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Go backstage at Fendi Spring 2013 with designer Karl Lagerfeld, top model Cara Delevingne, makeup artist Peter Philips and hairstylist Sam McKnight.

Karl Lagerfeld always puts on a great show and his Fendi collections are always so modern, fresh and young. The inspiration for Fendi Spring 2013 was Memphis – the huge furniture movement of the 1980’s.  To capture that spirt hair stylist Sam McKnight created sharp aerodynamic hair that perfectly complimented the geometric clothes.

Peter Philips makeup brief was to include the colors of the collection, so he used the fabrics from the collection and glued it under the eyes.   As designer Karl Lagerfeld explained backstage after the show “It’s a total look. I have a vision – I have so many references in my mind – it’s like a huge Google storage in my mind, it’s  just something I felt.  It’s something very Italian, very Milano“.

We are in love with the the Fendi Spring collection especially all the cool accessories- from the new sunglasses to the shoes and designer Sylvia Fendi’s updated version of iconic Fendi Baguette bag.  Watch our fashion video and backstage at Fendi Spring 2013 here now.   Discover more online at Fendi.Com.

Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Video Network.   



Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


  1. Ieva Venskutonyte says:


  2. ninasgottamakeit says:

    its so genius

  3. Davidxc3 says:

    ModTv was the one I could watch on the iPodcasts

  4. Davidxc3 says:

    They were so lucky

  5. Davidxc3 says:

    I wonder who those Chicagoans are talking about

  6. Miriam Blume says:

    i like the shoes!

  7. ari h says:

    love it

  8. Ariana C says:

    How tall would these models be? like what is the minimum height requirement
    for this kind of modeling? please help x

  9. Ariana C says:

    How tall would these models be? like what is the minimum height requirement
    for this kind of modeling? please help x

  10. onedirection1397 says:

    CARA! 3 ♥

  11. charlyk1984 says:

    She would be really cool if she didn’t support the fur industry by modelling for brands like fendi or burberry! No intelligent or sensitive, animal loving person would ever wear fur! I think that is scandalous! I wish she would stop doing that! No animal should be tortured and killed for the fashion industry!

  12. ThepinkxblueTo says:

    Cara <3

  13. Dahan17 says:

    FENDI is awesome!
    Like the color and clothing

  14. alexis santibanez says:

    grimes + cara perfect ehehe

  15. alexis santibanez says:

    cara mijita rica

  16. FrostedLlama says:

    WOW so exciting! Karl has pulled another one out of the bag!!!

  17. Derek Peco says:

    omfg i love this season!!!! espeacially the make up !

  18. Aso Paso says:

    They are far from ‘natually’ skinny. Last week Cara dropped a bag of cocaine by accident. Cocaine as we all know is used by models as an appetite suppressant.

    I just find it really sad that since the end of time women have always had to abide by some sort of beauty trend which physically restricts them from their own bodies. Foot binding, corset training, you name it. Those things damaged limbs and organs, and now women have a new ‘corset’ and that is their very own skin. Just sad… so sad.

  19. jasmine alexandria says:

    I couldn’t even concentrate on the video once I heard Grimes.

  20. foxy80739 says:

    shut up! they’re probably naturally that skinny, but they look unhealthy! at least to some people… you might be one of them, but that doesn’t mean other people are fat!!!

  21. Manuela Natalie says:


  22. syafira putriana says:


  23. thrynclair says:

    Nightmusic by grimes!

  24. Vera Khym says:

    What is the song at the beginning

  25. Molly Wilson says:

    You’re just jealous because you’re fat.

  26. Carly Wagner says:

    This is one of the best fashion shows I have ever seen. I absolutely love it

  27. Hamid Boraghi says:

    Oh god I would look so ugly if I was a model JESUS 😀 🙁

  28. Karen Morrison says:

    Go backstage with designer *Karl Lagerfeld* at *Fendi Spring 2013* and get
    the look by makeup artist *Peter Philips* and hairstylist *Sam McKnight*.
    Featuring top model *Cara Delevingne*.

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    Download the MODTV Mobile App it’s free

    +Fendi +Cara Delevingne +Karl Lagerfeld +Bryan Boy #spring2013

  29. Josie Hilliard says:

    Cara needs to control her arms when she walks haha. She looked gorgeous though, loved this collection.

  30. R Pope says:

    What’s the song called?

  31. arimarina1012 says:

    ….your baguette? ahahahahhaha

  32. Hoi-Yi Ho says:


  33. Turquoise AndCaicos says:

    I looove Cara!!!

  34. DudeOfX says:

    2:47 – haha google head

  35. TaleiLamaIsm says:

    Underfed and malnourished looking females. Beautiful clothes though

  36. TonydeLima says:

    he is a genius

  37. Florr Elena says:

    I absolutely love this collection!

  38. Emma Wong says:

    It’s Grimes

  39. Emma Wong says:

    Grimes is the best, her song is perf.

  40. Radiobaang says:

    What is this song? I want it!

  41. irennechc says:


  42. Fendi Spring 2013 Backstage Beauty – Fashion Video – MODTV

  43. Melina M. says:

    You are so so beautiful!You are not like all the other models…you’re just yourself and i really admire that!You – are – a – MIRACLE <3 (Cara, i follow u in twitter and please please please if u want follow me back..i really love u! :'))


    Karl is pure genius, lovely!

  45. njesseable says:

    what is the song?

  46. MuggleAdy says:

    cara has a weird walk ahaha

  47. HOBSON2461 says:

    I LOVE!♥

  48. pausenschnitte1 says:

    the bags ooooh and the shooooooooeeeeeees !! wish i was rich LOL

  49. #Fendi Spring 2013 Backstage: Go backstage at Fendi Spring 2013 with designer Karl… @MODTV

  50. Fendi Spring 2013 Backstage

  51. Fendi Spring 2013 Backstage

  52. putriani saridewi says:

    daphne black hair

  53. MODTV says:

    Karl Lagerfeld takes us backstage at his stunning Fendi Spring 2013
    Collection – with top model Cara Delevingne, Sam McKnight and Peter Philips

  54. jinahanny says:

    WOWW what a FANTASTIC collection im absolutely speechless. karl’s work is so breathtaking i really loved this runway so much! everything was so perfect <3 thank you for covering this!!

  55. Christen Perdis says:

    Love Cara!!!

  56. MsMomomeme says:

    Love the hand bags and shoes Spool much

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