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We j’adore the new Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 campaign video with designer Alber Elbaz. Check out his candid commentary via Skype.  The concept of the campaign is’the morning after the night before, it’s about “beautiful women, beautiful men, beautiful light, beautiful friends.” Featuring top model Karlie Kloss, Photographed by Steven Meisel, Creative Direction — House and Holme, Ronnie Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme. Make Up by Pat McGrath, Hair by Garren, Set Design by Mary Howard.  Shop the Lanvin Spring 2013 collection at Lanvin.Com

Watch the Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 campaign fashion video here now.


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  1. Brandon Njoroge says:

    +ken mwangi +Fiona Onyango

  2. Jean Huang says:
  3. Brooklyn Milany says:

    0:49, The sunglasses are to die for.

  4. Boris Céspedes says:

    the song please?


    One of the best fashion films in the year!! @LANVINofficial


  6. diornotwar123 says:

    “it’s california at its best” yessss…

  7. mrcocorocha says:

    lol! je t’adore Alber

  8. victorsablik says:


  9. VivreAParisWithJak says:

    Very self indulgent ;( so disturbingly distracting, what is going on in the Fashion world, nowadays we are too afraid to tell the designer that “keep doing what u do best, which is making clothes and leave the thinking to the people who knows best”

  10. cuernavaqero says:

    Alber is the cutest

  11. iamdevastate says:

    Is there a version of this without the Skype call? There’s so many amazing screenshots I want to grabbbbb

  12. luminousfigurines says:

    The male models are so thin and perfect. I’m so jealous I’m not even gonna lie. Love Lanvin.

  13. Jean73865 says:

    Confusing campaign… . Too much info. Agree the male models look too feminine.

  14. 1pdelorme says:


  15. cocotiks says:

    hahaha Alber is so cute! And he’s a genius. Didn’t expect this.

  16. chisovnik says:

    Saskia looks amazing in this.

    Karlie looks out of place. Very overrated model in my opinion.

  17. Madame Bazarine says:
  18. fella006 says:

    lol love it

  19. Karin Vriese says:
  20. Dana Radic says:


  21. carey579 says:

    LOL Agree, Lanvin is amazing but its model choices suck!

  22. SEL MOON says:

    amazing i love itttttttttttttttttttttttttt, the skype thing is so original , LANVIN rocks

  23. Alex Mora says:

    0:14 I heard the “incoming call” by Alber Elbaz and I was like: “Really??!!… Then I realized that it was part of he video :3

  24. pepitobenegas says:

    Female models look even more masculine than male models.

  25. sdfghsfgsdfg says:

    never fucking off

  26. nurarihyon0425 says:

    I love it.
    And music is good. Does anyone know the name?

  27. shebeica says:

    Song name? I would love to hear the entire thing sans Elbaz.

  28. joycee4849 says:


  29. krystle mendenhall says:

    hi hi!

  30. arlie chow says:


  31. xavier slone says:


  32. lucio pullen says:


  33. keneth wilkinson says:


  34. anasky89 says:

    yeah beer and burgers are definition of healthy eating and a perfect lifestyle
    every industry has standards and fashion is no exception, but for some reasons everyone is the world think they are experts and the “eye openers”
    girls are beautiful, yet they are just passing celebs of the season
    plus, you “curvy body” lovers hard pretty much 20 centuries enjoying Rubens’s type of beauty, let the skinny girls have a revenge 🙂

  35. anasky89 says:

    the only problem that I see, is that the boys look a little bit…spooked? the lack of security, or maybe being too young for Lanvin makes a very visible contrast with the girls, who are just stunning! Really California at it’s best!

  36. minh cornett says:


  37. shirley cho says:


  38. Robertking1996 says:

    Yeah. They ruined the entire video with Alber. They shouldn’t have.

  39. barrett koontz says:

    hey ya!

  40. milan lyon says:

    how you doing?

  41. isaias roberge says:

    hey there

  42. antione eason says:


  43. sanford osburn says:


  44. Sil Le Reveur says:

    472 people liked this video, and you didn’t… Unless you’re in this video or helped make it, you can fuck off, friend.

  45. jerrell samuel says:


  46. cimeta2w says:

    hows it going?

  47. tresvirardx says:

    good evening

  48. hong speer says:

    whats new?

  49. dzividani says:


  50. itsme0anni says:

    amber sent me here, what about you? x

  51. 815TypeSirius says:

    Taking ugly skinny ass skeletons and making them look even more horrific is not the definition of gorgeous. It’s like they found refugees and instead of feeding them beer and hamburgers they decided to have a joke about it.

    For fucks sake, learn to like things for what they are.

  52. Cortegabriel says:

    They’re gorgeous

  53. Roxy Roy says:

    Brilliant! only Lanvin..xox

  54. Omar Cruz García says:

    according to Shazam he music is One by Eleggua… but can’t find it in youtube

  55. Pasagenoux says:

    Il paraît que des cours de français sont obligatoires pour les immigrés qui veulent travailler en France. Pourquoi Alber Elbaz qui travaille pour Lanvin en France, à Paris, semble avoir été dispensé de tels cours ? Y aurait-il un 2 poids, 2 mesures dans la classification des immigrés en France selon que tu es Noir ou Arabe d’un côté ou Anglo-Saxon de l’autre ? Y aurait-il donc des immigrés de castes supérieures et d’autres de castes inférieures ? Elle est belle la République !

  56. 815TypeSirius says:

    11 people liked it, and you didn’t… Unless you’re in this video or helped make it, you can fuck off, friend.

  57. sdfghsfgsdfg says:

    it’s a really bad joke tbh

  58. Zoe Zuckermann says:

    New Spring 2013 Lanvin video campaign.Steven Meisel photography.Gordon Von
    Steiner film. Dresses to die for

  59. Wdowa7 says:

    Music?? What it is?

  60. Eric Camille says:

    I love the music !
    Does anyone know whose music is it ?

  61. gemifredricko says:

    alber is adorable

  62. justbuymeflowers says:

    Not really sure why I watched this…hummmm

  63. 815TypeSirius says:

    Do you even lift, bro?

  64. 17teacmrocks says:


  65. Delores Randall says:

    Story of our cybersphere existence nowadays. So chic….

  66. Delores Randall says:

    Story of our cybersphere existence nowadays. So chic….

  67. Delores Randall says:
  68. 815TypeSirius says:

    You clearly have no idea and don’t get the joke.

  69. shermsin says:

    LANVIN has the best campaigns! really.

  70. Antônio Pedro Marchini says:

    The models can feed themselves

  71. Donte Lyles says:
  72. DontGoToFreePort says:

    It’s a bit gay

  73. TheEyeLab says:

    I actually like the video better than the shots. To me the shots seem more cluttered than the last episode of “Hoarders”. Most people don’t even know who the guy on Skype is which makes it even more hilarious.

  74. Walt R says:

    This guy is creepy.

  75. 815TypeSirius says:

    Do you even feed them?

  76. faysalbest1 says:

    FaceBook Skype Bring Me here 🙂

  78. Kelly Mcgee says:

    Incredible video. So clever, so gorgeous.

  79. bananafarmer123 says:

    saskia looks like a goddess ily saskia

  80. Victor Aquino says:

    the perspective is just sick, ohh, j’adore

  81. alexplot says:

    Shit! I wanna buy buy buy Lanvin… Despite….. the same…. CLOTHES!
    That’s how successful this ad campaign is.

  82. yohogo9 says:


  83. Duke Nielsen says:

    the perspective is just sick

  84. J. Mendoza says:

    Alber Elbaz is my dad

  85. agnes tjioe says:

    I watched this in full screen and for one second I though Alber Elbaz call me on skype !!

  86. cmgkk says:

    Amazing, but the guys are so unattractively thin….as a guy it turns me off a lot.

  87. e! - 咦 Style 科技宅女筆記 says:

    你有一通 來自 LANVIN設計師Alber Elbaz 的來電 …

    2013春夏浪凡最新廣告曝光!Alber Elbaz透過Skype和你一起在螢幕前欣賞由Karlie Kloss、Stella
    Tennant…等超模詮釋的最新廣告!(攝影師Steven Meisel掌鏡 )

    看完你也會像設計師一樣大讚:「Love ❤Love ❤Love ❤ j’adore~~」


    Wiosenno-letnia kampania LANVIN! 🙂

  89. Seungchan Jin says:

    훗 알버 엘바즈란…

  90. BehindFashioninsane says:

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    like us on Facebook “Fashioninsane” A brand new fashion and lifestyle web magazine

  91. Christian Radmilovitch says:

    Albert Elbaz joue la rupture en commente sa dernière collection +LANVIN sur
    +Skype !! #video #disruption #luxdisruption #skype #rtw #lanvin #albertelbaz
    #luxe #luxury

  92. Tommy Kono says:

    Love how they smoothly mixed skype tone into the background music.

  93. levan leko Chkonia says:

    amazing ad!! does anyone know whose music is it?

  94. @HollyCorsie says:

    RT @MODTV: Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 Campaign Video

  95. Pyt Nguyen says:

    Alber elbaz be high as hell

  96. MiucciaPradaify says:

    I wanna live in Steven Miesel’s world.

  97. Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 Campaign Video

  98. #Lanvin Spring Summer 2013 Campaign Video: We j’adore the new Lanvin Spring Summer… @MODTV

  99. tonkaposh says:

    I love Skype with Alber Elbaz then he settles into that half-face frame that anyone who’s spent too long on Skype knows so well.

  100. iseline22 says:

    christian & kristoffer. i am effing dying. <3 ufffffffffffffffffff. lanvin- fullstop

  101. Shawn lloyd says:

    “It’s almost like being in New York without flying”…lol

  102. Bobesque says:

    this campaign is everything! lol lanvin needs to keep making these type of campaign.

  103. annatata1234 says:

    OMFG Karlie Kloss is just stunning simply amazing..speechless..her body, her new…

  104. franks985 says:


  105. dw070 says:

    holla if u had skype running and ur brain freaked for nanosecond

  106. paraveldg says:

    Elbaz! What a character! What a designer! Parfait!

  107. 株式会社イグジィット says:



  108. AmandaAmandaLee says:

    gorgeous adv!!

  109. TheBoogiedee says:

    what song is this?

  110. Michael John Jazul says:

    Love Karlie and Steven and Lanvin!!

  111. ivypashova says:


  112. Clement Simonnet says:

    haha he’s a complete nutter ! xx

  113. Fabien Gasser says:


  114. Bo Dez says:

    It’s in these videos, without all the retouching, that you realise how ridiculously young the models are. We live in a strange society.

    Love Alber though.

  115. Daniel Luzcando says:

    #lanvin #lanvinnotflowers #alberelbaz #skype

    Alber Elbaz left a message for the human being

  116. carey579 says:

    Karlie & her Amish hair :O Barf!

  117. mariahfan999 says:


  118. should be CHIC says:

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