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Gucci Spring 2013 Fashion Show by designer Frida Giannini opens Milan fashion week.


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  1. Valo Schecter says:

    I’ll miss frida! <3

  2. sasamella says:

    1:16 my shoes *.*

  3. dd dfa says:

    the queen of the women brand!!!!!!!!

  4. Péter Bócsi says:

    Somebody know this music 9:47 ?

  5. Lawrence Lee says:

    1:14 potential

  6. Castre Doss says:


  7. Gigi Moono says:
  8. 光男 鄭 says:
  9. carlos luna dagdug says:

    dios mío los colores fascinantes

  10. aveda huang says:
  11. FashionIsAnything says:

    Amazing collection the colours are amazing

  12. Rianna Richards says:

    I love, love, love this GUCCI Collection so much! I kept watching it over and over again. Beautiful collection and the designs are out of this world. Fabulous – Excellent – Brilliant!

  13. Blake Bai says:


  14. Ashleigh Walls says:

    The colors! I think I’ve died and gone to fashion heaven. Love this show!

  15. should be CHIC says:
  16. selmoonneamt says:


  17. Jakub Lankas says:

    Excellent ! Love the glasses .

  18. Martina73 says:

    Love it !

  19. annasancewicz says:

    No Natasha Poly? wtf?

  20. Agness93David says:

    Anja <3

  21. MsSunny9 says:

    BEAUTIFUL, Oozing elegance!

  22. Kinneymania says:

    is her inspiration Sharon Stone in Casino?

  23. k3arle says:

    Gucci ? Colours ?!

  24. selmoonneamt says:


  25. Eric Lim says:

    Love the colors!!! Frida is back!!! Glamorous Gucci!!

  26. 2Chuas says:

    Very beautiful collection. Love Aymeline in the pink number; Melissa Tammerijn is a great walker!

  27. MegaSasue says:

    Woow very lovely

  28. PinkuCho says:

    I love it !

  29. judealexandervs says:

    Beautiful collection!!! Strong, independent and sexy. Nice!!!

  30. Misseffortlesslychic says:

    Wow, fashion at its top 🙂

  31. should be CHIC says:
  32. walkinku says:

    why are you targeting KK? The reason why she’s not in Milan yet is because she is shooting a new campaign for Victoria’s Secret in Turks & Caicos, that’s so much better than walking the Gucci runway 🙂

  33. thswimboy says:

    That was the late 2000’s this is 2013. Fashion changes. The faces of fashion too.

  34. Jasmine171819 says:

    Not to mention also in S/S 2008. carey579 is nothing but a troll, a faker, who likes to throw around childish accusations and hold a grudge over someone who’s MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL than they’ll ever be

  35. Jasmine171819 says:

    I know right? I miss Natasha 🙁 Honestly no one can replace her! I’m not liking this new wave of models as much as back a couple years ago. I feel like the collections have gotten so bad too! But I liked this one, it was cute 🙂 And at least Anja Rubik and Kasia Struss were there 🙂

  36. Jasmine171819 says:

    Wow you really don’t know your fashion at all…she was at the S/S 2010 Gucci show, dummy. Jealousy is such an ugly thing it’s turned your brain into mush 🙂

  37. marcLovesMaleModels says:

    Rà-àkõ-st by Lindstrøm.

  38. yurilegs1 says:

    I almost mistaken it to valentino

  39. AlleninaTube says:

    wow very clean yet sexy collection, a lot of women would want to wear these clothes 😀 love the presentation!!! although i must say, from a very diverse new york fashion week to this all white girl line up haha lolz except for joan small, its quite weird…

  40. manuellito13 says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh vlada¡¡ kasia dios pero es muy paresido a lo k hacen en lanvin ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ no creee se habra inspirado en el trabajo de albert??

  41. @831aout says:

    終盤の黒→白が♥クリスタルのクラッチ♥RT“@MODTV: Gucci Spring 2013 Fashion Show: Watch the full Gucci Spring 2013 Fashion Show by… @MODTV”

  42. hankm77 says:

    Marikka Juhler at 1:21 is a stunning model. What do you know about her?

  43. willichirazz says:

    name of first song?

  44. Gucci Spring 2013 Fashion Show

  45. leomon101 says:

    :((( hopefully, she just skipped the first day of Milan Fashion Weeek

  46. leomon101 says:

    Why wasnt Sigrid Agren in this show

  47. daalpin01 says:

    Daphne Groeneveld has gone also…

  48. videocrack246 says:

    Mildly, yes indeed. I think it was quite splendid, though.

  49. Juaco Gutiérrez says:

    Where is Sigrid Agren? 🙁

  50. smileldn says:

    But for this snake-skin dresses the collection had been awful

  51. obsessedavecfashion says:

    Ummm doesn’t remind anyone of blumarine?

  52. facilito088 says:

    lovely collection but compared with the fall collection this was commercial shit!

  53. TheJilmaryfierro says:

    Gucci è un orgoglio tutto italiano. Questo è stile, la maggior parte degli stilisti manda sulle passerelle le carnevalate per la sfilata dei carri allegorici!

  54. Jhon Destiny says:

    where is Natasha Poly? this season is not in any fashion show.

  55. Rakim8 says:

    Very clean, impossibly slick and chic, typical Gucci. Very nice. So Poly wasn’t there but there but there was still Rubik, Pedaru, Struss and Smalls, the other big Gucci girls.

  56. raymondseye says:

    Am i watching an old Valentino collection or is this Guccis version/take of Lanvin’s ruffles seasons ago? And those deep peek-a-boos and cutouts are still so Tom Ford when he started @ Gucci.

  57. KrissyJay678 says:


  58. Sobelk says:

    Where are Abbey Lee, Natasha Poly & Vlada Roslyakova!? anyway was a good show 🙂 but they missed to be better jaja!!

  59. wWeFaN031694 says:

    It’s a very commercial collection. Pretty, but not remarkable.

  60. 19cabe says:

    I always love what Frida does, perfect collection for me, BUT I have to say that without the Gucci girl Natasha Poly, I don’t feel the same.

  61. JiveshenMoodley says:

    Natasha? 🙁

  62. joshcka says:

    the open back/front dresses with ruffles detailing in neon colours (pink, azure blue, aqua green, lime green and mustard yellow), tear drop earings, multi strap heels ( i believe all of the celebrities will craving for a pair of these shoes! ), japanese flower prints, snake prints, flower gemstones collar detailing, leather pipings, pagoda sleeve and I looove the white dress which Bette wears (the white dress with coloured stones detailing on shoulder) and Zuzanna 2nd look!

  63. anthony espinoza says:

    L ove it sexy sexy, the shoes, the snake print i love it, the clothes remind in a new modern sexy way of the Tom Foed Gucci spring summer 1996 show,the clothes were sexy,sleek,wearable.Miss Kitty

  64. MKOutland says:

    Gucci for girls. Well done, everybody. Nice designs, and soundtrack to complement our 90s revival.

    -M.K Outland, pioneer/establisher of Trance(genre fiction)

  65. MaliBaobab says:

    leather, suede, gazare, silk jacquard and lamé, embroidered tulle, Japanese paper fabric (translated from Italian Vogue)


    Very precise collection…looks very Palm Springs late 1960s…love it.

  67. monkiepok says:

    What a disappointing collection. Proportions are strange and the floral prints look dated.

  68. varsid991 says:

    got good towards the end

  69. varsid991 says:

    there’s nothing like milan fashion week!

  70. oogiedee says:

    simply beautiful, elegant classic

  71. Teo bita fernandez says:

    AMAZING collection so far

  72. marcLovesMaleModels says:

    Rà-àkõ-st by Lindstrøm.

  73. DelacroixEdgar says:

    I’m not impressed at all. I was expecting so much more, especially because of the amazing F/W collection.

  74. marcLovesMaleModels says:

    I really missed Vlada here, so sad.

  75. marcLovesMaleModels says:

    Pretty cool music, love the shoes.

  76. henrikarl says:

    i was wondering where are the line up of Natasha, Vlada, Anna S., Lily D.,.

  77. carey579 says:

    Milan Fashion Week is here! I see a lot of Lanvin influences in this collection with the colours, ruffles, big jewels, not the best from Gucci but the good thing is Karlie Kloss is NEVER at Gucci!

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