covering up the desire to compete and
    be better than others. Two different realities that are actually the same.

  87. Robertking1996 says:

    DEAR PRADA! Please, please, please! You should sell the hair of this
    collection. Like seriously! The best beauty regimen I’ve seen at a
    collection/show in years! The extensions would sell like crazy!

  88. René Clausen says:

    The abstract video is a continuation of Miuccia Prada’s “virtual princess”
    theme from her Fall 2012 show, with acclaimed fashion photographer Steven
    Meisel shooting the campaign as a fantasy game of chess.

  89. tictocmm says:


  90. Pierre-Philippe Poitelon says:

    Viaprestige Lifestyle, le nouveau Hub du luxe

  91. BystanderTazme says:

    Steven Meisel….you made me like this collection.

  92. anataria says:

    Honesty I feel so-so about Prada, but this campaign is WOW !!!!! Her face,
    I mean.. her FACE ! and the posture at 1:19… WOW ! WOW WOW WOW!

  93. WorldFashionExchange[WFX] says:

    Prada brilliant Ad Campaign – A Must Watch

  94. Philippe Dornbusch says:

    Fantasmagorique partie d’échecs pour la nouvelle campagne Prada

  95. Ivan Alvarez says:


  96. Katya Basheva says:
  97. flipkicker22 says:

    i keep replaying this video like a maniac!! these girls are define
    mysterious! im buying those shoes and the purple pants!!!!

  98. Edlynne Laryea says:

    I think this video is horrible, but I still want a whole bunch of these
    outfits. Love the patterns.

  99. Diamonde Williamson says:

    +Prada I AM OBSESSED. <3 it almost brought tears to my eyes. beautiful

  100. Warrent Sattunyue says:
  101. Julian Quevedo says:


  102. ForPeopleEntertainme says:

    Dear PRADA, why you no like beautiful women?

  103. Ryan Meng says:

    lol at first i thought they were playing a drinking game, like shots chess

  104. czar thorrez says:
  105. Elena3212 says:

    Magdalena! <3

  106. arizcats03 says:

    This was a sick video…Loved it!!! Magdalena rocked it!!! Prada is so good
    at picking Models that sell their brand.

  107. Warrent Sattunyue says:
  108. oto wilches says:

    Magdalea is obvs the best of it, Prada stays on point.

  109. IamJWho says:

    leave it to prada to blow your mind

  110. THE HUB says:


    Set in a virtual game-space, two powerful opponents face one another across
    a fantastical chess game.
    The movement of each chess piece results in a parallel movement in an
    alternate reality.
    As the game builds to a crescendo, each movement on the board has
    increasingly extraordinary repercussions.

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