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Marc Jacobs Beauty has launched exclusively at Sephora, a gorgeous line of makeup products that are as inspiring and cool as Marc Jacobs fashion shows at New York and Paris fashion week.  The 120-piece range features 16 products priced from $18 to $78 and was manufactured in partnership with and will be sold exclusively by Sephora, which is owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

Beauty is all the rage in fashion – designers like Tom Ford, Michael Kors and even Burberry now have beauty lines.  It’s become important part of communicating the designer’s vision and marketing the brand.

So how does Marc Jacobs define beauty?  As he explains in the video released by Sephora, “I think it’s youth, it’s energy, it’s something you are attracted to and makeup is something that accentuates your features and plays up that spirit that you want to project“. The was the designer’s goal to create a very desirable product that really illustrates how he feels about beauty as he explains in the video “it’s a luxury that women love to indulge in”.

Check out the complete collection online at MarcJacobsBeauty.Com or shop the collection now at Sephora.Com.


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  1. Violet Skye says:

    no, it’s a bull terrier

  2. Misseffortlesslychic says:


  3. Misseffortlesslychic says:

    Now it is getting too much with all the designers’ brands launching make up (they know they can make a lot of money out of it as a lipstick is not as expensive as a MJ dress and it evokes the same feeling of having something by the whatever designer). However, I am not seeing anything special or unique in all these launches: Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs & co, just a lot of marketing. And now we also have makeup artists launching their stuff. The Market is over saturated.

  4. rosymjd2153 says:

    Km LleVo oro
    . POd

  5. Marita Kassis says:

    Beauty by Marc Jacobs

    #marcjacobs #marcjacobsbeauty #makeup

  6. MODTV says:

    #MODTV Have you seen +Marc Jacobs Intl Beauty line? It’s available
    exclusively at +Sephora. Check out the video –

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  7. Lamia Cavalli says:

    better than the rubish kat von

  8. cafe creme says:

    Neville Jacobs, the bull terrier belonging to Marc Jacobs:)

  9. KitiLePanda says:

    He really spoke to me
    You go Marcy

  10. dakotacheryl says:

    Just what I thought when I heard that comment.

  11. Madison Fredericks says:

    What kind of dog was that?

  12. Rockstarrism says:

    0:08 Can someone tell me the name of that type of flower? I really like them.

  13. cristianlovesmu says:

    I felt like that girl model stared into my soul…

  14. SparklesByRanae says:

    Love this makeup!!! I want all of it!! :0) Hey Beauties!! Please check out my channel and please let me know if you subscribe, I will def sub back! Thanks so much!!

  15. RockSugar10 says:

    “beauty is youth”. I guess he doesn’t think older women can be beautiful

  16. LovingNaturally says:

    Wait! That’s Marc Jacob ^^ wow I didn’t know he looked like that.

  17. NvrSettle says:

    He is so hot!! I love his collection. That nailpolish goes and goes and goes.

  18. Noof Ahmad says:


  19. Daniela Bezies says:

    He is perfect! I love him <3

  20. cynthia00729 says:


  21. rayu703 says:

    Off topic but… his socks tho.

  22. xxmakeuplove99xx says:

    First comment!!

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