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Watch the Miu Miu Fall Winter 2013 Ad Campaign film starring Adriana Lima, Emily DiDonato, Anne Verhallen, Daphne Groeneveld, Georgia May Jagger, Hind Sahli, Katlin Aas, Lindsey Wixson and Marina Nery.

Directed by Ines and Vinoodh the film has a surreal quality about it and features some of the world’s hottest models dancing to the tune of The Meters‘ ‘Hand-Clapping Song’. Evoking a spirit of adventure and daring, the Fall/Winter 2013 campaign captures the passage of girls in a twilight cinema-scape loaded with intrigue, imagination and femininity.

Set at the end of a seaside pier, their stories unfurl against a mysterious cityscape and vanishing horizon, brought to life in an up-tempo quirky dance video where the models move harmoniously with the rhythm and mood of the music. While standing on the dock of the bay waiting for a ferry, they dance away the fun of the night before returning home in the early morning.Watch the Miu Miu Fall 2013 Campaign Film here now.


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  1. Cachelle Mara says:

    The only thing left to say is .. pale (Daphne Groeneved) or tanned
    (Adriana lima,Emily Didonato) skin? :/

  2. Daniele Bronzino says:
  3. Sasha Lazar says:

    love this video campaign fro Miu Miu. great editing!

  4. Sasha Lazar says:

    love this video campaign fro Miu Miu. great editing!

  5. insane6784 says:

    love u lindsey!:-)♡

  6. Jesus Mestizo says:

    Guacala esto es muy lesbiano …

  7. TheNyxstyle says:

    Love this spot! 🙂

  8. Irina Cezar says:

    So UGLY girls, except Adriana…

  9. Victor Bajaña says:

    Emily & Georgia.

  10. Иван Иванов says:
  11. Диана Занкишиева says:

    It’s perfect

  12. Tiana Cosby says:

    Anne was my favorite 🙂

  13. Laylla Willow says:

    I have no idea. Only know Adriana Lima. x]

  14. HollyGolightly078 says:

    that was a good one

  15. HollyGolightly078 says:

    because she’s american LOL
    that’s why she’s so ugly

  16. yooyootuber says:

    Who is she?

  17. yooyootuber says:

    The others don’t blend because of Adriana’s beauty.

  18. Oml WhatIsAir says:

    Coming from you One direction liker, and probably like Cara Dev.

  19. Oml WhatIsAir says:

    But the rest are far better models.

  20. bluqua says:

    Unf 0:24 Anne Verhallen made my heart skip a beat ♥

  21. Akai Sora says:

    like a surrealism

  22. tylzz94 says:

    this. was. very. disturbing…. o.O

  23. k1mjiyoung says:

    Lindsey wixson is so pretty

  24. Marissa H says:

    so gooooood

  25. Reem Alhubail says:


  26. Rebecca Yang says:

    daphne and lindsey <3

  27. lily boom says:

    anne looks like a man :/

  28. MUSE BEAUTY.PRO says:

    MUSETUBE: MIU MIU F/W ’13 AD CAMPAIGN- Smolder & movement MUA: Lucia
    Pieroni PHOTO: Inez & Vinoodh #fashion WATCH:

  29. jimmyhendrixjanis says:

    she’s suited for both

  30. lisa g. says:
  31. Арслан Губаев says:

    The music is The Meters — Hand Clappin’ Song

  32. Mitchell Dai says:

    Miu miu is PRADA

  33. michaelsmidnight says:

    Simply put.. nice! 🙂

  34. Celina Domina says:

    Glad Miuccas embracing ethnic models like Marina, Adriana, and Hind! Tired of the same old same old

  35. STYLABL says:

    A fab Miu Miu Ad Campaign Video

  36. S Prado says:


  37. Atmani Iman says:

    hind salhi beautie

  38. brianhuber100 says:

    shes brazzilian. shes married to a serbian man

  39. brianhuber100 says:

    freja would be perfect for this video

  40. amver08 says:

    whats the name of the song ?

  41. RowFerBlaine says:

    Anne verhallen #flawless

  42. puno266 says:

    yea she doesnt blend well like the other girls

  43. puno266 says:

    Marina is gorgeous and should have got more shine but shes not white like the other girls so it figures

  44. tommycas021ooo says:


  45. Pindakaas MetHagelslag says:

    Am i the only one who thinks this commercial is kind of lesbian???

  46. Inauspicious Narcoleptic (AKA MrCFCarePOO) says:

    Adriana and Emily are my favourite imaginary couple in the world.
    Jeepers creepers where did they get them peepers!
    Well done Inez and Vinoodh – this commercial is cool and sexy as fuck!

  47. Justine Jeo says:

    Daphne Groeneveld

  48. Pero Grabljic says:


  49. Yara66Frere says:

    The most important campaign ever
    Search For the terrific series

  50. Nurul Syahirah Abdul Karim says:

    A huge girl crush on anne verhallen at 0.24-0.28

  51. Nurul Syahirah Abdul Karim says:

    A huge girl crush on anne verhallen at 0:24-0:28

  52. Shakira Wolf says:

    only here for adriana

  53. Nurul Syahirah Abdul Karim says:

    major girl crush on Anne Verhallen at 0:24 – 0:28

  54. Nurul Syahirah Abdul Karim says:

    0:24-0:28 major girl crush on Anne Verhallen

  55. Nurul Syahirah Abdul Karim says:

    0:24-0:28 major girl crush on Anne Verhallen

  56. Runway says:

    Mui Mui’s Fall/Winter Campaign video! What do we think?! XOXO
    #muimui #RUNWAY

  57. therollingstones9 says:

    Thanks to that video i have a wonderful ringtone


    lesbian video

  59. Laylla Willow says:

    0:07 I find this girl not that pretty, not to say really ugly. :S

  60. AlexCKY2 says:

    At 1:00 , sounds like he said “oh Di Donato oh Di Donato” haha

  61. Jennifer Martina Espinoza says:

    Una cualidad del movimiento cuando se vuelve danza… puede llegar a ser
    una sutil expresión o sensualidad #MUIMUI #love #dance IoI

  62. Tianyuan Deng says:

    Am I the only one who still doesn’t think Adrianna is a good fit for Miu Miu? The others are phenomenal.

  63. Jenn B says:


  64. Mishka3333 says:

    Such strong women! I love this attitude

  65. Fahmi Ashouri says:


  66. Diddy Dog says:

    I’m loving this 😀

  67. Chloe Popp says:

    it makes my eyes hurt

  68. Ganster Vandetta says:

    Reklamda ADRİANA LİMA’nın ne kadar ugrasılsada cırık olamayacagınımı kanıtlamaya calısmıslar ne one biçin sac makyaj amk

  69. FloCloe says:

    Adriana and Georgia are so sensual!

  70. faboonate says:

    LOVE Adriana Lima & Emily Didonato <3

  71. bangbangtangahwei says:

    Exotic Adri, xD. It nice she get hi fashion ads and it’s weird VS keep using girl who more suited to be hi fashion model instead of lingerie.

  72. kilagon10 says:

    They all look like dudes…

  73. QuietBravery says:

    I truly admire those who can see beauty and meaning in this campaign video. Because it looks ridiculous and stupid to me, honestly.

  74. L1L8R0 says:

    This is really weird… 🙁

  75. Faby S says:

    Adriana!! 3

  76. Arnold k says:

    They’re not meant to look like regular human beings. As you said, they are
    transformed into living art.

  77. gaara hiroku says:

    Las mejores supermodels good job

  78. Ashley Rogers says:

    GAH Lindsey and Georgia

  79. sunny bennet says:

    you ar sure

  80. Linteqx says:

    adriana and emily <333

  81. inferior_race says:

    Wixson is killing it! She is the star of the video.

  82. slotta007 says:

    i love it ,its true cool ….

  83. amigoacid says:

    sorry, is an amazing collection, but the campaign is NASTY

  84. yg fan says:

    so many BEAUTIES

  85. svif vain says:

    there is something lesbian about it and I like it 😀

  86. Egypt Pollard says:

    this is so perfect

  87. BlackGlitter Glambert says:

    But Anne Verhallen is also a great model, she’s so special, I think.

  88. BlackGlitter Glambert says:

    Adriana, Emily and Anne are gorgeous!

  89. MANIFESTO Magazine says:

    WATCH: Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2013

    The nine women of the Fall-Winter 2013 campaign are shown in this up-tempo
    quirky dance video, directed by Inez and Vinoodh. The spirit and
    personality of each model is captured as they clap and sway through the
    video. The women’s interaction plays off the curious femininity of the
    collection as they move harmoniously with the rhythm and mood of the music.
    While standing on the dock of the bay waiting for a ferry, they dance away
    the fun of the night before returning home in the early morning.

    Directed by Inez & Vinoodh

    Starring: Adriana Lima, Anne Verhallen, Daphne Groeneveld, Emily DiDonato,
    Georgia May Jagger, Hind Sahli, Katlin Aas, Lindsey Wixson, Marina Nery

  90. candlize01 says:


  91. putrikalimantan says:

    Adriana and Emily are the sexiest of them all. Don’t get me wrong. I also
    love high fashion models but it’s refreshing to see faces with personality
    in high fashion commericals 🙂

  92. ChristineBends says:

    Love Inez & Vinoodh + the casting!

  93. Ilkay Arslan says:

    love itt <3

  94. Haiji Haiiro says:
  95. Gio catflo says:

    Katlin is Queen !!!! magic girl!!!

  96. Reboldeaux says:
  97. Maria Kwitch says:

    Georgia, Daphne, Lindsey and Adriana!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  98. Glenda Herrera says:

    Love the campaign! Glad to see Katlin, Daphne, Marina and Hind, they look

  99. markjovana says:

    Love Adriana, she looks amazing!!! <3 Great to see her in Miu Miu again! <3

  100. sasha acharayeva says:
  101. kaikaleidescope says:

    Emily is sooooo gorge

  102. Jippyajee says:

    too dark too little of clothing too many flash fires and many models that
    can not dance great campaign 2013 Miu Miu

  103. Leon C. says:


  104. should be CHIC says:
  105. ashleyray323 says:


  106. TREVology1 says:

    such a fun video

  107. Vito De Biasi says:

    #MiuMiu ad campaign video

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