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Cara Delevingne sings an acoustic version of “The Sun Don’t Shine” with Will Heard.  The original recording of the song Sonnentanz by Will Heard is currently No 3 on the UK iTunes Singles Charts.

From the start of her modeling career Cara Delevingne has been very candid about her desire to become a singer. Earlier this summer she hit the stage with her good friend Rita Ora and back in February recorded “I Want Candy” for Katie Grand’s collection for Hogan. We love Cara’s voice – tell us what you think?


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  1. Heidi Huttunen says:

    I’m wondering why people aren’t paying attention to Will in the comment
    section. He did amazing, too!

  2. Violet Zhang says:
  3. Baby says:

    she’s mediocre as hell

  4. lottie edwards says:

    Model (and for fricking Victoria’s secret!)
    Can I just be you Cara!!

  5. TheSingingPug says:

    Cara can freaking Sing, Act and model.. and I can lay in my bed on my
    computer for 5 hours… wow

  6. kukuruchu tensei says:

    People. Don’t feel bad.
    Yes, Cara is beautiful and talented AS YOU.
    We all have talents and we are beautiful.
    I guess she knows that because she is modest too!, so please, don’t feel
    Don’t let your self-esteem goes down.

    If you want someone to talk to, tell me c:

  7. Tate Irwin says:


  8. Marzina Begum says:

    She can act, she models, she sings, she’s pretty. What is this

  9. Emma says:

    Can she just like do everything? Modeling, acting, singing. Just wow

  10. Anna Melgarejo says:

    Cara Delevingne makes me question my sexuality

  11. rebecca elizabeth says:

    victoria secret angel… movie star… great singer…. FUCK!

  12. marenxzora64 says:

    so she can sing, act, drum, design, is a supermodel and has the most
    perfect eyebrows on earth?
    is it even legal to be that perfect?

  13. Megha Datta says:

    But like can we acknowledge that the guy is fucking amazing holy shit

  14. Christina Tran says:

    She’s a model, she’s an actress, she’s gorgeous, and she can sing? What
    CAN’T she do?

  15. Kayla Vuitton says:

    Guys, I get it, Cara is beautiful and talented, But seriously,
    Give some credit to Will!

    Cant you hear him?

    His voice is beautiful, so calming and delicate, but still powerful at the
    same time.

  16. Teraya Daniels says:

    “What a treacherous thing it is, to believe that a person is more then a

  17. Mike Elliot says:

    I think every fan girl would fall in love with Cara.

  18. Qonita Aulia says:

    My gosh cara is a supermodel, actress, singer, designer, fashion editor,
    and then what?
    She is a real influential person in the entertainment world

  19. Mike Elliot says:

    Can someone tell the guy to shush he’s good but I wanna hear Cara sing

  20. astroswanted _ says:

    She’s an idol of mine honestly. She’s real, says what’s on her mind and
    acts so freely. She can model, act, and sing? Cara Delevingne is a whole
    package and it’s no surprise why people love her.

  21. EllieJayden says:

    Is there anything Cara can’t do?

  22. Annie Begz says:

    Bitch can sing, model and act but can’t fix her eyebrows. Da fuq?

  23. Taylor Andreasen says:

    Perfect eyebrows

  24. Alessandra Hidalgo says:

    She is the only girl who could make me lesbian
    Their voices are in a perfect harmony

  25. Dani says:

    Curt Cobain…. Much

  26. Ana Q.R says:

    Como es que más comentan por la chica que por el chico , su voz es tan
    talentosa y auténtica aunque la chica también hace bien esa armonía y se
    complementan súper bien! 🙂

  27. EllenJustDreams says:

    esta mujer es la unica que haria que me vuelva lesbiana ajajajaa es
    perfecta en todos los sentidos. dksmkdmskdksjdksmdskdksdjskds

  28. Mia Charlotte says:

    She kind of looks like that little girl from outnumbered !!

  29. Fish Biscuits says:

    This girl is gorgeous, can sing, can play the drums, can act, and is a
    supermodel. And she’s only 22 years old. What. Even.

  30. Crimson Elise says:

    She can sing
    She is beautiful
    She is a model

    She isn’t human

    Illuminati confirmed

  31. Vojtěch Čvančara says:

    Its actually really false most of the time

  32. lolitaxdarling says:

    caras perfect confirmed

  33. colorfulgrey says:

    This is not fair. How is she so perfect

  34. Prince Alp says:

    die Frau ist überflüssig !!

  35. PewPewGrrr says:

    Okay everyone is going on about Cara’s voice and it’s nice and all but HOLY

  36. Sarah Beal says:

    Not hating on her cotton socks at all, but I don’t know how people are
    crazily amazed by Cara’s singing ability, when shes basically echoing Will
    and shes barely doing her own thing

  37. Allie Rose says:

    So she can sing, is now acting, plays the drums like a pro, is one of the
    famous models, loves playing COD, omg this chick is the definition of

  38. Ray Kon says:

    She must be really big in europe or something cause no one knows who the
    hell she is in america

  39. Miss Momo says:

    Cara is like Barbie. Both has natural talent for all.

  40. Madorasindahouse says:

    I am feeling this! Greetings from Greece. Masterpiece.

  41. Melanie Timbou says:

    Why did harry let her go she’s perfect

  42. MorningCoffeeMusic says:

    Cara is great, but this dude is freaking amazing!

  43. Kugel says:

    is it just me or does the guy sound american when he sings?

  44. Mout M. says:

    bitch can sing? dafaq? Not fair mother nature

  45. Nora anderson says:


  46. Kerry Beetge says:

    Will Heard is killing it on this. Of course, everyone loves Cara, including
    me but I’m mostly glad this brought me to Heard’s stuff. His cover of Girls
    Love Beyoncé = Amazing. Will, come to South Africa. Sleep on my couch. xxx

  47. Andrea Ulbrich says:

    She is singing. She has a lot of talents!

  48. Liza Glover says:

    This, kids, is why you should never pluck your eyebrows. They will bring
    you great fortune.

  49. Angie Quint says:

    every time i watch a video of her my self-esteem is lowered by another few

    like seriously
    why is she so perfect

  50. Junnie Myungmyung says:

    She’s beautiful
    She’s talented
    She’s cool
    She’s funny
    She has a warming heart
    And she’s perfect to me, and to many people in the world =)
    My Cara is a perfect girl

  51. Yen Vi Phan Ngoc says:

    They’re amazing! Cara is really talented. She’s a model, she can sing,
    actor, kind of designer i heard? Wow..

  52. William De La Garza says:

    He has so much talent and I feel like a lot of it is blinded by the fact
    that she’s there. Nothin wrong with that but I hope people appreciate him
    too. They’re great in this collaboration. Really beautiful work.

  53. wangson says:

    yikes! those brows look like someone skidded their ass across her forehead
    and left 2 splotches of crap above her eyes…very masculine looking.

  54. Hannah Oh says:

    sure cara isn’t tune deaf and she can hit a note /alright/ but PLEASE LET’S

  55. Hana Wardono says:

    They sound so perfect together

  56. CollMomo1 says:

    I came here for cara, stayed for the guy voice !

  57. elenathegun says:

    I have such a huge crush on Cara

  58. Nathanial Brown says:
  59. Satan says:

    Damn that guy has a fantastic voice and superb rhythm. The girl was weak
    and was off pitch for half the song.

  60. Jeffrey Guadalajara says:


  61. jim smith says:

    I’ve got a feeling that a lot of the success of this video is due to clever
    editing. The microphone always seems to disguise her mouth. I believe
    there is a lot of post production. don’t believe the hype.

  62. Айдын Амиров says:

    thanks to echo this video 4,5 million views)

  63. bengalifob2 says:


  64. Grace Giddins says:

    WILL THO. He’s KILLING IT. Why doesn’t he have any record labels? EP’s?
    What even is life?

  65. Elise Skewes says:

    She’s got a folksy voice, she’s not bad.

  66. A Faith Nullas says:

    Oh my. Cara sings really well. I thought her voice was beyond awesome but
    then this… Completely fangirling right here. Hah

  67. Josue Stefano Estrada says:

    Does anyone knows where I can get the sneakers that she is wearing in this
    video?… By the way she is soy perfect <3

  68. koolkatkimina says:

    her singing is average… most people can sound just as good with a

  69. Blossom Pugliese says:

    She ruins it.

  70. Hanadi Hobls says:

    This is hard to listen to…

  71. Öykü Özer says:

    their voices are separately beautiful.

  72. BexiieB says:

    she’s uggz! until she starts talking then you start to see why she’s cool

  73. Claire Bear says:

    cara for president

  74. 林佩妮 says:

    Is there anything she can’t do?

  75. Nicole Shanice Santos says:

    So perffff

  76. Shalom zecena says:

    In love w/ her…

  77. felix gouin says:

    awesome song

  78. PBPauly says:

    will of course was 1000000x better on this song.

  79. tey2luv says:

    Is there anything this girl can’t do?! I love Cara!

  80. Ali Balqhin says:


  81. Ransom Fee Media [RFM] says:

    Just came across this, sooo good!

  82. SuperAngelDw says:

    I LOVE YOU WILL!! <3 Forget about Cara haha sorry guys, i don't really care
    about her, i just came for Will's angelic voice :3

  83. Kobi Balkin says:

    i actually just fell in love with her

  84. Lauréline Lamberdiere says:

    Bonjour je m’appelle Cara Delevingne et aujourd’hui je vais vous apprendre
    à niquer une chanson en faisant des harmonisation dégueulasse, hope you
    like it.

  85. SONIC FOXX(home of original videos required!!) says:

    OK then….then there are REAL singers….gifted vocally…e.g.

    ………BREATHE by JASMINE LAMPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….a newcomer….with
    A VOICE.

  86. Kelly Ho says:

    I just don’t understand how can Cara delevingne be so perfect

  87. maria marulanda says:


  88. maria marulanda says:


  89. Noor Garawi says:

    omg now HIS voice is o_O
    not saying cara’s bad but will heard is wooow

  90. Mewww mew says:

    😉 Nice

  91. ANIMA0153 says:

    she’s pretty good

  92. Ivette salas says:

    Cara, the sun don’t shine without you… ❤️

  93. melanny rodriguez says:

    What Kind of shoes she wearing ?

  94. EpiK1ReM5611 says:

    a bit selfish there no..

  95. Enkhuush Neo says:

    Cara Btfl <3

  96. Toby Cass says:

    This guy is the bomb, fuck Sam Smith lol.

  97. Julie Kuang says:

    I would like to hear her sing without the guy

  98. Rochelle Styles says:

    All she does is echo the guy

  99. Yazmin Cruz says:


  100. stanley becker says:

    interesting conyrast

  101. Melody Wang says:

    GODDDD she’s perfect!!!!! I love Cara so much!!!!!! MARRY ME PRINCESS

  102. jolie rambin says:

    She’s got a sweet voice… Standing next to Will Heard though…there are
    very few people who could hold their own singing alongside him.
    Unfortunately, I don’t don’t think she’s one of these people.

  103. cesaresusa says:

    Wow! Billy Corgan grew his hair back and is recording a new song!

  104. Ellie Miaw says:

    It’s really sad that there are people who say things like ‘give that girl a
    sandwich’ like its okay to make thin people feel bad about themselves. If
    she was overweight and someone said ‘she needs to lose weight’ then that
    wouldn’t be okay so whats the difference??

  105. Glenn Linghorn says:

    having pimped the media whore cara develangie out to the fucking kuiper
    belt and back over the last 18 months…
    could it be shitwrag, the evening standard are running out of so called
    news stories, and even the basic elements of a story about this gummy
    i was greeted yesterday on a fucking packed traintwith he uplifting sight
    of a double page spread on her sister ‘poppy’!!,a she cunt of no particular
    talent that i can determine.
    what next , an expose’ on one of cara’s turds??
    just what the world needs while it burns down around our ears…

    just fired off a letter to the fucking editor of the standard,re shecunt
    cara, bet the liberal satanist shyster redoubles his efforts as ‘poppy’
    gently tosses him off , (gentle to medium pace) into a jackals mouth under
    his desk made from the wooden huts of bergen belsen.
    possibly with ‘the spear of destiny’ up his arsehole.

    or something like that

  106. DCassidy42 says:

    Cara Delevingne shits all over Wills vocals, all due respect.

  107. Ester Perez says:

    I don’t like the original song at all, but I’m totally in love with this
    version 🙂

  108. Cursedsnake says:

    Hei there ppl! If you like House/Trance, check my new track!

  109. musi cian says:

    so much soul in your voice, will. you sound like a black. in an absolutely
    postive way. love it 😉

  110. La X Más Música says:

    Ya que Heisel nos antojó; Cara Delevigne versionando ‘Sonnentanz’… ¿qué

  111. Lynn Johners says:

    So how long till Cara isn’t perfect anymore? She’s amazing

  112. missksf14182 says:

    Cara has a sexy husky voice but in this song she sounds like she doesn’t
    know the words or tempo. You can also see it in the body language, her
    movements don’t match the music very well. I would love to hear her sing a
    song where she is the lead.

  113. Belén Vilches says:

    I can’t stop to listen this song, it’s perfect and her voice sounds really

  114. Alejandro Arenas says:

    I love her.

  115. Agathe Durrieu says:

    Cara tu devrais chanter plus souvent…

  116. Nelson Faria says:

    This is just perfect. The melody, the jazzy rythm, their voices… Such a
    great sound.

  117. Andrea Granda says:

    Wow Cara! Amazing!!!! really is very nice :3

  118. bowsandpastels says:

    they are both incredible

  119. MissBlushingFox - Eva Gruber says:

    I think shes sooo hot :9

  120. July Horan says:

    Hay algo que esta mujer que no sepa hacer?! Es perfecta en todos los

  121. Grace Clune says:

    This guy seriously doesn’t get enough credit, hes amazing

  122. delphi alexis says:

    cara omg I dident know you could sing this sounds solo good xx

  123. Martina G P says:

    I love their voices <3

  124. Martina G P says:

    I love their voices <3

  125. Diana Deschamps says:

    She’s perfect

  126. Naty Romanov says:

    Cara your voice is so beatiful like you! LOVE U ♥
    Greettings from Colombia 😀

  127. anita dutoit says:

    no,, a hamburger. that girl needs a hamburger.

  128. Michaela Melton says:

    Wow . His voice

  129. marta76543 says:

    I love this version ! 😉

  130. LUDO270301 says:

    She’s perfect!

  131. Tom Haydon says:

    Well that was good … Now go listen to Danielle Bradbery sing the song
    “HUMAN” type her name at the top .. see what you think… AWESOME……

  132. LifeAsOneDirection says:

    It’s not that amazing, her voice is okay nothing to get excited about.

  133. Emily Jackson says:


  134. Carolina Lopez Cardona says:

    She’s not good, he’s soooo good!

  135. Jocelyn Marker says:

    For all the people talking about how skinny she is, she’s a model, and
    she’s naturally skinny (yes there is much thing as that I eat so much and
    stay skinny) but why don’t you listen to the music not look at her body
    come on people!

  136. Em Goodman says:

    She’s so perfect

  137. Muhammad Firdhuan says:

    She can sing and to my surprise she is really good..Good God #caradelevingne

  138. Sole Survivor says:

    The talent on this girl is maxing. She does everything holy shit

  139. Rob b says:

    let the will heard singing, bitch.!

  140. Layla Aiani says:

    Supermodel(burberry,chanel,vs), actress,she can play many instruments and
    signer. Wow!

  141. Melanie Van Omme says:

    She is sooo amzing !!

    I love her

  142. Ladislav Starý says:

    Upřímě? na originál to prostě nemá! 🙂 jinak snaha dobrá

  143. Stefanie Rhaesa says:

    Einfach genial! 🙂

  144. Sabr Ha says:

    looove her

  145. Patrick Gamali says:

    His voice is perfect.

  146. Annira Franco says:

    This is so beautiful there isn’t something what is not perfect

  147. Jennifer Lawrence says:

    Everyones just here for Cara, but guys how good is Will!!!??

  148. Genyfa Praxedes says:


  149. iNsaneLovesY0U says:

    One year passed 🙂

  150. Aleja cnel says:

    Desfila, canta, toca la bateria, toca la guitarra, baila…… en fin. Cara
    te amo.♥

  151. Leonardo di caprio says:
  152. Mr Breeky says:

    I am in love with Cara… seriously.

  153. Leonardo di caprio says:
  154. isabelita cristina cachi piña says:

    me encanta <3

  155. Heke666 says:

    omg !!! verhunzt doch das schöne Lied nicht so

  156. Elane Azevedo says:

    Cara ❤️

  157. Sean Alias.w says:

    He can sing she can harmonise well

  158. Sara Bourezak says:

    I don’t care about Cara, I don’t like her anyway but gosh he got an AMAZING
    voice ♡

  159. Thaís Lopes says:

    When fashion meets other forms of art (music!)…
    I am completely obsessed about this song, with, guess who? Cara Delevingne!!

    Quando a moda se encontra em outras formas de arte (na música nesse
    Tô completamente viciada nessa música com… adivinha quem? Com a top a
    Cara Delevingne!

    Will Heard & Cara Delevingne – ‘Sonnentanz’ (Sun Don’t Shine) Acoustic

    #caradelevingne #willheard #fashion #music #sundontshine

  160. Aoife Ni Briain says:

    His voice is so sexy oh god

  161. hương huyen says:

    what is the brand of her shoes?

  162. Lucie Dité says:

    How Cara do to be perfect like that ???? Seriously ? She’s so amazing !!!
    Love her so much <3 🙂

  163. Jason Copper says:

    it’s like listening to sex

  164. StaticMuch says:

    Wow, she has caveman eyebrows lol

  165. MrHibsboy says:

    Great version – 2 great singers !


  166. sticky and sweet says:

    Why arent you talking about her music? Bit of a shame.

  167. Fabs Vasquez says:

    She’s the prettiest of course
    That was such a BORE.

  168. Nahomi Kaulitz says:

    Ho My Good *-* is perfect

  169. Glenda Dela Cruz says:

    Cara is <3

  170. Diana Dobrea says:

    the guy’s voice is amazing as well

  171. Yazz Jonestown says:

    Beautiful Cara is great, nice, sexy is all! I love her!

  172. TES Panha says:

    This girl can do everything! she is just… PERFECT <3

  173. Hannah Kanavel says:

    i would love to hear this with just her!

  174. ana cunha says:

    I love Cara

  175. Keira mellon says:

    God, there’s some jealous people on here.

    Cara and Will sound amazing on here and I think both their voices sound
    great together so can we just appreciate that please?

  176. petroleater says:

    cara is so good at singing!! holy shit!

  177. LiveLaughLove says:

    I have never found cara stunningly beautiful, yea she’s pretty but I never
    thought she was Victoria secret pretty or even gorgeous. Don’t get me wrong
    she is unbelievably successful and talented but just never found her very
    attractive :/ probably just me though

  178. Kamile ruzenskaite says:

    She can sing, modeled for Chanel and Burberry, walked the VS runway show,
    perfect eyebrows, CAN SHE FLY?

  179. Leroy Koers says:

    Most people will just be here for Cara, but please admire the talent that
    Will has. He’s amazing.

  180. Eddi Russiano says:


  181. kaileyisawsome330 says:

    Cara is so incredibly pretty

  182. shreen saad says:

    My girlchrush

  183. Aj51793 says:

    I don’t get it, 3 years ago girls were bitching about girls who have
    eyebrows that are a different color than their hair. This girl has thick
    black brows and everyone is talking about how perfect they are? They are
    literally a straight line. I don’t get what’s so great about them. I really
    don’t get why girls are so obsessed with fucking eyebrows. (Lol someone’s
    probably going to reply to my comment with “if u h8 her y r u watchin dis
    video!!111!”. Meanwhile I never said I hated her)

  184. Sarafina Hollis says:

    He’s beautiful

  185. Eliott Papaïs says:

    This girl has everything ! So beautiful, so talented, a real personality,
    she will go fare !!

  186. Vanessa Larios says:

    cara te va mejor en el modelaje

  187. Pia Larissa says:

    Cara looks so much like Elle Fanning. it’s crazy

  188. Bazsigood says:

    what eyebrows gooooosh

  189. félicité Dussel says:

    Cara Delevingne is perfect! 😀

  190. poopifyit says:

    Can someone tell me what shoes she’s wearing?

  191. katiemiaana says:

    Amazing love it!

  192. Amy Sandy says:

    he is so sexy and yet it sings wonderfully

  193. Kati S says:

    his voice is amazing!!!!

  194. izzad ibrahim says:

    came for the supermodel, stayed for the music.

  195. claudia lewis Ripoll says:

    actually i like more his part than hers

  196. RogerJaen says:

    I like how she looks like a boy without makeup 🙂

  197. aSmRoar says:


  198. 45GIJKL says:

    People be saying she’s to skinny because she’s a model but they need to see
    that some people are slim and it has nothing to do with their career.

  199. Angel Cad says:

    cara can sing?! holy crap shes good at everything <3

  200. Jaz Castillo says:


  201. dork -in says:

    More singing from Cara!!!
    She’s so awesome Q___Q

  202. Patrick Pasi says:

    She has so a beautyful face!

  203. AgentPurple13 says:

    Can i just have her voice? So fvckin gorgeous! ❤

  204. whatever says:

    he is a really good singer, i think cara is not an amazing singer, but a
    great background singer :DD i love this cover <3

  205. Nour Chérie says:

    cara is really pretty. True beauty

  206. Nekisha Angela Tembrevilla says:

    I love you Cara Delevingne! :* you’re so talented! 😀

  207. HeeMin Kim says:


  208. this1will says:

    Absolutely love his voice, so effortless. Cara compliments this song so
    nicely, I would love to hear her sing a solo verse or two

  209. Vladimir Vladimirov says:

    Good stuff, good stuff! 🙂

  210. harpreet k says:

    prefer this over the dance remix anyday… chilling

  211. Jazmiinn Ramm says:

    wow! I didn’t know Cara could sing <3

  212. Elizabeth says:

    i expected cara’s voice to be okay but wow it’s amazing and those of you
    commenting hateful things, friendly reminder cara is worth 1 million
    dollars and you’re behind a computer screen worth nothing. ps. i’m in love
    with cara:)

  213. joana marques says:

    i think her voice sucks

  214. HodanTheMona says:


  215. Clara Dlv says:

    Man, what a voice, wow! Gave me chills. Amazing!!! ♥

  216. Henrik Veldi says:

    please same, but without female vocals!

  217. keana su'a says:

    This is a great version, but I don’t think I would like it as much if I
    hadn’t heard the other remix.

  218. Eliza Oleary says:


  219. April Gudinas says:

    Her voice is so interesting and relaxing I love it so much

  220. Patricia Barth says:

    Linda voz de Cara Delevingne!!!

  221. Andy Cullens says:

    he sings all over her and gives it the ooo woo hooo ooo ….the guy must
    have trouble holding a note or something? had to stop it after a minute,
    closed the page – then thought it is bad enough to comment on… bad enough
    to find it again, sign in and write AND I am lazy…thats how bad i found
    this 😉

  222. Joel Williams says:

    She is a Victoria Secret runway model, she has been on the cover of British
    Vogue among other publications, has headed campaigns for Mulberry and
    Burberry once again among others – she’s quite successful due to her
    weight. No need to skinny shame.

    She also eats McDonalds relatively often and admits to eating a lot. It’s
    her metabolism that keeps her thin.

  223. Leslie Govea says:

    He has amazing vocal he should post more

  224. Aline Silva says:

    Is she kinda crying at the nd of the song? So cute…

  225. olivia dean says:

    The girl is bad. The guy is amazing feel sorry that he has to listen to the
    stick whailing next to him. Poor guy

  226. Samuel Holden says:

    Unusual harmonies, not what I expected.

  227. kunyarat saitee says:

    Cute verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  228. dick head says:

    Jesus Christ, Will someone please give that girl a sandwich?

  229. UmberQQ says:

    shes kinda annoying… the guy is good tho

  230. Clarissa Amelia Coronado says:

    Niiiicee, you go dude, you have an amazing voice<333.

  231. Khadeja Javed says:

    Cara looks like a man

  232. XuM97 says:

    Cara has a very beautiful but different voice, love it <3

  233. Lamees Abu-Halaweh says:


  234. Noé Burdet says:


  235. Asha Kamilia says:

    Her sexy eyebrows are really distracting.

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    get excited and are extremely proud of her. Even if she didn’t get to sing
    as much, we will always love and support her. Didn’t mean to make her
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    cara delevingne is a very popular model based in the uk. she got the
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    Capo on 1st fret: Em, G, D, Am7.

  508. Hyunji Do says:

    Love them. Cara is fantastic. She is multi-dimensional, which makes her relatable or likable to almost everyone, and brilliantly quirky. In addition, Will’s voice is absolutely lovely. It has a old soul type of feel that makes you just fall in love with him. Let’s not forget to mention that he’s also easy on the eyes 😉 Both are equally inspirational.

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    “Greasy child”? Loool!! She looks natural and beautiful. Her style is what makes her unique. give her a rest..

  520. Meis Bitawi says:

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  540. xoxojollyy says:

    because she’s cara

  541. Alberte Kirk-Thomsen says:

    Anyone else noticed Will singing wrong at 3.00?

  542. Isabel Servin says:

    she can also sing?!

  543. Shomari Pinnock says:

    you can’t be attractive and be able to sing, you get one.

  544. caitlinchard2301 says:


  545. aroncash says:

    i will and u too:D

  546. Arianna Marrocu says:

    They are so awesome together omg

  547. Bollog Nyessy says:

    boring tbh

  548. Dina Doodle says:

    Your voices fit so well together!

  549. Dina Doodle says:

    Will, you have an incredible voice!

  550. lucetadic says:

    I hate you Cara

  551. Patrick Pasi says:

    3:54 hihi 🙂

  552. darcieP138 says:

    Cara is perfect and his voice is amazing

  553. Chantal M. says:

    ich dachte immer der sänger wäre farbig o.o

  554. Niki Malik says:

    she’s really good 🙂

  555. karla asteroide says:

    she is only 21…its human too

  556. flavia farinha says:

    she is good but he is great!

  557. Natalie Paredes says:

    the dude songs really good too(:

  558. Natalie Paredes says:

    she sings really good(:

  559. Oliver Shields says:

    Just beautiful.

  560. Victoria Legrand says:


  561. Mylena Quintanilha says:

    Sun Don’t Shine

  562. luwi300 says:


  563. luwi300 says:

    geil i love it !!! 333

  564. Eleonora Rossi says:


  565. Kimi Schultz says:

    is there anything cara can’t do?

  566. Shannon Wörne says:


  567. Sabrina Chibli says:

    Canta super hermoso…..
    ¿Por que no es cantante?
    es genial 🙂

  568. Nanna Qvesel says:

    CARA! I freaking love her!

  569. mininailart says:

    I think will would sound better on his own, or wit a different back up. Cara’s getting way more credit than she deserves, and that’s because she’s everyone’s It Girl ATM.

  570. floorianah says:

    She isnt that good, she’s getting more credit than she deserves in my opinion

  571. Fleur Sheehy says:

    Will, I literally love your voice, why don’t you have a solo album?

  572. LuiiziiteSii says:

    perfect! amazing collaboration

  573. ellie thwaites says:


  574. nmurnmur says:

    what’s wrong with your profile pic

  575. ellie thwaites says:

    Amazing song, what’s wrong with her eyebrows

  576. Jane-y G says:

    Will heard sounds amazing! couldn’t really heard cara though.

  577. nekminnit says:

    like if you think we should be able to buy this on iTunes?

  578. xviii says:


  579. Gabrielle Brooks says:

    didn’t think cara would sound so amazing wow

  580. xviii says:

    stick to your day job cara. love will’s voice though

  581. Lorna Dalziel says:

    i absolutely love his voice!

  582. Hollyhoneypie says:

    Wow… totally stunned by this. I really admired Cara as a model but had no idea she has such a great voice and rhythm! Will is absolutely incredible – what a voice!

  583. Isabelle Perry says:

    Cara cannot sing…unfortunate

  584. Cassandra Kawana-Sapari says:

    i didn’t know Cara could sing

  585. Lara Bella says:

    comeon srsly how can a human be so perfect?

  586. furandfeathers says:

    Is there anything that woman cannot do?!

  587. nikichann says:

    Cara is amazing and will ohmy just perfect

  588. killb666 says:

    Уау, неожиданно круто! Это кавер или оригинал?

  589. sofsgt says:

    Cara’s voice is eargasmic

  590. Natthamon Schatz says:

    Will Heard you are amazing :o♥
    CARA has a really soft voice :o♥ im jealous

  591. dumplings1688 says:

    Where can we buy this?

  592. Ashley Katchadourian says:

    Agree, but this is kinda the first time we’ve seen Cara do a duet? Never knew she could sing, that’s why I think everyone is giving her more attention. We all know Will is incredible!

  593. marie claire says:

    omg this cover is perf

  594. ilheenK says:

    Ok, im done with my life. Cara even signs well. Is there anything she can’t do? Hahaha!

  595. ellstaveley says:

    GTAV brought me here.

  596. ekjasdevi says:

    Cara’s amazinggg

  597. mary styles says:

    lovely you Cara <3

  598. Sara Atanasovska says:

    Cara is sings? :O I can’t listen, i just listen the guy who have perfect voice! Cara isn’t good singer! Don’t tell lies guys, please :3 But i like it! :”D

  599. harryperry2013 says:

    He is class shes average

  600. alexandramcgraw says:

    Can she stop being so amazing at everything please?

  601. Sasha Maria says:

    I love this song so much like I never go a day with out listening to it.

  602. João Almeida says:

    Is that Axl Rose when teenager?

  603. Harry Reynolds says:

    Everyone is saying how she playing it safe with her singing. They probably rehearsed it like that. I think her soft tone really compliments wills voice, stop hating and enjoy the music. Everyone hating is full of shit, speaking of shit I need one, bye

  604. CastleFlameGal says:

    Considering the fact that she isn’t a singer and doesn’t want to be, I think you’re being slightly harsh. You’re critiquing her like she’s in some kind of singing competition. She’s a model and due to the fact that she’s had no experience in this kind of environment I think she did good. Better than me anyway lol.

  605. HiLDa HaLLyn says:

    well,she was a model..

  606. Tom Blackman says:

    She’s a model not a singer, so whats the point of criticizing her singing.. Will Heard obviously was ok with her being in this song.

  607. patuumemellamoyo blick says:

    listen you bitches she’s awsome, and all of you fuckers saying that she cant sing GO FUCK YOUR SELFS go hate someone else becouse she’s pretty, talented, she’s a model and she’s earning hundreds of dollars while your shitting so piss off, go out and get a life .l.

  608. bihfig96 says:

    Oh Cara you are so perfect!!

  609. Tea B says:

    she’s spoiling the song…and his voice is out of this world

  610. Maisie Smith says:

    They are so awesome!

  611. Helen Nie says:

    Quite frankly, this cover would’ve been a lot better without her

  612. Helen Nie says:

    Didn’t say she was a bad singer…! I was referring to the people saying “omg she’s perfect” and “wow she’s such a good singer!!!?!?!”

    She dances around a lot of the notes and plays most of it safe.. she’s not confident. She’s good enough. But she’s not great.

  613. FuysZy says:

    She wasn’t THAT great.

  614. PaigeIsFab says:

    she looks like a sloth at the end
    omg enuf

  615. jessie sloan says:


  616. lacey nah says:

    i cant breathe

  617. Yolanda Tomlinson says:

    Cara3 beautiful song…

  618. rarethen9 says:

    why? she nevers sings. never recorded anything. never played a live concert. she does a pretty good job in my opinion

  619. Jack hutchins says:

    So an amazing talent like Will Heard isn’t getting half the recognition he deserves because Cara Del – whats her face is humming… shame.

  620. Rhianne Butler says:

    Cara sings like she doesn’t know the words and is just chipping in when she does. LOL. Most overrated model ever!

  621. Hafod Fechan says:

    Will Heard is WHITE!? Thought he was a black soul guy. Amazing voice!

  622. an tue says:

    CARA <3

  623. Kiss Little Mix says:

    Cara, you’re the best idol in the world, you’re perfect omg. ily

  624. lucia lezcano says:

    Son hermosos por favor.

  625. flower heart. says:

    0:37 Oo

  626. Bojan Bugarski says:

    Za staru prijateljicu

  627. Rupjyoti Baruah says:

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    You do have to be fill out your address but it’s all real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Get in quick! UPAD3.COM

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  628. Becca Martin says:

    Cara is so perfect

  629. denaiaa says:

    Will Heard I <3 you!

  630. alanpalazon123 says:

    that cara kid hardly sings, sonded shit when she did aswell

  631. MissMileysFan4ever says:

    <3 caraaaa <3 perfection.

  632. anastasiaa01 says:


  633. Jacqueline O'Malley says:

    Watch this have 3,000,000 views and I’ll be like I was here all along

  634. Dave van Thol says:

    I’ve got a very special “microphone” for you:).

  635. Izabela Santiago says:

    where do i click to download this version??

  636. Hayley Tejeda says:

    Their harmonising is on point. Their voices go great together, his voice is strong and raspy and her voice is cool and smooth. I LOVE IT

  637. Nayelli Ramirez says:

    Omg , cara 3

  638. Olivia Smith says:

    i don’t get what’s the big deal about her…

  639. H311BAG says:

    coming from the girl with Selena Gomez as her icon… please

  640. jubbles01 says:

    Got chills! Absolutely beautiful!

  641. DolceLady Sucrette says:

    é una modella , cante e fa anche l’attrice .
    Cara , io ti amo.

  642. Marina Cresta says:

    please let me know if there’s ONE thing she’s not good at!

  643. Nikita Jain says:

    Yuck,She’s A Pathetic Singer.
    She Should Stick To Modelling

  644. Han123xo says:

    Omg will is so good, his vocals are so strong

  645. LisaLemon2 says:

    whaat she can sing alsi? wow lil god

  646. Maya Akram says:

    cara is…jst ghhgjvxtnf perfect!

  647. Liucija Dambrauskaite says:

    And you need to shut up. She’s a model. She must be skinny.

  648. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    i didnt know that Vitaly could sing !

  649. Mary261219 says:


  650. Lucie Head says:

    My babe she’s mine

  651. nad pe says:

    does she wash her hair at all?

  652. vivien pua says:

    maybe she just has a really fast metabolism?

  653. Maryse924 says:

    she’s a model you ass, she has to be skinny

  654. Daisy J says:

    will heard is so sexy

  655. metalchick1093 says:

    will heard’s voice is amazing

  656. Marta Molina says:


  657. Majo guzman torres says:

    Que linda :/

  658. Daniel Sorento says:

    This is proof that you don’t need to be handsome or pretty to be a model. You just need to be anorexic…

  659. Daniel Sorento says:

    This would actually be pretty good if she took her shirt off.. She’s not really pretty but has a nice personality.. She sings like a dickhead too…

  660. Jaritza Perez Reyes says:

    Cara es hermosa <333

  661. Olivia Mennell says:

    Their voices. Together. Perfection.

  662. Whitney Kira says:

    as if i wasn’t jealous enough cara stop it 🙁

  663. charlotte knight says:

    Lyrics + their voices = 3

  664. Christian Kurz says:

    quite similiar… just thought the same.

  665. Lucia Ogango says:

    And don’t forget about will he has me completely swooned

  666. Lucia Ogango says:

    Idek she sang she is actually amazing I want more

  667. Joachim Kristiansen says:

    He sounds like Bernhoft

  668. themoustachegirl says:


  669. Olivia O'sullivan says:

    she’s like my most favorite person in the whole world

  670. DiscoverChillMusic says:

    This is just too perfect.

  671. Georgia Elizabeth says:

    this song is just flawless, Cara makes it even better

  672. M5M012 says:


  673. Potato Head says:

    My nigga Susan Boyle would’ve killed this track

  674. ela112299 says:

    her voice isn’t as good as Lily Allen’s but it reminded me of her for some reason

  675. Penny Phillips says:

    Is there this acoustic version available on iTunes? or any other music download site?
    <3 <3

  676. iiBubblez says:

    She looks like a female Kurt Cobain, like a twin sister…

  677. Jacqueline O'Malley says:

    I love the song and cara’s voice added that perfect touch. And without her I’m always adding those little voices naturally..

  678. candiigurl7893 says:

    Her voice seems more indy, not like that’s a bad thing, but her voice just has the sound to it- very raspy.

  679. EllooSailor says:

    cara literally is perfect wth..

  680. Emily Waldrop says:

    And their voices sound amazing together

  681. izziissoawesome says:

    I never knew she was British?!

  682. Gabbahey93 says:

    She needs a burger and a pair of tweezers

  683. OneDirectionLLover says:

    Their voices actually sound perfect together

  684. Loutys Ginger says:

    His voice <3

  685. HeyJojoy says:


  686. Willem Ward says:

    people wan see ya not hear fuckin twig

  687. Emily March says:

    His voice is amazing!!!

  688. baki yuceler says:

    I WILL follow you..

  689. ouaie says:


  690. leiza sanabria says:

    i love it

  691. ramiro soldano says:

    i love will!

  692. Kemi116 says:

    :O whaaat, can Cara sing? I would listen but I just started my AS levels Biology and I’d rather pay more attention to it 😛

  693. Pippa Parsons says:

    im a bit obsessed this is awks

  694. hinty hints says:

    They’re really good xxx

  695. CeaHpx3 says:

    God gave Will a ton of talent & he was all like “Will Heard WILL BE HEARD”

  696. Agus Escudero says:

    will heard, I want more of this pleaase

  697. Jo Pearce says:

    Really like this!

  698. Meep Bieber Styles says:

    Thank you Tanya Burr for bringing me here 🙂 I absolutely LOVE this song<3

  699. Irina Cia says:

    72 hours?? yes please!

  700. Gabriela Soares says:

    I love you Cara:)<3

  701. sofsgt says:

    I need to buy this on itunes

  702. noetan528 says:

    Plz make more with cara

  703. alice cullen says:

    they both sound beautiful in this and their voices go so amazingly together

  704. RoseKirkland says:

    Cara has a surprisingly nice voice!

  705. zara p says:


  706. zara p says:

    His voice is incredible oh my

  707. Isidora Sofia says:

    ctm cara la rompiste sdñkfopsdkfsdf perfecta la hueona <333

  708. ella madden says:

    This version is unbelievable

  709. Alicee808 says:

    will is so incredible! his voice gives me goosebumps!

  710. Isabela Ferreira says:

    his voice is something out of this world

  711. jamie-pfc says:

    why is everyone banging on about this cara for? She’s ok, he’s incredible at singing.

  712. Mary Ann says:


  713. IAMBRIZI says:

    what brand are caras shoes???? please tell me

  714. Ana Marija Ojsteršek says:

    better than the original! 🙂

  715. Cloé Staley says:


  716. MissAngela997 says:

    I didn’t know she could sing

  717. mimtime says:

    Oh and Will is equally amazing ahaha…sorry, Will…doesn’t seem as enthusiastic but your voice is so soulful <3

  718. mimtime says:


  719. Martin BG says:


  720. ilke kavuşturan says:

    I love Cara so much omg her voice is amazing!!<3

  721. catieeM123 says:

    Fuck is there anything this girl can’t do. umf

  722. Zarina barton says:

    Perfect x

  723. Frida Wagner says:

    Tanya Burr brought me here, btw loved the song:)

  724. Sevvy4ever says:

    love you cara!

  725. Ryan Mcaleavy says:

    that cunt can sing serr!! searched for the actual song and got better holy fuck mate! get it right in about everybody ma man! tremendous! aye a do know aw the big words for the smart people 😉 but WOW!!!

  726. NabialuvsCarnell says:

    What can’t she do…she’s absolutely perf

  727. Whitney Lynn says:

    they both sound great! am I the only who thinks Cara kinda looks like she could be Kurt Cobain’s daughter?

  728. Christy McMichael says:

    I think I just broke the replay button

  729. jemz9481 says:

    loooooool cara does nothing for this!!! BRINGS NADA but Will is amaziinggg

  730. nikkistiletto96 says:

    Ah yes, I like this a lot.

  731. Matilde Simonsen says:

    Her voice is okay, but nothing more. But Will Heard is amazing. If she hadn’t been “Cara Delevingne, the supermodel”, no one would think of her voice as anything phenomenal.

  732. Aktham Dabbas says:

    this, this is fucking beautiful.

  733. Agnes Hartwich Pedersen says:

    my favorite becouse of her thanks!!!

  734. Michellina Theophani says:

    Thank you Tanya x

  735. Shannon Ell says:

    Thanks Tanya I love this song xx

  736. klar9852 says:

    Thanks Tanya:) love it!

  737. Ryleigh Dillon says:

    Thanks tanya 🙂 <3

  738. Catrin Price says:

    thanks Tanya <3 new favourite song

  739. Hayeet Miller says:

    Tanya sent me here , and I just fell in love wow you guys are amazing… the vocals are incredible. Your voices sound so well together .. i just love it !

  740. Bonnie Belinda says:

    Thank you Cara!

  741. ShaquillaSteer says:

    Been a fan of Will since i saw him at Vince Kidd’s gig last year. So glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves now!

  742. Federica Magini says:

    oh gosh i love that song!

  743. missphoebe98 says:

    Tanya sent me here xx

  744. jess evans says:

    although i watched tanya burss vid i loved tbis song before and it annoy me how people on come over here because they were told to

  745. xDFishDx says:

    Amazing! Cara’s voice is beautiful <3

  746. brcrblog says:


  747. Ellie Stammers says:

    OMG, more of a reason for Cara to be my role model ahaa!!

  748. Demi Chatzipanagiotis says:

    cara, girl, is there anything you’re not talented at?

  749. Tini s says:

    i’m from germany and thats means sun dance (:

  750. Jenny Roberts says:

    i think it means sun dance or something in german. dont hate if im wrong…

  751. zarryalltheway says:

    CARA?you r the meaning of PERFECTION.#loveyouuuuu♥♥

  752. misselliemaexx says:

    Oh my this is perfection

  753. Quackiness42 says:

    Both of you have such beautiful voices.

  754. Jazszzz says:

    It’s all about making that GTA :p

  755. Nicolas Araujo says:

    cara is sooooooo perfect omg

  756. mjauful1 says:


  757. ayatchafaqui says:

    OMG IM SO JEALOUS. CARA HAS THE Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers ive always wanted

  758. ayatchafaqui says:

    Will Heard is so fucking hot and very talented.

  759. Jamie Nairn Nicolson-Gray says:

    even my grandad loves it, keep it up Dele

  760. Hope Bauer says:

    Obsessed with this! his voice woow! and she is incredible; really good sound

  761. Carlos Hernández says:

    She’s the best

  762. earthworm jim says:

    GTA V

  763. Welchable100 says:

    He’s incredible <33

  764. GamerOfYear2000 says:

    Cara is gonna be a DJ for GTA V radios great choice R* 😉

  765. bp1630414 says:

    Sonnentanz is actually a German song with no lyrics, it’s just music. So this might be just a special version of the song with some lyrics, but idk where you could find them

  766. Zoedream Zoe says:


  767. Althea Stanhope says:

    omg caraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  768. Kincső Péter-Márton says:

    OMG!Cara is so perfect!Her voice is so lovely! *__*

  769. A Arceo says:

    is there anything cara can’t do? omg

  770. Shinigami03hc says:

    will please make more music i’ve listened to this cover about 4 times in a row i love it so much. i want to hear more of cara singing to shes not only a a babe but has a beautiful voice

  771. jon dotson says:

    simply stunning! . Cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 .

    Its not a joke, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it.

    Dont run away have a try now -> _LINK_?=hghxyd

  772. guille dimarco says:

    OMG CARAAAAAA <3 marry me please, lol

  773. Vivienne Hew says:

    Will someone tell me what the CHORDS are? Please Dx

  774. Grettel263 says:

    She is so Perfect <3

  775. isabella o says:

    is she even wearing any makeup omg shes perfect

  776. Kseniya Zharinova says:

    Cara Delevingne singing

  777. Katherine Leary says:

    u cant be super attractive model and sing good too no

  778. Zara Sands says:

    She looks like a male grunge star but so cute too

  779. Nanna Drews says:

    Anyone who can figure out the chords?

  780. Zara Sands says:

    She looks like a male grunge star yet so cute at the same time

  781. dora bond says:

    So cara can sing, model, act and play the drums. No what how is it fair for someone to be that perfect ah

  782. Jenna Chiu says:

    her voice is not perfect but interesting

  783. Marluiii says:

    i love this so much 🙂

  784. Vanessa Valencia says:

    cara is amazing, but so is he omg

  785. Nisrin Onar says:

    Nope, no one is not allowed to be this perfect.

  786. meryem diamonds says:

    I love it

  787. markos.loizides says:

    Amazing vocal harmony. Awesome work.

  788. AlexIsASpoon says:

    Cara, stop doing that, just stop being perfect.

  789. Sel B. says:

    Is there anything she can’t do? I love her but this makes me even more self conscious then i already am. Just look at her please. She’s perfect.

  790. chicagoblackhawks19 says:

    she will get a record deal because she is already famous and she isn’t a bad singer

  791. Sofia Asus says:

    2. When I saw you rise the other day
    I felt my worries juts seems to melt away and you

    I just want to let you know,
    I love you don’t ever let go
    Couse the sun don’t shine
    when you not around me,
    singing I can’t be without you, without you

    Singing ( the sun don’t shine) x4 without you x2
    Through all the space and time,
    your love is mine
    but the sun don’t shine, the sun don’t shine without you
    The sun don’t’ shine without you ..

  792. Sofia Asus says:

    1. I walk to the values of the wildness in time
    Only to find out,
    that you have love in places I can’t describe, yeaah
    I need you, it is the sun rise.

    I just want to let you know,
    I love you don’t ever let go
    Couse the sun don’t shine
    when you not around me,
    singing I can’t ever be without you, without you
    Singing ( the sun don’t shine) x4 without you x2
    Through all the space and time
    your love is mine
    but the sun don’t shine, the sun don’t shine without you

  793. ganto1234 says:

    No I take it back she just looks like boy !

  794. Esther Chan says:

    Ha not a chance does cara actually sound like that

  795. ganto1234 says:

    She looks like a boy her body.

  796. Nora Baisch says:

    Caras amazing.

  797. flo pond says:

    She is just so amazing <3

  798. Giana DiGiulio says:

    Cara’s said her passions are acting and singing, she just happened to get into modeling. 🙂

  799. cristina bucoveanu says:

    What is exactly her point in this song?i love cara but stick to what you are actually meant to do 🙂

  800. Allison Aceituno says:

    Holy shit Cara

  801. Dina Siada says:

    We love you! And this!!

  802. clfkutcher says:

    giuseppe zanoti

  803. emilywillbeemily says:

    this is perfect

  804. SophiesOtherAccount says:

    this is actually so good

  805. chole1ana says:

    Wooooowwww perfection! Her voiceee is just perfect it almost seems unreal as if she’s not the one singing

  806. Connie Lee says:

    I think I’m just get pregnant,by cara,omfg WE NEED SOLO!CARA !

  807. ahalls6 says:


  808. maarcy03 says:

    his voice is awesome ;3

  809. JumpBanana says:

    I cant even!! this is soo good

  810. Abigail Morrison says:

    Bloody hell what can’t she do? Pure talent.

  811. Desirée Papanastassiou says:

    He rocks!!
    I loved his voice!!

  812. maddelon kolk says:


  813. ninasgottamakeit says:

    this was incredible!!!!!!!!

  814. danybf99 says:

    Beautiful song. It’s great♥

  815. Ece ilayda Kılıç says:

    She has no makeup

  816. Val R says:

    Models who can sing? Cara delevingne, Sky ferreira, florrie

  817. A Mall says:

    she sounds great (wish he hasnt singing over her all the time). Cant wait for her solo song where we get to hear her properly.. i was expecting cara’s musical direction to be more urban tbh…. but her talents are endless

  818. Giovanna Fabbri says:


  819. onedirectionlover139 says:


  820. Haiwennie says:

    GOD HELP ME why are people so talented

  821. Miguel Crv says:

    Wow, Cara sings very beautiful!!

  822. elisathetalkinghuman says:


  823. elisathetalkinghuman says:

    She’s doing the harmonies, that’s why. Listen abit closer

  824. eduardobfw says:

    Cara Delevingne is the woman I would marry instantly if I could, her personality, her looks, her talent got me the minute I found her around the internet.

  825. BabyMonsterGirl says:

    omfg!! cara is Amazing!! *o*

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