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Go backstage with Jennifer Lopez as she shoots her first TV campaign for L’Oreal Paris. JLo looks sexy and hotter than ever in this new behind the scenes video for the new ad campaign for the Eversleek haircare product line. The concept is sleek and strong, modern and new.

As Jennifer admitted to us backstage – she likes the idea of “being calm and in control and having everything in it’s place

Watch our L’Oreal Paris behind the scenes video with Jennifer Lopez here now. Hair by Stephane Lancien, makeup by Charlotte Willer.

CREDITS: Behind the scenes video Produced and Directed by Karen Morrison; A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network. Cameramen Frank DeJoesph, Evan Estern;  Still Photography by Franz Walderdorff. Commercial Director: Laurent Chanez for Identity ID New York.

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Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. sarvenaz saatsaz says:

    yeSs JLO Is An Angel <3

  2. sarvenaz saatsaz says:

    How Beautifullllllllllllll u Are !! :’) <3

  3. clara galeano says:


  4. sarah dido says:


  5. Clara Pirazzoli says:

    Anyone knows what song is playing at the beginning of the video?

  6. Beatrix Kiddo says:

    She look amazing….

  7. Beatrix Kiddo says:

    She look amazing….

  8. RT @ChicsFashion: Jennifer Lopez Backstage – Making of L’Oreal Paris TV

  9. Ghettoschmetterlingx says:


  10. LeLu1995 says:

    now i know what i am doing this evening

  11. ilovechicas1 says:

    que linda…gorgeous body at any age.

  12. ainanor says:

    bla bla bla no one believes she uses that shampoo! just payed to say that..

  13. 258994eric says:

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  14. gordiflu says:

    Voy al baño y ahora vuelvo.

  15. sawa1221furu says:

    Thanks for the video. I like much, again thanks.

  16. Jon B says:

    OMFG … That is a lucky dress to be on a body like hers … YUM! 🙂

  17. mariaesperanzalopez says:

    jennifer lopez georgeus

  18. David Hanovic says:
  19. fretulam says:

    Check out:\iQBA4 if you want Modern Warfare 3.


    Tu n’est pas la seul(e) a chercher !:)

  21. marielandres says:

    awesome jenny! like u….

  22. jlock12345 says:

    yes you right !
    Jlo is nice women
    why who haters love to dislike her?

  23. elizbari1995 says:

    Really amaizing

  24. ladynina46 says:

    She’s so damn Beautiful! Love her

  25. xox1234xox says:

    Are those latex dresses she is wearing? Ever Sleek indeed.

  26. oleskelia says:

    LISTEN HER NEW DANCE SONG “PAPI”, click my profile “oleskelia” and listen!


  27. SuperGenius4ever says:

    “She looks Great, Love Her Commercials & Personality! I don’t listen to Her albums or Music Videos. Just Love Positive attitudes!”

  28. Celina Norega says:

    DAMN can i look like that please?!!! lol

  29. JennyLoFan7 says:

    it was worth watching this cuz she looks very pretty !! ♥♥ love you Jennifer ♥♥

  30. gleeker211 says:

    I totally agree with her women are worth it u rock !

  31. kexou says:

    she is beauifullllllllllllllll

  32. heynormal says:

    I wonder what shampoo and conditioner J.Lo really uses?

  33. icelily2010 says:

    68 people are so jealous! shes amazing

  34. admintuube says:


  35. MARIMARIGOLD17 says:

    カッコイイっっっ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ♪♪♪ 大好きっ♪

  36. lpereira01 says:

    She is simply FABULOUS!!!! SHE IS HOT, HOT HOT!!!!!!

  37. poulpi09 says:

    slick slick slick !!!

  38. KellyKellyMedia says:

    burk burk she scrary jennifer ! 😮

  39. caminieaimelazik1999 says:

    Elle est chaude *.*

  40. Nezaley says:

    que bella es, por dentro y por fuera, ojala pudiera verte de cerca JLo!!

  41. supaladysu1 says:

    @Ihateeminem1985 Jaloux!! Ahahahha

  42. Pippo Inzaghi says:

    so beautiful

  43. Ihateeminem1985 says:


  44. NicoFreddyy says:

    @Beautychoopi97 Pourrait tu me rappeler ce que je t’ai dis avant que tu ne
    montes sur tes grands chevaux telle une folle alliée ?

  45. Yonion69 says:

    Elle est vrément bien foutu par contre niveau faciale sans maquillage pas
    top top ^^

  46. matyie2009 says:

    very beautiful!!

  47. Morty says:

    @Aramor29 mdrr c trop clair, on va ou là de pire en pire, pfff et sa que
    chez nous les français il y a vraiment des gamins qui ne savent pas quoi
    faire sérieux je suis très déçu.

  48. Oni Oméga says:

    En plus elle ne se la raconte pas !

  49. mariekitu says:

    @dousmakos She looks like all the opposite of that to me. Actually YOu’re
    making me realise.

  50. Aramor29 says:

    Vous trouvez le moyen de vous clasher sur une pub pour l’Oréal ?

  51. Robin Noiret says:

    @azer3105 Pff les français, vous savez que vous insulter et encore je doute
    que tu sois français ^^ Vu comme tu parles, ou peut-être que tu l’es mais
    que tu veut jouer ton ptit rebelle de mes 2. C’est pas la peine d’agresser
    les gens quand il t’on juste corriger ^^

  52. mounaydi says:

    ils nous prennent pr des con ” i use good products for my hair ” mon oeil!
    : extensions de haute qualité wi !!

  53. tk291100 says:

    one thing for sure she’s TAKE CARE of her body. she’s HOT YEAH BABY.

  54. ragooss says:

    JLO c une Bombe!

  55. majinj8c says:

    She’s still perfect

  56. 11Rom87 says:

    She’s hot.

  57. Lyna Laurent says:

    C’est quoi le titre de la première musique ??

  58. catherine inconnu says:

    elle a besoin d’argent ? lol

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