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We love the whole mood of ZARA’s new Fall Winter 2012 ad campaign film starring Danish top model Freja Beha Erichsen. It’s not about the clothes – it’s more about a feeling and a spirit. The black and white imagery, along with Feja’s playful character gives this campaign a cool vibe.

Freja Beha Erichsen also recently signed to be the new face of Maybelline New York – so while she wasn’t at Spring 2013 fashion week we can expect to see more of her in cool ad campaigns like this one. Check it out.


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  1. Madelina Chavez says:

    woow soo cute

  2. Puntila Khuntarugsa says:


  3. taryn aline says:

    wow, i adore her.

  4. MssJeanetteJeanette says:

    songs name
    It’s Choade My Dear – Connan Mockasin

  5. Denise Fonseca says:

    Perfeita, Freja <3

  6. newbornsos says:

    Freja Beha Erichsen

  7. trolololooxd says:

    who is this model???

  8. Lavira Usman says:

    anybody know wht song is this?

  9. Red Roses says:

    C’est la classe incarnée cette fille !

  10. bravofirstplatoon says:

    David Sims

  11. Lucian Evans says:

    anyone know who directed / produced this?

  12. missviolet05 says:

    Freja & Connan ♥ ♥

  13. lindsaysyll says:

    Zara copies everything that Chanel does. Including its favourite models wts.

  14. pfildo87 says:

    what kind of camera it s there at the beginning of the video?

  15. Amanda Mutiara says:
  16. Adrianasco says:

    Anyone know why she desappear?

  17. Ilar Kia says:

    Alexa Chung looks like her here 😉

  18. chickofmusic001 says:

    ATTENTION ! Spurred on by the success of Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign, which exposed the links between textile manufacturing facilities using toxic chemicals and water pollution, the investigation was expanded to include 20 global fashion brands — including Armani, Levi’s and Zara

  19. Love the look. #Freja Beha Erichsen #Zara Fall Winter 2012 Campaign See the #video.

  20. #Freja Beha stars in the Fall 2012 campaign for #Zara. We love the whole mood of this campaign.

  21. Freja Beha for Zara Fall Winter 2012 Campaign

  22. MODTV (@MODTV) says:

    Freja Beha for #Zara Fall Winter 2012 Campaign: We love the whole mood of ZARA’s new… @MODTV

  23. Patricia Gómez Poncini says:
  24. Cynthia Cavazos says:

    Why couldn’t God bless me with her beauty?

  25. JerrelMD says:

    It’s choade my dear (live version) by Connan Mockasin. You should get the album it’s pretty rad 😮

  26. idrilist says:

    as tableau

  27. thecanofdandelion says:

    song? anyone?

  28. tokyosuni says:

    sooooooooo pretty!!

  29. TikóLóz Sulakvelidze says:

  30. wcmika says:

    IT WILL BE HAD 100,000 VIEWS~GOOD!freja<3

  31. Amanda Mutiara says:
  32. britishtwiggy says:

    holy shit! she is utterly stunning.

  33. JerrelMD says:

    I love Zara, truly. 🙂

  34. crazychic1008 says:

    she kind of looks like Alexa Chung here. <33

  35. bloodskid says:

    No one here truly enjoys Zara. We’re all here for the sublimity that is Freja!

  36. realidadXXI says:

    Zara, child exploitation, abuse workers, imitations, sleazy, cheating in the sales, destroying more jobs in small and medium businesses of what they produce and much more. Against this miserable country boycott or monopolized by big business, will only ghetto labor exploitation with no other option. In google: Inditex Complaints

  37. 童 飛 says:

    here we go .baby… ^^

  38. Genetiske says:

    I’ve missed you, Freja.

  39. ElderflowerKid says:

    I don’t get it. Why is everyone saying it’s her come back? She models all the time, which is awesome.

  40. ElderflowerKid says:

    my favourite brand and favourite model. This is great. ~x

  41. travelerka says:

    love love love <3

  42. maplehp says:

    I love you Freja!! <3

  43. cara bella says:


  44. puun14 says:

    what she’s talking? i just catch few words

  45. puun14 says:

    Oh her accent! <3

  46. giuliazamp says:

    Every girl would!!

  47. giuliazamp says:

    Oh Freja. Oh Freja. Oh Freja. You’re killin’ me!!
    Hope this represents your comeback!!

  48. JerrelMD says:

    Yep, it’s the live version! ^^

  49. JerrelMD says:

    It’s the Live version ^^

  50. rummikubish says:

    What is she even saying?

  51. lameKidification says:

    yes it is the song. Its just a different version. Probably recorded specifically for this short film

  52. diamondsxgold says:

    she is so perfect it’s actually sickening

  53. Maidah says:

    OMG seeing one of my favourites models representing my favourite store! MY

  54. eHannahMontana says:

    aw look at the number of views she got in just 4 days….. GO FREJA! We’re
    here supporting you and waiting for you to be back!

  55. Erin Navarro says:

    the “O_O” in this video’s url accurately depicts my reaction to freja
    beha.. so perfect

  56. 1dhoes says:

    Sean O’Pry and Jon Kortajarena’s was better!

  57. itsmefer says:

    she recently said in an interview for the new Valentino fragrance that she
    quit smoking 🙂 *What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given? -To
    have power naps! In the past months I have learned to have them everywhere
    I go and that is key for my health. To eat healthy food is also essential –
    especially fruit, for the vitamins. Drinking a lot of water is very good
    for healthy-looking skin too. Breaking news: I also stopped smoking! I’m so
    glad she’s back!

  58. Dorcas Siu says:

    she is my girl crush definitely

  59. Jerrel. says:


  60. Veronica Vero says:

    she’s back <3

  61. winnie lin says:

    we love you Freja!!!!!

  62. Fadhilla Mutiara says:

    anybody knows what song is this ?

  63. souhnwarl says:

    I can’t stop watching this… seriously.

  64. DoMeDailyChristopher says:

    Haha… “no fumar”

  65. Hepburn Fixation says:

    Freja returns! <3

  66. Btayna says:


  67. wenwen re says:

    Freja is the best!!!!!

  68. souhnwarl says:

    akdsjlajdkjad before watching this, it gave me chills all over my body to
    knowing that is Freja!! Thank to the universe that Freja is back!

  69. SupremeTsang says:


  70. Napat Thongluksanawong says:

    I’d go lesbian for her.

  71. Joann Beha says:

    awww my love♥

  72. connell3101 says:

    she’s back!!!!!

  73. ClubTaky says:

    Freja Beha Erichesen es una amante del casual look, se corta ella misma el
    pelo y sus trucos de belleza lo componen una dieta equilibrada con fruta,
    verdura y mucho agua, no fumar y… ¡dormir la siesta!.

  74. MuahStrawberry says:

    what is the sooong?

  75. Huy T says:

    love it!

  76. priNc3itachi says:

    Love the outfit toward the end of the video. Very lovely

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