By: on Oct 28, 2012, 16:16.

Lana Del Rey stars in new H&M Ad Campaign for Fall 2012 singing her track “Blue Velvet”.  The commercial was directed by Johan Renck and it has a strange, haunting, David Lynch mood about it.

Lana Del Rey is 26, but her real name is Elizabeth “Lizzy” Woolridge Grant.  She began performing in clubs in New York City at age 18, and signed her first recording contract when she was just 21 years old.  Since the release of her single Video Games in 2011 she’s become an overnight star and a fashion icon.  Her 60’s retro look was the inspiration for Milan Designers Dean and Dan Caten’s DSquared2 Fall 2012 Collection, and the latest Spring 2013 runways were full of that 60’s vibe.

In this H&M Fall Winter 2012 campaign video Lana Del Rey sings her latest track Blue Velvet, which you can buy at iTunes. The song is from her upcoming album  Born to Die – The Paradise Edition which is set for release November 13, 2012. Check out Lana’s campaign video for H&M here now and  visit H&M.COM  to see the full collection.


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  1. Asia Mackay says:

    They’ve transformed her into something too dramatic

  2. Aminah A. says:

    the lady at 1:10 looks like a freakin barbie!

  3. Guywithcrazyideas says:


  4. SweecaSam says:

    Lana Del Rey was born in the wrong century, shes amazing <3

  5. killerbl4ckman says:

    Holy crap did the set designer of this video ever nail the Blue Velvet set here. I was half expecting Frank Booth to burst in with his mask and yell “FUCK HEINEKEN, PABST BLUE RIBBON!”

  6. Pablo Moschner says:

    Lana’s got two millions of fans on twitter! Keep it up Lana!

  7. chrispclad says:

    hot dayum. them lips in that one cut, ooft.

  8. dozzy p says:

    There is clearly something wrong with this world. Instead of constantly talking about her lips, people should listen to her ART.

  9. mortimash says:

    why isnt this longer?

  10. overthehappiness1 says:

    The boy with the facial hair…

  11. Tanesha Letia says:

    Its no her lips are naturally like that !

  12. tolpacourt says:

    Frank Booth likes this.

  13. virgorouge says:

    Hello everyone, I have a video that is why the MUSIC INDUSTRY IS GOING BANKRUPT from their own doing. We don’t need to boycott them for them to be going down. I am an independent artist who focuses on strong melodies and strong vocals the way they did back when the music industry was more real. Some of the people have talent, but that industry has no one who has longevity. Discuss why and please listen to this commentary and subscribe. Thank you Virgo Rouge

  14. yytroll says:

    She looks dement

  15. Ruluk says:

    A shame that this is so short. I damn love this song+video.

  16. seibrav says:

    Liked it.

  17. xArchAngeL01x says:

    Georg is full of bullshit. Go crawl into the fecal swamp you were conceived In

  18. georg. b.hericcson says:

    a crappy version, copy of Amy Winehouse, is believed former has a face full of botox, her lips are fake, does not have the same force as the original song by Bobby Vinton, this version is a real shit, her face is swollen botox therefore, that sucks.

  19. Sandra V says:

    The fuck?! The ending had me thinking Lana was gonna rip his head off

  20. Terrax1 says:

    Now it’s dark…

  21. mark king says:


  22. maxpayne2424 says:

    this version is scary lol

  23. ThesmallRobsten says:

    She is so beautiful ♥_♥

  24. ThesmallRobsten says:

    We have a mutual feeling haha
    she is so beautiful

  25. DestinyDeeds says:

    I am a girl and I love her too! Twins! I do think that her type of music is just not for everyone, though.

  26. Adil DAHMANI says:

    I’m in love

  27. Sarah Pascoe says:


  28. MrSturmvogel says:

    She has ruined her lips so that it sounds like she has false teeth. She whistles on S. Much like that old pedophile in Family Guy. Baby wants to..

  29. Liz Franco says:

    oh Lana, I Love you. I dont care if my bf thinks your music is depressing…its beautiful and right up my alley..keep it coming for us fans…u are such a classy lookin lady with a sailors mouth ha ha luv it

  30. Melanie Rose says:

    hey guys! check out my channel 🙂

  31. SavigeBlazer says:

    she has to do a cover of Love letters (lester version)

  32. Ilyes Hacahni says:

    i hate fashion 🙁 they are not creative anymore.

  33. suqarpi31 says:

    she is perfect for an H&M commercial! i wish i can sing like her shes amazing

  34. MaWiRay says:

    Beautiful song, great singer and all for H&M…. I love their fashion ^^ :-*

  35. TheOriginalRosettes says:

    hello everyone! thank you for uploading this beautiful song, we love the way Lana modernises the music of the forties and fifties, she’s an inspiration! 🙂 we’re a jazz trio who aim to spread recognition for old fashioned jazz and swing, would love it if you had a look at our first official music video! 🙂 we’d love to look at anyone’s videos if they sent us a message after having a look at our channel 😀 comments are greatly appreciated! thanks again for this amazing video! The Rosettes xxx

  36. Alexandra Claudia says:

    i love you Lana ,u are the best, i love you

  37. Jasper Specklerwitz says:


  38. msshabbyfufu says:

    As soon as my daughter started playing Lana’s music in the car I said to her that the haunting/eerie tone reminded me of David Lynch films (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks) – so not surprised to hear she is a fan of his work.

  39. msshabbyfufu says:

    As soon as my daughter started playing this artist in the car I said to her it was so haunting and eerie that it reminded me of David Lynch (producer of “Blue Velvet” and “Twin Peaks” – so makes sense she would be inspired by him.

  40. Adrian Ababovic says:

    The video is inspired by David Lynch, Lynch made a film back in 1986 called Blue Velvet, and Lana is a big fan of the film and his work, Lynch is famous for his confusing plots and the twists he puts in i.e. his film Mulholland Drive which has no clear plot or interpretation, Lana shows no clear plot as well like the midget, the guy hypnotizing her, the sailor, the torch singer(herself), the girls in the back, the girl typing, pretty much shes doing a lynch style video and theres no message

  41. KingCoatimundi says:


  42. Mutantslugprincess says:


  43. HearWithoutPrejudice says:

    no one is better for H&M than lana del rey and beyonce – or music for that matter

  44. roratruth says:

    I really don’t know, but somebody once posted saying that they studied Psychology and there were loads of psychological disorder references in this. Also, I’m called Aurora too 🙂

  45. GaGaDollx says:

    I breathe for this woman, she is absolutely incredible.

  46. Undesnii Toim says:

    goyo bnaaa

  47. merlethe says:

    I agree with you but maybe ‘megalomaniacs’ just know the means. To get signed etc. An exaggerated personality is always noticed. There’s nothing new about megalomaniacs, I think of Prince! I don’t mind megalomaniacs in music, it’s just difficult to live with them

  48. merlethe says:

    umm, could that be because the film ‘blue velvet’ is Lynch!!?

  49. Alejandro Chinchilla says:

    Lana Del Rey is a gorgeous woman, she is unique, i love her music. Learn Lady Gaga.

  50. trouble rt says:

    Hey, this is “Without You” cover by Lana Del Rey, check it out ! ‘ x )’ —-> / zbnsZexKY10

  51. basvandi says:

    The woman’s laugh is SO annoying

  52. AuroraLee87 says:

    Hey guys, first off, I’d like to say I love Lana’s cover, however I am so confused by this commercial. I don’t understand the message is at all. At first I thought H&M was going for a “classic,” “timeless” look (just like the song) but then…why did the dwarf cut her off in the end? and why was that girl yawning and laughing at her? I am getting mixed messages.

    Also,…how does this connect with the H&M brand? I’m just not following. Thanks!

  53. cristian david gutierres jimenez says:


  54. armin38822 says:

    damn. why do I get thumb downs. she just looks like girl from that time. strange.

  55. Coeur Tranquile says:

    Should have done a spin.

  56. Hasan Keskin says:

    new track

  57. KimFraustro says:

    this is so perfect <3

  58. Kayla Moss says:

    I love her version of this song. Lana is one of those rare artist that does what suits them well and doesn’t care what other people think!

  59. katherine emm says:

    Lana Del Rey is a very rare example of how an extremely beautiful woman can also have incredible talent. Many beautiful women get by on their looks and have no actual talent to back it but Lana has it in spades

  60. rolytomatoes says:

    It makes me sad that this pre-fab piece of marketing dreck has ten times the view of the original artist.

  61. jam3slars0n says:

    your’e new here

  62. LeQasida Argent says:

    aRE you wearing blue velvet?

  63. razmus augustsson says:

    fucking love this song

  64. Sara Shehu says:

    A <3

  65. Antonio Grozdanoski says:

    then you’re gay….sorry

  66. armin38822 says:

    did she came from 1961 ?

  67. queendillydally says:

    she is so classic, haunting and enchanting.. I need her to be my lady in waiting!

  68. EqualsDeath says:

    she’s ugly

  69. Alicja Szwichtenberg says:

  70. PrOFiT93 says:

    you’re right

  71. Lloyd Tapper says:

    no offense, but Bobby Vinton is better

  72. Nadia Małgorzata says:

    ♪ ¸. • * ❤

  73. 001HRVOJE says:

    Good thing,,,very,,,from Croatia ! )

  74. Attila Bodrogi says:

    Hogy néz lana a törpére 😀

  75. Orquidia Mayers says:

    do you know Lanas song velvet crowbar ? many people think this songs about asap rocky, check out the video here: watch?v=bS8LA5VHJqs

  76. Kali Weester says:

    I’m a man and i dont think so =s.

  77. Puru Johnson says:

    Lana Del Rey has it all, love her voice, love this song

  78. rc nc says:

    this vaguely reminds me of lynch

  79. TheSugarVenom says:

    I remember freaking out every time this commercial came on TV. I still freak out when I hear “Blue Jeans” on every Nespresso and car commercial! Haha

  80. TheSugarVenom says:

    She looks like she wants to kill that little guy at the end…

  81. fakundito182 says:

    si llegaste aca amor, espero q leas esto, te amo con toda mi alma y espero con muchas ancias y ganas el dia que decidas darnos una nueva oportunidad para ser felices juntos y llevarnos el mundo por delante y volver a ser uno. siempre te voy a amar nahuel german steneri!

  82. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. Serious musicians and composers are not commercial I trained at the top music school in the US.. I’m a CREATIVE person. I am a vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist. I taught myself how to write music but I had extensive training. I sing advanced music and write advanced music. I can write simple music too. I need donations since the commercial world does not fund serious composers or serious musicians. I need assistance. All serious musicians do.

  83. virgorouge says:

    Go look at my videos. I am not jealous. I like her voice and some of her music but I don’t like the looks obsession and the look of being self-obsessed and looks obsessed. She is only human. Lots of girls are pretty out there. Look around. Lots of people are talented, more than you know.

  84. istgutja34 says:

    Must be hard to articulate properly with all that collagen in the way.

  85. ghostofdayinperson says:

    There is clearly collagen in her lips. I know what the fuck I’m talking about.

  86. TheIsojukka says:

    She have unbelievable voice…

  87. Moth Mama says:

    No, but the video is a lot like the movie, Blue Velvet. It’s definitely his aesthetic.

  88. virgorouge says:

    I am a better musician, so are other unsigned musicians. Do you support unsigned musicians? Do you realize that they are sometimes better in many ways? I think we need to boycott the meglamanics, smug, and narcissistic people in that music industry. They think that they are God’s gift. They are so smug it makes me feel sick. Thanks.

  89. textingwbu says:

    Her lips actually aren’t fake, but apparently you decided to post a comment without knowing what you’re talking about. Ugh.

  90. Heiy123846 says:

    inspirational <3 . <3

  91. Megan Elizabeth says:

    She’s so beautiful and has perfect songs to match

  92. dorianfrederick says:

    I looovvveee this song! and I wish H&M had cool vintage styles for guys :/

  93. ladysava says:

    Haha jealous people especially girls…she is so beautiful and has such a gorgeous voice…I am a girl and I love her

  94. dave darre says:

    first version (Isabella Rossellini) is beter but this is very good

  95. tabuk kubat says:

    Yes,B.Vinton could be proud. 4U, Peeing Nataša, I’d suggest some niggy ears.Otis Redding could sing, John Lee u Hooker as well, Caruso too.Fortunately I lately listen to mostly ins-trueMental music.Like BACH.

  96. Charla Pendse-Laura says:

    A lovely take on a Bobby Vinton song, he would be very proud!

  97. Hollis Mendel says:

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with “Max Muscle Extend”, but then they saw the results. Go and Google Max Muscle Extend to see their reaction.

  98. Natasha P. says:

    wtf are you talking about?do you know anything about singing!?

  99. tiffanyledger55 says:

    Hey, did Lana Del Rey start her new website HornyHabit com? Does anyone know?

  100. SerjioMiroyanVEVO says:

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  101. tabuk kubat says:

    finally she learnt how to sing

  102. shocklett says:

    Stop criticizing her looks you ugly envious bitches. And yes women are the worst critics of thyself. Men find her attractive;)

  103. emilysingsalot says:

    just done a cover of Born To Die so please have a little listen if ya fancyy 🙂


    thank you! x

  104. Sabstah8D says:

    i hope beyonce does a song for h&m too 🙂

  105. MyMProductions3 says:

    What the hell? The chicks face at 1:09…0__0

  106. Diam Payzer says:

    H&M + Lana Del Rey = Perfect ❤

  107. jaime andres gonzales valencia says:

    me encantoooooooooooooooooo <3

  108. alberto ferreira says:

    Did David Lynch direct this?!

  109. Moth Mama says:

    I hope they wrote a fat check to David Lynch for this!

  110. AnniexSavvyLPS says:

    UGH CUTE uwu

  111. IHazNomz says:

    Her voice was perfect for this <3

  112. Erica Henriques says:

    the short film she is in ‘poolside’ awesome, shes in it

  113. virgorouge says:

    Marissa is is a nice name.

  114. Sophia Shai says:

    hey my names marissa too (:

  115. virgorouge says:

    I am a better musician, so are other unsigned musicians. Do you support unsigned musicians? Do you realize that they are sometimes better in many ways? I think we need to boycott the meglamanics and smug, narcissistic people in that music industry. They think that they are god’s gift. They are so smug it makes me feel sick. Thanks.

  116. Palomis Cristina says:

    damn dwarf, because of fault him the song is short 🙁

  117. Palomis Cristina says:

    damn dwarf, because of fault him the song is short 🙁

  118. m4rn4 says:

    blame it on the midget >:(

  119. m4rn4 says:

    blame it on the midget >:(

  120. m4rn4 says:

    1:09 whats the name of that girl? :O

  121. m4rn4 says:

    1:09 whats the name of that girl? :O

  122. Sandra Cátheryn says:

    1:36 Ah, little dwarf hells!

  123. MrDumbshit123 says:

    hah the way she shrugs her shoulder at him <3 1:51

  124. Noor Alwatani says:

    instagram : noorfull7

  125. Alejandra Beatrice says:

    This is the original song from a 1986 movie
    Search this on youtube “Dorothy’s first song in Blue Velvet”

  126. Maria Kyprianou says:

    her smile at the end…priceless.

  127. SplendidjanieSings says:

    Best editorial ever!

  128. Swiper21SST says:

    instagram : justkissme_xoxo (:

  129. virgorouge says:

    Hi, My name is Marissa. I am a serious musician, I desire to get a bigger following. I have a following now, but don’t have the funds to hire a manager to promote myself. I think that the music industry should be boycotted for being smug, arrogant and promoting narcissistic people who are looks and/or image obsessed. I am all about music, not about image. Please support me and people like me. I am bold enough to let you know who I am, because they are too arrogant to sign people like myself.

  130. WaterBendingMaster07 says:

    such an ugly laugh

  131. tubbymctubsta says:

    this is a clear homage to david lynch with kubric undertones.

  132. ghostofdayinperson says:

    Nope. You’re just wrong. Skip the future diatribe about opinions – not listening.

  133. MrTomatoFries says:

    Whether or not her lips are fake (which I think they look beautiful), her voice talent is real. Get over it.

  134. Alan Gore says:

    its not her song originally

  135. ghostofdayinperson says:

    Ugly fake lips

  136. skoockum says:

    No. Frank was the center of the BV scene. If the midget were the focus, the three minutes of this video wouldn’t be enough time to explain why a walk-on yanking the plug was more important than the singer.

  137. skoockum says:

    The song is longer, but this video is a homage to a scene from David Lynch’s movie Blue Velvet, where Dennis Hopper stops the tape that Dean Stockwell is lipsynching

  138. MrDumbshit123 says:

    omg i love her face at 1:00

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  140. Robinluvsyou says:

    pleeease make another LONGER one!

  141. xxXKittyXChaosXxx says:

    Lana Del Rey- Blue Velvet. Original song

  142. Alexandru Panfil says:

    i wanted to say that, good point !

  143. G. Oliver says:

    1:50 ^-^

  144. lovenmefafa says:


  145. CuntyDelRey says:

    ily so much lana

  146. Natalia Story says:

    Polacy ,przejmujemy jej utwory w trybie ekspresowym 🙂

  147. William Kurth says:

    The ode or homage that this may have been attempted to be, had great imagery, nice camera work, but suddenly it was like some dimwit nut sack took over like he had no idea who David Lynch even is.

  148. Viktor Ans says:

    Ella es Inquietante, fantástica, !!! Her is disturbing, fantastic….amazing!!!

  149. MegaMiicheLLe says:


  150. magda dolata says:


  151. gordogarciajr says:

    Her sweater though

  152. ablackguy123456789 says:

    her sweater <3 <3

  153. munchvilchez says:

    i like her shirt mayneeeee

  154. melininha14 says:

    she’s so perfect

  155. yusuffkhairi says:


  156. Kae Long says:


  157. Kae Long says:

    Lol She kind of did to me also.

  158. Jennifer Ruiz says:

    No fucking idea what the commercial was about. Lana was in it. Period.

  159. Achduheiligefeder says:

    so lovely <3

  160. 13greywolves says:

    Did the girl laughing remind anyone of Amy Whinehouse?

  161. kesharoseserbert12 says:

    Not every woman in 21 century is a lady. But she is <3

  162. ZeldaFoxEars says:

    Her expressions are that of a cold fish here.

  163. SarahPoulain1 says:

    god shes amazing

  164. Terry Kane says:

    I never really liked this song until i heard this version.

  165. GuitarFunkMusic says:

    I have a own Song on my Channel. If you like you can watch and share it 😉


  166. Sebazztion1994 says:

    Wish that song would play in Bioshock in the jukeboxes! Perfect match!

  167. EXthesweetlamb says:

    it’s ok to be weird, it means you’re different, which is great

  168. drumchakra says:

    Not much of a singer but probably a creampie good fuck huh?

  169. sdnfowbfpWQJFPWjep says:

    love you

  170. GlamorousNaid says:

    i like them 2 jaja@Kae Long

  171. virgorouge says:

    I am a better musician than this. I am more creative and can do more with music. I am also an illustrator but that is not my main bag, music is. There are people who are better than the commercial world. They need to be boycotted because of the false claims that they are making. They claim that they are better than everyone, though they have some talent. I don’t think that they are better than everyone who is unsigned.

  172. Andy Lopez says:


  173. Vadamur says:

    wow she has disgusting nails xDD

  174. LightningColletor says:

    Is the midget suppose to be the representation of “Frank” ?

  175. drumchakra says:

    I’, saying her voice is a dime dozen one trick pony. A voice with no dramatic ladder to climb

  176. Calvini2013 says:

    I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say… but I think her “weak” voice is one of the selling points, and at some point she reminds me of Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is” (and I understand Peggy Lee has much more vocal talent, so don’t get all mad for my comparison)

  177. Kae Long says:

    For some reason I like the shape of her lips. 0.o hope that’s not weird. 😀

  178. Jack Bee. says:

    Z tymi ustami tot parodia?

  179. Caitlin Peralta says:

    i wish this song was longer v.v <3

  180. Brian Young says:

    This the H and M campaign! Good song too!

  181. collie0321 says:

    She just always seems bored in her videos..

  182. Salma Silva says:

    lana* not layna

  183. Salma Silva says:

    that midget should not of interrupted her!!! nobody stops lana’s music NOBODY

  184. Michenzi Marzano says:

    she looks so much like julia roberts to me

  185. INS1977 says:


  186. virgorouge says:

    I am a better musician than this. I am more creative and can do more with music. I am also an illustrator but that is not my main bag, music is. There are people who are better than the commercial world. They need to be boycotted because of the false claims that they are making. They claim that they are better than everyone, though they have some talent. I don’t think that they are better than everyone who is unsigned.

  187. fkarenxxx says:

    I love Lana amazing

  188. sweetkandy93 says:

    everytime lana opens her mouth, i get chills. shes amazing.

  189. Connor Del Rey says:

    i really hope that beyonce will sell for the summer campaign.. because beyonce’s like the greatest..

  190. electroso987 says:

    Chick sounds better with asap rocky

  191. drumchakra says:

    Edit….. to 50 women from the 60’s make this weak throat wannabe cry

  192. drumchakra says:

    %0 women from the 60’s shit all over this weak throat.

  193. thehottiezofhotchip says:

    This is only the second Layna song I’ve heard, so maybe I just haven’t heard the right ones, but I don’t really see what all the hype about her is about? Maybe I just don’t like it?

  194. thehottiezofhotchip says:

    As much as I agree that whatever comment he may have left might have been uncalled for, telling him to kill himself doesn’t solve anything, and I bet you’d feel guilty if he really did.

  195. Rayhuntter says:

    Dudes and Dudesses, if you want a playlist with all Lana’s songs (released , leaked and a few remixes) check my channel. Thank me later.

  196. Gee Forni says:


  197. PapayaGirlz says:

    Wish it was longer/:

  198. virgorouge says:

    I am a better musician than this. I am more creative and can do more with music. I am also an illustrator but that is not my main bag, music is. There are people who are better than the commercial world. They need to be boycotted because of the false claims that they are making. They claim that they are better than everyone. I don’t think that they are.

  199. Calvini2013 says:

    Why do some people hate her so much? Without knowing it was a cover, this was my favorite song by her next to Ride! (I guess I like her “I’m about to die” quality when she sings low/slow notes)

  200. Chiwirito22 says:

    Porfín se quien es Lana del Rey jajaja, la había visto antes pero no sabía que era ella, se ha ganado mi gusto

  201. That1CoolChick says:

    1:41 best part of this entire emo, melancholic song

  202. celebsrule7JB says:

    And not everybody will like your music, same with your drawing, and other artists music. I don’t personally like your drawings much. But hey, that’s just me. You might be one of the “finest people” to somebody. So just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they aren’t the finest people. So in conclusion, don’t say your better than other people. No one likes snotty bitch. 2/2

  203. celebsrule7JB says:

    Congratz. You can illustrate. So can many other people. ‘O’ People don’t have to promote the “finest people.” People promote the music they enjoy. And artist don’t get more popular by saying they’re better than another artist. That just sets up a bad first impression. And some it’s not like all great artists can draw. 1/2

  204. sara rach says:

    just because someone has pouted lips doesn’t mean they got botox retard, such an annoying stereotype for celebrities

  205. Elle Martins says:

    This woman is beautiful oh and the mexican girl here speaking Spanish,. Lana is American we speak English and did u take a look in the mirror? U just don’t know talent when you see it, this girl is gorgeous, brilliant , poetic and courageous….

  206. Matt Laughery says:

    Love this shes so beautiful n mean dwarf n all u assholes who r hatin on lana go fuck yourselves and die

  207. Melstrike says:

    Just proves I have a life and its not centered around a non-talent.

  208. Wingardium Leviosa says:

    lol the funniest comment here! …get a life..

  209. TheMissHoppus says:

    So what? Who the hell are you to talk like that about her? Go buy yourself a life.

  210. jan takac says:

    botox lips….

  211. Melstrike says:

    worse rendition I’ve ever heard..sad to ruin such a great song.

  212. joe hermann says:

    honestly she is very pretty.. and her voice so unique.. but the song is so sad.. that’s make me …..

  213. Melissar den Haas says:

    I don’t know what this clip is about, but I like the song! <3

  214. Felipe Vasquez says:

    i was in a state of pleasure till the dwarf screwd it … then i was mad. 🙁

  215. Allison Sehika says:

    dafuq did i just watch

  216. whitedovegrl66 says:

    Love Blue Velvet….(:

  217. BeautyByKatarina says:

    Get more commercials with Lana in it!! <3

  218. tyrone gooden says:

    With no reference you don’t Know how lost you – kid this is junk art – rip off your money BS this person has no talent – or even true love or connect to this music . It fake she knows nothing about and some money hungry rip off artist put her up to it – don’t believe the hype

  219. Alberto Gastelum says:

    Cuáles son tus argumentos para hacer tales declaraciones?

  220. 222Hogwarts says:

    Karen, she’s beautiful.

  221. Erick Huerta says:

    a tu si tu si eres es fea, charra y espantosa

  222. karen amabile, diaz says:

    Aparte de ser un bodrio, es fea, charra y espantosa.

  223. SockPuppetSuperstar says:

    Audio laxative.

  224. matkaboska żartobliwa says:


  225. matkaboska żartobliwa says:


  226. King Neptune says:

    Amazing cover

  227. King Neptune says:

    Amazing cover

  228. CatrinandSmurphy says:

    Her hair is perfect!

  229. threeofwands says:

    Greatness from my friend’s lost daughter.

  230. snixxlopez says:

    Well, hello Priscilla Presley.

  231. FknCory says:

    1:44 Hater !!!

  232. baby2468101 says:

    she is perfection.

  233. Thecuregalore94 says:

    This does feel very David Lynch-y.

  234. MrBiszibosz says:

    and dont try to be nice after bullying me in front of whole internet..

  235. MrBiszibosz says:

    in this particular, cause i didnt saw any other..

  236. fish sauce says:

    The question is: Are they real or filled with botox?
    Sad that you have to consider that before anything else these days.

  237. Nihat Erdenay says:

    please click to discover my dream 🙂

  238. daniisummer says:

    wow talk about missing the point

  239. dee1hchs says:

    I fucking love her!!!!!

  240. Tori Henderson says:

    In every single one of her videos? and every single photo i’ve seen of her? ya, sure, its just this video, ok.

  241. adonis villareal says:

    a perfect David Lynch…

  242. Mikster7500 says:

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  243. Malaika A. says:

    i cant stop listening to this….

  244. Iamrandomandhaley says:

    go rant about how you think you are talented to your mom and not the internet.

  245. FuzzyFunny6 says:

    am i the only one that thinks she looks like Jennifer Lawrence at 1:52

  246. Jamilla Dallas says:

    everything in this video was so classic and beautiful..

  247. CatincaD says:


  248. Regan Alexander says:

    Have you ever thought Blue Velvet was the theme of this video? Me and the crazy conspiracies!

  249. blisslilly1 says:

    Dude, get over yourself.

  250. Goldman Sachs says:

    This video is a rip… It looks and feels just like a scene from Blue Velvet (the film)… which also happens to have this track! Uncreative idiots!

  251. Koolorowaa12 says:

    her smile *__*

  252. eli fong says:

    epic video!

  253. markoobradovic61339 says:

    Virgorouge stop trollin on every single fucking lana del rey video….and who are you to say that you are more creative than her???

  254. thoseirish hands says:

    She can’t sing.

  255. Tyler Johnnie says:

    End yourself, hipster shit. Lana’s likely the greatest living popular artist.

  256. Sebastian Vargas says:

    se llama melancólico y en realidad no lo es tanto, tiene un ritmo muy suave y tonos bajos pero no es deprimente, creo que ni si quiera entiendes la letra.

  257. 23ftunder says:

    no no no.. why? why they mess this track… :/

  258. wtf55501 says:

    Lol please stop embarrassing yourself.

  259. MoIseS VaSqueZ says:

    No, you suck. Lana is queen.

  260. virgorouge says:

    I am a better musician and I am much more creative. There are other people who are much better than this. That industry needs to be boycotted. They have never promoted the finest people. Though they are talented to a certain degree, they are not promoting the finest talents in this world. Everyone who is the best is not commercial at all. These are facts. Boycott them and start to donate to better artists. If they were as creative as I am, they would be able to do illustrations like I can.

  261. K20a2turbocivic says:

    @Magochixxx Where did u see david beckham?

  262. TheLordDjj says:

    If Kubrick were still alive, he`d loved this vid…

  263. MrSchmolko says:

    silicon valley

  264. Magochixxx says:

    h&m should make another ad with both Lana del rey and david beckham….. that Stuff would be HOT!!!!!

  265. Khris Hodge says:

    This girl is fine

  266. juan luis says:

    those lips are more tha perfect!

  267. MrBostjanavsec says:

    Ageed. David Lynch style sucks.

  268. Fikcija says:


  269. dveitch349 says:

    my favourite female artist


  270. derrickcastens says:

    Destroying a classic…..

  271. Katie West says:

    i love her so much i want to marry her.

  272. Emilio Cs says:

    but still beautiful

  273. Betty Lu says:


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  274. chocchipcoffeecake says:

    Lol i’ve never seen the whole thing

  275. Auriane Altenburg says:

    top 🙂

  276. NaomiTWfan says:

    @faggitshiet like stfu yu jealous idiot .

  277. NaomiTWfan says:

    @faggitshiet like stfu yu jealous idiot .

  278. FaggitShiet says:

    Ugly fish lips, now she looks like daughter of that plastic surgery victim Jocelyn Wildenstein. Yuk!

  279. Lr2ts says:

    Fuckin kike with a beard should go, so the midget. LET HER SING!

  280. MrGorstkin says:

    dream botox

  281. badakboyzgamble says:

    She sound and look like Amy Winehouse ….. Lol

  282. austrina777 says:

    I’d love her to do a vid inspired by valley of the dolls

  283. MiKeMZeeSUPPORTER says:

    OHHHH yesss

  284. Sam626123 says:

    Well someone doesn’t like her music D:

  285. Sebazztion1994 says:

    Dream lips… 1:15

  286. Liborio40 says:

    til she say that she made a Rhinoplasty or that she made something to her lips i just don’t buy it.. even if she did, i don’t understant the big deal..really. I’m not trying to be mean 🙂 i just…if she didn’t used to like her nose or her lips, or even if she just wanted to look more perfect… what’s the problem? she’s beautiful

  287. Mimi Crompton says:

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    So without further ado, please have a look and let me know what you think!
    If you hate it, I provide soft (or hard) fruit to throw at my head, please just ask.
    Thank you xoxo

  288. saashoucupcake says:

    of course her lips are sexy
    they are ful of surgery

    I love lana so much but seriously she looked so much better without her lips/nose job

  289. Emanuel Lopez says:

    y me gusta …

  290. heylookitsselena888 says:

    This video creeps me the hell out, but I love it, the song, and Lana.

  291. heylookitsselena888 says:

    Oh, boo hoo.

  292. Liborio40 says:

    omg 1:14 min and…her lips are so sexyyy

  293. thenewborn1981 says:

    adore lana

  294. Jose Miguel Aguirre Ocampo says:

    Lana Banana 🙂

  295. Paulina Wesley says:

    i love you lana.

  296. Leandro Adrian says:

    Es muy deprimente!! :/

  297. Ashley Von says:

    I’m like obsessed with this song 🙂

  298. TheShamtastico says:

    beautiful cover of blue velvet ! i love you lana.

  299. TheShamtastico says:

    i worked at this store.

  300. Alice PEREZ says:

    well someone ruined a beautiful song…

  301. Marielis Nivar says:

    So… what are you doing here?

  302. Nicola Espinosa says:

    This is creepy but she has a beautiful voice!

  303. lmbeskovic599 says:

    She’s nothing really special, I’ve seen girls that look way more attractive and sound better as well, plus she’s not natural and it’s obvious, look at her lips, they look ridiculous

  304. IsanAgus says:

    Honestly, why the hell do you even care if she has had or not a nose job? It’s her body and face, she’ll do whatever pleases her.

  305. IsanAgus says:

    Shut up she’s perfect.

  306. paranormal love says:

    love this

  307. Bu Cáo says:

    The ending is so hilarious =)))

  308. Bu Cáo says:

    I don’t know why but this song reminds me of Christmas and new year LOL
    Love Lana <3

  309. Bu Cáo says:

    I don’t know why but this song reminds me of Christmas and new year LOL
    Love Lana <3

  310. drouahes says:

    I prefer the original version

  311. Caroline Austen says:

    This video wouldn’t be the same without the dude at the end :’)

  312. MsMuuza says:


  313. Vivian Argid says:

    she is so beautiful and hot.

  314. Gleb Fjodoroff says:

    nope, i’m alive

  315. bettybooplova100 says:

    She reminds me one of those pin up girls mixed with a tumblr gurl

  316. Segler133 says:

    so ein scheiß

  317. elcuevo5 says:

    ^__^ lana

  318. paulzrulz says:

    this is the creepiest thing i’ve ever seen/heard, gonna give me nightmares

  319. SnitTrippin says:

    The lana clones made me laugh

  320. SweetCaramelaki says:

    Hahah fine, but she has said it :PP

  321. DeniseLovesMac23 says:

    She has never admitted to getting surgery don’t say things she never.

  322. SweetCaramelaki says:

    She has had surgery and she HAS admitted it :PP Sure her music is good I agree but it’s a pity she had to change her image, literally , to get into the music business. It’s ridiculous.

  323. TheOriginalRosettes says:

    thank you so much for this beautiful song! We love Lana’s version, would be so grateful if you could possibly have a look at our channel-we cover songs from the forties and fifties but with a modern twist 🙂 thank you so much again for this lovely video! love Lana’s old fashioned voice and her retro clothes 🙂 Lots of love, The Rosettes xxxx

  324. Melisa Akarsu says:

    aşkım yaaa <3

  325. MrBiszibosz says:

    shes not, she just looks good in video

  326. nikoleta ts says:


  327. quitojay811 says:

    asdfghjkl .. that little shrug she does at 1.51-152 omg.. lana baby boo!! i love her so much omg

  328. sspirits8 says:

    Are you retarded?! Where did you get that from.?! Jeez!

  329. alicia jane says:

    she has had no surgery she proved this so stfu and listen the lyrics and enjoy the music. sorry you have to judge every person you see.

  330. zme214 says:

    Love her. But. She sounds like she’s on crack on this one.

  331. BionicAlexis says:

    im sorry, but your dead inside and probably on the outside too…

  332. Ashley Easton says:

    If only all the ‘work’ in the world could make you look that beautiful.

  333. Nathalie Crocker says:

    I love how amazingly Lynch-ian this is. Blue Velvet is one of my all time favorite movies, and watching this makes me want to watch it again.

  334. Başak Barış says:

    Adele and Amy Winehouse… Are you thinking?

  335. mrluisdacota says:

    So fk sweet …

  336. Rosillaz says:

    1:40 thumb up if you want to kill this men !

  337. Mary Martinez says:

    She did, she actually did a lot to her face honestly. I love her music but damn.

  338. jblackwoood says:

    Awkward yet absoloutely beautiful video

  339. sspirits8 says:

    I love this video so much! Lana is magical in it. 🙂

  340. Maria Carlota Faria says:

    This is just too much!!!! the most beautiful, melancholic, ethereal and romantic version of this song and the style is incredible! I am in love with Lana and her music forever 🙂

  341. TheDudezer says:

    Pretty girl…but definitely had a nose job.

  342. idontknoweyedontknow says:

    oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  343. Eduardo Perez says:

    ikr ? I hate people .-.

  344. Eduardo Perez says:

    this is the most viewed video in this channel (;

  345. silkesilke100 says:

    1:55 without the beard he would be hot..

  346. silkesilke100 says:

    i want full version ! :'(

  347. adoreabubbles says:

    I wish this was so much longer too!

  348. adoreabubbles says:

    She’s so memorising!

  349. INFINITYYxoxoify says:

    She’s gorgeous .
    And damn , that pretty and fluffy H&M pullover !

  350. Anıl Ortaç says:

    Allahını seven üstüme Lana del rey atsın 🙁

  351. FuchsiasAttic1847 says:

    She is really strikingly beautiful.

  352. drewsm7997 says:

    the original Blue Velvet is a lot better

  353. Glexs30 says:

    sultry class!

  354. Onixotto says:

    Hair looked like a wig and hips looked huge. It was like a caricature vid of one of her vids. BTW… not even one miserable piece of real blur velvet. This director sucks.

  355. GreyUggs says:

    It’s not gay to call another woman beautiful if you’re a woman. This is what’s so fucked up with society today.

  356. Tori Henderson says:

    No? Just wished i looked like her… good try though, kid…

  357. TheMorningCrazies says:

    For those looking to hear a new artist, head over to our page and check out the tunes. You may be surprised, and every band we all know and love started unsigned at some point. =).


  358. BlackPandaPodcast says:

    i dont like it shes too fake

  359. sarahjuliana17 says:


  360. sarahjuliana17 says:

    love this, got goosebumps. Then when the midget walked in, laughed hysterically. Great ad for H&M, love their clothes.

  361. Emily Thompson says:

    I swear the guy in the red coat looks exactly like Jude Law in Anna Karenina.
    And about Lana, she looks amazing and stunning… Like Always 😉

  362. Akira Patterson-Bieber says:

    I wore blue velvet blouse and high- waisted pants today. go look on my Instagram picture @_itsakira 🙂

  363. Gabriella Taminato says:

    OMG she smilling at 1:55 soooo sweet oh my God *-*

  364. Luiz Gustavo Alves Ferreira says:

    I thought the same thing.

  365. Patrick Jöckle says:

    Die neue Pop Queen der 60s…..

  366. 88Charcoal says:

    jesus….you are so clever and quick off the mark!

  367. Michel Nicolas says:

    j’aime entendre…

  368. CMichaelEH says:

    who’s the guy with the beard?

  369. Eden Coronado says:

    Perfecta para esta noche en dónde se desea una dulce tortura de recuerdos.

  370. Adam Gellar says:

    u gay?

  371. MrTermodynamics says:

    the guy staring at her seems a littlebit as james vincent mcmorrow

  372. leecroft2011 says:

    Would like her to sing the theme for the next Bond movie. Her voice is haunting, classy and sexy.

  373. TheNoMoreYou says:

    first few songs were great now she starts to be boring 🙁

  374. vanillakiki1 says:

    she just walks around with a time machine ….very vintage feel to get voice and look i love it

  375. SheMeShow says:

    the model at 1:08 is so beautiful. wow!

  376. SheMeShow says:

    that sweater is so scratchy…

  377. Edward Cortez says:

    The Fuck Lil Man!

  378. darktrainfilms says:

    What a classy voice. Meow…

  379. Juan David Macias Mejia says:

    Que mujer tan hermosa

  380. Natasha P. says:

    ..but in a good way!

  381. chode licker says:

    This sounds like crap compared to the Original song And the video is retarded

  382. msnadct says:

    Her voice is very classical, it’s very beautiful

  383. andredomenici says:

    fucken stylish video

  384. alyssa diamandis says:


  385. Danis Jean says:

    Lana, so perfect ♥

  386. 651ViseVersa says:

    #LDR Fan

  387. xNickiBabex says:

    I love her style <3 such an inspiration!

  388. Joel S. says:

    Toxik the whole track is available on ‘ paradise’…goddamn i love her voice.lana makes me born to die….such a seductive tone….

  389. ToxiKpRinCesS says:

    MY ONLY PROBLEM with this song is, it’s too damn short.

  390. Tori Henderson says:

    She’s honestly, one of the most gorgeous women i’ve ever seen.

  391. AshlovesilVOLO says:

    Excellent cover!

  392. Musashinmen says:

    She should be the new girlfriend of Donald Draper in Mad Men

  393. NataliePomposMusic says:




  394. szyda112 says:

    she’s model. -.-

  395. yagmuryagsa says:

    nope. just wrong make up. soo wrong.

  396. Sus - Anna says:

    She has got a new, original beauty. And her voice is amazing, hipnotic!

  397. TheSweetsheepy says:

    she is perfect!!! Love her*.*

  398. cilli cikolata says:

    0:14 orgasm

  399. Oliver Skulls says:

    It reminds me Water For Elephants

  400. Donna PD says:

    her voice does the trick!

  401. Briana Richardson says:

    That little man makes me soo made every time!!!!

  402. wanda mccloud says:

    She wore Blue Velvet….(:

  403. Strobe211 says:

    Aaahh.. I’m addicted to you Lana! <33 she looks beautiful ❤—❤

  404. TheGigi16 says:

    I didn’t think that a so slow song could make my heart hit so fast

  405. Natalie Parsons says:

    she is so perfect ..i adore her…

  406. galaxy5saskue says:

    why is it so short

  407. Beckii Clifford says:

    Heyy Guyss, I Uploaded A FULL Lyric Video Onto My Channel, 4 Those Of U That Love This Song, Go Onto My Channel And Watch It, It Would Mean A Lot To Me! Thankss xoxo

  408. BoredClearieak says:

    What’s the song’s name?

  409. Irma18Torres says:

    This is the best commercial EVER.

  410. mrcrash1664 says:

    blue velvet good movie

  411. Zak Sharif Nur says:

    I can make love to that voice!

  412. amsevencocuk says:

    i want to fuck that dwarf

  413. de Liluh SofHollywood says:

    madonna and ursula should sing together

  414. de Liluh SofHollywood says:

    you know this always plays out the same way for you micaela or should i say italy slayer

  415. randoomstudioz says:

    The fashion in this video is really beautiful.. Got my attention so it does >_>

  416. de Liluh SofHollywood says:

    did you know i had blue velvet?

  417. HannahC503 says:

    I love this but it’s not exactly advertising H&M xD

  418. Gabriel Mk says:

    This is art.

  419. Rayhuntter says:

    if you want a playlist with all Lana’s songs (release , leaked + a few remixes) check my channel. You can thank me later. 🙂

  420. Pushkopeenoh says:

    those lips….!

  421. virgorouge says:

    I am a better musician, so are others. All of the better artists and creative people are not commercial and outside of the commercial world. That industry should be boycotted. They are a scam. They are like T.V preachers and brainwashing people that there is nothing better than them. They are lying to people, just like a lot of religions are lying to people across the world. This is a cult scam, they need to be taken down. Please donate to serious artists and boycott them now.

  422. mszeppelin95 says:

    Abe Lincoln looking guy is pretty cute.

  423. Sandra Cátheryn says:

    acho que ela não chegará a velhice.

  424. Lad. Nina says:

    0:36 Lana when she will be old 😀

  425. Othmane OthenoX says:

    Please like my video Lana Del Rey – Burning Desire ( Cover by OthenoX ) on my channel

  426. iam8388 says:

    this is “sound of wall”

  427. Luca Tosoni says:

    look my video & channel /watch?v=W-1Wb7K29S4

  428. cwl007 says:

    dafuq, H & M?

  429. TheColorfulOnline says:

    that was a disturbing scene..

  430. Ehii Ella says:

    love how she always caresses the mic

  431. Janvi Seth says:

    blueeee velvet

  432. Audrey Ramirez says:


  433. mrcrash1664 says:

    blue velvet good movie

  434. Robert Healy says:



    Einai teleia just perfect

  436. Eli Jordan says:

    She would be perfect to sing the next James Bond song, she’s got a really old-fashioned voice

  437. anne413able says:

    I made a cover of this song, I love Lana! I hope some of you guys will check it out and give me some support or just tell me how i can get better. THANK YOU SO MUCH! xx

  438. ttony221 says:

    are you kidding me? shes fuckin gorgeus, but she looks a little weird in this video

  439. harrycapota says:

    cool, photpgraphed by the original Blue Velvet Cinematographer, Fred Elmes!!

  440. lifeisayetest says:

    bby ~

  441. MissLovelyTime says:

    Elle sera toujours aussi belle.♥ J’aime beaucoup cet atmosphère. Mais en même temps,il exprime comme … un mal être. J’aime beaucoup.

  442. ConnieLynchitz says:


  443. Gleb Fjodoroff says:

    but she is 🙁 plastic surgery sometimes isn’t good

  444. Ehii Ella says:

    song is mysterious,filled with complexity,intriguing like Lana Del Ray,listen to it,almost everyday and i am not bored with it and i always get bored easily

  445. Chrissy Boothe says:

    soo fucking gorgeous i cant

  446. daniisummer says:

    i am a huge fan of blue velvet by david lynch and i was a bit skeptical as to how good this would be but as usual, lana -or rather the director, Johan Renck, has surpassed my expectations. lana did a beautiful job with her interpretation of the song. but the music video is something else. i love the atmosphere it creates. there is one tiny thing when the sound starts coming out of the phone, that switch felt a bit awkward to me, especially so near the end of the song. nevertheless, i loved it 🙂

  447. Tori Henderson says:

    can i look like you
    can i sing like you
    uh can i be you
    no, no one can because you’re Lana Del Fucking Rey <3

  448. Rodd Tureaud says:

    Blueeeee velvet

  449. irine002 says:

    she is fucking gorgeous.

  450. Beatriz Correia says:

    perfect… makes me think about the 50’s ladies 🙂

  451. WowBuffy says:

    just because she is different it doesnt mean she is ugly

  452. Gleb Fjodoroff says:

    yeeep, she’s soooo ugly :(((

  453. Elya Dyalushenko says:

    te quiero lana

  454. JeremeeV says:

    she’s ugly *ok now slap me* LOL

  455. oranjizer says:

    She wore Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…… oh im in loveeeee

  456. MrMoeJK says:

    The song and look is based on the movie “Blue Velvet” which has the same look and feel as Twin Peaks, all created by the same man David Lynch (a genius).

  457. wanda mccloud says:

    she wore blue velvet….

  458. freedomsanctuary15 says:

    Dear god, im hypnotized by her voice

  459. Amaka Egoegonwa says:

    Lana my love <3

  460. maxpayne2424 says:

    This version creeps me the fuck out for some reason. Not sure if it’s better than the other versions but it’s something different 😀

  461. David LQ says:

    This looks like Twin Peaks: The Musical.

  462. Eric Mejia says:

    wow beautiful!

  463. xXmizzkizXx says:

    its not really “plastic” because its a commercial. It’s set in a particular way because its based on the way a director named David Lynch makes his movies, and Lana Del Rey is quite a fan of his

  464. Jay Es says:

    no shit sherlock

  465. ariana soto says:


  466. Showerlolz says:

    This is actually a commercial.

  467. eduard verspaget says:

    she has a new 007 movie sound !

  468. KiraFORTHEWIN says:

    You gave me an eargasm.

  469. Josshii9 says:

    1:53 su sonrisa.♥

  470. zymuur says:

    She looks like she just got punched in the mouth. What the fuck.

  471. agdrilo says:

    I feel high.

  472. florenceloveect says:

    Omg I just threw up with love

  473. esmaa1303 says:

    Just’ Beautiful *-*

  474. İlgi Okutan says:

    why am i crying?

  475. Nick Ilievski says:

    omg i died

  476. Jacobin23 says:

    with I.Rossellini is better version..too plastic this one

  477. latiaos11 says:

    She looks really plastic here because that’s how she has to look for the commercial, think of the three girls sitting in the same way, looking the same way and dressing the same way lol, and well she’s NOT that plastic -.- She just touched her nose and well she embellished her lips <3

  478. teenwitchlovergirl says:

    LOL! The end! I was falling in love with the song, then the little guy just made me die laughing.

  479. lomoempire says:

    there’s no band though.

  480. Iván Caudet Sánchez says:

    años de ventaja

  481. MrAlbostyler says:

    you are a genius 🙂

  482. Natasha P. says:

    it’s like its eco!

  483. Rebecca Fung says:

    I’ve been doing what he was doing for the whole song.

  484. rackcitywhistle says:

    I got so confused at the end I was like “Dafuq?!”

  485. Phia Payne says:

    she did, for the lips. look at the pictures when she was younger

  486. DimachkaS says:

    love her talons.

  487. queenjudas says:

    yes she has, but she looks great!

  488. Melanie Gil says:

    Que hermosa ♥ ♥

  489. FaithGoHard89 says:

    she never had plastic surgery.

  490. FaithGoHard89 says:

    Dear Santa ,
    I want Lana <3 <3

  491. arcx90 says:

    Brits Awards 2013: The Best International Female Solo Artist is goes to…… Lana del Rey

  492. HexRecording says:

    could somebody tell me what’s the name of that type of microphone? want one!

  493. EmoChick27dark says:

    WOAH. I GOT IT ALMOST EXACT Sounds sooo cool! They’re like not even a second apart.

  494. MEME McGraw says:

    I swear this was David Lynch inspired !

  495. Evelyn Lee Barney says:

    I agree with the little guy – NO!

  496. heretic12345678 says:

    Naughty girl…!Haha!

  497. heretic12345678 says:

    Naughty girl…!Haha!

  498. lilacmessage says:

    She looks post embalming! and like most of her body gases ended up in her lips you know like she’s in rigor mortis WTF

  499. Aybuke Kara says:

    WTF is wrong with your eyes

  500. lilacmessage says:

    WTF is wrong with her face

  501. Bradford Hendricks says:

    epic. thanks 🙂

  502. epalva2 says:

    she’s just unpeccable. Beautiful. She takes you to a whole other word. <3

  503. Jada Miranda says:

    this kinda reminds me of An American Horror story, ugh i love her so much she is perfect.

  504. Rachel Allen says:

    I have the same sweater from h&m. I love her so much

  505. SGlongboard says:

    David Lynch motherfuckers

  506. Lunaa1611 says:

    never* nigga learn how to spell

  507. ThePiercedWolf says:

    I think she’s beautiful inside and out ♥ I’d go lesbian for her.

  508. Ollie Del Rey says:

    actually she neva had plastic surgery:/

  509. 123thof says:

    The 60s weren’t boring, that’s for sure.

    Then there were the seemingly endless assassinations.

    But the music was indeed colossal.

  510. sleeperrasta says:

    Like, if you’re going to make a cover for this song and make all those references, then at least you should get the curtains right.

  511. nonchalantd says:

    I love her smile at the end.

  512. nonchalantd says:

    Vietnam War, i.e., violence and a bad experience for those involved

  513. Kentcharm2 says:

    So she is a fan of David lynch? Cool.

  514. ThatPinkMustache says:

    my ass.

  515. aamimitchi says:

    I think this cover is good

  516. Marian Joyce says:


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    what’s about Vietnam?

  518. Yasmin Khan says:

    yeah i’m his girlfriend 🙂

  519. loyagirl111 says:

    She’s beautiful

  520. moddingfreak says:

    wtf? she has a absolutly ugly nose (plastic surgery fail)

  521. heretic12345678 says:

    Haha, ok, i will… (even though he has nothing to do with acting :P)

    He has a girlfiend, unfortunatelly… 🙁

  522. Yasmin Khan says:

    Really?! So lucky! Tell him a random woman on youtube thinks he’s perfect and wonderful and an amazing actor!

  523. mondo4422 says:

    I think she should sing a duet with Leonard Cohen and have the video directed by David Lynch.

  524. heretic12345678 says:

    U r welcome, actually he’s a friend of mine, hehe!

  525. Mashid M says:

    This is art.

  526. wellthatcouldwork says:


  527. Yasmin Khan says:

    thank you so much!!!!

  528. Stahlgrau330Ci says:

    There is some very Lynchesque about this video clip. Excellent song, excellent voice by Del Rey.

  529. potter head says:

    eu sei direito!

  530. Nova Sin says:

    the original was wayyyyyyyyyy better

  531. heretic12345678 says:

    He is Panagiotis Simopoulos, a greek top model!

  532. HelleniCowboy Sei says:

    after a solo with carrie du four I enjoy this song 5:39 am

  533. mymyhey999 says:

    Lana was born in wrong century xdd

  534. RetroRookie1990 says:

    1:02 Is that the Captain from Pan’s Labyrinth?

  535. Lotus Flowers says:

    She is one of few who had a good Botox fill

  536. Angele Deux says:

    very twin peaks
    wheres the whole videeOH?

  537. cathrinebuhaug says:

    Botox Lips?? Anyways.. Magical song!!!!

  538. Sandra Cátheryn says:

    Dos anos 60, não da Amy Winehouse!.

  539. Sandra Cátheryn says:

    Talentosa e linda demais.

  540. Max Meet says:


  541. TheNanohirn says:

    unnatural lips

  542. Dunedai1 says:

    Open the video 2 times and try to run it nearly simultaneously ITS AMAZING!

  543. rockjessie100 says:

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    Close but no Lynch.

  545. GreendayLover26 says:


  546. ThatPinkMustache says:

    i think she’s is so freaking perfect her face and voice and everything.

  547. mewionne peruta says:

    Trop plat, j’aime moyen :/

  548. Fede8913 says:

    Fantastic!!! <3

  549. Maria Jose Jebsen says:

    i want to see a picture of her before allll the plastic surgery that she has, the noce and that lips…. how she can sing with silicone lips…
    Any way… she is good for listen but not for see…

  550. walter resch says:

    sung by isabella rosselini

  551. Jonathan Parroni says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just going to write it any way because i feel at least one person will,
    i’m a singer i know there is like millions of those in this world
    but I’m different. I’m not Justin Bieber but please just give me a chance…
    it would mean so much to me to have a good following on youtube
    if anyone who reads this could press the ‘thumbs up’ other people might see it
    and give me a chance, please help me make my dream come true, thank you! <3

  552. Eric Mejia says:

    Fire a moment there I thought it was Jean Paul Goultier

  553. Ellen c. says:

    Her lips <3

  554. Igna Bruce says:

    Lanita hermosa que canta hermoso

  555. potter head says:

    love her hair eyes lips and fashion statement as a whole.
    A powerful influence of amy winehouse can be seen

  556. TheMissLicorne says:

    I wasn’t even referring to genetalia when I said pussy. -_-‘

  557. Donxy Wuv says:

    watch?v=FTQ4ckl-WX8 New Drake and Justin Timberlake!! DOPE!!!

  558. Terry Kane says:

    God i’d love to see her do a bond theme some day she’d be perfect! ha.

  559. klaudia gotlibowska says:


  560. Tony1993221 says:

    It’s a shame that this song last so little.

  561. brauliolaertes says:

    Geezzzz!…the nerve!

  562. foottothenuts says:

    Sucks. She tries so hard to be classy and vintage but she isn’t.

  563. Lucía Alfaro says:


  564. Ivan Stankevicius says:

    All thats glamour knoiw how hide a lot of bad things…

  565. haroldcoxly94 says:

    how could he 4get the best parts of the 60s ?

  566. Snowbuddy27 says:

    You only think that because you are some weak-ass balls. Sucka.

  567. pjamesflynn says:

    God damn superb video .

  568. TheMissLicorne says:

    Boo bitch, You took this shit to a whole different level!

  569. Yasmin Khan says:

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  570. Julia Lebrero says:

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  573. Liav Rahamim says:

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  574. jonymtkmda says:


  575. qualitygirl9 says:

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    This makes me think of a funeral euhk

  577. MinnesotaBabes JK says:

    lol shheee woooree bluuue velvet

  578. IHB97 says:

    This isn’t terrible, but the Bobby Vinton version was much better.

  579. aanniittaaYT says:

    Is this art or marketing? What’s wrong with art nowadays? So sad…

  580. Kelva Kartel says:

    I am so gay but Lana is a making me question it. Seriously.

  581. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. Serious musicians and composers are not commercial I trained at the top music school in the US.. I’m a CREATIVE person. I am a vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist. I taught myself how to write music but I had extensive training. I sing advanced music and write advanced music. I can write simple music too. I need donations since the commercial world does not fund serious composers or serious musicians. I need assistance. All serious musicians do.

  582. Teki420 says:

    Lol, also the 60s had its fair share of sex, porn, violence, dru­gs, and gore.

  583. AllBenIs says:

    But it doesn’t mean that i didn’t love it. Lana del Rey looks gorgeous!

  584. AllBenIs says:

    The part with the three girls looking exactly the same sitting on the couch reminded me of ‘The Shining’.

  585. Carolina Lanza says:

    Me encanta!

  586. UTUMMY2013 says:


  587. Beentakenaway123 says:

    This video dates back before the 60s. Maybe the 40s.

  588. Riaan van der Merwe says:

    that top lip is FULL of silicon or whatever they use nowa days! GEEZ!

  589. itschristian77 says:

    Her voice is mesmerizing.

  590. imyourslobobabe says:

    I just see the scenes with Isabella Rosselini and Dennis Hopper and I got pimples…

  591. florenceloveect says:

    Oh my god at the end when she smiles sarcastically

  592. 01Lukassantos says:

    Thats becaus the name of the movie is Blue Velvet, and the song Blue velvet its the soundtrack. Also, this videoclip is totally inspired on the movie.

  593. Mario García H. says:

    Are those lips or sausages? Collagen injected lips are ugly as hell. Self-mutilated and or self-deformed young woman don’t make any sense to me.

  594. DAVIDGONEGAGA says:

    Fucking midgets.

  595. Johnny Pazi says:

    This commercial and the David Beckham ones are the best

  596. onthinice766 says:

    I don’t know what this is all about, but on point.

  597. COLovesYou1 says:

    ironic but the video reminds me of a David Lynch movie

  598. Snowbuddy27 says:

    Pussies are actually not weak, they’re very strong. If you want to call somebody a weak part of the genitalia, you should call them balls because balls are very weak. You can’t even blow on balls wrong without a dude crying about it. A pussy can squeeze out a baby human.

  599. 11iDEMA says:

    You reek of bias.

  600. Aline Moore says:

    I got shivers coz of that smile 🙂

  601. Joswan Laau says:

    extremely outdated.
    Kd :p

  602. cicerusss says:

    She’s my queen *-*

  603. TheMissLicorne says:

    I feel so hurt now that you’ve adressed my bad English.

  604. MyLlamaDrama says:

    dat sweater i see it everywhere

  605. Alcapone Biban says:


  606. Terry Kane says:

    You could like so hear this women covering a bond theme some day.

  607. Nicolas Zea says:

    damn you are dumb. this is a tony bennett song. even i know that and i am 23. if you dont know what to say just please shut the fuck up

  608. Karina Kristin says:


  609. Rosy Garcia says:

    😀 ♥

  610. TheMissLicorne says:

    Pathetic is your midle name bitch.

  611. phantom5691 says:

    you forgot to mention lynchings, racism and Vietnam

  612. Walter Van der Wahl says:

    Bobby Vinton’s version was incredible, it was used in the David Lynch movie Blue Velvet with Laura Dern, Kyle MacLachIan & Isabella Rossellini. The surreal dream like sets Lana used here were clearly inspired by that movie.
    I enjoyed this. I see it as a tribute to David Lynch & Bobby Vinton.

  613. firebreather333 says:

    You’re a fucking idiot oh my god I can’t even believe your comment. First of all, Blue Velvet wasn’t even BOBBY VINTON’S SONG you fucking dumbass. It was originally performed by Tony Bennett. Bobby Vinton covered it, just like Lana Del Rey did. So yeah who’ scopying shit now? And lack of imagination, you obviously havnt heard any of her songs. People cover songs ALL THE TIME. It’s nothing new. It’s been happening for years. You’re nothing but a misinformed idiot.

  614. rafael amador says:

    She wore Blue Velvet… *————–*

  615. isaacteli says:

    Actually lana’s lyrics are full of sex, violence n drugs, which I love of hers

  616. miakcee says:

    you don’t think lana talks about sex? miss “my pussy tastes like pepsi cola”

  617. Diego Pérez says:

    David Lynch!!!!!

  618. Jack Wade says:

    The BIG illuminati secret is out.
    Internet access to the FUTURE found in the hall effect
    Click and Prove it for yourself
    Energy Equals Life dot com

  619. animositasniko says:

    lolwat. I know you’re new to life and all, but you should really look into a little thing called Woodstock. Or for that matter Timothy Leary. And also Albert Hoffman for history of chemistry class.


  620. MagdaRybak2009 says:

    Gives me chills every time! Lana<3

  621. geeezusmoney says:

    If you did you wouldnt have to brag about it on facebook. Nice try lame guy/girl.

  622. Rebecca Arroyo says:

    that beginning sound, that weird moan is just…

  623. AuSecretDesJours says:

    In this clip it’s not “teletubbies world” either…
    You say “now it’s Porn Violence Sex Drugs and Gore” but, in my opinion there is something Sexual, noxious on this clip.
    Because it’s also a rerun of Lynch atmosphere.
    Your comment is not true for me, and very straightforward, but it’s my opinion of course.
    I don’t understand why people need to classify all thing and weep the “Golden age”…
    “Sorry if there are errors, I’m not English” !

  624. Lucy Fur says:

    this remake is beautiful as well as Lana,her voice is like a dream..

  625. nighnighnigh1 says:

    Can someone tell me what kind of record player that is?

  626. DeceptiveFilms says:

    i’m here for frank

  627. 777Serenia777 says:

    This is so completely dreadful: watch?v=Nu7gAZX_IoI

  628. 777Serenia777 says:

    When you come at people with a pompous attitude like that, don’t expect any help.

  629. Eman825 says:

    Ah, the 60s. Historical greats like MLK Jr, RFK, and Malcolm X getting assassinated for their… principles.


  630. nikeoreo says:

    Dfffghh g2g fidgetin

  631. VampsAreLovee says:

    But back then they had MORALS and didn’t showcase it off like it’s something to be proud of.

  632. paravelove says:

    Wow. As a professionally-trained musician, I have to say that this is the prime example of why people think we’re all cocky. Perhaps a little modesty might do you some good.

  633. paravelove says:

    New Trend? Artists have been playing each other’s songs for DECADES to pay homage to their influences. Don’t Stop Believin, At Last, & I Will Always Love You are all covered time and time again, and that’s good. Great music should live forever and be passed down like stories. Lana is inspired by the 60s, OBVIOUSLY, and this song just proves that. Flattering Bobby Vinton by reviving his song does not make her any less creative or talented.

  634. GengarLyrics says:

    this is the better version of this song

  635. Jack Wade says:

    The big illuminati secret, now you will know too
    Internet access to the future found in the hall effect
    CLiCk and prove it for yourself
    Energy equals life dot com

  636. NielsDuck says:

    You are pathetic too. =)

  637. TheMissLicorne says:

    BITCH I can compare Lana del rey to a dog if I wanted to. Shut up and stop pretending that they’re insulting your mother. Fucking pussy you’re weak.

  638. nashbidzis says:

    thankful? for what? copying song that doesn’t belong to her. Not to mention she ruined Bobby Vinton masterpiece. Its a new trend nowadays that those so called “artists” are singing old forgetten songs and making money out of it. It should be prohibited. I bet Lana’s lack of imagination forced her to steal it , What a pathetic thief she turned out to be. What a fucking shame.

  639. NielsDuck says:

    How dare you to compare yourself with Lana Del Rey? I haven’t listened to your music but I know for sure that Lana Del Rey is much better.

    You are pathetic.

  640. HAYTHAM KENWAY says:

    That’s cute.

  641. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. Serious musicians and composers are not commercial I trained at the top music school in the US.. I’m a CREATIVE person. I am a vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist. I taught myself how to write music but I had extensive training. I sing advanced music and write advanced music. I can write simple music too. I need donations since the commercial world does not fund serious composers or serious musicians. I need assistance. All serious musicians do.

  642. Joanna K. says:

    Yeah, they tried
    but it rather looks like parody of David Lynch

  643. rebeccavonvanitysix says:

    Thank you Josh Benmore for showing me this ;-; I’m obsessed now

  644. grand dini says:

    i think i fell in love with this women over the span of 20 mins……i was just sampling hunting for beats and came across this beauty and became stuck on her and sitting here listening to every track her voice is so amazing……..thank you god for this beauty of a goddess

  645. RodriTosoChannel says:

    estamos conversando en un video de Lana amigo! jajaja love u more

  646. mae baybe says:

    she is such perfection

  647. nunusic says:

    Ahhhh loooove!

  648. gamebrotv says:

    David Lynsh´s Blue Velvet brings me here.

  649. Lucy Sky says:

    It’s a cover.

  650. personaldove says:

    wow didnt know liberals were so sensitive about the truth.

  651. KitanasGrrl says:

    It’s not like there were no sex, porn, violence or drugs. There was more respect. That’s all.

  652. theant12xu1 says:

    Where we come from the birds sing a pretty song, and there is always music in the air.

  653. Yvonne Oliver says:

    cant help but like this…tribute to David Lynch

  654. Reiven Gabbana says:

    its so funny found a comment by you ond youtube jaja ♥ love you.

  655. RodriTosoChannel says:

    That smile at the end made my day ♥

  656. amy vigna says:

    If you haven’t bought her CD paradise yet I suggest you go out and get it now

  657. Steve f. says:

    So David Lynch style of video i love both of them

  658. taybayd says:

    Anyone kno if there is a full verison of this song?

  659. thronize says:

    that midget is my hero

  660. Anny Nebesařová says:

    Lana is soo fantastic 😀

  661. Roberto Franco says:

    omg is so…..intense

  662. Maya Kasterine says:

    Love her voice in that song.
    Can’t wait to go watch her live in Geneva <3

  663. haritini3 says:

    Oh my god it’s the best song I’ve ever heard.And her best song in my opinion <3

  664. hedlik says:

    it’s the internets, dude, THE INTERNETS ! I told you !

  665. Halimbaykus31 says:

    i think the watchmen on clip, look like lost highway mysteriusman. and the short guy remembers me twin peaks

  666. Alfredo Vargas says:

    Song complete name is:
    Lana Del Rey – “Blue Velvet” (Full version)

  667. millers3888 says:

    She looks like Ann Margret here.

  668. Dank951 says:

    The 60s didn’t have sex, violence, and drugs? Not sure about that given that the 60s era saw the birth of the HIPPIE MOVEMENT–which many hippies participated in ORGIES while high on marijuana and “acid”.

  669. Dank951 says:

    She was still excellent on SNL! SNL has no room to talk given that all of their cast are WASHED UP rejected actors and actresses whose careers are failing.

  670. Fam Stache says:

    fiftys,syxties egal wir lieben diese Zeiten, das heißt nicht das auch Musik aus anderen Jahren sehr gut ist,bluevelvet but this is unbeatable.

  671. SuperShoplifter says:

    All of those happened in the 60’a Vietnam, Woodstock, porn, civil rights movements, JFK MLK assassination. Dude what the fuck are you talking about.

  672. Johnny Pazi says:

    Love you Lana

  673. natalyc97 says:

    love it

  674. José Zaduchliver says:

    i think he meant 50’s

  675. Emanuele Roppo says:

    my answer to all this nostalgic idiot is one : NO FUCKING INTERNET

  676. fruitypebbles904 says:

    lol you need to learn up on some history boy

  677. Lovelybones774 says:

    The 60’s was like Modern Day America mixed with 50’s fashion and technology. 🙂

  678. KasabianQueen says:

    I don’t really get this advert? Anyway I love Lana 🙂

  679. MicahsWeird says:

    The 60’s was a time of war. There was definitley sex, violence, drugs, and gore.
    Maybe not porn.

  680. mohdshow says:

    I loved the whole concept especially at the end when the short man unplugs, I think it referred to her SNL performance saying “at least I didn’t lip sync”

  681. xsweetvenomx says:

    Everyone that thumbed you up needs to read up on history. The sexual revolution happened in the 60’s! READ!


    i’m prretty sure that’s how you heal her anyway,,, culd be wrong.could be wrong cul be wrong like it anyway.


    and to heal her of course you’ll need to cure people of brovine disease by worshipping the king of america’s cock. yeah baby ride on through the night everybody loves the sight of a hdnsome man with abig ock everybody got the rock they got in their ass for touching the king’s bitch and everybody loves a tune about the man who threw the dice and made him king it’s touching my ring.

  684. Mimi Crompton says:

    ☯ ♡ ☯ NEW MUSIC ☯ ♡ ☯

    Firstly, I’m so sorry to spam. It’s the hardest thing to get anything out there without a sprinkling of spamming! My little heart does somersaults when I get a new like or comment, I do this because it drives me through the day and I adore the feedback – be it good or bad!

    So without further ado, please have a look and let me know what you think!

    If you hate it, i’ll provide you with soft (or hard) fruit to throw at my head.

    Thank you xoxo

  685. missygal15 says:

    If you think the 60’s didn’t have drugs and sex, you are wrong.

  686. converseR2kool4u says:

    Actually, several aspects of the video suggest different fashions of the 1920s-40s. Maybe even the 60s, which is implied by Lana’s hair, as well as those three creepy chicks on the couch. However, I see none from the 50s. There was no war in the 50s, so I don’t see why men in uniform would be featured in the video.

  687. FlyKidzOverHere says:

    its actually 50s fashion lol

  688. bruno moises says:


  689. MateiMocanu says:

    sexy sixties, though

  690. Marionnine says:

    I thought about him at first sight (yeah I know who he is..) but these are not his features and even with brown lenses … Nah I don’t think it’s him..

  691. ceciliasvw02 says:

    I like Tony Bennett’s cover too

  692. Constant Bitihuse says:

    racist .

  693. freskandebreskan says:

    I’m pretty sure they were…..Jimmy Saville?

  694. Lana Del Rey says:

    Wow Lana is amazing, So if you love Lana as much as I do, then watch my lyric videos. I have done ‘American’, ‘Body Electric’, and ‘Teenage Wasteland’ sorry my video for Butterfiles doesn’t work :(. thanks everyone whos watched it already and as you can see from my name and picute I love Lana if you do too watch my videos or subscribe and in the future I will upload more videos

  695. Dank951 says:

    It’s amazing. I’m thankful for Lana not mutilating with autotune, unnecessary vocals, etcetera…that would be a lazy rendition of the song; but she nailed it.

  696. caroaimelamusique says:


  697. nashbidzis says:

    What a lauzy imitation of Bobby vinton song’s . Wtf is going on with modern music?

  698. Quinn Todd says:

    open your eyes!!

  699. EverydayIsRegular says:

    Well i’m not sure but it looks like Richard Armitage 😛 I saw someone mention that and its true. Haha, you probably don’t know who that is but whatever.


    calling the president on a cell.

  701. Dank951 says:

    Love her, and I can definitely see the whole “Lynchian” inspiration pervaded throughout the entire video! 🙂

  702. personaldove says:

    beats today.
    inless you count the hanoi jane scandal.she was rightfully attacked for that

  703. Kristina Rietveld says:

    If you keep rolling your eyes they’re going to fall out.
    Are you kidding? There was TONS of war propaganda. Also my point is that in Hollywood YOU ARE CORRECT about how it was neutral and more about fashion, glamour, principles, etc.
    My point is that the MEDIA was not tame like you say it is.

  704. qualitygirl9 says:

    PRETTY 😉

  705. shorts says:

    david LYNCH

  706. virgorouge says:

    The commercial world is run by under-educated people to lead the under-educated masses. They don’t know much about music. I studied music for 20 yrs, and taught myself how to write music. I studied voice for 14 yrs and studied at the premier music school in the US rated above Julliard. Curtis Institute. They don’t know much about creativity or art. They are leading the blind and ignoring artistic people who are on a much higher level. They want music to be for the dumb down masses.

  707. yellowfuzzysox says:

    @Marionnine i believe its fransisco lachowski

  708. vampounette38 says:


  709. Marionnine says:

    Who is the man at 1:24 ?? pleaaaase up 😀

  710. Lana Del Rey says:

    Hey guys! Do you love Lana Del Rey? Watch my lyric video to ‘Teenage Wasteland’ thanks guys!

    TeamLana!!! xxx

  711. Gizardofmars says:

    The original song was my grandpa’s favorite song, and he is no longer with us, so when I listen to this, I think of him. It’s like something we shared, you know? He got Bobby Vinton and I get Lana Del Rey. She’s amazing. 🙂 <3

  712. Rayhuntter says:

    if you want a playlist with all Lana’s songs (release , leaked, remixes) check my channel. thank me later.

  713. pauletta2107 says:

    you know Edie Sedgwick story ?

  714. personaldove says:

    *rolls eyes again*
    the media was tame compared to the mess today.people had morals and decency not the war propagandising and politicizing ,sex,gore,violent movies and reality shows of today.
    the war had nothing to do with hollywood.hollywood chose to stay out of politics and entertain the audience like they were supposed to

  715. Kristina Rietveld says:

    The media covered the riots as well as support for the war in Vietnam. If you mean that Hollywood was about these things you mentioned then it would be closer to the truth.

  716. Julia B. says:

    I ♥ this song

  717. personaldove says:

    *rolls eyes* im talking about the media kid.not history

  718. Eggiweg10 says:

    I was about to say the same thing. I like the old days too but these people have no idea what they’re talking about.

  719. Badar Claudia says:

    you don’t say!

  720. Karina Kristin says:

    You lucky kid.

  721. Kristina Rietveld says:

    Uh, remember Vietnam? That’s your gore and violence. Remember the hippie era? That would be your sex and drugs.

  722. xArchAngeL01x says:


  723. virgorouge says:

    I’m a serious musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I trained at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and creativity to be excellent at music. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes extensive training. It takes self-education and extensive training.

  724. DavidsStupidVids says:

    your mother is also a slut .

  725. mariohds86 says:

    I’m mesmerized!

  726. Cinnamon Crunch says:

    shes disgusting really wth ! get hit by a train big slut !

  727. Jaime Rebolledo says:


  728. xXPinkGoddessXx says:

    You implied it when you said ‘the inspiration is obvious’. If you agreed that Amy’s 50’s and 60’s inspired style was nothing original (which it wasn’t), then there would be no way that the inspiration could be ‘obvious’.

  729. iitsblakee says:

    obviously you don’t love her that much then because she did an amazing job with this song. even my dad admitted that her voice was perfect for it.

  730. Waldo James says:

    I love Lana and all, but she pretty much KILLED this song.. Blue Velvet is one if those songs that can NEVER be touched.

  731. LittleLegoidiots0 says:

    she’s AMAZING. although florence welch could give her a run for her money!

  732. LittleLegoidiots0 says:

    SO jealous of her hair.

  733. LittleLegoidiots0 says:

    omg my friend has that sweater!!!

  734. ericcstumpf says:

    Comparing this video to David Lynch is like comparing a terrible attempt at copying David Lynch to David Lynch. FUCK THAT SHIT! PABST BLUE RIBBON!

  735. Dragonaraa says:

    Is she sitting down or…?

  736. personaldove says:

    ah the,glamour,principles and style
    today….sex,porn,violence,drugs and gore

  737. Sara Cuellar says:

    The signature Lana sound is that bird sounding thing haha. It’s in some of her other songs

  738. Claudia Badar says:

    I never heard such a beautiful voice…..

  739. Chelsea Welsea says:

    so creepy.. lol

  740. Jessica Gotera says:

    Why is she so miserable. She’s too pretty

  741. pgice says:

    yes she does

  742. summer jordan says:

    you have beautiful hands. god

  743. MrsSimsFreak98 says:

    love it when she smiles! 🙂

  744. Lea-Marie Chityal says:

    Does anyone else think that Lana look so much like Priscilla Presley?

  745. zach200cc says:

    Amazing I LOVE LANA!!!!!!!!!!

  746. taniaa111 says:


  747. laurencia52 says:


  748. Mimi Crompton says:

    ☯ ♡ ☯ NEW MUSIC ☯ ♡ ☯

    Firstly, I’m so sorry to spam. It’s the hardest thing to get anything out there without a sprinkling of spamming! My little heart does somersaults when I get a new like or comment, I do this because it drives me through the day and I adore the feedback – be it good or bad!

    So without further ado, please have a look and let me know what you think!

    If you hate it, at least you’ll get to see a few of my cats, and who doesn’t like cats?

    Thank you xoxo

  749. Dcarrieta9 says:

    it’s called blue velvet for a reason

  750. MrsKylie12 says:

    She has got a lovely smile

  751. goody2shoes1999 says:


  752. goody2shoes1999 says:

    1:53 “I ain’t even mad” love you lana. <3

  753. Alex Poot says:

    I meet her today at my store she is so beautiful.

  754. Roberto Perez says:

    There’s any long version?

  755. Flrestarter says:

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  756. Makayla DeZurik says:

    I suddenly crave the feeling to buy H&M. 😉

  757. Ricardo Martins says:

    The microphone it’s the same as the one on the club where Isabella Rossellini sings Blue Velvet in Blue Velvet

  758. dragythuno says:


  759. qualitygirl9 says:

    =) I LOVE YOU

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  761. Faust Hammer says:

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  763. AlabasterBunny says:

    yay for catwoman! 1:09

  764. Jonathan Parroni says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just going to write it any way because i feel at least one person will,
    i’m a singer i know there is like millions of those in this world
    but I’m different. I’m not Justin Bieber but please just give me a chance…
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  765. IzzyGoRawrs says:

    @haylerzforever riiiighhhtttt!!!!!?? :0

  766. Adam Otwell says:

    I love the ending

  767. Shannon Perez says:

    It sounds more 1950s

  768. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  769. haylerzforever says:

    she probably smells so good.

  770. Rolando Jr. Nepomuceno says:

    Amazing how just so many people are insecure of her :)) you can telll she’s no good. But oh she doesn’t give a single f—

  771. RogeriorpMr says:

    Perfeito como todos os vídeos e músicas da Lana…

  772. Valeriya Kartman says:

    i love^^

  773. xwhatsername08x says:

    @BobWestTheBest best comment ive read xD

  774. equalscapitald says:

    the ending is funny as hell
    gosh i love her

  775. Rayhuntter says:

    if you want a playlist with all Lana’s songs (release , leaked, remixes) check my channel. thank me later.

  776. hipstermerli says:

    She is so cool Haters you can say everything you want but this woman is nice pretty and her voice too! <3

  777. hipstermerli says:

    He is so cool I think her voice is clear,nice and I just love it AND:She is so pretty! Haters, you can say everything you want but this woman is nice! If you think she is ugly and she can not sing than just say it! But she is really wonderfull!

  778. misanthrope1920 says:

    Garbage, no soul, the original was better

  779. nancysalguero10 says:

    She’s amazing

  780. Nightingale Azure says:

    She looks so elegant

  781. Ana de Castro says:

    do you see all the coincidences ? :3 as how she sucks? she sings so bad live, that she needs to do the H&M gig. it’s how low she is. i’m just sad how people don’t see past the image they created for her, she is a manufactured product. she’s a marketing project and people don’t see it…

  782. Brandi Younq says:


  783. Mariana Ariel says:

    her smile ♥

  784. laura delgad says:

    Lana you…..are…..AMAZING :’)

  785. ibtarnine says:

    Trying so hard, but falling so short of the original, or even Isabella Rossellini and Angelo Badalamenti. And all for an advertisement for a clothing manufacturer that specializes in ripping off the original work of others.

  786. auteur91 says:

    I was just looking at this thinking that it was so Lynchian that I wouldn’t be surprised if a dwarf walked in. And then, whaddya know?

  787. Annabelcool says:

    Does anybody understand this advert?

  788. fantagebeats101 says:

    I love how Lana is old fashioned c:

  789. rokinuplate says:


  790. TheKetysmiley says: watch this pleaseee! <3 🙂

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  792. MissMotorMouthMaybel says:

    She looks just like Pamela Bellwood in her Dynasty years!

  793. Andres F M says:

    Porn heaven…

  794. Andres F M says:

    Porn heaven…

  795. iliriacum666 says:

    They are exaggerating with her classy 60 French style…she is incredibly unique but is not that good to make those extremely classy…

  796. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  797. CoCo tea says:

    H&M ruined the feel

  798. vanessa Gonzales says:

    Did I feel David Lynch walk into the room? I suddenly feel a detached, nauseous, absurd Americana feeling in my consciousness… and apparently my stomach. Who knew? Does anyone have an eraserhead?

  799. brian green says:

    That beat is sick, I wish someone would make a longer version! Great take on a classic song.

  800. SpongebobKanciastopo says:

    straszne takie drętwe plastikowe a zarazem takie fajnie

  801. VAN DAMME says:

    Hi Virgorouge, the truth is that Wolrd is CRUEL. Try not to fight against it, but live your life as better as you can. maybe you won’t be as famous, but it’s not important. It’s all about being happy in life, nothing else. I would like to listen to you on youtube one day. Get to work !

  802. CentauriiMaximus says:


  803. Sotiria Katikaridi says:

    so EPIC and RERFECT just like her 🙂

  804. Beltran Cano says:

    and her nails.

  805. kataurora404 says:

    0:52 Es Arturo Prat!!!

  806. Rayhuntter says:

    if you want a playlist with all Lana’s songs (release , leaked, remixes) check my channel. thank me later.


    Shoot the midget here @1:37 . First time no sympathy for dwarfism

  808. Monoija says:

    I cannot stand her stupid pouty lips (she’s clearly had work done to them), but aside from that she is absolutely brilliant.

  809. xThirdGB says:

    Does anybody knows the name of the guy with the beard???

  810. hausgagamonster says:

    @Lorraine Stár Bad ass 🙂

  811. hausgagamonster says:

    @virgorouge shut the fuck ahp, we get it. Jesus, Christ. If you’re so good, why haven’t I fuckin heard you? It!ms not about training, or technique, it’s about the heart guts. You wasted your money on bull shit. Stop posting this shiet, if anyone cared they would let you know.

  812. uknnnown1234 says:

    i like the way she smiles at the end

  813. AbercrombieLila says:

    And has a amazing voice!!

  814. AbercrombieLila says:

    She is so stunning!!

  815. Relax Vids says:

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  816. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  817. MarryTheNight211 says:

    why u need to put this on every Lana Del Rey video / song ??

  818. Joseno93 says:

    This is the best look of Lana by far, she looks so fuckin beautiful.

  819. jamrulz123 says:

    what a cheese

  820. BOBKLAAS1 says:

    Blue velvet

  821. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  822. 6beersforbreakfast says:

    Do you even lift?

  823. MsReginalovely says:

    I love her sweater

  824. AnDyflowSnO0pDoGg says:


  825. princessreese1998 says:

    That girl’s laugh is annoying.

  826. Chulan Jeanett says:

    The midget that cut her off <<<<<<

  827. BobWestTheBest says:

    the midget at the end is actually bobby vinton, what people don’t realise is how much smaller people were back in the 50s

  828. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  829. Süleyman Erim says:

    İdiots. Her voice is coming from heaven.

  830. mirroredhour says:

    I didn’t expect that ending, although it’s fitting for some reason.

  831. traingularity says:

    david lynch?

  832. hirogerthisisme says:

    bad lipjob

  833. Yago Bertolazzi says:

    ??? i didn’t understand!

  834. xmen1500 says:

    You can sing but you have not talent

  835. xxRae132xx says:

    shut up nobody cares u probly suck anyways

  836. dillonft says:

    I laughed at your comment, I’d like to see you really sing and play all of those instruments…

  837. Thomas Mcdermott says:

    love this voice

  838. narcolepticum says:

    cool story bro

  839. marrible says:

    Virgorouge is Marissa Marchant AKA Marissa Lize Etienne AKA Maresa Elienne etc etc. She’s notorious for trolling the net since 2003, trying to get attention by being rude to artists better and more successful than her. She’s been doing the same thing for 10 years, just under different names. Google her and you’ll see what a sham she is!

  840. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  841. baby blue says:

    the video is friggin creepy but i guess it was meant to be that way – pretty matching up with the atmosphere of the song

  842. BOBKLAAS1 says:

    1:13 *-*

  843. xwhatsername08x says:

    i love how she just shrugs

  844. CandyDandyApples says:

    I wish my velvet was blue now that would be cool, sadly it is raven black the hair downstairs I mean, xoxo, Candy.

  845. CandyDandyApples says:

    Damn you a video hoe, everywhere I go you posting this dumb shit. If I sit on your face I would gladly.

  846. IcyyHair says:

    bitch please, I don’t hear you all over the radio.

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  848. Solarissis says:

    Bitter, much.

  849. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  850. Gold Bullion says:


  851. Apolo Pereira says:

    A mais pura arte sonora, adorei..

  852. Cameron Curfizzle says:

    LOL this video…..wut.

  853. Rafaello3112 says:

    Love Lana..

  854. Gagaloopony says:

    Maybe you ought to spend time making music rather than bragging about how good you are at it and bitching about how nobody wants to listen to you, you pretentious douchebag

  855. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  856. robosawrx says:


  857. robosawrx says:


  858. Rattus Nobelus says:

    proof that Lana has an amazing sense of humor and that there is someone home.

  859. Queen Latifah says:

    lol what.

  860. Marilyn Matthews says:

    and like life itself, too short…

  861. shesgoingslightlymad says:

    That voice!!!!!

  862. jolubeot says:

    0:14 is the best part. really

  863. MrFendkg287316 says:

    everyone in this video is so beautiful omg

  864. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  865. Jaden Soto says:

    Fuck that midget bitch. Love you lana !!

  866. WolfySnackrib666 says:

    0:52 LOL

  867. Alicia Singer says:

    Please check out my cover! I am an anonymous musician.. I sing and play the piano. I just started my youtube today and hope to be discovered. Please watch it and subscribe! Thank you.

  868. LA82 says:

    Lei bellissima, il video simpatico

  869. wastedcigarette says:

    I have fallen in love with Lana too many times while listening to her music. Her beauty, her music, her soul… She’s perfect <3

  870. Horrorfrog Batrachius says:

    Seriously. And he had better let Agent Cooper out of the Red Room eventually! He’s missing out on great coffee these days.

  871. YunaQQQQQ8 says:

    Her voice <33

  872. lovalovaa says:

    David Lynch is hard.

  873. LELLATURKIA says:

    Awh her smile

  874. goosecutter4 says:


  875. juodlige says:

    You seem a very interesting and spiritual person but people need at least a little bit of that simple and down to earth dirt that many of us cope with daily and can relate to in some way. Your music is hard to listen to and I can’t relate to it neither in aestethical nor emotional way but maybe it’ll change once you vocalise yourself.

  876. juodlige says:

    But your music is boring and doesn’t have charisma. I checked it and didn’t like it.

  877. AL13NM says:

    Dennis Hopper roll up in there and bust that shit up!
    “I’ll sing anything that grooves!”

  878. rokinuplate says:

    BBC sent me here

  879. MrFendkg287316 says:

    her voice is like porn

  880. Marcos Ferreira says:

    i can’t stop watching this… just get her back on h&m and on my tv !!

  881. Cesar Camilo Medina Rincon says:

    Fuck you little man!

  882. Fariha Mahbub says:

    Bobby Vinton…

  883. DTBHKJ says:

    it must be longer D:

  884. robdirra says:

    It’s a bit… Lynch.

  885. Diego Villarreal says:


  886. HaiAliMonsterDino says:

    if you were a ‘better musician’ then you’d be on there isnt such thing of a better musician,music is music.simple as that.some people dont need training and education.some musicians even dropped out of school and never got an actual education,but yet they are still not saying EVERYONE doesnt need training and education.

  887. CinephiliacProdction says:

    Bobby Vinton

  888. Noelia Garcia says:

    i love you woman!

  889. MultiJanche says:

    Run midget…RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!

  890. virgorouge says:

    I’m a better musician. I’m a vocalist, multi-instrumentatlist, composer, who is self-taught but I had 20 yrs of training. I studied at Curtis, rating higher than Julliard in the US. It’s the premiere music school in the US I taught myself many things but I know it takes years of extreme hard work, training and education to be excellent at music.You probably won’t listen to my music and send me a message that I won’t read. The commercial world is so out of it. They don’t think it takes training

  891. elcuevo5 says:

    Perfec? I love

  892. Filip Hanak says:

    0:54 – my face right now

  893. hecktick133 says:

    Frankie Yang

  894. Nina Dobrev says:

    Please look my cover

  895. Ooh lala says:

    Stupid midget…

  896. ComingUpDilhouse says:

    Not a terrible cover. The whole “I’m attempting but failing Lynch, hard” style the director’s putting forth is somewhat off-putting, though.

  897. HayJayBaiii says:

    She is so pretty- I want her face shape 🙁

  898. Leb King says:

    Whts this song about its so confusing

  899. isaacisaac010 says:

    Fronk pls

  900. The123yourself says:

    Gostaria que essa música tivesse meia hora não apenas 2 minutos 🙂

  901. FreakyFeline88 says:

    I totally want this as s full song!!! lana you are so divine @.@

  902. gtjl2007 says:

    Frank the Tank

  903. Nick Brock says:

    Better than Taylor Swift’s Red Target commercial

  904. Jonathan Parroni says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just going to write it any way because i feel at least one person will,
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  905. gosuddr93 says:

    In Fronk we Trost

  906. tga909 says:

    This is fucking beautiful :’) well done

  907. PopcornFitness1 says:

    He’s the funniest KUNT on youtube

  908. Super8HomeVideo says:

    Lana Del Rey, devi morire subito.

  909. Lorraine Stár says:

    We is BLESSED to have Lana in the music industry…
    I will foreva thank the lord.
    P.s. for those of you who are looking for the original Blue Velvet song by Bobby Vinton… here it is /watch?v=tGbLi9grwzg

  910. Misssealine11 says:

    Frank? 🙂

  911. Eduardo Perez says:

    i fell in Love <3

  912. vaughanOsaurus says:

    Fronk Yong

  913. wongdong13 says:


  914. Enteroar says:

    love me some fronk mmmmmmm. FRANK YANG

  915. Nina Dobrev says:

    Hello please estimate my cover thanks in advance .

  916. violetraysmusic says:

    the H&M thing at the end ruined it

  917. violetraysmusic says:

    the H&M thing at the end ruined it

  918. Renzo Garcia says:

    She is the BLUE VELVET

  919. BEAUTEDIV says:


  920. kursat turan says:

    nice song kadife gibi

  921. Eduardo Perez says:

    what i don’t like about this song is that it’s short >:c

  922. HomeworkEnergy says:

    0:23 OMG Is It Just Me Who Thought For 1 Sec That She Didn’t Have Pants On 😀

  923. Morisha Kalyan says:

    Awwh my baby

  924. Alek22532 says:

    1:45 – Bitch is laughing .
    1:55 – Queen is smiling . <3 😀

  925. 1IamLegend1 says:

    best female singer in the world !

  926. rushsmokshush says:

    MILLION DOLLAR SMILE at 1:57 :’) no matter what you think how creepy she iz.. i never saw something SO HEAVEN_ly<3 like her..thank you Lana 4 your Voice<3

  927. Portillo Anthony says:

    H&M its a Swedish brand not a texas fried chicken type of clothing

  928. TheConradish says:

    halecho you’re so fucken suave

  929. shamsgat says:

    Amazing lana, you are the perfect definition of perfection

  930. gelingelingx says:

    Well, it was just an opinion, wasn’t it? You can find it amazing in any way you like (:

  931. SparkleJumpRopeQu33N says:

    This version is fucking amazing

  932. homieblossom says:

    i love this woman

  933. natedogoverlord says:

    Baby wants to fuck!! Baby wants to fuck Blue Velvet!!!!

  934. scavo2003 says:

    Why urgh?

  935. deadcartmen says:

    Oh no u didn’t mo fucka. I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW!

  936. Aleksandra Mytnik says:

    why she is singing about shitpaper?

  937. gelingelingx says:

    Says who?

  938. Constant Bitihuse says:

    Beyoncé for H&M!

  939. axxar8 says:

    Its a joke …

  940. gelingelingx says:

    Yeah. The original is amazing. But this version?! Urgh.

  941. JordyyBoyy says:

    Fronk <3

  942. sky hamilton says:

    this man is a queer

  943. deadcartmen says:

    Fuking FRONK MAN!

  944. ilikemogirls says:

    yang gang is here

  945. Adam Wheeler says:

    What’s up with the shit top comments…. Anyways i know EVERYBODY is GOING to READ this but I’m not a up coming musician and want you all to hear my favorite songs that aren’t by me and are By LANA Del Rey :3

    Serial Killer
    Put me In a Movie
    Dum Dum
    Pussy (Cola)
    Diet Mtn. Dew (demo version)
    Every man Gets His Wish.
    Mississippi South
    You’re Welcome!

  946. lowder11 says:

    Twin Peaks!!!

  947. lowder11 says:

    Twin Peaks!!!

  948. lowder11 says:

    Twin Peaks!!!

  949. Alexander Morales says:

    Frank Yang sent me here.. This song makes me pump some iron makes my Big Black C…. hard!

  950. lowder11 says:

    Twin Peaks?

  951. lowder11 says:

    Twin Peaks?!

  952. lowder11 says:

    Twin Peaks?!

  953. lowder11 says:

    Twin Peaks?!

  954. lowder11 says:

    Twin Peaks?!

  955. The31secondsalone says:

    i love this so much, but it kind of gives me a weird feeling. like it just sounds creepy. but i love it!!

  956. Nick Brock says:

    Why isn’t this playing in America!?!?!?

  957. cocopacho says:

    i use this track for deadlifting purposes and then to get pump to chaturbate …… BBC combo#5 all the way!!!!!!!!

  958. Astro Bro says:

    I like lana but she isn’t anything groundbreaking imho. don’t get the hype

  959. TheSuper5678 says:

    don’t get me wrong, I Love Lana, but something about her scares me :/

  960. zetsuXitachi says:

    I used this video to pump myself up for front squats the other day. thanks frankyannngggggggg

  961. rokinuplate says:


  962. halecho says:

    Good enough for Frank, good enough for me.

  963. 6reps says:


  964. Joe Connolly says:

    This reminds me of something The Beatles would of covered back in the early days. Very classy song 🙂

  965. Joseph Matthews says:

    I will continue to listen to this song before my squat workout

  966. Jimmy Rustler says:

    Lana Del Rey told me she enjoys the BBC every night.

  967. Rufflez107 says:


  968. smartguy9765 says:

    Frank I’m your biggest BBC

  969. ChrisStatik says:

    Toma Cruisah BBC workout

  970. SoaringMuse says:


  971. LorenzoXII says:


  972. ndaofficial says:


  973. bryan veerawat says:


  974. jurv10 says:

    bbc velvet

  975. Hamo0dii says:

    in after bbc brah

  976. Charlie Erentz says:


  977. CherubicGuardian says:

    Hey Frank, did you every get TMW to quench Vivian’s thirst for bbc?

  978. Bjørn Sønnichsen says:


  979. alab19exclusive says:


  980. ImRichBiaaaaaaatch says:

    i am honored to receive a reply from mike changs cousin

  981. iRookiExD says:


  982. Th1en says:

    All these Lana Del Rey fans don’t know what they’re experiencing.

  983. wazark says:

    U r a phaget. Naked deadlift video now please thanks x

  984. matty dodd says:

    do you know whats missing from this video? a BBC

  985. Oldboy deasu says:

    frank sent me here you sick kunts

  986. ಡಾನ್ ಫಾರೋ says:

    yos fronk yoo oro top commont 🙂

  987. Frank Yang says:

    I am honored to be mentioned in the top comment.

  988. ReMacDao says:

    semi-pro eye liner scenes funnier than this endin just sayin .

  989. wellspout says:

    interscope turned her into an auto play goth whom is lost in the miasma of over-production. so if you know her, whisper in her ear that she’s fabulous but to ditch the aliens, and body snatchers asap

  990. HMistry100 says:

    i’m kind of … scared

  991. kaelyn1directioner says:

    Mind Blown.It’s a commercial!

  992. Clarissa Fray says:

    neither did I!

  993. FranSoloDolo says:

    the man holding the pocket watch looks so much like chester bennington.

  994. ivanma278 says:

    Lana is beotiful

  995. cHiCaNOPriDE05 says:

    At first I didn’t even know this was a commercial

  996. Ibizagirl91 says:

    I creaps my that she’s so unreal, fake! Sad, cuz she is so much prettier real! And her voice is not to recognize without auto play! Likes her music anyway<3 <3 ;D

  997. lolaatlantis says:

    that’s a great cover…

  998. NantiaDirection says:

    Ohh Lana Del Rey <3

  999. Kudret Sayan says:

    omg omg !!! i love this woman:)

  1000. Krzysztof Molak says:

    Dude ok.

  1001. Jonathan Parroni says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just going to write it any way because i feel at least one person will,
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  1002. Derek Murawski says:

    Thumbs up if you didn’t know a full version existed lol

  1003. TheSayakuro12 says:

    I wish they have the longer version :3

  1004. Viviana Hernández says:

    bad bad estupid /watch?v=gmsrO8xpe-w

  1005. jennicitabb says:

    there is some of Amy winehouse

  1006. bleach4711 says:

    I am so fucking pumped up right now!!!! Gonna go destroy some weights!!!

  1007. TheEmmiChannel says:

    Am I the only one who is afraid the song will end soon?

  1008. gedeon2305 says:

    waw, fantastic. what a great artist.and she is so pretty.great song.

  1009. justinblack31 says:

    Frank Yang mudda fukkaaaa!!!

  1010. Marcy Lopez says:

    I love this song!! I love the way she sings!!

  1011. TheElusiveReality says:

    I’ve been searching for that sweater for months but I can’t find it anywhere CutiePieMarzia has it too -_-

  1012. shannenzb says:

    I love the David Lynch reference here:)

  1013. Zannie Malik says:

    When Lana smiles is so fucking perfect omg. sjklsjk.

  1014. AnnE AddisoN says:

    *_____________________* she is so perfect

  1015. Jenna Stevens says:

    …of those that listen to her, perhaps admitting how wonderful her voice & songs are. But at the first chance, they’ll laugh at and dismiss her, forgetting the previous. Then the little person that marched into the room and stopped lana mid-song is the hater. But as it so seems, he’s just that: a LITTLE hater. he may make the brunnete burst laughing, but LDR is the least bit bothered by him -saddened maybe at first, but her fan’s awestruck gaze is reassuring and has her smiling.
    Just a guess <3

  1016. Jenna Stevens says:

    Well, I believe its about what lana’s music is about and how people are affected by and react at it.
    For example, the sailor plucking petals off a daisy, a heap of them scatterd around his feet, he’s portreying being in love, missing his special sb, maybe even being lost, or deeply hurt. We see a handsome gentleman, so touched by her singing, enraptured, awed, singing along with her: Lana’s true fans. The three girls on the couch are obviously wannabe-look-alikes. The brunnete: she’s one of …

  1017. Yara Monteiro says:

    OMG…i love her…she’s perfect

  1018. TheSupernegern says:

    Master Fronq delivers!

  1019. Belinda Dronet says:

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  1020. godrilla says:

    Amy whinehouse?

  1021. destinystruth says:

    fuaaaaaaaaaaark this is inspirational.

  1022. ImRichBiaaaaaaatch says:


  1023. Anya Ladwig says:

    check out my songs

  1024. Emma Louise Evans says:

    love her make up and hair

  1025. TheSweeeet1234 says:

    I don’t get this video ._. can somebody explain? btw. beautiful song <33

  1026. Nazareem says:

    hmmm Lana her voice so hypnotizing

  1027. yeahyourpregant says:

    She is a robot!!!!

  1028. abisspassenger says:

    Why this song is so short? It sounds great, but so short… I’ll have to rape the replay buttom again.

  1029. SelenaLuvGomez says:

    Hipsta please .

  1030. maddief06 says:

    I agree. But, have you seen David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet”? The film appropriates the Bobby Vinton original and makes it just as disturbing (just based on the film content, and when the song is used). In fact, I find the original even more off-putting; I was haunted by the film and couldn’t ever shake it from my mind. It’s effective because the familiar & safe turned dark is scariest of all. Think how many horror flicks use kids as the force of evil, or common nursery rhymes as an evil motif!

  1031. kayla lucas says:

    shes the new marilyn

  1032. EveryThingThatShines says:

    american horror story/lana and lana if you like ahs you’ll get it

  1033. cookie4vikki says:

    I think I just had an eargasm…………. <3

  1034. Math Groué says:

    The original version is by Bobby Vinton and it is glorious !

  1035. BTownMiss says:

    My thoughts exactly.. and I’m still trying to figure out if its a bad thing or not lol

  1036. BTownMiss says:

    wait.. what? did I just watch a commercial or a music video lol

  1037. Igna Bruce says:

    Como la amo♥

  1038. Rena Stefanopoulou says:

    why this song makes me want to die?

  1039. LucilleBrumfield892 says:

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  1040. Simona Licari says:

    of course

  1041. rootbeerking987 says:

    It’s not creative, it’s a parody of the film Blue Velvet by David Lynch. Watch that film (although it is very disturbing and you should be of at least 15 years of age) and you will notice the similarity in sets, costumes, composition, lighting, and down right bizarreness. Even the characters are unoriginal. It’s not that it’s bad, they shouldn’t have done it anyway, it’s just not original or very creative.

  1042. trewthe says:

    Yes! Love it! They even captured that creepy background noise from Twin Peaks!

  1043. CannonLars says:

    This song seemed so romantic and sweet originally, but her version sounds haunting, disturbing, and abusive, like she’s just been killed by her lover. Very cool how her tone and the church-like orchestra rings of a very dark undertone to the caring lyrics.

  1044. Metalycurgus says:

    hunharca söylüyor amk bülent ersoy aynı

  1045. DavidKitmacher532 says:

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  1046. Andrea Serra says:


  1047. princessreese1998 says:

    I like her version better than the originals, because it’s more soothing.

  1048. FakavaKiller says:

    I hear he approves.

  1049. TheNathyb25 says:

    I love Lana Del Rey !! Minha diva 3

  1050. yodadizzy says:

    As much as I love Lana, Bobby Vinton has to have the best version of this song.

  1051. SavingHerGrace says:


  1052. Messina Major says:

    Found a blue velvet dress in a store once, had to try it on:P Too bad it was ugly!

  1053. ironchefnino says:

    I’m watching Blue Velvet again right now… her voice isn’t doing it for me.

  1054. Ruth Mendez says:

    This is a cool song 😀

  1055. angerock49 says:

    Yes, a clear tribute, and I hope her popularity will bring teens to watching his movies 🙂

  1056. zaroffhound says:

    Goldfrapp if she had too been on the razz.

  1057. princesspumpkin92 says:

    good for you, chase your dreams and do what makes you happy:)

  1058. Jonathan Parroni says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just going to write it any way because i feel at least one person will,
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  1059. 12scissorhands12 says:

    I am in awe. This is the greatest commercial ever. So creative. Lana is beautiful!

  1060. littlestuckrock says:

    i love it <3

  1061. Cesar Barriga says:

    Is that Arturo Prat at 0:53? Ugly version anyway =S

  1062. Johhny Williams says:

    Very nice. Have a listen to B.J.Shoston doing this as an instrumental. It is beautiful. Cheers. Johnny.

  1063. shocklett says:

    The people who criticize her looks are ugly women…which guy wouldn’t do her? Lol

  1064. trentenphillips1 says:


  1065. hidanhyuga says:

    lol of course.. you’re a little monster.. if its not about your mother monster killing cows to make dresses you’re going to find it boring…. btw.. ever seen edge of glory.. lamest video ever!!!

  1066. LoveLanaLikeLife says:

    Hello Lana friends!
    Please take some moments
    and watch my fan art for Miss Del Rey!
    I would appreciate it very much

  1067. diana alexandra says:

    she has a perfect body -.- …in fact ..she is perfect <3 ...wee love you !! congrats from Romania

  1068. lienardable says:

    She is the one… So good after Shakira, Rihana and other stupidities…

  1069. lienardable says:

    She is the songwriter we need…

  1070. Termodonte says:

    it’s so sad that you consider Otto ugly, you probably don’t even know what I’m talking about 🙁

  1071. princessreese1998 says:

    She’s gorgeous to me, no matter what anyone says.

  1072. kabaczuS95 says:

    her hair <333

  1073. Andrej Iman says:

    this song gives me so much life. i love it

  1074. juandark85 says:

    David linch, mullholand drive, blue velvet ,…. i love them!

  1075. Tudor Artenie says:

    fuck…she looks like a dead

  1076. Russell Dixon says:

    Haha lame joke. Worst version ever.

  1077. LostHopeGSP says:

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  1078. balqishamid123 says:


  1079. MrRemyDay says:

    Fucking weird man

  1080. FantasiaBrooklyn says:

    She´s so 60’s!

  1081. souleaterevanssss says:

    your icon is ugly.

  1082. Ihatehuman666 says:

    H&M launches Lynch line?

  1083. Kippen idserfs dutrgerht says:

    @shadeofme12 um her lips are real.

  1084. Kippen idserfs dutrgerht says:

    @shadeofme12 um her lips are real.

  1085. whitesquirel says:

    Who is the male model with the beard!? What’s his name?

  1086. Raina Thering says:

    Probably the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen was Blue Velvet. Lana’s voice is perfect for the cover. She sings it beautifully.

  1087. Termodonte says:

    fake ugly lips are ugly

  1088. Marcos Gomez says:

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  1089. shadeofme12 says:

    reminds me of American Horror Story … damn, so creepy

  1090. Vali V. says:

    >> <<

  1091. TheDrMapache says:

    Fuck Yeah !

  1092. Casey McNeice says:

    For some reason this reminds me of titanic

  1093. Ian Schroeder says:

    David Lynch, anyone?

  1094. iclandgirl says:

    clones. It is an Illuminati video.

  1095. iclandgirl says:


  1096. Ryan Prince says:

    Hypnotic cover. Truly super.

  1097. Sandi Galloway says:

    Celebrities say a lot of things, just google Lana del rey before and after nose job and lips if you don’t believe me. There are pictures available online which show a very clear difference.

  1098. Sandi Galloway says:

    At what point did I say that plastic surgery defines a person? LOL I am posting as a response to someones post, which you clearly did not read. No I’m not ashamed of myself hahahahhaa. When is saying that someone has had plastic putting them down? People on youtube are fucking crazy. LOL

  1099. prphotomail says:

    ok amazing..but I wish she hadn’t gotten her lips done..I forgive it because she’s amazing but I wish she hadn’t gotten her lips done …there I said it

  1100. Donna Garcia says:

    I worship this women

  1101. millers3888 says:

    She has the look of Ann Margret circa 1960 but the feel of a Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland. There’s just something mysterious and vulnerable about her. Lady Gaga had that for a brief second until her second album, then she went downhill. If Lana can keep this going and not go too mainstream, she’d really be a classic, regardless of her SNL performance which really wasn’t that bad.

  1102. PoundTheAlrm says:

    lana del rey posers in the back

  1103. Allyshia LaBeouf says:

    Gosh That Place Looks Creepy Lol . I Love Lana Del Rey ! <3

  1104. brianne rubright says:

    love her.. love her voice, her look, her songs

  1105. Kassandra Meza says:

    It was the most recent one that came out Wednesday.

  1106. hidanhyuga says:

    lol of course.. you’re a little monster.. if its not about your mother monster killing cows to make dresses you’re going to find it boring…. btw.. ever seen edge of glory.. lamest video ever!!!

  1107. heyyhayy02 says:

    Really!? what episode?

  1108. metalux1971 says:

    this clip and song is 99% perfect(1% her Botox lips are horrible and not suitable for a clip like this)

  1109. Marthe L says:

    A nice song to commit suicide on.

  1110. ladygagagagax4 says:


  1111. Marcos Gomez says:

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  1112. SuplexThisBear says:

    … Woulda been better if Dennis Hopper showed up snorting helium and just started screaming at everyone.

  1113. carmen l says:

    i think every lana’s music video should be like this. agree?

  1114. ferdinand alejandro says:

    She is so beautiful here~~ …

  1115. smashingpapayas says:

    These comments are just a shit show and a half.

  1116. John anonamous says:

    Shot that midget

  1117. creazyfroag says:

    Lady Gaga get out of that body

  1118. creazyfroag says:

    I dont like what she did to his lips.

  1119. chilaquil008 says:

    so short this video, and so endless as she is singing.

  1120. Cynthia Martinez says:

    Love it .!!

  1121. Cyclops4eva says:

    I love this one.

  1122. mellyxcody123 says:

    Jealous bitches need to keep their shity comments to them selves.
    Like real talk

  1123. cristiancortesz says:

    me recuerda a amy =(

  1124. Phunuske8 says:

    her lips aren’t ugly you unworthy shit

  1125. spikeprint says:

    Is nothing sacred?

  1126. spikeprint says:

    Is nothing sacred?

  1127. Cristina Oom says:

    those lips are fuckin uglyyyy x

  1128. Cristina Oom says:

    those lips are fuckin uglyyyy x

  1129. TheDaas36 says:

    fuck you replying to a month old comment for now? Still pressed? You must be jealous because she looks better than you.

  1130. DiamondxSongs says:

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  1131. OilyJar says:

    lol just no. She has fast songs too, but if I wanted to listen to someone that can sing like Adele, I would just listen to Adele.

  1132. OilyJar says:

    Then why the hell do we need to respect your opinion, dumbass? Respect is something you give because you are a good person, which you are obviously not. Also, she’s gained respect from many people because she writes beautiful music and has a beautiful voice. What the hell are you doing? Oh right, you’re expressing your hatred over someone who will probably never even see your comment. Moron.

  1133. Alice22941 says:

    part between 0.22 and 0.26 is very gracious, beautiful. 🙂

  1134. LoveLanaLikeLife says:

    Welcome To The Beautiful World of her majesty!
    The most beautiful girl, of course it’s Lizzy = Lana del rey!
    Do you agree? 😀

  1135. nonickleftforme says:

    don’t worry she’s making tons of money anyway, I think she’s great.

  1136. vaafaaafaanaa says:

    i think she should’ve been born 50 years ago or something cuz all of her songs are just too slow if she could sing like adele then she could make money

  1137. Guren Lydia says:

    Respect is earned! She didn’t earn it .fuck off

  1138. Guren Lydia says:

    Do u like making fun of deaf people?

  1139. Guren Lydia says:

    If i was a hoe i’d be far more succesfull and i’d make more money than her.

  1140. Guren Lydia says:

    I own youtube

  1141. Juan Andrés Benavente says:

    Francisca valenzuela

  1142. StevenMcdonnold says:


  1143. Tatiana Acevedo says:

    This made me love her

  1144. Cloverskyeyes1 says:

    She is sensational! Love her version.

  1145. Vida Volarić says:

    what is this? Capitol….. it shure looks like it

  1146. datari says:

    David Lynch FTW..

  1147. Mary Black says:

    There was Blue Valvet on the Jukebox on American Horror Story. 😀

  1148. Paula Mikulová says:

    -.- peoples stupidity is killing me.

  1149. mateabeba says:

    she ruined song…

  1150. Jer Dee says:

    Emile Hayne

  1151. missroselatte says:

    adore her old fashioned modern voice…

  1152. KikoIsAwsome44 says:

    @KubaMDJ Yes

  1153. brianna benozich says:

    That midget was mean to Lanna, who is just wonderful and artistic

  1154. RaainyDay says:


  1155. MrsAubreyDrakeX says:

    Lana PLEASE do more H&M clothes!

  1156. Champagne B. says:

    te amo lana

  1157. Surindah Thiomas says:

    lana is so beautiful 🙂

  1158. graphictee86 says:

    i loveee the big hair!

  1159. Tomas m says:

    i wanna hit that evil little man

  1160. vanasmooth says:

    If you think she’s ugly.. you probably have bad taste, or like bimbos.

  1161. vanasmooth says:

    If you think she’s ugly.. you probably have bad taste, or like bimbos.

  1162. XPrincess30 says:

    My friend says it sounds like a death song

  1163. TheNixninha says:

    No, my boyfriend says the same xD

  1164. KubaMDJ says:

    Am I the only one that thinks she’s ugly?

  1165. Rian Rizki says:

    i love u.., marry me..

  1166. Federico Mantova says:

    I want to rip my ears!

  1167. xmeryemgok says:

    Blue velvet ♥

  1168. Hong Anggie says:

    I don’t understand this video but I’m so addicting. Keep watching.
    Then makes me want to kiss her lips.

  1169. reticulan5 says:

    Everything new Lana tries always shocks me at first (Cola begining e.g) but then I end up loving it.

  1170. mwendyc says:

    the movie Blue Velvet.

  1171. LemonsForLemoNADE says:

    she’s perf.

  1172. Hannah Bostick says:

    Lana Del Rey is a godess, and her music is that of one.

  1173. tiffany jane says:

    No Nanacy isn’t Jazz Like her father, this is soulful

  1174. linafriends says:

    So hypnotic!! she has an angel’s voice and when I listen to this song I’m just dreaming <3

  1175. onmytelephone says:

    it was in the original video

  1176. mrlieenn says:

    Anyone know who makes the melodies (instrumentals) from her music?

  1177. leeweonil67 says:

    yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

  1178. bhagyashree666 says:

    I think The midget signifies all sized clothing available at HM 😀

  1179. TheDandresChannel says:

    That was a beautiful video, fuck! I wonder that was the official video! :PP
    Only rest 36 minutes more! :@@@@@
    OMG! That’s art! I like that classic and vintage Lana Del Rey (:

  1180. Sweebi23 says:

    Panayiotis, come to me baby <3

  1181. Laura Paschoal says:

    She didn’t massacrate it. Of course, the original is better. But this is not bad

  1182. Laura Paschoal says:

    She didn’t massacrate it. Of course, the original is better. But this is not bad

  1183. Carol McLean says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she massacred this great song? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  1184. Carol McLean says:

    I know right?

  1185. hausgagamonster says:

    Beautiful. Her lips.. Murmuring into the phone *dies* Christ .-.

  1186. Connor M says:

    Nancy Sinatra?

  1187. PartyOrDieNow says:

    01:42 look at her mouth ;3

  1188. tiffany jane says:

    Lol I know she just reminded me of him with this style of music

  1189. Alex Vargas says:

    nancy sinatra c:

  1190. emizlau says:

    watch films of David Lynch!

    (Quise poner “mirá las películas de David Lynch”, pero no sé si lo escribí bien)- Bah, mirá tooooodo su cine 🙂

  1191. Thomas Drew says:

    Love this song :p

  1192. 90JNG says:

    Not as good as it was in David Lynches movie

  1193. Tatjana Vendome says:


  1194. Knud Hansen says:

    Kanon stemme

  1195. Veronika Best says:

    auch wenn viele über sie schimpfen, sie hat schon eine tolle Stimme und eine tolle ausstrahlung, ich liebe sie für ihre Musik.

  1196. Mark Yip says:

    Really like the 60’s, she don’t look like born in 1986.

  1197. Robert Heard says:

    Midget come in~

  1198. FeelingTheFame says:

    watch?v=aH8FEZvaiAI watch this nd it’ll make more sense to you

  1199. r lizcano says:

    that was amazingly random.

  1200. myeyeswillburn says:

    or make it quicker and just say Nancy Sinatra

  1201. j0987s says:

    Check out the song Radio of Lana del Rey: /watch?v=gB6E7ZXFm5s ❤

  1202. Edu Gonzalez says:

    Can you Wisper this song in my Hear…?!!?
    Please… Ahhhh….!!

  1203. 556constantinos says:


  1204. thesomebody3 says:

    =)) basically she was not singing the cd was, and the guy stopped it all, and she couldn’t countinue… do u get it now? 😛

  1205. DeLucaDome says:

    The midget is Michael J. Anderson, who appeared in a famous scene of David Lynch’s show Twin Peaks. David Lynch also directed the movie Blue Velvet.

  1206. محمد موسى says:

    the best commercial video

  1207. Michelle101Sweet says:

    wow lol i lov the song though

  1208. Lubov Sam says:

    1:41 – пошла бы и обратно включила 😀

  1209. natvicarious says:

    David Lynch directed Blue Velvet, so it makes sense, when you think a bit more about it. 🙂

  1210. zefabe973 says:

    David Lynch reference

  1211. Chiara Luber says:

    Any relation to David Lynch ?

  1212. SpyWizard2 says:

    Is this supposed to be 60s, 50s or 40s because I can see all those 3 decades in this video..except for the song of course

  1213. ref777719 says:

    Wow!!!!!! Love this video ….

  1214. pnkrt says:

    Not midget, short man.

  1215. Jayden JohnsonB says:

    ew why

  1216. xXSpikeyPandaXx says:

    Fuck, Im Confused About Everything . (._.)

  1217. SvetaChristine says:

    Lol no. I think she’s awesome, but she can’t be a female Sinatra.

  1218. danelhoo says:

    que te cante lana esta canción al oído, eso eso enamora ella están hermosa tan perfecta !!

  1219. Edu Gonzalez says:

    Im Addicted to “Blue Velvet” ;3
    I Love Her —–> Lana Del Rey

  1220. apunk015 says:

    actually gangster nancy sinatra

  1221. Laurynlolipop says:

    i wish this was longer then 2 minutes. 🙁

  1222. Maraea O says:

    I love her so much. She is so elegant in all of her videos, no matter what she is wearing or singing about.

  1223. Katarina Rivers says:

    If you are a true and dedicated fan, you’d like the fact that she is getting the much deserved exposure and attention. You’d be happy she is expanding her audience.

  1224. thenamesnathalie says:

    Lana del rey is perfect ! . I hatee when people start liking her noww like noo gtfo

  1225. Isabella Vinci says:

    Lynch. David Lynch. This whole video. Ode to a genius.

  1226. MrJjct09 says:

    Axl Rose is punding this 1!!

  1227. Mireja Madeleine says:

    I have this polluver! :DD

  1228. KendallMurphyTV says:

    This song<3 This Girl<3

  1229. Serfey1 says:

    so beautifull 🙂

  1230. mrmat12311 says:

    WTF?! 3 Lana Del Rey 0:42

  1231. dismemberednecromorf says:

    I was a little confused but then the little person walked out… then it made sense.

  1232. chadloveschargers says:

    It’s a commercial? Lol I feel dumb.

  1233. Dan36danny says:

    I love Lana

  1234. chemirayn says:


  1235. misscouldntcareless1 says:

    Role model.

  1236. QMsLeben says:

    this voice from her SOUL. love it <3

  1237. THEDJRICHIE23 says:

    The female Frank Sanatra

  1238. ohmybrenda3 says:

    Her voice is so soothing.

  1239. djamby says:

    I was hoping this would be David Lynch-esque. Hooray.

  1240. tunecouture says:

    love this video

  1241. grecia silvana salas peralta says:

    he scary me..

  1242. marielitha says:

    I thinks she even looks more beautiful without that make up

  1243. Owen Pierson says:

    David Lynch must just love this

  1244. NajaiMarie says:

    ……….Am I the only one confused about the midget?

  1245. Sara Hänninen says:

    a lot make up… that’s what is in her eyes. But yea she’s beautiful in her own unique way

  1246. StillwagonCuntt says:

    its called truth hun. im not jealous at all; i love lizzie grant, lana del rey is just a creation of the industry. her music before she joined the elite is much better and her performance abilities better too. idk what they did to her other than the obvious modifications but she’s not who she used to be. its quite frightening actually; poor lizzie grant the only way for her to make it was through tremendous amounts of altercations and sacrifice to the darkside… again its called truth hun.

  1247. Jordan Neidig says:

    It’s called jealousy, hun.

  1248. carina lloyd says:

    I love this song

  1249. StillwagonCuntt says:

    its called plastic surgery hun.

  1250. princessreese1998 says:

    Lana, give me your lips.

  1251. hedlik says:

    I did read that , my friend ! And I also did listen to your songs 🙂 No te va gustar – Chau (Cover) is amazing ! I wish you so much LUCK in following your dreams ! If you work hard , you will get there , belive me..and what is more important – belive in yourself 😉 gracias from República Checa. P.s. You both (whoever is is on that video) sing great! didnt want to take credit from her 😉 PEACE !

  1252. Grasshoper94 says:

    alright i dont give a shit

  1253. l0stlifee says:

    She has an amazing voice. You guys don’t like her just because she’s not basic .

  1254. latestperspective says:


  1255. Jonathan Parroni says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just going to write it any way because i feel at least one person will,
    i’m a singer i know there is like millions of those in this world
    but I’m different. I’m not Justin Bieber but please just give me a chance…
    it would mean so much to me to have a good following on youtube
    if anyone who reads this could press the ‘thumbs up’ other people might see it
    and give me a chance, please help me make my dream come true, thank you! <3

  1256. WHOTHAFUCK says:


  1257. tiffany jane says:

    Female Frank Sinatra

  1258. PapaSmerfSoSexxii says:

    You’re all jealous because her voice is perfect.

  1259. lcx34 says:

    Love it

  1260. lanadelreyfanforever says:

    Love it

  1261. fremoo16 says:

    What’s going on in this video?

  1262. Sophia Hepburn says:

    feel free to start

  1263. PreKGill says:

    If anybody needs clarification about what is happening in this video, I would be more than happy to explain.

  1264. Salam Saleh says:

    That somethins is most likely satan. Came to watch this video to check out the hype.There’s 30 seconds of my life I’ll never get back

  1265. TaimaNaima says:

    Do that then 🙂 You won’t be missed!

  1266. Javier Toala says:

    This song should have been more long, is very good but short. Large Lana muaaa

  1267. x ray says:

    shes as fake as G.W PUBES

  1268. Fauziah Oktaviani says:

    she’s so damn beautiful.

  1269. 26araya says:

    Seriously???!!!! This girl blows! My gawd. I would rather listen to static.

  1270. StillwagonCuntt says:

    more like plastic surgery…

  1271. j3nnabear says:

    You’re so pretty

  1272. Izzy Schuch says:


  1273. BabyBlondie311 says:

    the hell did i just watch?

  1274. Nonickname231 says:

    She is on the second season. At least Lana looks really like her and has the same name ^^

  1275. SladkaPritomnost says:

    horrible cloths

  1276. Araceli Jauregui says:

    That look she gives at 1:52 <3

  1277. Michal Bergl says:

    Ohhh ♥

  1278. Diedre Kovatch says:

    I just cant get over how amazing she is

  1279. BubbleGumDexter23 says:

    She did a good job at least she didn’t make it something it wasn’t.

  1280. G00dfeIIa says:

    way to ruin a song

  1281. missinglimbs says:

    I think she has a more striking appearance. I wouldn’t consider her beautiful, but she definitely stands out.

  1282. blingblinggirl12 says:

    Lana’s said herself that she’s never had anything done to her lips or nose (if that’s what you mean by plastic surgery).

  1283. cupcaiikequeen says:

    unconventionally beautiful

  1284. Roxel0813 says:

    so plastic surgery defines a person? Have you ever met her? Why are you even posting if all you think of her as someone who got ‘plastic surgery’? Are you that ashamed of yourself? That you’d put someone else down? Poor thing.

  1285. Sandi Galloway says:

    Yes she is very beautiful but she has also had a great deal of plastic surgery.

  1286. MissPirafoul says:

    This song is so relaxing <3 holy shit

  1287. OnlyGlobal says:

    Surely JESUS CHRIST IS OUR GOD ! Through HIM all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made – GET SAVED NOW – JESUS CHRIST SAVES

  1288. Jorgedeloslobos says:

    Through sadness comes love, and through love comes happiness.

  1289. HypnoTheUnhuman says:

    Julee Cruise, Chrysta Bell and please David Lynch let Lana Del Ray be the next one

  1290. HypnoTheUnhuman says:

    Julee Cruise, Chrysta Bell and please David Lynch let Lana Del Ray be the next one

  1291. delphina97 says:

    it’s sad how someone can interrupt such a beautiful music 😮

  1292. ttony221 says:

    Shes the most beautifull woman i ever see,physically.thats a rare type of beauty that’s not the beauty that you find everywhere there is something in her eyes…

  1293. Analicia Wilson says:

    I just threw up in my mouth

  1294. 15Justdoit says:

    the meaning behind this is satanic lol. its nice and hypnotizing tho. go figure

  1295. CityTrafficPuzzle403 says:

    Its a reference to David Lynch period. In almost every movie he does there is a scene featuring a girl (usually that looks similar to Lana) singing in a microphone to a weird audience – Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, etc.

  1296. Marlis Bittner says:

    0:53 Arturo Prat 😀

  1297. Ghalia Hanii says:

    she should’ve been in season 1 of american horror story..

  1298. megapink1994 says:

    the midget is cute ^^

  1299. 2Empowered4you says:

    Uploaded on my birthday! Love you Lana!

  1300. HuginnAndMuninn2011 says:

    Love Lana’ s voice and ironic humor. She is absolutely a refreshing breeze to the stale priestesses of whoredom gaga and madoona.

  1301. rockisbetter says:

    bluer then blue velvet, only blue eyes heheh

  1302. lanadr74 says:


  1303. garretttorres55 says:

    Wtf is up with the midget?!?!

  1304. hedlik says:

    would you expect a reference to DLynch in a HM commercial ? NOT ME 🙂 amazing work anyway !

  1305. Xibyxiby says:

    Where do you see the reference? Apart from the song and the pink angora sweater that Laura Dern also wears in the movie, I don’t find a particular resemblance. It’s very Twin Peaks-ish.

  1306. h4nisaurus says:


  1307. Xibyxiby says:

    I don’t think Lana is autotuned at all… But anyway I’m a huge fan of Lana and I’ve watched several performances of her live (not of this song though) and she’s quite better than Isabella (when it comes to singing, of course), that’s my opinion.

  1308. melluzuuzvedumi says:

    Yes, because back then, there was not such an option as “auto-tune”

  1309. darkhearted00 says:

    I just absolutely love her so much. Her music gets me through the rough times in my life now a days. Her voice is so unique and beautiful it would make the angels cry.

  1310. alejandra almazan says:

    I love her version it’s beautiful

  1311. tomhulcelover says:

    I dunno man, she looks totally different but maybe your right lol

  1312. Trenton Harris says:

    lol she doesn’t have the potention to be ugly in any way! The most beautiful person on Earth in my opinion.

  1313. EmmyAnnG says:

    My friend showed me this video and all I’m going to say is her voice is not my cup of tea, so to speak. She’s definitely not better than Adele. Her voice just seems off to me, I can’t really call her an ‘amazing singer’. Just stating my opinion, before you try to attack me.

  1314. EmmyAnnG says:

    My friend showed me this video and all I’m going to say is her voice is not my cup of tea, so to speak. She is not better than ADE

  1315. TheArtgirl123 says:

    she never had gotten surgery in the first place (or maybe) but its probably her lips because in born to die she had red lips ^-^

  1316. 1909Ghost says:

    yeah, you can tell she had many surgeries, still love her though.

  1317. tomhulcelover says:

    How does she look so fucking different in “Born To Die”?? was that before she got surgery or something?

  1318. mikeviktor says:

    very strange that that song never has seen on screen other than a commercial???
    Bizarre que cette chanson n’a jamais été montrer autre part qu’en pub??

  1319. FullSky17 says:

    yes, it’s called surgery.

  1320. xalleniex says:

    who is the girl on the piano

  1321. Luis Estrada says:

    It´s a shame that this song doesn´t appear in the disc 🙁 anyway.. beautiful!!!! 🙂

  1322. JuanCa Castaño says:

    I LOVE Blue Velvet

  1323. Xibyxiby says:

    To be honest I love David Lynch but Lana sings Blue Velvet way better than Isabella Rossellini in the movie. And apart from the song and the pink angora sweater, which Laura Dern wears in the film too, this is not particularly related to the Blue Velvet movie. Anyway, I adore both Lynch and Lana.

  1324. DasMuhmin says:

    according to your picture you are much more beautiful than her 😉

  1325. rebecca b says:

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee her hair <3 <3 <3 <3

  1326. Redgirl10101 says:

    1:16 a telephone? and shes singing where you suppose to hear

  1327. breeramirez47 says:

    Lana del rey is better than Adele .

  1328. BreShauna Simmons says:

    She is very pretty but she also had the potential to be super ugly too. Its a weird type of beauty. I love her voice and her style.. I also am obsessed with H&M.. so yea I’m done here…*whistling*

  1329. hiderrable says:

    I think Lana Del Rey, Florence Welch and Ellie Goulding are some of the most talented women in the music industry. They all are great in their own ways, and not comparable.

  1330. Miku Hatsune says:

    Adele is an ugly pig and sounds like shit makes me sleepy Lana pretty and just so angelic

  1331. Janina Scislowski says:

    can i throw that midget out the window pls

  1332. Janina Scislowski says:

    don’t know why… but I love the fUCK out of American sailors… *_____*

  1333. poontang3zizo says:

    David Lynch would be so proud of this…

  1334. MrEdisson508 says:

    Adele? What lana is best ,is more interesting ….. Adele makes me sleep

  1335. AZ0000009ify says:

    One word: perfectx100000

  1336. Daniel Jaques says:

    @Psychoprisci one comment:shut the fuck up

  1337. psychoprisci says:

    just one comment: WANNA BE ADELE,same nails,same makeup,same hair

  1338. Simone Farrugia says:

    her voice and this style..this is perf.

  1339. KittlezPurreh says:

    Fuck you, midget. -_-

  1340. Gabriel Mk says:

    Her voice is mesmerizing @_@

  1341. thrashdouche21 says:

    shes creepy

  1342. FattieLovesFashion says:

    I can’t tell you how many people RAN into the store asking to wear the Modern Classic dress that they had in the video. lol madness

  1343. chisco100 says:

    The hypnotist looks so lynchian…

  1344. tyra sneed says:

    i love how when it 1st starts she just like MMMMMH

  1345. Nika942801 says:

    OMG how funny her face goes at 1:42. She is like “oops, awkward moment”:) love her, she is a personality.

  1346. oOfreakiesamboraOo says:

    I can’t even find an answer! try to figure it out… could it be that innocent 100% of sylicon filling in there?

  1347. zaiux says:

    Why she ain’t move her upper lip?

  1348. Abi Nandray says:

    This song would’ve been so good in Titanic<3

  1349. 25FIREBALL says:

    were there other clebs in this vid???

  1350. TheGeraldgiovanni says:

    that fucking midget ruined my godess moment!

  1351. Ryanna maire says:

    most beautiful smile ever

  1352. sizzorgirl67 says:

    this reminds me of twin peaks

  1353. Jan Gottwald says:

    lynch is crying ;c

  1354. Albert Dłużniewski says:

    such a perfect

  1355. Shairon G says:

    Nice commercial.

  1356. Pedro Ivo says:

    My favorite

  1357. 12supery says:

    Fuck Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga. LANA DEL REY IS THE SHIT. *___*

  1358. thecrushlife says:

    Amazing every time I watch it it gets better

  1359. Caroline Rivard says:

    she’s so perfect <3

  1360. Viri Styles says:


  1361. Cameron Williams says:

    It’s a reference to David Lynch’s film Blue Velvet. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

  1362. Cameron Williams says:

    Oops, collagen.

  1363. jrmetmoi says:

    Lana looks like a 60s to 70s era Barbra Streisand with one of her straight big high hairdos, not one of those curly Jewfro hairdos that Babs also did.

  1364. Azooz Abood says:

    this is a COMMERCIAL !!!!!!!
    what the actual fuck

  1365. Gabrielle Généreux says:

    i just bought a blue velvet dress… now every time i put it on i can’t keep myself from singing this song and dancing

  1366. JarodKhoon says:

    liebe H&M Leutz, bitte lasst Lana noch ne sehr, sehr lange Weile für Euch Werbung machen… mit ihr gibts wenigstens mal Grund, sich Eure Werbung anzusehn… 😉

  1367. stefanolattanzio says:

    ti amo lanetta….

  1368. Anthonio Del Rey says:

    loveu ldr

  1369. Daniel Flores Alvarez says:

    Then buy the fucking cd.

  1370. Alter Rain says:

    The third girl sitting on the couch is model Daphne Groeneveld.

  1371. Throwedcatt says:


  1372. millymille1 says:

    Wow ,damn ,her voice !!She needs to record this and do the video just like this!!!This is just amazing !!!!

  1373. trendgil says:

    She’s hot.

  1374. DarkXa says:

    No one noticing references to Lynch’s film? Srsly?

  1375. Keitarosandesu says:

    aaaaw cute smile ♡

  1376. Lily Leyden says:

    I can’t handle Lanas beauty and voice.

  1377. Wichita199 says:


  1378. rottingcheese says:

    she needs more emotions then sad… its pretty depressing… other then that .. i love the retro feeling she persuades

  1379. Emily Wykowski says:

    Omg she has this vintage kind of beauty. I love her!

  1380. moreslava says:

    Я не знаю, как сказать по-английски, но – who is this man with hair on face?

  1381. Adam Wheeler says:

    All hail, Queen Lana-Del-Rey <3

  1382. faustoc4 says:

    That was beautiful

  1383. Facuando216 says:

    David Lynch <3

  1384. fortheloveoflipgloss says:

    Exactly, so twin peaks, was saying that today

  1385. PC LA says:

    She is a cross between a young Karen Black of Five Easy Pieces(1971) and a young Ann Margaret and I am sure that she knows that. She has the whole David Lynch creepy Twin Peaks down cold! love it!

  1386. PC LA says:

    it’s more a take-ff of the David Lynch movie Blue Velvet. Creepy but bizarrely seductive.

  1387. thezionzion says:

    can anyone explain this video to me?

  1388. ParanormalPansy says:


  1389. PeterCampbellFilms says:

    Or, you know, how very “Blue Velvet”. Hahaha

  1390. cutiee piee says:

    her lips are the EXACT same colour as her face

  1391. Brooke KB says:

    Aunt Robin??

  1392. cassimetric says:

    1:09 <333333

  1393. MarzLola says:

    This is one of the best videos. I love lana forever!

  1394. fablesings says:

    The ‘Hmmmm’ she makes at the start gives me goosebumps!

  1395. RockyLuvz97 says:

    she’s older than adele……

  1396. mymy0607 says:

    She looks like young Adele

  1397. Sarina Benn says:

    how very Twin Peaks…

  1398. Nicola Parolin says:

    God, thanks for Lana. <3

  1399. MoiKitty23 says:

    That’s the most beautiful commercial h&m ever had

  1400. nesrine rayy says:

    it’s called “CLASS”

  1401. direlli says:

    ♥ Classic & Chic ♥

  1402. Cameron Walker says:

    Remember the Twilight Zone’s episode ,”Eye of the Beholder” with the people with the snouts and funny lips like hers? Her lips look even weirder in this video.

  1403. Ciaran O'Neill says:

    1:58…………awkward 🙂 luv Lana

  1404. Keyser Söze says:

    Anyone who doesn’t get this watch the film Blue Velvet. Great fuckin film.

  1405. Chrismax845 says:

    damn . .. they got oliver stone 2 direct this ish .

  1406. stefanolattanzio says:

    ti amo you on may 2013…on your italian date…

  1407. jervonbrown6 says:

    what i hate is that little shit of a munchkin that unplugged her mike i would kicked his tiny ass like a soccer ball

  1408. peachesandpoets says:

    Once someone says “you seem to be implying”, the hope for any logical debate has left the building. How you derived that I “seem to be implying” that Amy was the first to be a themed artist in any way is…special.

  1409. peachesandpoets says:

    Are you serious? lol.
    Do you know *anything* about themed musicians? Wow.

  1410. peachesandpoets says:

    Are you serious? lol.
    Do you know *anything* about themed musicians? Wow.

  1411. sheshines4all says:

    I love old mics.

  1412. c0ca1n0 says:

    1:43 she laugh like she’s drunk

  1413. SocialProphet0 says:

    This video is absolutely beautiful!

  1414. LUKEisBallistic says:


  1415. chellywuzhere636 says:

    BEST IDEA EVER! sorry for the caps but seriously though

  1416. laura delgad says:

    how is she a bitch ? lol.

  1417. apleseed91 says:

    what is this video supposed to be about?

  1418. Catalina Abrego says:

    you are a bitch 😉

  1419. Martina Janišová says:


  1420. Elizabeth Ortiz says:

    haha, yeah.

  1421. Alex Campbell says:


  1422. TheRoberto9797 says:

    @ltxbqza Yeah this website here is just giving out comletely free Black Apple iPad 2’s for today only. You have to be from the U.S though but it is legit, I claimed mine just before. Get in quick!

  1423. sakurasanyamamba says:

    wanna know actors names ! If someone know where i can get this information please tell me.

  1424. sakurasanyamamba says:

    love the hypnotist ♥

  1425. sakurasanyamamba says:

    love the hypnotist ♥

  1426. Alison Brayton says:

    Never said I didn’t respect her. She could have a more fucked up looking and i would still watch her vids bc they’re interesting and i like her voice. I’m just stating a fact, it looks fake and fake is always uglier. At least she doesn’t have fake boobage!

  1427. jaguarcliff says:

    I don’t know her until I watched her video just ten seconds ago. Awesome creature man! I love you Lana Del Rey! muahhhh! 😀

  1428. arttttttt says:

    You just talked about Adele yourself in Lana’s video LOL

  1429. Franco Elias Estremadoyro says:

    replay replay replay…

  1430. spazzinmekon says:

    what ere all the diagnoses someone described to be in this video? they’re were like 9 or something like that. i thought it was real interesting.

  1431. loleeeetaa says:


  1432. Lana Crowley says:


  1433. TheJoshsho says:

    It’s a commercial!!

  1434. Rodrigo45086 says:

    ohh Lana <3

  1435. Fireluv500 says:

    1:40 Why Shorty had to interrupt her for?? Let Lana Finish!

  1436. Fireluv500 says:

    Exactly my thoughts!

  1437. Belleatsbrains says:

    If she likes it i think we should respect that

  1438. Alison Brayton says:

    She made herself look fake which is uglier.

  1439. Belleatsbrains says:

    of course she has, she got a nose job too. but thats her choice and i dont think she deserves the insults she gets about it. and its kind of one of those preference things. maybe she likes them that way.

  1440. missssssssusd says:

    she is just as pretty as her songs!

  1441. Alison Brayton says:

    She definitely had surgery on her lips. Why women do that: big lips are not more beautiful than thin lips…..

  1442. thaiany myllena domingues matoso says:

    Lana é perfeita…só ñ gostei pq foi interrompida!!

  1443. BlahBlahSomethingful says:

    JB? Who’s that?

  1444. Mehdi ElAlaoui says:

    what the hell 445 JB fans doing here

  1445. Elle Lelièvre says:

    Lana tu es belle comme un cœur.

  1446. John Doe says:

    this is just a cover, not an original song. this song has actually been covered by many artists. the genre is blues. tony bennett’s version is better, although not quite as creative and novel as lana’s rendition.

  1447. Shaheen Nobar says:

    My thoughts exactly

  1448. Adrianna Marecki says:

    this video is so weird it scares me 🙁 plus its too short 🙁

  1449. Franco Elias Estremadoyro says:

    this song sucks!
    now that i have your attention
    please specifically what kind of music is this song? i can’t find it anywhere.. so beautiful :3

  1450. Franco Elias Estremadoyro says:

    who the fuck is adele?!

  1451. TrichbeeT says:

    you dont smile much in music videos….i like your smile..hehe 😀

  1452. bibot3e100 says:

    fukin midget ruined da song

  1453. dismemberednecromorf says:

    that H&M logo at the end of these videos makes them seem like a commercial

  1454. 28trinity1 says:

    oooh shes the girl from the friggin h&m commercial wth

  1455. REDheartoflove98 says:

    Despite whatever you say about Lana and B.Vinton, i say that this girl has passion! She feels it! No matter which song she sings each time! She is passionate! You simply can’t take it from her!

  1456. Love U Hate says:

    this song performed by Lana isn’t bad…But BOBBY VINTON did it better !!!!!

  1457. ArgonianDude says:

    I’m sure you wouldn’t say that if people were comparing Lana to (enter greatest female singer ever here)

  1458. Jeff Abley says:


  1459. narfle says:

    Some would say Bobby or David gave us Blue Velvet.

  1460. Ciaran O'Neill says:

    lolz At 1:43 is that lady laughing cause it sound more like she’s hiccuping 🙂

  1461. wiiDd91 says:

    actually Blue Velvet song is old like 60 years…in case u didn’t know

  1462. Murat Özmen says:


  1463. MrBlack751 says:


  1464. sakurauchiha03 says:

    Lmao, in order to make a statement you have to mention the problem. xD People.

  1465. sakurauchiha03 says:

    Lmao, in order to make a statement you have to mention the problem. xD People.

  1466. David Bierman says:

    thank you! i despise it when a comment on an artists video is just the person stating how the person looks or sounds like another artist or celeb. Its just stupid and nobody likes being compared to another person. Seriously -.-

  1467. dee468 says:

    who is the sailor

  1468. steampunkluv says:

    I loved that cute awkward look she gets on her face at 1:54.

  1469. Gino Comers says:

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  1470. AriannaGrande1245 says:

    Too different to even compare.

  1471. Ziggy Duncan says:

    You just did mention her, though.

  1472. Jayhawks6 says:

    a bastardization of the original.

  1473. n1cklass says:

    There..not here

  1474. HorrorMissTake says:


  1475. 123thof says:

    I want to hear her sing Blue Christmas.

  1476. Pashpot says:

    I think Lana Del Rey would be perfect on American Horror Story..

  1477. divamissz says:

    The best immitation of a Lynchian music video, ever

  1478. scottyeaton0121 says:

    Blow job lips

  1479. Adam K says:

    There’s something about their faces that creep me out …

  1480. Jellomoo123 says:

    I don’t get it

  1481. linessia says:

    I think she looks like a slim version of Adele… 🙂

  1482. Mati23pl says:

    So much hate, let’em talk… Ppl say many things ^^

  1483. Jo Davidsson says:

    i don’t think so, but i’m not sure

  1484. SuperRefridgerator says:

    lana ist so geil aber das outfit und ihre nägel sind so grässlich !!!

  1485. kittyfacebabe says:

    its because of the hair people are dumb -___-

  1486. Fabio Sassu says:

    i love her!

  1487. 2BeLive4ever says:

    why he’s here? because he likes more than adele .. and you tell him go away .. makes no sense

  1488. alex johnes says:

    the best commercial I’ve ever seen)))

  1489. n1cklass says:

    why are you even her then? go away..

  1490. Nico-Ino Puckett says:

    i like her hair

  1491. Collin Cortez says:

    Ugh. The Navy guys uniform is inside out. Come on, you gotta catch that stuff. A sailor can spot that in a second.

  1492. molitor8 says:

    1:10… same girl from Kimbra’s “Settle Down”?

  1493. Cristian Bravo says:


  1494. emma halse says:

    this depresses me

  1495. 123LOLpants says:

    i dont get this commercial at all..

  1496. sakurauchiha03 says:

    ._. STOP comparing Adele to Lana. Saying how much Adele sucks blah blah blah. I love both. But, I don’t go mentioning her in Lana’s videos. This is a LANA DEL REY video. If you want to talk about Adele go to her videos. People just, stfu.

  1497. sakurauchiha03 says:

    Nazi murdered millions* go study history, dear. WW2, read about it. Excuse but not all people that were killed by nazis were “Israeli”. All of them were European.

  1498. brogan fuerst says:

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx brill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  1499. aries2434 says:

    for a second there I had my hopes up that she had no pants on…

  1500. Kelva Kartel says:

    Says the dumb troll who is comparing me to people who tried to commit genocide, just because I don’t like Adele… Hideous, disgusting person. I pity you, stop messaging me slly girl.

  1501. Haleh Hajebian says:

    Nazis murdered thousands, Israelis murdered and continue to murder millions. Shut up, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  1502. Rudy Garcia says:

    Fuck Adele!!!

  1503. TheHolyFool16 says:

    Even Better! ♥

  1504. Messina Major says:

    She’s flawless.

  1505. 14houghton91 says:

    Not anywhere near as good as Bobby.

  1506. Kelva Kartel says:

    Disgusting vile little troll. You are supressing my opnion by billing me something as vile as a Nazi, people who murdered 1000s of people, just because I don’t like Adele’s music. Walk away bent legged child before you say something you regret.

  1507. Haleh Hajebian says:

    You’re over here talking shit about an amazing musician. If it doesn’t make sense to anyone why you would talk shit about Adele and call her a generic singer, you’re a Nazi. & How ironic, I’m not suppressing any of your opinions; I’m labeling you because of it. Nazi.

  1508. idilraymond says:

    do you think you really have ears love?

  1509. reckless95xoxo says:

    Julia Roberts + Adelie = Lana

  1510. Kelva Kartel says:

    Nazi? You are disgusting my love. Vile girl. There is nothing Nazi in what I have said. In fact Nazi’s suppressed opnion which is what you are doing to me. x

  1511. Haleh Hajebian says:

    How are you seriously going to say Adele is a generic singer? She has uniqueness to her voice and doesn’t auto-tune. She’s got my respect. How about you open your mind up a little and stop being such a Nazi to music.

  1512. Misssealine11 says:

    Better than Katy, Lady Gaga, Madonna, oh, the list is too long, can’t write it all here.. 😉

  1513. Kelva Kartel says:

    Shut the fuck up. Adele is a generic singer who sounds middle aged when she sings.

  1514. idilraymond says:

    She’s my idol.

  1515. NearbyHermit says:

    Lana gave us Blue Jeans and now she gives us Blue Velvet.

    Blue Sweater is next !

  1516. sonictrasher says:

    What a terrible cover.

  1517. doodl3bugg13 says:

    I love Lana, but I wouldn’t go that far.

  1518. mondejar34 says:

    I actually laughed at this video. Nice one, Lana!

  1519. 12EyesBlue says:

    I’m sorry but I disagree

  1520. hernandezsusanne says:

    What genre is this song?

  1521. MegaMemou says:


  1522. rayiswierd says:

    I beg to differ! She beautiful. I’m jealous

  1523. MrRPGtube says:

    She looks terrible after the plastic surgery. ladies leave your face alone!

  1524. ZombyFreack says:

    I love both

  1525. Jill Bieber says:

    love tht sweater

  1526. muchahonra2b says:

    Who needs Adele when you have Lady Gaga and Lana del Rey?

  1527. iluminati76 says:

    I want her for Xmas 😛

  1528. 1823love says:

    She sounds the same in each song….. so boring zzzZZZZZ

  1529. jonaahthan says:

    sometimes i wish i could be her.

  1530. TheKenthope says:

    I haven’t figure it out the meaning of this video… 🙁

  1531. Adriana Murrillo says:

    well thats your opinion

  1532. leoelmosca says:

    I love how clear the symbolism is! and the whole representation of the music industry and society 😀 truly a nice video

  1533. crazy1998love says:

    omg i love her♥

  1534. katerine gilbert says:

    beautiful song and short

  1535. melina84able says:

    cry or smile i just can’t really make up my mind which one on hearing her sung this song…still awesome thou ^_^

  1536. GiorgiaBretti says:

    I love her lipstick here <3

  1537. AvrilDelRey21 says:

    Grrr I hate that little midget

  1538. ellinida re says:

    what is going on??? every time i listen to her i loose my mind! she makes me happy if im sad she express so much that fucking feeling that anyone cant explain …shes is just PERFECT <3 <3 <3

  1539. fanworxbests says:

    listen to the bass dubstep-fans! Like a vocal sample 🙂

  1540. MrOnYx26 says:


  1541. Jonathan Parroni says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just going to write it any way because i feel at least one person will,
    i’m a singer i know there is like millions of those in this world
    but I’m different. I’m not Justin Bieber but please just give me a chance…
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    if anyone who reads this could press the ‘thumbs up’ other people might see it
    and give me a chance, please help me make my dream come true, thank you! <3

  1542. ZombyFreack says:

    I don’t think so.

  1543. MegaBoners says:

    This chick has like a cult following in my city, she’s alright but I seriously just don’t get it.

  1544. jae seoul says:

    Why did he had to unplug the microphone I was getting really into it. FML

  1545. Exmeraldaa says:

    Even though it’s short i still replay .-. ♥

  1546. JAKE887 says:


  1547. Lucy Page says:

    Still not better than Bobby Vinton.

  1548. masterokaslt30000 says:

    Just 2 min. of hypnosis, WTF! l want more 🙁

  1549. Jacob Hilton says:

    It’s incomparable

  1550. sakurauchiha03 says:

    Why are people comparing her to Adele?

  1551. mrmiffedkitty says:

    I love it, just as weird as the actual movie Blue Velvet directed by David Lynch. Interesting…a lot of similar elements between the two.

  1552. Jonathan Parroni says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just going to write it any way because i feel at least one person will,
    i’m a singer i know there is like millions of those in this world
    but I’m different. I’m not Justin Bieber but please just give me a chance…
    it would mean so much to me to have a good following on youtube
    if anyone who reads this could press the ‘thumbs up’ other people might see it
    and give me a chance, please help me make my dream come true, thank you! <3

  1553. zqdg2012 says:

    didnt like blue velvet till i heard Lana Del Rey’s version now it is stuck in my head

  1554. sexydude2020 says:

    This video makes me wanna buy H&M clothes. It’s so classy.

  1555. Caiptain Price says:

    I like that guy 0:52

  1556. Mimi Crompton says:

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  1557. HardSpy007 says:

    For Millenium or James Bond.

  1558. dante19911991 says:


  1559. Keyonna Marshall says:

    I love Lana del rey!!

  1560. SILVERCLOUD141 says:

    Haven’t really took much notice of her till now really like this so haunting.

  1561. SILVERCLOUD141 says:


  1562. SILVERCLOUD141 says:

    Yeah I can see where you’re coming from Amy winehouse with the 60’s inspired themes.

  1563. then33k4 says:

    that was a really gay comment ! I mean hetero ! wait… what ?

  1564. Kelva Kartel says:

    I am so gay but Lana is making me question it seriously

  1565. Kelva Kartel says:

    Much better than Adele.

  1566. avpig2008 says:

    excellent singer & mv. just so disappointed that this mv is not included on her deluxe box set cd + dvd.

  1567. TheReas93 says:

    Not criticizing, but eh I’d pass.

  1568. Elizabeth Ortiz says:

    I didn’t say it in a bad way. & lol, I’m full Puerto Rican, You just made yourself look stupid.

  1569. TheNorthRaven says:

    And you are like mix of white and mexican.

  1570. Elizabeth Ortiz says:

    She’s like a mix of Amy Whitehouse and Adele. lol

  1571. Curmudgon says:

    the big…CD?

  1572. Curmudgon says:

    the big…CD?

  1573. PepeVZapata says:


  1574. Sebastian Vargas says:

    not your website, dumbass

  1575. taz1lima says:

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  1576. OddballAnn says:

    She looks like Priscilla Presley.

  1577. popcornlol12 says:

    no shame in her game!

  1578. h0rizons4rent says:

    She never claimed to write the song. Obviously she did not write it, because we’ve all heard it before. I can say, that just about all of the other music on her album is written and performed by her 100%. Also, if you believe she is in fact, a “talentless bitch,” then that’s you’re opinion, and I’m not gonna knock you because of it. BUT, you do not have to disrespect someone in order to get your point across. This only makes people angry or disregard you opinion completely. Just FYI.

  1579. 6iBeYoshi9 says:

    There’s nothing wrong with expressing opinions but the way some of you are attemping to do is rather being insulting and rude than just stating an opinion.

  1580. abiscabby says:

    She’s absolutely incredible. I actually adore her. Can’t wait to see her next year on tour! 😀

  1581. yoga382 says:

    Some of the clothes in the video are from H&M

  1582. princessgrapefruit1 says:

    Lana sounds really flat on this, I think that her trout pout sometimes stops her from singing properly.

  1583. awhyk says:

    I’m just saying Frank Sinatra sang a whole bunch of his own songs, that’s all!

  1584. Guren Lydia says:

    Of course…cause you can compare Lana to Frank Sinatra….seriously?????

  1585. XxBeatlesforeverxX says:

    Their line is 60s inspired. Makes sense to me.

  1586. awhyk says:

    I guess same goes for talentless folks like Frank Sinatra. Or, wait…

  1587. shira dana says:

    i love her sooo much!! she is soo talented! but.. i still dont get how this is related to the store

  1588. Adrian Mayorquin Santos says:

    Las Canciones de Lana Del Rey no me gustan 😛

  1589. Musichara TsLife says:

    NEW SONG BY LANA DEL REY–> /watch?v=WD-txfLtJ-o&list=UL

  1590. Alexandra757 says:

    Great homage to the film and song.

  1591. TheDaas36 says:

    That’s why she’s making more money than you, HOE

  1592. TheDaas36 says:


  1593. CalvinRocsxD says:

    I think she is a goddess with her beautiful voice and personality. Her music is heavenly and expresses many deep emotions. Therefore, ALL YOU FUCKING RUDE ASS CUNTS PUTTING HER DOWN CAN SUCK MY DICK. Having an opinion is fine, but if you don’t like her why the FUCK are you on her video anyways.

  1594. cdaute says:

    I think she’s more talented than most ”singers” of our generation

  1595. cdaute says:

    I think she’s more talented than most ”singers” of our generation

  1596. Lauren Lollies says:

    Are you deaf or jealous because it HAS to be one of those things. Have a nice day 🙂

  1597. Lauren Lollies says:

    Are you deaf or jealous because it HAS to be one of those things. Have a nice day 🙂

  1598. OilyJar says:

    And you need to respect people.

  1599. itsashlovie says:

    That’s not fair to you, for people to be attacking you. It is a shame that people feel the need to cyber-bully, in order to defend an artist that they like. I’m sure you’re a nice person, and you don’t deserve the attacks.

  1600. nathalia gonzalez gallego says:

    1:50 hahaah I love her

  1601. aliyah martinez says:

    I’m not the only one calling you out on your ignorance so dont get sassy with me. No I dont know you personally (definitely wouldnt want to) but hey guess what YOU DONT KNOW HER PERSONALLY EITHER. You didn’t like it when I said she had more talent than you did you? Think about shit before you say it.

  1602. aliyah martinez says:

    I’m not the only one calling you out on your ignorance bitch so get sassy with me. No I dont know you personally (definitely wouldnt want to) but hey guess what YOU DONT KNOW HER PERSONALLY EITHER. You didn’t like it when I said she had more talent than you did you? Think about shit before you say it bitch.

  1603. Guren Lydia says:

    You’re right i guess.I’m sorry but as you can see people started attacking me all of a sudden and even calling me names…for being harsh.

  1604. apunk015 says:

    “Not her song. Talentless bitch” Its not about it being a cover?

  1605. kjsoccer1912 says:


  1606. 6iBeYoshi9 says:

    I think its beautiful in my opinion

  1607. Kevin Smith says:

    unofficially, the little sister of adele

  1608. itsashlovie says:

    It is never wrong to state your opinion, I guess personally I believe if you have to use profanity to get your point across then your opinion is invalid. (That is not supposed to sound rude, although it could obviously be taken rudely). I just think if you’re going to have an opinion at least articulate yourself properly. I hope you understand that I am not trying to attack you, from my side of the computer screen this is a civil conversation.

  1609. brenomartinelli says:

    ok , you have your own opinion , but don’t call me immature when you’re the one calling her a bitch just because you don’t like her. that’s disrespectful and I don’t think she’s ever done anything to you so you could call her a bitch. if she’s talented or not, that’s up to her – if you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all , because most of the people who watch lana’s videos like her and what you did was not clever at all.

  1610. brenomartinelli says:

    who cares? some people like it , some don’t. let her do it, she likes it.

  1611. Guren Lydia says:

    Okey good for you 🙂

  1612. Ram875 says:

    I didn’t say she has an amazing voice, I just like it, but it does not amaze me, Leona Lewis voice amazes me…

    Greetings fellow

  1613. MrOlliguitar says:

    i just make assumptions based on what you’re saying like everyone else 😉 you cant argue over what you said. you clearly didnt say she is talentless in general. your only argument was that this is not her song. so you’re saying she is talentless baased on that. pretty stupid. doesnt have anything to do with you being a native speaker or not and btw, maybe she would have become a bitch if she was talentless but she’s an artist obviously :/

  1614. Guren Lydia says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t make wrong assumptions in your head and get mad over nothing.And excuse me for not being a native speaker.

  1615. MrOlliguitar says:

    yea, that’s EXACTLY what you said. maybe you should learn to express yourself

  1616. Guren Lydia says:

    Did i say that she’s talentless because she did a cover? are you stupid? I said she’s talentless in general.READ

  1617. MrOlliguitar says:

    so you are saying jimi hendrix, van halen, stevie wonder, the beatles, joe cocker, the who, santana, cream, johnny cash, michael jackson, dream theater, metallica, led zeppelin, rolling stones, stevie ray vaughn, gary moore, allman brothers, bruce springsteen and pretty much every great band/artist ever is talentless? wow…

  1618. Guren Lydia says:

    Yes.That’s my oppinion.Artist need to accept both good and bad critics.

  1619. TheMoles100 says:

    this is a very bad cover of this song!!!!

  1620. Guren Lydia says:

    That’s not about making a cover.I called her talentless because she is.WHY are there stupid people like YOU MOTHERFUCKER that can;t respect other people’s oppinions????huh?

  1621. TheMoles100 says:

    fuck of you little cunt is her opinion and that’s all get a life cocksucker

  1622. Guren Lydia says:

    it doesn’t upset me at all.I just thought of saying my oppinion like everybody else does.And my oppinion is she’s talentless and looks like a bitch (i don’t know her personally of course).IS IT THAT WRONG TO SAY MY OPPINION? just because people disagree?

  1623. Guren Lydia says:

    It’s ok to do’s just that many people think this is actually HER song.I respect your oppinion even though i disagree about her voice being amazing and all that.

  1624. Guren Lydia says:

    I see there’s a download link in the description box? And i’m sorry but she’s not talented at all.Her voice just sings in a monotonous tone all the time.That’s called talking not singing.And please respect different oppinions.What you do isn’t mature at all.

  1625. Guren Lydia says:

    You people need to respect different oppinions.

  1626. Guren Lydia says:

    I’m not a singer.But anyone can sing like her.My best friend is a singer and she can asure you that.And why would i be jealous again?? I don’t care about money or fame and i’m not intersted in singing.

  1627. Guren Lydia says:

    Do you know if i have talent or not?do you know me personally? YOU grow the fuck up.Okey you can go around the world and spend your energy defending someone you DON’T KNOW EITHER.Like i give a fuck

  1628. Mrsloveturkey98 says:

    Better than every Horrorfilm i have Seen (:

  1629. heorhere says:


  1630. aliyah martinez says:

    Was it really necessary to call her a bitch? That’s extremely childish of you. You don’t know her. Grow the fuck up please. She has more talent than you will ever have. Pipe down.

  1631. Chriss7Seven says:

    love this version

  1632. awsomemovies100 says:

    This pisses me off i want it to keep going on she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1633. Gino Comers says:

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    follow this link or google it: >>>>>>>>> SEXYGREY.BLOGSPOT.COM
    It’s?? a blog of girl and believe me, you won’t regret visiting
    it! I have?? downloaded her video and I almost came freehand while
    watching it. LMAO. Just? sharing.

  1634. apunk015 says:

    Yeah because every artists that makes a cover is obviously talentless. Why are there stupid people like you?

  1635. Streetwise91 says:

    Such a strange looking chick.

  1636. kindzmarauli says:

    heh, always thought she had a Lynch vibe to her…

  1637. Sayndraa1234 says:

    Ogólnie to ona ma szatana na głowie chodzi mi o włosy , a do muzyki i piosenki to ona jest fajna , ona ma taki sliczy głos , tez bym chciała taki miec : ))

  1638. shepherdti1 says:

    Like you can do better . Lol Jealous bitch 🙂

  1639. Tripti Khadgi says:

    what else cud be more feminine than this female? adore her like anything!

  1640. Jonathan Parroni says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just going to write it any way because i feel at least one person will,
    i’m a singer i know there is like millions of those in this world
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  1641. Christian Apopa says:

    can anyone recommend similar songs or artist? preferably songs.

  1642. iloveyewallsomuch says:

    She would be so much more attractive with normal sized lips.

  1643. Destanye M says:

    i didn’t like it

  1644. Hannah Gordon says:

    please click my channel and check out my born to die cover, it will only take 10 seconds!

  1645. TurnerTheWorm says:

    Awesome cover

  1646. pianoman8778 says:

    She has songs like serial killer, off to the races, and she’s not me that are upbeat. She has a lot but the sad ones get more recognition. And this is a cover, not an original song.

  1647. derox16 says:

    The beat sounds sad, but her only sad song is Ride.

  1648. mikeybear1958 says:

    omfg i love her so much

  1649. UrMomIsClockLike says:

    Yes’m. It’s technically an EP.

  1650. s9314 says:

    her songs are all that sad ;/

  1651. Musichara TsLife says:

    NEW SONG BY LANA DEL REY–> /watch?v=WD-txfLtJ-o

  1652. notfromusa says:

    My favourite Lynch movie. Thanks Lana.

  1653. nueve08 says:

    She’s as HOT as hell!!!! So Hot!!!

  1654. Haxur13 says:

    Thank you for this wonderful voice and your unforgetable beauty, girl form this ancient America, forever…

  1655. barabaspolo says:

    i hate the fucking midget, he reminds me of that fucking bastard from Twin Peaks, kinda scarry but sexy at the same time.

    I want to make a tea-bagging with him

  1656. barabaspolo says:

    god, i miss those fucking 40’s, although i was dead back then

  1657. Ivan Rivera says:


  1658. MrArci31 says:

    You mean, Paradise Edition ?

  1659. Adam Wheeler says:

    I Love It.

  1660. j0ames says:

    david would be proud

  1661. ohey hayden says:

    Like this is you thought she wasn’t wearing any pants at first

  1662. COLovesYou1 says:

    watch the movie Blue Velvet and this is so scary

  1663. Maxime COL says:

    Hello. I know that you’re getting bored of it :3 but me and my friend did a remake of ”Dark Paradise”. It would mean the world for us if you go in this channel, and give us your opinion. Thank you <3

  1664. Juniper Jupiter says:

    LOL…that was cute! 😀

  1665. rhcplover100 says:

    her voice <3

  1666. victor gutierrez vergara says:

    no se, su look es muy amy winehouse. copiona

  1667. MagecMusic says:

    Hey everyone!
    We are Magec & Rei O´Hara, two new indie artists trying to get to the world. Please, visit this channel to listen to our new song and video. We are pretty sure that we will put a smile on your face 🙂 Hope you like it and enjoy and if so, please share it with your friends. Thanks!!
    Magec & Rei O´Hara – Put a Smile on your Face!

  1668. MissPirafoul says:

    So do I.

  1669. TheCamynao says:

    Itsashlovie +1
    Haters -0

  1670. ogomezrodriguez says:

    I like her version of this song.

  1671. di0x says:

    Yo diría que la tipaja esta va muy fumada…. tómate un redbull hija mía!

  1672. di0x says:

    What happen with you! This is shit, bullshit!

  1673. Jessica McCoy says:

    I wish I was her microphone…Just *look* at how she strokes it…*cries*

  1674. Alexander Haydar says:

    Ruined this song? WTF? This is one of best covers EVER, I feel proud to be able listening to this.

  1675. Manecas Rey says:

    Vote in Lana Del Rey for Celeb of the Year!!!!

  1676. IhateLegg says:

    I blame the midget.

  1677. DrSheepdancer says:

    This is so beautiful

  1678. Cristina Peres says:

    that girl on the writing machine


    nope , not true

  1680. BreannaLoveFashion says:

    I have the same pink sweater that she wears in this video!!!! 🙂 cool

  1681. Thepolkadotdress says:

    blue velvet is one of my favourites, its a classic and i lover her but she ruined this song

  1682. MSandrine LOUIS says:

    I love this song, this voice!!

  1683. OilyJar says:

    Yes, yes you are.

  1684. AmyChristianOli429 says:

    Probably a good idea.. You seem too stupid to understand anything anyways….

  1685. itsashlovie says:

    Whoa there! Calm down, breathe, and realize calling someone a rude name won’t help anything. I don’t care for Lady Gaga’s music but I would never disrespect her art by commenting on a video of her’s and calling her a name. It’s disrespectful, music is her art, it’s okay not to like it but why be mean about it? Click the dislike button if she upsets you that much, or state your opinion without profanity

    I hope I gave you some helpful suggestions 😀

  1686. alondramarquez1 says:

    Not great

  1687. brandiatkins90 says:

    Her voice is so OMG words can’t describe…love her

  1688. DanoninoX3 says:

    that tiny fucked up the ilussion XD

  1689. harritwin says:

    she is Julia Roberts

  1690. claushenrique says:

    Does anyone know the name of that actor who pats his forehead with a kerchief? He’s so handsome.

  1691. Ram875 says:

    I like her voice, and uum, so many bands, singer etc, use to do covers, why not her?

  1692. brenomartinelli says:

    It’s not her song , and this is an add for H&M. She wrote A LOT of songs on her own. AND SHE IS TALENTED !

  1693. AHarris69 says:

    Talentless? Really?

  1694. alanlad1 says:

    only one way this could possibly have been better,if the late great roy orbinson had of been singing with Lana

  1695. TheCamynao says:

    has anyone called Victor….lol.. he posted 3 days ago and gave his phone number …thats crazy!! 😉

  1696. djmedusa101 says:

    she looks so much prettier when she smiles

  1697. Guren Lydia says:

    Not her song.Talentless bitch

  1698. florencelovme says:


  1699. Archie06930 says:

    yeah, that’s what people keep saying on here. I did see that movie, it was very strange and really made no sense when it was all over. Of course, with Dennis Hopper that’s what I would expect, he was a nut.

  1700. 12lmora says:

    i love her smile at the end:D

  1701. erickarics says:

    the original is longer BOBBY VINTON – BLUE VELVET

  1702. TheCamynao says:

    This video is creepy! Just watched the movie Blue Velvet and it’s just as creepy! Love the video… love the movie!

  1703. mcwmart says:

    Never did like dwarfs and i certainly don’t like them now!
    I was enjoying this!

  1704. nina lovesjorgie says:

    Lana del rey is a talented beauty! Her somber voice is breathtaking!!!

  1705. GabiSteveO says:

    *_* so pretty

  1706. yeaka says:

    This is a ridiculously stylish commercial. Why did it have to end?

  1707. Emil Ibanez says:


  1708. lourdes montes says:

    NO, the video it’s based on David Lynch’s style, not in any particular period of time. You should know this if you’ve done your research, the director of this video it’s only to blame for making a fantastic video!

  1709. solyluna2245 says:

    Kisss lana del rey 😉

  1710. Longlivethereds1 says:

    -_- obviously she was lipsyncing. What do you think? no singers actually sing in their videos!

  1711. candyjukes18 says:

    Damn midget -.-

  1712. ericisback13 says:

    her voice is so haunting

  1713. Jessica Castro says:

    Wait.. at the end of the video when the little man unplugged the record player…she was lip syncing… ? Did anyone else catch that?

  1714. UrMomIsClockLike says:

    There is a slightly longer version on her new album.

  1715. Leon Vázquez says:

    Well, then l guess l’m in love with those sexy ducks! member Swan Queen? Take it bitch! xD

  1716. LauraMia Hope says:

    I bet tht she stills 100% MORE pretty and hot than you

  1717. bmanoogian says:

    i dont get the video

  1718. NeroEden5 says:

    ha ha lol I thought the same thing!!! just at least 1 or 2 more minutes it’s a perfect tune.

  1719. guillaumecrimee says:

    Les artistes m’effraie de plus ample plus…songz to suicide,almost all her songs are boring,and sad…songs for depresive and sicko peoples

  1720. florencelovme says:

    I didnt read your comment. I dont even care. ugly cunts.

  1721. 2930381 says:

    why didnt she post this video on her channel?

  1722. Leandro Freitaz says:

    Amo demais!

  1723. Linduhsayxx says:

    im scared

  1724. arjan kapitaj says:

    Blue jeans
    Blue velvet
    Blue penis

  1725. katieaprilmay says:

    I love her, so classy and elegant. Wow

  1726. Robert Triscoli says:

    Thats why these comments are here. Not just for after video jokes.

  1727. Brooklyn8513 says:

    she is my quenn

  1728. hecate54321 says:


  1729. Al GG says:

    Dumb man, Let Lana sing! 😛

  1730. 123Foto791 says:

    I hate this music direction ! But Lana is a exception ! ;D
    LANA !

  1731. JaniChange says:

    I just realized that she has pants on! xD
    she is so gorgeous!!

  1732. magicalair says:

    The hypnosis part is a little creepy. 😐 But love it nonetheless!

  1733. coldmemories1 says:

    plz , is there a longer version of this song ?

  1734. lanara says:

    She is gorgeous but her lips keep growing 🙁

  1735. wormboy1984 says:

    oh my god!!! my favorite song of the album paradise edition!!!!

  1736. Lily Leyden says:

    Lol….love her. Went to HnM today, didn’t expect to see her photos all over the walls, awesome! 🙂

  1737. RandyRyanCandy says:

    excatly, it’s because she is so inspired by David Lynch, so she goes for that kind of back ground, which is prett cool.

  1738. abbycat009 says:


  1739. Karina Molnar says:

    Lana you are the best. 60 90 age your wonderful voice and style and this hair amazing!I like this ambitions, and culture!

  1740. Eddie0z says:

    Her hum at the beginning of the song is just… UNF!

  1741. emilia nin de cardona says:


  1742. Aurancet says:

    And you are very stupid :))) and I think that you never had seen a David Lynch movie

  1743. KillMySexPistol says:

    You must be really dumb 🙂

  1744. Aurancet says:

    This video is like a David Lynch film.

  1745. FabulousGlamourBratz says:

    I will always see Claudia Blaisdel-Carrington singing this… 🙂

  1746. AceryBoGG says:

    She looks like a porcelain doll. Flawless.

  1747. 1m12k5m says:

    just shut up!

  1748. hollyworange says:

    what’s the name of the bearded model?

  1749. Homeski says:

    I own a 2011 plate car and a 1984 plate car, and I still wear clothes I bought between 2000 and 2010. Do you think people in the 50s didn’t wear clothes from the 40s or use items from the 30s? Idiot.

  1750. BeneRachxD says:

    why would that man turn off this awesome music?

  1751. irwani getit says:

    hahaha it took me a while to know she actlly has pants on

  1752. woshuohanyu says:

    read the NEWS people and HOW YOUR CONSUMPTION of cheap H&M clothes kills people just a few hours away from us.

  1753. woshuohanyu says:


  1754. OilyJar says:

    She does have other songs that go the limit.

    “Off to the Races”, “Million Dollar Man”, “Dark Paradise”, “Pawn Shop Blues”

    Lana is a true artist.

  1755. GeistFright says:

    0:36 – Lanatic
    0:40 – Hater (Del Reycist)
    0:43 – Full-time Daddy
    Not sure ’bout the rest

  1756. TruFam says:

    Blue velvet though

  1757. heyitsdiamond says:

    lana’s smile in the end 🙂 ohmygosh i can’t even handle it

  1758. normaramos979 says:

    U all r haters

  1759. TheHolyFool16 says:

    I Love That Little Pout At 1:51 ♥ Lawwd!! She’s too Adorable! :’D

  1760. gayllamas says:

    I like how in the end she just smiles like “oops :)”

  1761. The31secondsalone says:

    she is so cute i just can’t even

  1762. Amy Swinimer says:

    Yes the same for me ! I really enjoy her version more to be honest (:

  1763. peppecicco says:

    Nichi Vendola

  1764. LexNemiroff1 says:

    lol, me too…


    fuck you ;).How can you say that? Adele is divine,her voice is incredible.Then go and listen sluts like Rihanna or Kesha!

  1766. Kelva Kartel says:

    She should have sung the bond song not shitty Adele

  1767. lokatr says:

    Blue velvet should have a 10 hours version D:

  1768. nirbguest says:

    Anyone else thought the typist looked like Mila Kunis in the middle of the video?

  1769. tihk89 says:

    yes, this is about postmodernism, not about exact time period

  1770. 01ILoveChewbacca01 says:

    I love her style 🙂

  1771. Ivana Krivokapic says:

    Lana listen to me now as I listen to your magical voice, I’m 25 years old and I had a lot of women in my life and I’ve seen al not like you would not longer story here on internenetu’ll leave you my number and call me to talk well and I explain that I am not one of those fans sick affords me the pleasure and call me my name is Victor, and this is my number +38169649798

  1772. Sophiieez says:

    The time period would have some relevance, otherwise it most likely would have been set in a modern day context

  1773. whitetimmy says:

    who the fuck cares about 20s 30s 40s 50s style in this video, just enjoy it.

  1774. Scix says:

    You’re all wrong. It’s … right … now.

  1775. AmyChristianOli429 says:

    I know it is. I’ve heard it. I think we’re talking about style and everything like that. Not the song

  1776. Ryan Biggins says:

    Or we can thank the director for capturing an age rather than limiting it to just one time period.

  1777. chukmaty says:

    Yeah, Twin Peaks mixed the 80s, 60s, 50s… didn’t matter then either, it was just awesome.

  1778. ameliaAMALIA666 says:

    honestly, people, who gives a shit which time period this is supposed to be in? 30s, 40s, 50s,60s; it’s got a bit of everything… It’s vintage, it’s Lana, it’s amazing.

  1779. Archie06930 says:

    Or…you may be totally right 🙂 I dunno, I just like HER version better than any of the other oldschool versions, and it’s usually not that way for me, I tend to like older versions better generally- but not this time around.

  1780. juanignacioaguilarmo says:


  1781. Amy Swinimer says:

    I don’t think this has to do with not having done proper research, I think the mismatch of period pieces is representative of Lana’s style: it takes inspiration and muse from a variety of time eras, ranging from the 1930s to even the 1970s I would say. The warmth and nostalgia of Lana’s music and music videos is a result of all these different eras being combined. I love how her music can bring me to a whole other decade with each song. This is what makes Lana Del Rey so fucking unique <3

  1782. Maartje Wullschleger says:

    If this video gave you any of the feelings you get from Lynch work then I’ve been totally living a bad dream wherein I thought he was unique. This video is not even close to the cunning things Lynch does. I mean: including some 50’s elements, a midget, a handful of random situations and a phonograph doesn’t make it brilliant. It makes a pretty bad copy. It completely lacks texture and feeling- it looks like it was made by someone who thinks Lynch is a ‘cool guy’, that’s all.

  1783. chukmaty says:

    Awesome movie.

  1784. Angeee017 says:

    I feel the need to watch some Twin Peaks

  1785. Sayf Dean Armstrong says:

    Neither did I lol
    But I have to tell my friend that this is a cover cz she thinks it is an original song.
    But I like it anyway.

  1786. Alonso Montero says:

    Really? I’m from Chile and freaking out right now, the resemblance is uncanny!

  1787. robertDchubby says:

    I Didnt Know This was A Cover! IDGAF Im Going To Keep Pretending Lana Wrote It ^.^

  1788. robertDchubby says:

    how dare you midget man -____-

  1789. Ticktockteapot says:

    i dont get it?!

  1790. keerttu says:

    this is shit. she even can’t even pronounce velveT.

  1791. Rakx10 says:


  1792. DeAzhane' Rice says:

    her nails are creepy when the song video starts

  1793. kona0812 says:

    ok its your opinion but he booked the campaign for D&G and now H&M’s commercial. so, whatever

  1794. Sofu KinKool says:

    Who´s the guy with the pendulum? Does anybody see the significance of this video? Too weird for me, I guess. Anyway, I like it.

  1795. JohnMichaelC64 says:


  1796. Gary Ard says:

    wwwgreatbuyoutletscom wwwtopfuelsavercom Even the government had jumped on the bandwagon for moles, demonstrating yet again what government had come to in this country. “So. How do you get rid of grubs?”
    “I see.”
    “‘Course, some say don’t use it if you got dogs and cats. You got dogs and cats?”
    “We do.”
    He called Dora Pugh at the hardware on Main Street.
    “Whirligigs,” said Dora. “You know, those little wooden propellerlike things on a stick, Ol’ Man Mueller used to make ’em? They come

  1797. Suiciniv says:

    “I like blue velvet.”
    David Lynch…

  1798. liotie says:

    I thought for a while she had no pants on.

  1799. Karime Hernández says:

    was a joke….this man look like a emblematic men in the chilean history (1848) look for him in google, you will see they are alike lol

  1800. savreuxjohan says:

    J’adore , I love you Lana

  1801. cookiemonster010395 says:

    Such a weird surreal commercial; Love it.

  1802. kona0812 says:

    panagiotis simopoulos

  1803. kona0812 says:

    🙂 no, the guy that i mentioned before is from greece, my country. so i don’t know the guy with the pocketwatch

  1804. epsilonkleiner0 says:

    Thank you so much, I was wondering about that, too! Any chance, that you also know the guy with the pendulum / pocketwatch?

  1805. aeonremix says:

    who is this beard guy?

  1806. Marino Eduardo says:


  1807. kona0812 says:

    0:44, 0:54 and 1:56 is Panagiotis Simopoulos

  1808. Karime Hernández says:

    1:56 Arturo Pratt

  1809. Manny Cruz says:

    Her music on the H&M commercial was perff.

  1810. Jess Picard says:

    what the fuck did I just wAtch

  1811. Trey Hasty says:

    too bad the original version came out in the 50s.. you tried

  1812. Natalia0x0 says:


  1813. bimtrown says:

    Her voice is to bland for this song. Doesn’t have the same effect.

  1814. MusicVoiceWorld says:

    I agree – she is perfect for this kind of music and I really love her voice and some songs … maybe an reincarnation of an past singer ?


  1815. ciscokid718 says:

    This is a song originally by the Clovers she sings it beautifully regardless, just some free knowledge

  1816. Dragiss1 says:

    The video directing reminds me very much of work of the photographer Erwin Olaf (the Grief series).

  1817. 53die9storno says:

    And the guy in the tuxedo looks like from the 1860’s. I guess that’s just the concept of the video, to confuse the viewer… ^^

  1818. 53die9storno says:

    I love that video. It’s as bizarre as a scene from a David Lynch movie.

  1819. CatcherIntheRiot1 says:

    Whether she’s talking or singing it’s like the heaven’s parting and there one light shining down on you… She’s beautiful and a great songwriter I want to marry this woman

  1820. Robyn Marchant says:

    Why is she so perfect?!

  1821. Paul Crowhurst says:

    i have to say i really don’t like this version ,!!!!

  1822. LoveLanaLikeLife says:


    Lana Del Rey – God Save Elizabeth
    I Put so much heart and soul into this song!
    I would love to get a feedback! 🙂
    Especially by her majesty Miss Del Rey
    Please like, watch and comment!
    But be nice!

  1823. musicanddanse says:

    i love <3

  1824. birol ege says:


  1825. memocomander says:

    Que grande!!!!

  1826. Jsunrlse says:

    And you can take every comment literally

  1827. João Paulo Gonçalves says:

    you also can read the descriptions:)

  1828. Jsunrlse says:

    Was David Lynch the director of this video?

  1829. thezionzion says:

    no….i havent

  1830. Maria Manzano says:

    The only song she didn’t write on Paradise tho.

  1831. Walter Van der Wahl says:

    Definitely- I would say its long overdue. Hopefully she won’t be too old by the time the next on comes out. Lana has that sultry beauty, which isn’t commercial.

  1832. speaktheworld says:

    8 minutes too short…

  1833. tashuna2012able says:

    i love this commercial. but it scares me when it comes on at night ! lol

  1834. Miguel Santos says:

    It is possible a longer version of this song? Miguel, Lisbon, Portugal.

  1835. kona0812 says:

    His name is Panagiotis Simopoulos and he is from Greece! We are very proud of him haha 😛

  1836. ImThatRandomGrrrl says:

    You care WAAAAAAY too much!

  1837. ImThatRandomGrrrl says:

    Haha! I thought she was wearing just a sweater until I realized that she was wearing pants at the end of the video.

  1838. fffffishtank says:


  1839. SilvMeMe says:

    I want her nosee!!!!!

  1840. TheZippoMontefiore says:

    I can see her sing a James Bond song in the future.

  1841. Elveword says:

    God! 0:44 who is this hot man?

  1842. Andrew Aguilera says:

    Like john lennon said “A good song is a good song” it doesn’t matter how u do it

  1843. fujihues says:

    aaaah i love seeing her smile!

  1844. epsilonkleiner0 says:

    I don’t get this. This clip is full of surrealism, like other of David Lynch’s work. Yet everbody seems to examine the exact time period this is supposed to represent. I’m almost sure not even the director cared.

  1845. Archie Bunker says:

    Judging from the sweater she’s advertising, I believe it is supposed to be late 50’s early 60’s timeline, but some of the props add confusion to the time period. The turntable and telephones say it’s early 50’s ; yet the microphone is clearly a 1920’s to 1930’s model, and the military uniforms do look to be WWII versions which would be early 1940’s. We can just blame the director for not having adequate research done 🙂

  1846. Gaba Pe says:

    Beautiful song, beautiful Lana <3

  1847. PunkDina says:

    SO true!

  1848. PunkDina says:

    I hope this is Lana’s next single! 😀

  1849. Emily62524 says:

    She’s beautiful.

  1850. kochamciex1 says:

    H&M 😀

  1851. shellyBC101 says:

    I would love to see Lana in “Mad Men”, she’d be perfect for that show.

  1852. roselafaregreen says:

    Damn David Lynch got ripped.

  1853. axizz100 says:

    Who ever fucks this beautiful girl is the luckiest man on earth ….or women on the earth ..

  1854. cocopebbles11 says:

    it’s a song originally from the 50’s
    you can look it up

  1855. calabiyou says:

    she does sing about cola flavoured vag

  1856. 1randomgal says:

    I love Lana’s face (1:51) she’s like, well fuck it!!! looooooool

  1857. Allay Alex says:

    people this staged in the 1930s – 1940s, notice the deco art furniture, the perfume bottles, the marines and the soldiers uniform, the microfone, im no pro but I’m very passionate about the early 1900s and deco art furniture and jewelry

  1858. Haley Michael says:

    You must be kidding me if you think this is the 60’s. If this was staged in the 60’s why would the man be wearing a war uniform from the 1940’s?

  1859. Manuel Antonio Placido Cardenas says:

    is there a longer version of this cover??

  1860. Andrew Aguilera says:

    Don’t know why, but i like this song….. Oh yeah and i would have kicked that midget in the head at the end!

  1861. Ingrid Atkinson says:

    Can H&M just come to Australia so I can get all the Lana range ?

  1862. emagallan11 says:

    Idk… I’m not sold on her yet

  1863. Shani7777 says:

    …that hairline..

  1864. Roman Jankowski says:

    In my opinion she need to sing with Trent Reznor in some song.,… what do you think?

  1865. lemmustube says:

    haha. you’re both wrong. it’s actually the 50s. not only can you tell by the style and microphone, but the original “blue velvet” was released by the clovers in ’54. this is a cover of that song and a tribute to david lynch, who also made a movie by the same name.

  1866. IndigoHeartsBlue says:

    I got really exciting and thought that she had covered ‘Black Velvet’ by Allannah Myles. This was such a fucking disappointment.

  1867. xujhdhei says:

    i really hate that midget for stopping this song >:(

  1868. coladelrey says:

    WHY THE LITTLE MAN CUT THE SONG ? go out and let the queen singing

  1869. fiorenza83 says:

    David Lynch would be so proud!

  1870. Kelva Kartel says:

    Its not ignorant but the truth

  1871. MichalinaMalmur says:

    Okay Im 13 and I listen to beautiful songs like this by an amazing women, and not things about sex,drugs,violence.. My mum should be proud 🙂

  1872. yearofthebeastable says:

    google ‘tumblr you tried star’ haha (:

  1873. lanadelreys98 says:

    lot of people says she has a bad vioce , but i think they are idiots .
    her vioce is soo good and i love it *-* !

  1874. AMELIAPONES says:

    I tried what?

  1875. AMELIAPONES says:

    The soldier is totally dressed like a WWII soldier. Maybe a 40s 60s hybrid? Who cares? it’s vintage. I like it.

  1876. georgearabjyan says:

    I shall murder the 371 dislikes

  1877. yearofthebeastable says:

    you tried

  1878. titielse says:

    He is Panagiotis Simopoulos, he is a greek model…stunning

  1879. monaalex69 says:

    I see today the pictureon HgM

  1880. KoChAmCR7 says:


  1881. Arron Philip says:

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  1882. Юля Руденко says:

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  1883. apunk015 says:

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  1884. Joy Lin says:

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  1885. humpaloompa says:

    it’s actually the 50s…the video is ”composed in post wwii american fashion”

  1886. Gambit1984 says:

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  1887. Катерина Манина says:

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  1888. destiny borges says:

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  1889. AmyChristianOli429 says:

    Way to go out of your way to hurl your opinion at the original commenter, then tell them to fuck off. Maybe you should fuck off. How is it common sense her lips are worse than a duck’s (BILL)? That makes no sense. Maybe you can try looking for some of that common sense that you claim to know so much about!

  1890. AmyChristianOli429 says:

    You should have put in my opinion then. Your original comment makes you sound really ignorant.

  1891. comidaporinternet says:

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  1892. kristelleS2 says:

    This ws all for H&M. what. LOL

  1893. Mitchell Lucas says:

    The vid is a take on David Lynch’s masterpiece Blue Velvet .It is alot like the scene where Frank ( Dennis Hopper ) gets Ben to lip synch to the record of Candy Coloured Clown . Also it is like another scene from the same movie when Isabella Rosselini sings Blue Velvet in a club and Hopper is there smelling his little piece of blue velvet material in the audience . David Lynch sometimes has little people as actors in his slew of odd disassociated cast members . If u like this , see Blue Velvet .

  1894. TheTruthAboutLove3 says:

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  1897. RockAngel7878 says:

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  1900. silentstarz16 says:

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  1903. graphictee86 says:

    hehe! i mean its not like i can dress vintage all the time because it is expensive some stuff but most people walk out of the house looking like they dont care.

  1904. L4dyV4lkyrie says:

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  1905. xcsapx2014 says:


  1906. Veronica-Sofia Nitu says:

    Maybe “destroyed” was a bit harsh, but you can’t say she hasn’t had any work done.

  1907. VoodooPuppies says:

    that is entirely their choice and they are entitled to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and happy with themselves

  1908. Jasmine Benitez says:

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  1909. Jasmine Benitez says:

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  1910. Veronica-Sofia Nitu says:

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  1911. miabrooks88 says:

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  1927. Katarzyna Kurkowska says:


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    I think she is beautiful. But look up her performances as Lizzy Grant, her real name, and you can see her face has changed a lot. I’m not sure if she has definitely had work but it sure looks that way. I love her regardless. 😀

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