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Go behind the scenes with designer Jason Wu, First Lady Michele Obama’s designer of choice and the creator of her gorgeous inaugural gowns. Last September Designer Jason Wu electrified the audience with his Spring 2013 fashion show at New York Fashion week.  Find out why top models Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and Carolyn Murphy can’t get enough of Jason’s sexy approach to dressing.

Jason Wu Spring 2013 collection was inspired by the photography of Helmut Newton and Lillian Bassman.  As Jason explained, “I wanted highlight the female shape with clothes that hug the body and to make women feel beautiful and empowered.  It’s all about the balance between fantasy and provocation.”  Watch the Jason Wu Spring 2013 fashion video here now and discover more and shop the collection at JasonWuStudio.Com.

Interviews by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director. Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Network.

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Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. José Pherrera Silva says:


  2. José Pherrera Silva says:


  3. Crystal Chai says:

    Look like bathroom tiles. Don’t like the fashion stage setup.

  4. Crystal Chai says:

    Look like bathroom tiles. Don’t like the fashion stage setup.

  5. Jimmy Black says:

    Cara Delevingne looks like Child’s Play kkkkk

  6. Jimmy Black says:

    Cara Delevingne looks like Child’s Play kkkkk

  7. Megan Robinson says:

    Stunning! Beautiful collection x

  8. Joshua Cook says:


  9. Joshua Cook says:


  10. VictoriaaReign says:

    Jason seems like such a fantastic person. So creative and apart of the

  11. SkyeLee1214 says:

    He is a star from Taiwan!!

  12. Emily Paget says:

    AWWWW! how he comes out at the end

  13. Lubaina Rahman says:

    The dress worn by kristen stewart at the OTR premiere was there 😀

  14. Lubaina Rahman says:

    The dress worn by kristen stewart at the OTR premiere was there 😀

  15. Hamasaki Rin says:

    the clothes are really gorgeous! so intricate and subtly gorgeous that it
    can be worn on any occasion!

  16. vviczz1 says:

    this bitch (yes i came here to say that)

  17. Emma Skovhøj says:

    Josephine Skriver 🙂 +ThePerfectLifeTv

  18. ThePerfectLifeTv says:

    0:15 Name?

  19. jollie Park says:

    modeling is an art, designers want slim tall simple girls to wear their
    clothing and not distract viewers from it. and also i hope you realize
    ‘anorexic’ is a MENTAL DISORDER. not a body type.and size 0 is not
    anorexic. im a 0 and i have a healthy weight for my age and height

  20. Rachael Blackman says:

    One does not simply hate on Cara Delevinge and not sound like jealous idiot

  21. Taylor Wilson says:

    love this collection!

  22. Eline Libbrecht says:

    The clothes are gorgeous!

  23. Wafaa Akmal says:


  24. CupCakeMakeUpx says:

    it ok. clearly you’re new here

  25. RedhairedBallerina says:

    Well if you want a feminine form why not give us some selection in ‘female forms’ instead of size 4 models?

  26. MsNorrell12 says:

    it makes me sad when he says “THE feminine form”. Are we still in that place. That there can be only ONE right feminine form?? Depressingly old fashioned.

  27. Martinez Laurent says:

    Are you mad you look like a donkey?

  28. Aso Paso says:

    I don’t think there was a single outfit which I did not like…. that is rare! He is very talented, I must say….

  29. Adrianne Reid says:

    this collection is beautiful

  30. cocotiks says:

    I love the makeup for this show!

  31. melissagrindon1 says:

    finally…clothes that are actually wearable.

  32. lilcaitz says:

    what, so she can look like every other girl with eyebrows that are tweezed to fuck and drawn on like slugs?

  33. Ynami Kpop says:

    love eyebrows like these !

  34. angiemonroymusic says:

    or like shut the fuck up

  35. hellomsjulia says:

    its obviously the look of the show, there are plenty of successful female and male models with brown hair and eyes etc its just the look the designer wanted for this particualr show

  36. WolfGirlMc says:

    Cara is pretty

  37. Snowwhite Articfox says:

    That’s kind of her brand…

  38. sosuccexyceci says:

    The whole line was spectacular. I want every single piece!

  39. julianXcasablancas says:

    A lot of people consider light hair and blue or green eyes as the ultimate feminine traits when it comes to a woman. I don’t know much about this designer but it seems this is maybe what he was going for or what simply attracts his eyes. But I do see your point, it does get a bit repetitive.

  40. TooMy AJ says:

    Karlie Kloss

  41. WildPonch4LMAO says:

    that is what discust me about fashion , it seems like that all male/female models look exactly the same , even height , body , walking etc… look like clones , Cara has thiker eyebrows , different from most female models , that’s what makes her popp-out 🙂 (sorry my english im portuguese)

  42. Royalsparkzz says:

    Her eyebrows are sexy.

  43. Ranim R says:

    martini lounge – another day #backsound

  44. Lola Holly says:

    Cara without her eyebrows isn’t Cara Delevingne anymore…love her so much

  45. saintsational28 says:

    0:15 she is gorgggggggggg

  46. Aya Shin says:

    erin heatherton!

  47. Gino Felino says:

    Anyone have the playlist of this video?

  48. Jazmin Lopez says:

    all the girls are Blond blue eyes, Blond blue eyes, Blond blue eyes, Blond blue eyes,! WTF?

  49. rehanahani29 says:

    his clothes he designs are so feminine but with edge and it’s really cool

  50. Eloise Yang says:

    love Jason Wu:))

  51. StyleInCMajor says:

    Seriously, if I ever get on the red carpet, I’m wearing a Jason Wu dressXD

  52. mignonette7 says:

    Love love love it well done.

  53. Scarlett Groves says:

    Can anyone tell me who the model at 3:08 is? It would be greatly appreciated

  54. Julinka T says:

    i simply love the make up- it is this “strong woman with an attitude” touch. totally in love.

  55. JessieVlog says:

    0:45 MASSIVE JAW ALERT! an earthquakes coming!

  56. vanessa ferreyra says:

    I love cara because she is so unique like she has blond hair and when u have blond hair ur suppossed to have blond eyebrows but she has brown

  57. Pop Roks says:

    eyebrows are like da baby of bigfoot and a lions mane

  58. ella-grace leacock says:

    love her ‘Ain’t no wifey’ top:D

  59. wytane says:

    Very gorgeous collection. Always love Jason Wu’s feminine designs 🙂

  60. abru pode says:

    her eyebrows with make up are awesome but when there is no wake up there its like all hairy

  61. SierraPadre214 says:

    No, she’s quite ugly. She’s like a White Grace Jones. They both look like they belong in some science fiction film, but they’re still ugly.

  62. KATE KALUNGA says:

    Cara is too gorgeous!! But then again most female models are extraordinary looking. The eyebrows are unique and pretty on her

  63. PsychoGookBlaster says:

    She’s hideous. lol

  64. LILLYWAYNA says:

    not even beautiful

  65. Vera Khym says:

    What was the song at the beginning??

  66. Eunice Castro says:

    if cara’s eyebrows were waxed or dyed then no one know her. her eyebrows are what defines her and makes her stand out in this crowd. to be honest, everyone, but Cara, looked the same to me. she looks beautiful this way anyways.

  67. hedwigisamazing says:

    1:45 wat the hell is that

  68. mmaies says:

    I absolutely fell inlove with this collection!!

  69. Dai Ze says:

    such a good collection!

  70. Dai Ze says:

    how do ppl not like her eyebrows on her?? they make her look bold and fierce

  71. Virginia Hazy says:

    That dress at 2:04 – WOW.

  72. TheHellojello63 says:

    Preach JASON!

  73. miasondergaard says:

    her eyebrows are beautiful, what are you talking about? she is just embracing her unique features

  74. iclarolineh says:

    Fashion is not always supposed to be worn. Sometimes it’s supposed to be appreciated. It is an art, after all.

  75. chrimica says:

    Love the line!

  76. AutumnXluv says:

    she doesnt need to do anything. she can have them however she pleases.

  77. classclown2392 says:

    I don’t always look for Cara Delevingne on Youtube, but when I do… Eyebrowse.

  78. dashikfromsiberia says:

    natalia vodianova also became popular and well known for her eyebrows

  79. Carolina Ruiz says:

    Cara Delevingne is amazing!
    her eyebrows ♥

  80. mohdhalowais says:

    ihit you

  81. mohdhalowais says:

    why you love harry I hit you XP

  82. Meghan Brit says:

    No she doesn’t.

  83. Karen Morrison says:

    +Cara Delevingne takes us backstage at *Jason Wu* Spring 2013 Collection
    in New York. The show was inspired by the photography of *Helmut Newton*and *Lillian

    As Jason explained to me after the show, “I wanted highlight the female
    shape with clothes that hug the body and to make women feel beautiful and
    empowered. It’s all about the balance between fantasy and provocation.” +
    MODTV #jasonwu #spring2013

  84. Karen Morrison says:

    +Cara Delevingne takes us backstage at *Jason Wu* Spring 2013 Collection
    in New York. The show was inspired by the photography of *Helmut Newton*and *Lillian

    As Jason explained to me after the show, “I wanted highlight the female
    shape with clothes that hug the body and to make women feel beautiful and
    empowered. It’s all about the balance between fantasy and provocation.” +
    MODTV #jasonwu #spring2013

  85. girlfantasie says:

    Cara my baby !

  86. Mikuruification says:

    ~d00D LE4N 2 1NT3ГW3Bz |<, $|-|\_\T ЦP pHЦ c|<1nG RUPU4L N00Ъ L0LZ

  87. GETintohisjeanns says:

    lol k

  88. Mikuruification says:

    Go fucking have sex with Rupaul

  89. Mikuruification says:

    You’re the one with Austin Mahone video’s under your likes list, I’ve seen Hood rat ho’s with better hair than you. Did your mommy buy you that top???

  90. helloitsdenisse says:

    clearly you know nothing about fashion honey …

  91. scarybarbies123 says:

    gok wan?

  92. kevinnthepigeonn says:

    CARA 😀

  93. kevinnthepigeonn says:

    CARA 😀

  94. GETintohisjeanns says:

    I don’t get why some people dislike her so much. Has she actually said anything offensive before or do these people just think her personality is annoying or she’s unattractive? Because she seems like an extremely engaging model to me. Some people also say her personal photos are ugly and all, but like, they’re personal photos. Really, Cara seems like a genuinely cool person. She’s friendly to the other models as well. I don’t see the problem. \:

  95. TheAntonio6579 says:

    0:37 first time i see a chinese gay person !

  96. DudeOfX says:

    like a sexy Helga from the show “Hey Arnold” 😀

  97. Bridget Graham says:

    She for sure wouldn’t be as successful without those eyebrows.

  98. Liv G says:

    you’re so right, its for performance purposes. a catwalk show is a performance and the makeup is part of the art of it.

  99. Jazzieey23 says:

    this collection is amazing i love it

  100. Maneesha Gallage says:


  101. feltongirl says:

    it’s just for the show…

  102. heartbounceful says:

    hmm why would you say that about yourself ? 🙂

  103. Veronica Camille says:

    A pig with makeup on, is still a pig.

  104. Molly Jane says:

    I much prefer her modelling for brands like these instead of VS. She has such a great face for these kind of runways instead of the ‘girl next door’ theme they go for in the Victoria Secret ones.

  105. heartbounceful says:

    watch out, we got a badass over here .

  106. oohlaalaagaga says:

    even you with your terrible personality

  107. oohlaalaagaga says:

    even you with your terrible personality

  108. Julinka T says:

    but btw, wonderful collection & super beautiful make up! That’s a good example of a strong woman!

  109. Julinka T says:

    “….that’s why I’m here!” Well, that’s not exactly true, you’re here because you’re booked for the show!

  110. SoMix3dchix says:

    her eyebrows are perfectly fine she’d ruin them if she did that she appreciates her qualities

  111. SoMix3dchix says:

    i love cara

  112. Katie Brown says:

    gawd cara is amazing

  113. heartbounceful says:

    everyone can look pretty with that fucking amount of makeup

  114. Kazumi Inoue says:

    JASON WU Spring 2013 ft Cara Delevingne NY Fashion Week | MODTV

  115. Cara Linquin says:

    Beautiful woman, so are many of the other models. High fashion has the best women.

  116. Paula Lagemann says:

    i love the make up

  117. MsMad94 says:

    Does somebody know the name of the model at 0:10 and 0:15 please?

  118. WhiteMacadamiaNut says:

    no shit

  119. Joozeb1 says:

    chime – the shapeshifters

  120. Melina M. says:

    You are so so beautiful!You are not like all the other models…you’re just yourself and i really admire that!You – are – a – MIRACLE <3 (Cara, i follow u in twitter and please please please if u want follow me back..i really love u! :'))

  121. SomeKindOfMagie says:

    Name of the song on this video? Anybody? Please let me know 🙂

  122. Bukurije Berisha says:

    Cara suits that shade of lipstick so well p.s I’d kill to have every single one of those outfits!!!!!

  123. Rad key says:

    Who’s the model at 0:13 plz ?

  124. Jennifer Cline says:


  125. Iqmal Yasin says:­m

  126. Ariel Isis says:

    Finally the clothes that I can see myself wearing.

  127. Sunnii-Elle Peifer-Stafford says:

    this is amazing.

  128. heyholetsgolaura says:

    Oh my god compare Cara to the other she is the prettiest but also the one who doesn’t seem like a little whiny bitch haha

  129. JIR728 says:

    karlie kloss fucking owning the cat walk>

  130. shyannelikestodance says:

    who is the model at 2:05?

  131. luxxeey says:

    OMG. Love it

  132. Hillary Gates says:

    Josephine Skriver

  133. fyeflourite says:

    Cara is beautiful! I love her voice.

  134. sorandom9498 says:

    LOVE the collection!

  135. LCbabyxO says:

    no the model after her.. :/

  136. Jason Wu Spring 2013 Fashion Show

  137. Miguel Gonzalez says:
  138. MODTV says:

    VIDEO: Get to know designer Jason Wu – the brilliant New York designer who
    created Michele Obama’s Inauguration gown #inauguration2013 #jasonwu

  139. Julie Tao says:

    erin heatherton?

  140. Apple B says:

    Love it !!

  141. emergencyexit16 says:

    Well and her family connections…

  142. LCbabyxO says:

    omg who is that gorgeous human being at 1:01?! perfect walk and so stunning!

  143. floralsss says:

    her eyebrows are perfect

  144. Eman Elgendy says:

    Cara’s eyebrows are SOO unique 🙂

  145. Juhlx95 says:

    0:10 whats her name? Is she danish?

  146. MODTV says:

    #FashionVideo Designer Jason Wu describes the provocative inspiration
    behind his Spring 2013 collection.

  147. Lucas Branco says:

    @ykruwsc yeah. nobody can believe about this quickly. Listen to this, i really ddnt expect that maybelline will send me the mascara without any dime. if you wanna try just try now >>

  148. 1DConniiieee says:

    i do haha

  149. sacredgoddess says:

    her eyebrows give her character and is one of the main reasons why she is so well known.

  150. XoxoAlexandraMarie says:

    She’s 5’9 🙂

  151. kaison15 says:

    @anirtbv lol damn you guys this is nothing. this is nothing if you want real life horny girls who will skype with you check out this

  152. LaydiieeTiigaarhh says:

    Jason Wu is skilled!

  153. mojeex3 says:

    that’s her signature look. there is no Cara with no eyebrows. beautiful flaw. everyone loves her eyebrows.

  154. Vennesa15 says:

    she needs to get her eyebrows waxed or dyed

  155. Chopstiks11992288 says:


  156. momande bawari says:

    cara got A LOT OF SWAG

  157. Николай Деревенский says:


  158. 3Glimpse3 says:

    man i love this woman

  159. Hillary Cheah says:

    you should look at Alexander McQueen’s latest collection. It isn’t wearable, but it is so beautiful, you would really need to understand fashion to accept for what it is… l, so is Jason Wu’s collection.

  160. Hillary Cheah says:

    I look at the clothes…

  161. circasurvive04 says:

    does anyone else get chills whenever a designer does some variation of a model stampede?? …like D&G does them at the end of their shows too and i literally get chills lol

  162. vnjegds says:

    aww that’s sweet. So true i bet we’d all look like model if we had professional help! plus i think we all got our little something something lol 😉

  163. onehotminutex says:

    DON’T feel bad on yourself. Look at the team of people these models have around them perfecting every aspect of their faces & hair. I’m sure you’re beautiful too.

  164. Sophia Capó says:

    she is shanina shaik

  165. pink2431 says:

    Cara -3

  166. Green711manisha says:

    jac jagaciak 2:24 =D

  167. alycat231 says:

    i dont get how someones skin can be that perfect…

  168. Jessie Singer says:

    love erin heatherton <3

  169. Moraineish says:

    2:18 who is she?

  170. dcutie pie says:

    Beautyfull collection <3

  171. kyana566 says:

    her eyebrows doe. i want them

  172. Ammar Hafiz says:

    she’s actually really cute.

  173. TheTalkingUnion says:

    She has such beautiful eyebrows.

  174. Duda Martins says:

    hmmmmmmm look what you lost harry… 😉

  175. analvarado18 says:

    1:28 Kristen Stewart wore that <3

  176. cutieglitzdiva says:

    ♥ 0:58 Erin!♥
    ♥She looks so gorgeous!♥

  177. littlerainbowpony says:

    i love all the pieces in his collection <3

  178. 1D554 says:

    I’ve got the Cara’s Fever♥

  179. Apple Orange says:

    ew cara

  180. emilyparini says:

    hes so cute

  181. rauhanomaisenSoturi says:

    Jason Wu’s best S/S collection till date.

  182. rauhanomaisenSoturi says:

    Jason Wu’s best S/S collection till date.

  183. GiovannaGrr says:

    Me agrada cara

  184. Lana Roberts says:


  185. liveelovelaugh1 says:

    I always thought she was weird looking but now I think she’s just gorgeous.

  186. vnjegds says:

    She’s 20, im 20. She looks like that, i look like this -_-
    life is unfair alright lol

  187. iheart1D9761 says:

    cara! <3

  188. Canyta01 says:


  189. SummerLovesGlitter says:


  190. sdfghsfgsdfg says:

    Frida, Hanne, Bette, Jac, Julia- My favorites, I watch for

  191. Donald Trump says:

    jason wu:))

  192. Dianelys Segarra says:

    cara, karlie, & carolyn <3

  193. marielitha says:

    frida <333

  194. XdisXesXwhyXimXhawtX says:

    Cara is sooo amazing, though I’m super jealous

  195. Corona Goldenberg says:

    Jac, Cara, Frida, and Josephine <3

  196. Zoe Cursual says:

    What’s Frida’s surname?

  197. mrssandystyles says:

    Wish to be her!

  198. lendreat says:

    Love the dresses !

  199. VivianAudreyy says:

    Where was Cara btw?

  200. zerotonico says:


  201. ChloeElisabeth1119 says:

    karlie, cara, ginta, frida <3333

  202. melody emmanuelidis says:

    track id?

  203. WhatTheFish96 says:

    The playsuits and short shorts are just fabulous! Oh my Godzilla! Got to get myself some of these by next summer!

  204. dinosaurcupcakes23 says:


  205. dinosaurcupcakes23 says:


  206. carey579 says:

    And thats why I say the state of top models is at its all-time low!

  207. TheJohannaRose says:

    The collection —–

  208. tvfanatic14 says:

    How is it an overstatement? Name one American model that has come out in the last 10-15 yrs that has risen as high as she has. Now if she’s not your cup of tea I can understand that but give the girl her due, her, Joan Smalls & Cara Delevingne are the hottest things going in the industry right now.

  209. marieoxo says:

    0:58 erin heatherton! omg it’s so weird when i see VS angels doing other fashion shows.

  210. ally271060 says:

    FINALLY SOME CLOTHING PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY WEAR ! lol How beautiful is this collection !!
    Not like all those crazy looking dress from all those more famous designers’ collection

  211. saywhatnowx says:

    I love Jason Wu’s clothes! They’re amazing.

  212. chisovnik says:

    Understatement of the century.

    And on that note, WTF is Erin Heatherton doing here? I mean, it’s not a big show or anything but she’s ALMOST worse than Karlie.

  213. carey579 says:

    Maybe and unfortunately too! It makes it seem as tough America is devoid of beautiful girls!

  214. rosebud427427 says:

    but it’s true 🙂

  215. claaaareeee says:

    those clothes :(((( fml

  216. missfashionator says:

    Ahh, the collection is really to die for *_*

  217. lukewarmluxe says:

    The song at the beginning? Breathe by télépopmusik

  218. daulton gordon says:


  219. timodaygis says:

    Someone tell me the name of the song of this video, please

  220. purpleguddess says:

    thank u

  221. Karen Morrison says:

    +Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss take us behind the scenes at Jason Wu
    Spring 2013 at New York fashion week. Check out the +MODTV video #nyfw
    #fashion #fashionweek

  222. Chelseacaps says:

    don’t get me wrong, she has an amazing personality but she really is overrated and there are sooo many better models out there than her… and her runway walk is pretty terrible.

  223. carey579 says:

    That is quite an overstatement

  224. carey579 says:

    I love you

  225. itgoesmyway says:

    well said

  226. itgoesmyway says:

    I love her:P

  227. MODTV says:

    Go #backstage with top models Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss at Jason Wu
    Spring 2013 collection at #nyfw #fashion #style #beauty #spring2013
    #jasonwu #modtv #fashionweek

  228. HollyGolightly078 says:

    why are you so surprised? she used to be a high fashion model before she signed with VS!
    candice and a lot of other VS girls do high fashion shows!

  229. SofiiaBjork says:

    I don’t get it, why don’t people like her? She’s beautiful!

  230. kta2100 says:

    erin of victoria secrets woooww

  231. caerulea0 says:

    stunning collection, simple yet strong

  232. taylorswiftbaby1 says:

    omg ikr!

  233. amandalimvilai says:

    Cara <3

  234. ViviVolume says:

    Cara has huge eyebrows ._.

  235. kluskizmakiem666 says:

    cara talks too much because she’s bad!

  236. onedirection4lifez1 says:

    cara i love uuu 🙂

  237. MsNotdoingmyhw says:

    josephine, ginta, cara, frida: those are the models i watch for

  238. Ally9220 says:

    Well that is your personal opinion not mine

  239. purpleguddess says:

    what a great designer…and karlie kloss looks amazing..

  240. purpleguddess says:

    because shes a young beautiful girl thats really good at what she does …

  241. kjerkovich says:

    I like Karlie but I find her expression often distracts from the outfit.

  242. Shalanda Makalo says:

    Love it! Jason Wu is so dope!

  243. Bat God says:


  244. tvfanatic14 says:

    Cause she’s the best that America has produced in years that’s why.

  245. lucia urrutia ugarte says:

    0:50 HORSE face

  246. popptart4 says:


  247. rahneebliss says:

    cara is my spirit guide

  248. melushus says:

    Love love love

  249. Lilylock1 says:

    Karlie has such a sexy walk

  250. Ally9220 says:

    Too much Karlie, still dont get why she is liked as a model

  251. Thecaptcharly says:

    Nice collection !! 🙂

  252. maybe800 says:

    loooove cara!!

  253. Lchelidze says:

    love it

  254. aaayitselle says:


  255. Jason Wu Spring 2013 Fashion Show

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