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Go backstage at Jason Wu Spring 2012 with top models Karlie Kloss, Daphne GroeneveldGinta Lapina, Diane Kendal and Odile Gilbert.

Jason Wu kicks off New York Spring 2012 Fashion week with a collection that the designer said was “inspired by pop art meets couture shapes“. The beauty look of the show was powerful.

I wanted a really beautiful clean face with this a bright pop of orangy red color” Jason explained to us backstage. “It’s about an image, a vision, a look, it’s about the experience, that is fashion for me”

Interviews by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano.   A production of MODTV Fashion Network

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  1. kyrababieee914 says:

    Geez, what runway isn’t Lindsay Wixon on.

  2. LILYGIRL987 says:

    The girl at 2:01 looks like an utter idiot, and just completely ruined the
    tone and style of the show with that walk. What on Earth was she thinking?

  3. cherry lee says:

    i wonder if anyone knows about a shopping site ..w w

  4. tommycas021ooo says:

    1:55 is Ming Xi, 3:24 is Kate King.

  5. Mayflower573 says:

    Lindsey Wixson

  6. jadore286 says:

    Can you tell me the name of the model at 2:52?

  7. worldsoull says:

    That walk at 2:01 made me worry about the models knees. It looked so unnatural and like she was trying too hard to be powerful/sassy.

  8. Annalisa S says:

    they have beautiful faces ..

  9. Malenie Ven says:

    I love this collection 😀

  10. Hernán Veloz says:

    Sam La More – I Wish It Could Last

  11. LadyDirtyRapsberry says:

    i love the music in the background. Anybody knows what it is?

  12. mhz12 says:

    looks like kinga rajzak to me

  13. Gr8Catch22 says:

    beautiful collection

  14. irishka180 says:

    ginta lapinaaaaaaaaaa…love you!!!!!!!

  15. sophie granger says:

    this collection is beautiful! love it

  16. MsMad94 says:

    Who are the models at 1:55 and 3:24?

  17. Candy052089 says:


  18. VivianAudreyy says:

    2:18 My mom has that shirt! It’s our favourite <3

  19. NextSuperstar88 says:

    who’s jason wu boyfriend??

  20. LCbabyxO says:

    who is that model at 2:02?

  21. lucia urrutia ugarte says:

    OMG¡¡ this girl walk soo.. 2:02

  22. anyway0614 says:

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  23. lolitsmarina1 says:

    2:02 is it just me or is her walk horrible…. she literally looks crippled

  24. PinkChic255 says:

    the blond is daphne groenveld and the brunette after her is jacquelyn jablonski. i wasn’t sure which you were talking about

  25. JESS LEKY says:

    who is the girl at 1:17

  26. iluvbroadway15 says:

    Arizona’s. Walk. Is. So. Boring. Seriously, I’m happy that she’s fading because she’s the most boring and overrated model ever.

  27. BisousHalvorson says:

    <3 <3 Jason Wu!!

  28. itssmyl says:

    I love Jason Wu!!

  29. sleepyhead9876 says:

    Jason <3

  30. urbanupgrade says:

    She did trip. It was kind of an unnoticeable stumble and that’s why she smiled.

  31. honeyxhoneys says:

    Loveeeee Jason Wu!

  32. dzowwiez says:

    Erin Heatherton was walking in that show 🙂

  33. thePreciousBOX says:

    Daphne, Karlie & Ginta. <3

  34. ARCangelGIRLLL says:

    Hi-Tack – Silence

  35. angelsee19 says:

    Daphne Groeneveld. She is Dutch and amazing

  36. loveifka says:

    The first song, what is it??

  37. BeautyModel503 says:

    those models are so tall and gorgeous

  38. 96Tora says:

    I love whats in the mind of Jason Wu!!!! <3

  39. MaddyReid13 says:

    I love Daphne Groeneveld and Arizona Muse :’) x

  40. lalalalalalalalalajt says:

    love u daphne!!!

  41. xomarjet says:

    I think you mean Daphne Groeneveld! She’s a Dutch model and only (forgive me if I’m wrong) 16 years old! 🙂

  42. bananafarmer123 says:

    daphne is so beautiful

  43. MrCamelbrown says:

    Ginta Lapina

  44. nicodabau5 says:

    what is the name of the model who is first scene getting photographed; before Gita gets her interview light . What is that beautiful girls name ?

  45. 4onbekend says:


  46. Sobelk says:

    Ginta, Daphne, Siri, Karlie, Lindsey… Some of my fav on this video I <3 Models!!

  47. corgi409 says:

    I think they meant Hailey Clauson, cause you can see her stumble right near the end during the finale she tripped and then smiled.

  48. corgi409 says:

    Ginta Lapina!

  49. Christian Lopez says:

    thats josephine skriver

  50. MsNovember92 says:

    what is on their lips? its beautiful!

  51. jayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    2.47..Who is her?? she’s sooo beautiful <3

  52. 666Msfreak says:

    50’s and pop art <3 wow Ginta and Daphne are so beautiful...! AND Karlie is gorgeous UNTIL she opens her mouth..I get dissapointed every time I hear what she says

  53. Glamoholic says:

    Those last two dresses: WOW!

  54. thorbzor says:

    Not her no

  55. SuperCreepyPrincess says:

    You meant Jourdan Dunn? No thats her walk. When you watch the Burberry show, you’ll know. She always walks like this. She didn’t trip

  56. EricaHofer says:

    First runway I’ve seen where I’d actually wear that stuff and the models don’t look evil too 😀

  57. anjagrabar says:

    Daphne Groeneveld 🙂

  58. Kindofjulia says:

    1:04, love that dress!

  59. Aranza Gutierrez says:

    2:01 okay seriously … she’s walking a bit weird!

  60. Chiyun Li says:

    such wearable pieces!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  61. DearMrOrMrs says:

    The first and third outfits…oh my god I need.

  62. DASHA IVANOVA says:

    loove the collection

  63. justarandomkidd says:

    @xxskinsxx Daphne Groeneveld

  64. Lola Smith says:

    WOW I really like his collection! FRESH, THE BEST

  65. IRISHAYLEY says:


  66. patcarbit says:

    what’s the music that starts at 3:20?

  67. WEAKKNEED says:

    Jason Wu is very articulate in describing his fashion design for this show.
    And his voice is so masculine and confident.

  68. WEAKKNEED says:

    @KGO80313 I think you mean Hailey Clausen, in the final runway walk.

  69. XOtsukihimeXO says:

    beautiful everything.

  70. Kaitlin o'connor says:

    I loved the one model who smiled at the end. That collection needed some

  71. melushus says:

    lus it…i would actually wear these!!! 😉