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Go backstage at Jason Wu Fall 2013 with top models Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Daphne Groeneveld and Jessica Stam and find out why Jason Wu is one of the most buzzed-about designers at New York Fashion Week. On Friday afternoon, even with threats of a severe snowstorm about to hit the city – it was still a full house at his show on the Upper East side.

As Cara Delevingne told me backstage – “this is really the show that opens NY Fashion Week…Jason is such a sweet guy, I just love doing his show – it’s always so elegant but cool”. All of the models feel the same way about Jason – they adore him because he knows how to make each one of them feel beautiful.

Jason Wu is only 30 years old. In just 6 years since launching his business,  he has become one of the most important designers working in American fashion. Originally born in Taipei, he was raised in Vancouver, Canada and he now owns a very successful design studio in New York. He is First Lady Michelle Obama’s designer of choice and made her inaugural gown, which helped put him on the international map.

For Fall 2013 Jason Wu celebrated the beauty of a woman – focusing on femininity and strength. As he explained to me “I really wanted to propose the idea of femininity as seen through my eyes – it wasn’t about a complex concept or overreaching idea – it was about the idea of a woman – feminine clothes that women want to wear“.

The collection was a knockout, full of seductive wearable pieces that have become his signature. Watch the Jason Wu Fall 2013 Fashion Video here now and discover more online at

Interviews by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director. Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Network.

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Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. MM Earlene says:

    it look so lovely, love everything in it

  2. Гульназ Измайлова says:

    Cara просто великолепна!! Божественные черты лица^^

  3. rachaeland diamond says:

    That wasnt even jordun -_- \/\/

  4. Isa Åswärdh says:

    Look how Jourdan Dunn looks at Daphne Groeneveld at 3:03

  5. Vanillla8 says:


  6. Zetine Yu says:

    Cara is sooooo cute

  7. Lisa Le Calvez says:

    My Favorite Cara Delevigne !!!

  8. anime2192 says:

    He is such a fantastic and thoughtful designer

  9. neverlastingworld says:

    Breathe – Télépopmusik | Hopefully this was the one you were talking about. haha

  10. Carly Wagner says:

    I absolutely LOVE the dress at 4:26 Its perf <3

  11. mshupferone says:

    German song 😀 nice!

  12. Eunice Castro says:

    the best thing about Jason is that his models always look natural and themselves. and of course the clothes he makes.

  13. aniarobles says:

    Polarkreis 18 – Allein Allein (Eric Prydz Remix) 😀

  14. aniarobles says:

    Found It! Name of the song is Polarkreis 18 – Allein Allein (Eric Prydz Remix)

  15. aniarobles says:

    Name of the first song??? PLEASE

  16. @LiloWood says:

    RT @laurajgamero: espero ansiosa despertar un día y que la pesada de Cara Delevingne haya sido una PESADILLA

  17. xPoplove says:

    Jason Wu is so adorable by the way

  18. xPoplove says:

    Jason Wu woeehoeeoeoeoee hahahahaa lmao

  19. beckybang1512 says:

    says the non- famous person sitting behind a computer screen, bagging out ACTUAL MODELS

  20. stefi0016 says:

    I just saw Cara in VS but she is so fresh so powerful

  21. mizt8696 says:

    It’s so wierd! I think i saw you, or your youtube account whatever, at another one of cara’s vids. How’s it goin mate 😉 lol

  22. mizt8696 says:

    Start the adventure kids xD

  23. olimac909 says:

    cara is nothing

  24. Summer Staff says:


  25. Bukurije Berisha says:

    Cara is beautiful and I would love to look like her, but I don’t so I got over it and I appreciate her and what she does but that dosn’t mean I’m going to obsess over her.

  26. DudeOfX says:

    please – you thought she was sooo beautiful it hurted – what ever happened to that!?!? 😀

  27. Bukurije Berisha says:

    Well the chances are that she’s not and you obviously arn’t and it really wouldnt effect me that much that it might be her, to be honest even if she was reading this or were to reply its not going to change my life in any way, lets be real.

  28. DudeOfX says:

    hey if it turned out that I was her how would you react? mmm
    could you prove that I wasn’t her? I could stop talking right now and leave you with that uncertainty for the rest of your life because you would not be able to get close to her ever unless you was Rihanna or something

  29. Bukurije Berisha says:

    hahaha, I doubt it

  30. DudeOfX says:

    psst… I think Cara might be listening to our conversation…

  31. Bukurije Berisha says:

    oh no no, of course not

  32. DudeOfX says:

    HA! I did no wrong! 🙂

  33. Bukurije Berisha says:

    no not at all, you were more amusing to be honest

  34. DudeOfX says:

    did I upset you?

  35. Bukurije Berisha says:

    I think you need to find a new hobby

  36. DudeOfX says:

    is that not what you did also eh??
    I also wanted to start some trouble also among the Cara crowd

  37. Bukurije Berisha says:

    I’m not hovering around her I’m admiring her beauty. Here’s some advice, don’t just say the first thing that pops into your head, it could get you in trouble.

  38. DudeOfX says:

    It just so happens that when I see all these girls hovering around Cara the first thing that comes out is…. “Give it a rest”

  39. Bukurije Berisha says:

    are you?

  40. DudeOfX says:

    am I?

  41. Bukurije Berisha says:

    Give what a rest? Are you just looking for an argument?

  42. DudeOfX says:

    give it a rest

  43. DudeOfX says:

    What is the cara?

  44. DudeOfX says:

    that dude still looks like a teenager – when I heard him talking I was thinking “somebody that young can’t be taking that sophisticated” so checked his age and he is 30

  45. MakenzieSweet says:

    Jason is the cutest!
    Needless to say, an amazing collection once again.

  46. georgianarainbow says:


  47. Matilda Kemp says:

    i really love her

  48. 9009cookies says:

    @0:34 jourdan is not having that shit

  49. ninaa231 says:

    love that dresses,

  50. Mackenzie Styles says:

    my mother says me that i look a bit like cara

  51. Kenneth Bren says:

    Jourdan dunn is everything

  52. keepnitrealish says:

    Wow, he is talented…

  53. Rumtay1 says:

    Die deutschen sind auch überall 😀 !

  54. Bukurije Berisha says:

    Cara Delevingne is perfectly beautiful, it hurts so much I much admit

  55. caerulea0 says:

    I wonder how models that are so skinny and barely eat keep their skin looking good and prevent their hair from being too thin to work with, lets face it many will have eating issues so they must have to take a lot of vitamins to stay at least looking healthy, I know that it certainly begins to show with eating disorders. P.S not saying Cara does at all!

  56. Beth Colfer says:

    jason wu is a very fun designer he’s just so talented! cara looks stunning as always<3

  57. teganandsaravideos says:

    Is it me or did Cara sound American at 0:34 the way she said “you’re going to see a lot of amazing women” ? ahaha

  58. MODTV (@MODTV) says:

    #Video: Jason Wu Fall 2013 #backstage with @JasonWu @CaraDelevingne @missjourdandunn MODTV #nyfw

  59. Mary Jane says:

    Love the energy cara brings;) Wish Chanel Iman had words too say:(

  60. Maria . M says:

    cara is so perfect and that’s not faire

  61. 1DConniiieee says:

    AHHH Daphne is back!

  62. allthingsMAC5 says:

    love jourdan

  63. Almudena Layos Cobos says:

    I have decided I love Jason Wu

  64. Jason Wu Fall 2013 Backstage: Go backstage at Jason Wu Fall 2013 with top models Cara… @MODTV

  65. Karen Morrison says:

    +MODTV Video: Go backstage at Jason Wu Fall 2013 with +Cara Delevingne #nyfw
    #video #jasonwu #fall2013 #fashion

  66. brianna brown says:

    Love chanel iman

  67. MODTV says:

    Go backstage Jason Wu Fall 2013 #backstage with Cara Delevingne and Jourdan
    Dunn #nyfw #MODTV #fall2013 #fashionvideo #fashionweek

  68. AnikaFtw says:

    Great collection, and amazing designer.

  69. ImperfectVlogs says:

    Original is Polarkreis 18 – Allein Allein
    Remix used in this is Eric Prydz – Allein

  70. 2Chuas says:

    Lovely little “bird” dress was perfect for Cara and her comic book walk :-). Jourdan has never looked more beautiful, wow! Those eyes!

  71. frederiegar says:

    Love, love, love Jourdan

  72. Thorben Sameyn says:

    Allein Allein – Polarkreis 18
    Here Comes the Rain Again – Eurythmics


    What song is this??? 🙂 ❤

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