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Gisele Bündchen Chanel Les Beiges beauty campaign is the first for Gisele who is an international icon and the world’s richest supermodel.

Gisele Bundchen for Chanel Les Beiges

Gisele Bundchen for Chanel Les Beiges

The Brazilian mother-of-two is has such a natural approach to beauty so it comes as no major surprise that Karl Lagerfeld chose her as the face of Chanel’s new line of beauty products. Les Beiges by Chanel is a Healthy Glow Powder, a new makeup line dedicated to creating a healthy sheer glow.

Gisele Bündchen is the face of the Chanel Les Beiges campaign – shot by Mario Testino – and who doesn’t want skin like her? Watch the Les Beiges video here now and shop the Les Beiges Collection at Chanel.Com.


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  1. Oliver Eddy Gómez Cabana says:


  2. Your Mum says:

    I wonder what Giseles beauty secret is. Shes Always soo powerfull even when
    she smiles she looks like she gonna kick your ass.

  3. Daniele Bronzino says:
  4. Benz Traiwanatam says:

    She looks so fresh here

  5. daniela González says:


  6. Dr Gdrox says:

    love her

  7. Jhonathan Estrada Fiestas says:

    Gisele <3

  8. lololala says:

    She has one of the most average looks , how could she be here where’s she is atthe moment?

  9. TvBrazil TvRio says:


  10. Júlio Graziano says:

    Gisele, linda, diva.

  11. ThroughTheCosmoss says:

    The name of that song

  12. tictocmm says:

    Gisele gives Les Beiges life!

  13. LADUDE says:

    Hey guys i want buy a canon 600d advise me؟؟؟ this guy shoot his video by t3i is look good
    (roberto cavalli Perfume | Canon 600d Test)

  14. Jessica SmithMorgan says:

    Wonderful Gisele Bundchen

  15. TheEvanesarah says:

    It’s a ong by moroccan singer Hindi zahra its called imik simik the song is in english and amazigh

  16. TheEvanesarah says:

    I Can’t believe they’re using imik simik by Hindi zahra i’m so proud to be moroccan

  17. rainandfog says:

    Чтобы гнойные прыщи скрывать !

  18. misshoney113 says:

    0E6,oBrkt vce

  19. Ommy El says:

    imik simik by hindi zahra a moroccan singer

  20. Виктор Соломин says:


  21. Ana Vidovic says:

    Wie kann man für chanel einen Daumen nach unten geben

  22. Naddy Nadhirah says:

    cool song..what song is it?

  23. aleeban9527 says:

    What song is it?

  24. preventcreep says:

    Actually she looks German eventhough she’s from Brazil. The Brazilian looking is more like Adriana Lima. She’s the right person for Chanel just like the American Blake Lively was chosen by Karl to sell Chanel handbags! Very simple reason at this time because both girls sells!

  25. preventcreep says:

    Funny how you try to put her with everybody else without even knowing what her “Houte Couture” walk time was! She is the model for Houte Couture for every designer out there and of course with KARL as well! Except for those two of your big bust fave Heidi Klum & Tyra that hardly any designer would hire NOT because of their big bust but because they don’t have the look and they don’t sell!

  26. PtiteQueenVicky says:

    OMG Gisele is so beautiful,I love her ♥♥

  27. miguel enrique valdez carreras says:

    Gisele was born in Brazil, but her roots from her father and mother come from Germany…She s of 5th generation…Even though, all Brazilians have european or african offspring…

  28. Juan Pedro S. Morotti says:

    cool song!

  29. commentaire BOY says:

    exclusive /watch?v=_SiwHQdcEJM

  30. Mr6thDragon says:

    She looks like a dude with long hair

  31. Isa Acosta says:
  32. Luzia Broger says:

    Simplesmente Linda & Maravilhosa !!!

  33. palejoker says:

    shes stunning !

  34. Kjadija Kassa says:


  35. johndee759 says:

    Cool. I did not know that. Always thought that her tits are too big for Haute Couture.

  36. SLMZainab says:

    Imik simik – Hind Zahra 🙂

  37. ANGELDZC says:


  38. Amnay Youssefi says:

    The song in the video is called Imik Simik by Hindi Zahra, a Berber singer from Morocco 🙂

  39. H'mza Ettaki says:

    Hindi Zahra Sent Me Here :p

  40. Salwa Nana says:

    The song is called “Imik s imik” by Moroccan Singer Hindi Zahra

  41. omardaou says:

    Imik Si Mik by Hindi Zahra 🙂

  42. leatherandlace7 says:

    Gisele is perfect for Chanel, and I think she can pull off the ‘French look’ because of her high cheekbones and overall unique face.

  43. LEONE CARMINE says:

    Ciao, un augurio speciale a chi compie gli anni oggi….

  44. Mario Andrade says:

    Giselle e Chanel combinação perfeita.

  45. cara lee says:

    what lip color is she wearing?

  46. Michele Martin says:

    funny considering Gisele is flawless and VERY conventionally beautiful compared to many Chanel icons such as Stella Tennant,Saskia de Brauw,Freja Beha,Tilda Swinton etc. Gisele is like a throwback to the bombshell Supermodel like Claudia Schiffer, who was Karl’s muse in the 90s. and no please about Jac. as a grown woman I do not want a teenager or young girl in her 20s trying to sell me makeup. Its hilarious when these brands hire young models to sell anti wrinkle creams.

  47. exotichris24 says:

    I’m looking forward to get my own compact, but why the waiting period has to be so long?
    Does anyone know how much does it cost in US?

  48. Suzie1231 says:

    well, at least she appeals to the average woman who doesnt have perfect facial features. bring back jak or jac!!!!! she is the best. not to mention young vanessa paradis.

  49. Yam lee says:

    it’s “imik simik” by the moroccan singer Hindi Zahra

  50. jennydancephysio says:

    Is it available in HK?

  51. Bufi9o says:

    CARA WHO? Gisele is the best!

  52. interbeautyblog says:

    *beauty bloggers going crazy*

  53. BluTerabitha says:

    The song is called Imik Simik, by Hindi Zahra 🙂

  54. digitaluxury says:

    Beautiful campaign, and beautiful Gisele Bündchen !

  55. RT @MODTV: We love the new Gisele Bundchen @Chanel Les Beiges Beauty Campaign Video | MODTV #lesbeiges #giselebundchen #beauty

  56. WallaceHarrison says:

    ” There are supermodels – and then there’s Gisele” – The Independent

    “There are no supermodels today except one. She is of course, Gisele Bundchen” – Naomi Campbell

    -“Models today, don’t understand that to be successful you have to have a personality, intelligence, and issues that you support, and Gisele embodies these qualities.” – Anna Wintour

    “Gisele is the only one who can increase the selling of any kind of product.” Dolce & Gabbana, GQ Italy

  57. MODTV (@MODTV) says:

    Gisele Bundchen #Chanel Les Beiges: Gisele Bündchen Chanel Les Beiges beauty campaign… @MODTV

  58. Romy Talon says:


  59. WhatsGoingOnMario says:

    Time to fap!

  60. Jowita Marecka says:

    In one simple step and all year round, your skin reveals the healthy glow
    of a day spent outdoors. LES BEIGES: natural is a style.

  61. nasia76ify says:


  62. Michele Martin says:

    She is hardly just a swimsuit model….She has over 1000 mag covers from Vogue Italia,Paris,US to Vanity Fair,W,GQ and Rolling Stone. Her campaign list is too long to even mention where there is a character limit. She is one of the highest paid models of all time & not to mention has walked for every fashion show you can think of. I would hardly lump her in the category with Tya and Heidi. She is more in the category of Kate Moss,Linda,Cindy,Claudia,Christy etc. love her o hate her: ICON.

  63. Karen Morrison says:

    +Gisele Bündchen is such a natural beauty and gorgeous as ever in the new +
    CHANEL Les Beiges campaign. Check out the video –

    #beauty #makeup #topmodels #chanel #skin

  64. Vicki Vivi says:

    In one simple step and all year round, your skin reveals the healthy glow
    of a day spent outdoors. LES BEIGES: natural is a style.

  65. Галина Лагутина says:
  66. johndee759 says:

    It’s interesting that these swim suite models like Giesele Buendchen, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks are not ideal for haut couture. Is it mainly because of their bust size? Still Lagerfeld is tha CHAMP!

  67. Dasha RayOfLight says:

    okay 🙂
    Thats my point: exactly I see someone French more suited for Chanel. But thats only and only my opinion. It doesnt mean at all, that all those women are not beautiful, talented and successful, because they all are. And I looove the way Gisele looks just as well. 😉

  68. Michele Martin says:

    I’m sure the young models who dont even need makeup will go back to advertising makeup and skin care products in no time…Gisele was chosen for this specific product “Bündchen received this endorsement from Chanel in a statement: “Modern, independent and positive, she is also a nature lover who has a healthy lifestyle and enjoys the great outdoors. She is at one with herself and perfectly represents the values of this line: natural beauty, simplicity, freedom and a healthy glow.””

  69. Michele Martin says:

    Does Tilda Swinton look French? Stella Tennannt? Freja Beha Ericson? all recent Chanel models. Gisele is an ode to the Claudia Schiffer,Linda Evangelista type model for Chanel and I love it!

  70. CHANEL says:

    In one simple step and all year round, your skin reveals the healthy glow
    of a day spent outdoors. LES BEIGES: natural is a style.

  71. Bryan Kagenveama Jr says:

    Gisele is an Icon, she is a perfect representation of an Iconic house! Loves!

  72. zincink says:

    being tan is zzz but this packaging and half moon brush are nice

  73. kurfurstus says:

    ridiculously beautiful

  74. Dasha RayOfLight says:

    She is gorgeous!!! as usual actually…but im really not sure if she is the right person for Chanel…shouldnt it be someone French or French – looking at least? Cos she looks all the way gorgeous Brazilian I think…I dont know…anyone has actually tried the product? is it good??

  75. Dasha RayOfLight says:

    you mean Gisele looks like Angelina? Noooo, come on, it’s not the same type I think, if anything she looks closer to Aniston, no?

  76. Robertking1996 says:

    Yes!!!!!!!! The Chanel woman is Gisele!!!! Beautiful and rich, a woman!!! Who has seen the world. Not Stella Tenant,……… But keep Jac for the other beauty campaigns!!!!!!

  77. julios24 says:

    natural beauty, amazing !

  78. wilson Lopes Júnior says:
  79. Carol B. says:

    Gisele s2

  80. Manu Malve says:

    Song: Hindi Zahra – Imik Si Mik.

  81. farcleo says:


  82. zaker974 says:

    I hate Gisele 😮

  83. thevictoriadeoro says:

    What took you so long to book her????

  84. brides says:

    Such a lovely dewy look, perfect for a brides on her wedding day. Gorgeous.

  85. keezleez says:


  86. viki-mary P. says:
  87. yoylos3p says:

    This reminds me of the bad Brad Pit choice. Same thing.

  88. veen butt says:
  89. Tanja L says:


  90. Michelle Nagel Guffey says:

    Chanel & Gisele, amazing combination!!! My two fashion obsessions!!! Love, love, love this!!!!

  91. Gustavo Zepeda says:

    Gisele doing what she does best, being her natural self 😀

  92. Gustavo Zepeda says:

    Song: Imik Simik by Hindi Zahra

  93. says:
  94. beachbum285 says:

    Gisele Bündchen…?…really..?

  95. thais santos says:

    BRAZIL ROCKS! hahaha love!

  96. hellyeahsara says:

    so classy . love it !

  97. anna nina says:

    Imik Si Mik by Hindi Zahra, a moroccan singer xx

  98. mitarmat says:

    So great Chanel hired Gisele! xo

  99. Sara Grace says:

    now, but it’s a little bit expensiv 50€ in germany.

  100. should be CHIC says:
  101. jocdaisycakes says:


  102. Fafi B says:


  103. martinoblond says:

    so fresh natural and beautiful

  104. Geeta Rao says:

    gisele looks lovely. waiting to try les beiges .

  105. LaChanelphile says:

    Gisele Bündchen is a great choice for this campaign since the emphasis is
    on natural beauty. I also really like the song. Anyone know what song it it
    and who the artist is?

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