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Watch our exclusive fashion video DSquared2 Spring 2013 backstage with Cara Delevingne and special guest Michael Buble. DSquared2 designers Dean and Dan Caten were inspired by the 90’s supermodel Linda Evangelista and photographs by Peter Lindbergh shot in 1991. As Cara Delevingne told us backstage before opening the show working with Dean and Dan is a dream,  ‘”It’s just about being sexy – they always want alot of energy,  and they just give it and your bring it – it’s real team work“.

The beauty look created by makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury and hair stylist Sam McKnight perfectly captured the look of supermodel 90’s glamour.  As Charlotte explained backstage the DSquared2 Spring 2013 makeup look, “is very Peter Lindbergh 90’s – it’s an almond smoky eye with a strong arched brow, contoured face with Mac Spice Lip Liner and Fleshpot Beige lips“.  Sam wanted the hair to look modern so he made it shiny and super straight.   The result was stunning – the girls looked sexy, cool and superhot.

Watch the DSquared2 Spring 2013 Backstage fashion video here now and check out our exclusive Photo Gallery by photographer Robert Fairer.  For more and to shop the DSquared2 Spring Summer 2013 Collection visit DSquared2.Com.

Interviews by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director. Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Network.

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Karen Morrison is an award-winning video director, executive producer and founder of MODTV Fashion Video Podcast at Apple Podcasts, named one of British Vogue's "Best Podcasts of 2017". A contributor at Condé Nast, Karen created the Allure Backstage video series and works with some of the world's most iconic brands.


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  2. Tatiana Morozenko says:


  3. Greg Dahlen says:

    beautifully shot

  4. Greg Dahlen says:

    beautifully shot

  5. iLoveFashion62 says:

    2:17 oh my god who is she

  6. Mark France says:

    Michael Buble is a Sweetheart

  7. Zdenek Kunz says:

    Cara !

  8. goldengirl9499 says:

    Cara is the best !!! ugghh i love her so much

  9. Kristýna Straková says:

    Song? 🙂

  10. Rumbie Chantelle says:

    Ginta Lapina is so beautiful!

  11. Giselle Carmona says:

    Cara i love you!!!!

  12. Madelina Chavez says:

    i love cara <3

  13. Lauren Smith says:

    I love everything about this! Awesome show!

  14. gyp Rosetti says:

    Cara Delevingne is the hottest woman in the world right about now

  15. mariana ekawati says:

    i love cara <3

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  17. Andrea Lagomarsino says:

    It’s funny how the models pull this “I’m a badass” face…I wonder if they
    really believe they are hardcore just for being models or it’s just

  18. Marti Lovesongs says:

    Loved that!

  19. TheBlackCat says:

    I love the make up <3

  20. Oriana Sabatini says:

    Cara is the best 🙂

  21. Payton Harmon says:

    Who is the model at 3:13 ?

  22. BlueVans4699 says:

    Their make up is beautiful

  23. seashore140 says:

    I feel like most of these girls are bitches besides Cara

  24. DjBLaKSponge says:

    wood smash

  25. Frannz Alcantara says:

    cara looks like Lindsey lohan

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  27. alinapeshkova0201 says:

    Arrest me

  28. alinapeshkova0201 says:

    Omg Cara so much perfect

  29. Liz Hines says:

    really beautiful models for this show

  30. meld beach says:

    yes, everything seems like a copycat story these days. The 90s were so raw
    and real! Im thinking that modern designers lack passion.


    Check out this video on YouTube:

  32. Rogh Horan says:

    i love cara

  33. ImaginedWriter says:

    Peter Lindbergh and the supermodels from the 90’s were so much better than this shit.

  34. alexis santibanez says:

    CARA ERES MI AP jejej

  35. Rhonda Flanagan says:
  36. Shogo Takahara says:

    Lots of Youtu’s good, I was surprised at the score. 


  37. danielle fernandez says:

    Cara has such a beautiful face <3

  38. ninaa231 says:

    CARA! why your soo perfect? !! <3

  39. Daniele Boscherini says:

    Who is the model at 2:01 ?

  40. Yuvy3by says:

    cara cara

  41. mike jae says:

    Cara delevingne looks the best

  42. Mariesly Martinez says:

    Mamma mia ma quanto è bella questa collezione ,,

  43. ThepinkxblueTo says:

    aw Cara <3

  44. Nikki R says:

    all of these models look STUNNING

  45. skiagrafima says:

    who is the model in 1:32?

  46. blake98523 says:

    yau n’t wgat naaj n

  47. Priya Saravanan says:

    Oops ! Who is the model in 1:25 ? 😮
    She is so pretty !!

  48. Priya Saravanan says:

    Who is the model in 2:25 ? 😮

  49. WildPonch4LMAO says:

    why dont you interview Sara Sampaio?

  50. Marci Di Cenzo says:

    Name of the songs???

  51. Noelia Castillo says:

    I love how they are not so skinny. They have meat lol

  52. Angels Schutze says:



    Love it

  54. nina andrea says:

    amo todo de caraaaa todo como camina como habla alsjhndlñwhbñdbewf <33

  55. Malenie Ven says:

    I love this collection so much. So fierce and glamorous 🙂

  56. nina andrea says:

    yo no podría dejar de verla nunca <3

  57. Rebecca Kim says:

    I wish lily donaldsen would get booked more. she’s so fab!

  58. Georgia Wilkins says:

    Love Carla’s walk and spin love her

  59. Marielle A says:

    cara’s walk is amazing!

  60. HausOfKath says:

    God! Cara’s perfect! :’) And damn her opening is amazing. <3

  61. KezzIon says:

    love the music!!!

  62. Nadira Alisha says:

    they are twins

  63. ccazuqui says:

    I wanna be like her!

  64. Mária Človečková says:

    Want a sneak peek of what *DSquared2* designers *Dean and Dan Caten* might
    be designing for *Beyoncé* Mrs.Carter World tour? Check out their *DSquared2
    Spring 2013* Collection…

    +DSQUARED2 +Beyoncé

  65. xPoplove says:

    This collection is so freakin’ amazing, and love it that Cara was opening the show. i love Dsquared

  66. DSquared2 Spring Summer 2013 Backstage - Photo Gallery | MODTV says:

    […] our exclusive fashion video DSquared2 Spring 2013 Backstage with Cara Delevingne and special guest Michael […]

  67. Sandra Vukadinović says:

    Want a sneak peek of what *DSquared2* designers *Dean and Dan Caten* might
    be designing for *Beyoncé* Mrs.Carter World tour? Check out their *DSquared2
    Spring 2013* Collection…

    +DSQUARED2 +Beyoncé

  68. MODTV says:

    Want a sneak peek of what *DSquared2* designers *Dean and Dan Caten* might
    be designing for *Beyoncé* Mrs.Carter World tour? Check out their *DSquared2
    Spring 2013* Collection…

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    Download the MODTV Mobile App it’s free

    +DSQUARED2 +Beyoncé

  69. […] backstage at DSquared2 Spring/Summer 2013 collection and watch our exclusive fashion video with Dean and Dan and top model Cara […]

  70. Noella Kamolé says:

    are the designers brothers?

  71. mirab3ll3 says:

    I love the 90’s look, amazing!=)

  72. Summer Staff says:

    cara’s walk is fieerrccee

  73. thorpie thorpe says:

    The makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, now had a youtube channel.

  74. nijupasvi says:


  75. Karen Morrison says:

    +Cara Delevingne and *Dean and Dan Caten* takes us backstage at +DSQUARED2
    Spring 2013 Collection at *Milan Fashion Week*. Check out our exclusive
    interview with *Michael Buble*. Video by +MODTV #mfw #fashionvideo
    #fashion #style #spring2013

  76. beckie hamster says:

    the makeup is stunning!

  77. hannahbieber123jhj says:

    who is the model at 1:25 ?

  78. Jacquelina segura cervantes says:

    <3 _ <3

  79. TokioHotelForLife191 says:

    Cara is actually perfect

  80. Love Uffot says:

    amazing!! Love Jasmine Tookes and Cara Delevigne … great personalites behind the beautiful faces. Was great to meet them this fashion season in NY

  81. silfifereli says:

    0:46 Michael ,tu esposa te va a pegar hahadsj

  82. Rome Wilkerson-Photography says:
  83. greatworld1979 says:

    @2:51 is Toni Garrn…..-)) i love her !

  84. MODTV says:

    We agree! The makeup is by Charlotte Tilbury – check out Charlotte’s fabulous new blog or on twitter @CTilburyMakeup

  85. MODTV says:

    That’s Milou Sluis – she’s interviewed in our story at 6:28 – Follow Milou on Twitter @MilouSluis

  86. […] was named British Model of the Year for and she’s now the star of many top ad campaigns from DSquared2 and DKNY.  Cara’s first cover for British Vogue is a milestone for the 19 year old model who […]

  87. nakbar421 says:

    who is the model at 7:28?

  88. aech815 says:

    Ugh the makeup is soo gorgeous

  89. Shawnee Samuels says:

    The models look really goregous and I mostly love cara dlelevingne❤

  90. #Video We adore @CTilburyMakeup See the gorgeous #supermodel look at DSquared2 S/S 2013 MODTV

  91. @DeanandDan Loved your S/S 2013 show! Check out our video @Caradelevingne @michaelbuble DSquared

  92. MODTV says:

    Hey Adam,

    The first track is Cocktail Bar, Ministry of Sound 2009
    Deeper Love, Cornell feat Anne Bailey, Clubbers Guide 2006
    When I Feel Love, UBQ Project, Cesare de Melero Presents

  93. @mariejoelle says:

    The ’90s are back.

  94. kat jun says:

    cara delevingne lover

  95. Adam Bagley says:

    whats the first beat used?

  96. RT @ChicsFashion: DSquared2 Spring 2013 Backstage ft Cara Delevingne

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  98. Video: #Backstage DSQUARED2 Spring 2013 ft @Caradelevingne @DeanandDan @sammcknight1 | MODTV

  99. DSquared2 Spring 2013 Backstage ft Cara Delevingne

  100. littlebitnina says:

    I love this channel ♥ thanks for the behind the scene stuffs because i love cara and many other models ♥ 😀

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