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Designer John Galliano has given his first TV interview with Charlie Rose.  It’s the first interview since John Galliano was fired from Dior for an anti-Semitic outburst. The hour long interview can be seen online at CharlieRose.Com.

In the interview John states “I’m not an anti-semite, I am not a racist”.

In the candid interview John Galliano talks openly about addiction and the impact it’s had on his career. He has been working on his recovery and has been sober for 2 years and explains,”I will be in recovery for the rest of my life“.

Watch an excerpt of the interview here now and to see the full length interview go to CharlieRose.Com


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  1. americaneon says:

    he is, in my opinion, the Best Designer of our time.. it’s a shame. it’s a
    shame he had no friends there to get him out of that situation, to help
    him. It’s a shame how Dior threw him to the wolves to save their image
    instead of backing him, because of the beautiful work he did for them for
    so long bringing them back to center stage. He lost everything, even medals
    that he earned… for a drunken mistake. Every single person has said
    something horrible in our lifetime, we are just lucky no one was there to
    film it. Dior’s own son made much more horrible comments, publicly
    supporting the Nazi’s and they hush hush that right up. If he had worked
    for me like that, bringing my business to center stage again, I would stand
    behind him and apologize with him. How many times must someone keep
    apologizing before we accept his apology? I’m a Christian and hear horrible
    things all the time, no one even cares! But of course there is no
    forgiveness in our society, it is so hypocritical.

  2. Afanlynness says:

    get this poor man a job!

  3. jrmetmoi says:

    Look, Galliano needs to just work for someone else or take his own company
    again and work hard to make it so great that Dior becomes obsolete and
    dares because people are OK with kids in Israel dressing up like Klan
    members and in black face for Purim yet that man can’t say that it was good
    for Jews to be gassed. Miss me with that shit!

  4. lynd scott says:

    I luv Galliano. He is intense and has a soul.

  5. jun7per says:

    What he did was cruel and wrong!
    He needs to work on his demons.
    I believe he will come back strong….an artist dreams for those who cannot and John is a dreamer, a true artist.

  6. toobeautifulgirlify says:

    This is just too painful to watch.

    Its like they lobotomized a genious. He used to be so grandiose so driven and creative… now he has to think twice before uttering a word, he’s like a lion in a cage. He used to be the king of the jungle.

    What they did to this man psyque is unbelievable. torment genious, idolize idiots, this is a sad world.

  7. Sean O'Neill says:

    John Galliano and Alexander Mcqueen the two geniuses who revolutionized the high-fashion industry and runway shows. This young generation of designers can’t compare, Gareth Pugh comes close.

  8. Stanislav Zimin says:
  9. ismeto says:

    he is sick !

  10. yayislc says:

    @smrtmary well, i think there is no such thing as justice, at least not on this world. He will, however, and sadly be remembered as “the racist designer” in history, i imagine that’s why he decided to “clean” his image. People and history can be unforgiving, but i will always love him, he reinvented the word “creativity” for the fashion industry.

  11. smrtymary says:

    He’s a good man, believe me. Naive and trusting as a kid. His bosses treated him too cruelly, and I hope they will be punished someday.

  12. smrtymary says:

    I love the man. He’s a genius who went through a lot. We should to take care of such people, but we always kill them. We don’t appreciate talent, we are too violent, jealous and hypocritical. Any time, any world, people are always the same.

  13. yayislc says:

    He might not be a good person, but to deny his genius is madness. If everyone was to be exposed I doubt there were any good people left in this world. Matter of fact, he did not kill anyone, and we cannot forget how he changed the fashion industry with his creative genius.

  14. GUS GRAND says:

    Boohoo you racist cunt!

  15. AJ Santo says:

    I dont believe him! If it wasn´t because of the video, he would still be the f cken racist designing at Dior. My family suffered on the Holocaust, i dont think is fair to portrait him as a heroe.

  16. TheMarkintheheart says:

    The only people who say “Galliano shouldn’t get a break” better tell us how they are such purists. Everybody makes mistakes and addiction is a sick and powerful thing.

  17. frankieyungsw says:

    Glad he’s back, life goes on.

  18. jorge sandoval says:

    I really enjoy the interview
    after not see Galliano for some time ,he look fresh and rejuvenate, put at some point in the interview he was lost ,confuse,not sincere of how he fell, and almost talk to Charlie like a nobody his answer were not clear and blame the alcohol and drugs for his autodestructive behavior,put maybe his sorry for getting cough or not and probably is right about could been dead of overdose.One thing is clear that having to much power whit out balance can be lost .Good Luck G

  19. AJ Santo Gomez says:

    Do you really believe him? He’s now trying to play the victim. My family suffered on the holocaust, I take his comments very personal, is not fair to put him as a hero, when clearly he would be the same racist if he wasn’t caught on video.

  20. Jicky Farina says:

    John Galliano is the greatest living fashion genius, he will direct Chanel after the resignation of Lagerfeld.
    The uninformed people do not realize that what happened to John Galliano is just a vile conspiracy of LVMH.
    He is a brilliant man, good and right. And without him, fashion is dead.
    I love John Galliano today more than yesterday.

  21. Mister006 says:

    Vanity destroyed J. Galliano’s lips, just like vanity destroyed J. Galliano’s career (it was the question of his blonde hair color that sparked his Aryan/Hitler rant.)
    I don’t appreciate Charlie Rose in this effort, as so many more people have been tried and convicted – even to death for things they ABSOLUTELY did NOT do.
    Charlie, interview the wrongfully tried and convicted, not the vain addict regarding the self-inflicted.

  22. Eva Traumann says:

    the important thing is to grow and to understand better yourself and the real meaning of life as a human being, living on earth – John, you are a great artist and I always enjoy watching your dresses, your colours – the thoughts you express – you are such a beautiful person and many people know that, I wish you just to feel sure and beloved

  23. sidney ma says:

    We all make mistakes, and you have to forgive him, and learned the lesson, and not punished more

  24. sidney ma says:

    Todos nos equivocamos, ya hay que perdonarlo, ya aprendio la leccion, ya no lo castiguen mas

  25. Rodney Lorenzo says:

    It’s incredible how low one can stoop just for attention. He must have had cold and indifferent parents as a child.

  26. Rodrigo Otazu says:

    rock on man ! i am very proud of you ! you did not kill your self at list ! we are a survivor in this life we need to grow strong

  27. should be CHIC says:
  28. Mich B says:

    So glad Galliano survived It was hard to watch all these years Thanks to those people who video’d him having a melt down they saved him in a way.

  29. 78798789077 says:

    galiano is a fucking racist prick, cannot see why cr gave him a forum

  30. Les Turla says:

    I dread the idea of ever speaking with Charlie Rose but he’s the best in what he does.

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