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Cara Delevingne, Miranda Kerr and a galaxy of 26 stellar supermodels are featured in a new film for i-D Magazine titled ‘A-Z of Wink’.  The film directed by Jérémie Rozan with fashion direction by Charlotte Stockdale  bring’s some of I-D’s fashion alphabet series to life.  The short film, promoting the launch of i-D’s new website and video series, brings the slogan “If in doubt, wink, peace and pout!” — to life perfectly.

Cara Delevingne stars in i-D Magazine "A-Z of Wink"

Watch the A-Z of Wink featuring top models Cara Delevingne, Miranda Kerr, Georgia May Jagger, Joan Smalls, Isabeli Fontana, Natalia Vodianova, Lara Stone, and new faces Malakia Firth and Binx. Check out the new i-D Magazine online now.

Credits: Director Jérémie Rozan, Surface to Air Studio.  Cinematography Andre Chemetoff
Fashion Direction Chaos Fashion – Charlotte Stockdale, Katie Lyall and Melissa Simpemba
Music Jackson and his Computerband – Arp #1.



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  1. CIRA COST says:

    Ohh my god Cara Delavigne is beautiful♥

  2. CIRA COST says:

    Ohh my god Cara Delavigne is beautiful♥

  3. Renato F. O. Silva says:

    Sensacional, maravilhoso, incrível!

  4. Mick Sun says:

    Cara “Devilingne”, she is scary :S

  5. Pauline Ohanna says:

    just do it for +Inès Léonie RENAUDIN < 3

  6. memssrivera says:

    what is Cara wearing??

  7. P. Rourke says:

    *F A S H I O N*

  8. Shookris says:


  9. says:

    Featuring a galaxy of 26 stellar supermodels such as Cara, Joan, Lindsey,
    Natalia, Xiao – alongside cheeky cameos from the likes of J.W. and Rick –
    Jérémie Rozan and Charlotte Stockdale’s film continues our fashion
    alphabets series by bringing our favourite cover winks back to life, back
    to reality.

  10. Fábio Santana says:

    Amazing in só many levels!!!

  11. S E L L É S D O M Í N G U E Z says:

    i-D | The A-Z of the World’s Top Supermodels.

  12. Clara Magalona says:

    Loved this!

  13. silverman says:

    anorexia bitches.

  14. Alex Ruan says:

    What the fuck did I watch…?

  15. DownWordGames says:

    I find it interesting how all of them close one eye… (Look it up)

  16. Anna Jun says:

    But where’s tao, freja, tanya, sun fei fei , natasha, sasha pivovarova and
    abbey lee?? ):

  17. Влодимир Терехов says:

    The A-Z of the World’s Top Supermodels:

  18. Влодимир Терехов says:

    The A-Z of the World’s Top Supermodels:

  19. MrWillisle says:

    It says “Anna wears Nike”. No last names?

  20. Zaphod B says:

    Love the aesthetic. Lots of fatasses in the comments though. These girls
    are perfectly healthy, but it says a lot about how fat people are nowadays
    that their thinness is out of the ordinary

  21. A Girl Just says:

    they ara fucking rude, but Cara is awesome <3

  22. psychedelictrip says:

    Lol at all the insecure jealous people hating in the comments. Get a life

  23. dr. verlaine2015 says:

    hard times in the land of haute couture

  24. shida aruya says:

    hotness alert!

  25. Shekinah Dizon says:

    Cara Delavigne!!

  26. Mark Anthony Sangalang says:


  27. anthecouturier says:

    Why the fuck was Rick Owens in this?

  28. Naeem kuzco says:

    All-seeing 1 eye> illuminati

  29. Galaxy Sheikah says:

    Sehun how can you love a bitch 0:15

  30. Jose T.P says:

    This is the best thing I’ve seen. The editing to this video and the models
    have me in awe, I’m having heart palpitations!

  31. Jesse David says:
  32. RataKataTata says:

    Don’t understand why people are arguing about these models. They’re models
    for a reason, they chose their lifestyle. A model’s purpose is to be
    appealing and attractive, you can argue and lie to yourself all you want.
    Subconsciously you’re attracted to them because of their symmetry and
    definition. There is no lying or deceiving people into starving themselves.

  33. Lee Milby says:

    Where’s Rick Genest & Andreja Pejic??

  34. Circu Slarish says:

    What’s the name of the song?

  35. Lee Soarez says:

    A bunch of ugly, lost and stupid whores admired by a bunch of lost and
    stupid retards…. that’s all (=

  36. Adinda Wahyuningtias says:

    this is amazing..

  37. kate Mode says:
  38. randybaw says:

    I want to download this music. What is this sound????

  39. Bugsy Malone says:

    Who is this Anna at 00:45? Anyone knows her surname?

  40. Tristan Deutsch says:

    Hot chick yess

  41. Jordan Funk says:

    no i’m not

  42. modeling4Fashion says:

    He’s a designer

  43. Omknowec says:

    I swear I saw some death bodies

  44. RANDOM DANCING says:

    this video is fucking cool

  45. Gonzalo Arce Torres says:
  46. Jolie Ann De La Rosa says:

    I think Malgosia looks a lot like Heidi Klum. 🙂

  47. Friedrich Werbowy says:

    I love this magazine!

  48. Weroniika. says:

    Malgosia <3

  49. jdailey01230 says:

    0:50 Im scared.

  50. ilyes dada says:
  51. Jonel van Schalkwyk says:


  52. Africa Love says:

    I didn’t find the beauty in looking at bones :-p

  53. francisco arredondo says:

    that male model, rick, he could go places.

  54. Craplatte says:

    Some of them are really pretty and good at wearing clothes, walking and
    posing for pictures.

  55. JasonLove says:

    I find it very offensive that youtube is showing porn. I have too kids,
    four and six, and if they discovered this, I would be devastated.

  56. jdailey01230 says:

    You couldn’t pay me to bang some of these gubs. How they’re models is
    beyond me.

  57. warmthofa flame says:

    I tugged one off to this. Finished on O

  58. ShadowfinderMusic says:

    Half of these models are disgustingly ugly, though the music and idea of
    the clip are very good

  59. Ac1dR3FL3X says:

    No Upton, huh? Guess she must be too “fat”….or just natural and healthy.

  60. Jack Koo says:

    I have photosensitive epilepsy from this video

  61. Syamsu nasir says:

    Idk I love this video

  62. theclos16 says:

    Anorexia 101

  63. • PUREOXIDE • says:

    Karlie kloss and jourdan dunn are missing

  64. Иван Бузунов says:

    Who is she? 0:45

  65. joan Alonso says:

    This is just so sad seeing women became skinny as hell just to appear in a
    magazine or wear some clothes and the most sad part most of the
    photographers, designers are fat, old and wear sweatpants and this
    skeletons sleep with them just for a few minutes of fame very very sad

  66. Valeria Orendain says:

    Z! i knew she was in here..cara <3 my love

  67. Vennie Fiston says:


  68. Miles B says:

    I hate the fashion world…

  69. JoyStiqTR Chanel says:

    ülü memati

  70. Francisco Sebire says:

    omg Lindsey Wixson……

  71. fendi -books says:


  72. jose ivan rangel says:

    lindsey wixon es la perra de todas

  73. blind foldme says:

    Binx and Jamie Boucher did it for me! <3<3<3

  74. Abel Sánchez says:

    Cara, Miranda and Lara omg !!! <3

  75. Jorge Leonardo Romero Burgos says:

    0:16 :3

  76. Mykobo21 !! says:

    I love Cara so much!!! She so cute ,beautiful ,funny and friendly~

  77. zir nour says:

    most of them looks anorexic!! O.o go grab something to eat for gods sake!!

  78. Jc Hernandez says:

    They all look like Nazi Concentration camp survivors! FUKS SAKE MAN !

  79. Cnoop says:

    Absolutely Fantabulous work ! Give me more of it

  80. Anna Ray says:

    This video nearly gave me a seizure

  81. Gustaf Broman says:

    Fucking disgusting

  82. legrandmechantloup says:

    Miranda is just so ugly.

  83. Wink Machine says:

    You gotta give it to i-D. This #wink vid’s an absolute treat!

    A-Z of the World’s Top Supermodels

  84. Emil Aliyev says:

    Miranda Kerr and Anna daaaayyyyummm

  85. izzad ibrahim says:

    I’ve never really thought supermodels are really skinny, except for the
    anorexic. watching this, i realized they really are.

  86. Alee Cassina says:

    Barbara Palviiin!!!!!!!!!!!! is the best

  87. helina ethio says:

    liyakebede love you ethiopia is proud to have a topmodel like you bisous

  88. Kimberly Shell says:

    Love Cara!!!

  89. Paris Shih says:

    this is so outrageously AMAZING! Love the concept so much! Giiiiiirrrrl

  90. knve says:

    I <3!

  91. titaynium says:

    Cara is so ugly :/

  92. Allan Manzanares says:

    Got my favorite winks already. Binx, Jamie, Xiao, Liya, Rick, Amanda, Lily.
    Unable to decide which one is my favorite. Lovely work I-D!!!

  93. ELMOcall911 says:

    i am confused…

  94. Анастасия Богуславская says:

    Gorgeous work !

  95. Gabby Hussain says:

    Of course cara is Z

  96. sully killerplayah says:

    soooo illuminate

  97. M1995C says:

    joan smalls, marry me

  98. Su Jones says:

    I “Thumb up” for the idea !

  99. Redorgreenful says:

    So many creative looking people!

  100. Ben Willis says:

    The song

  101. Ixion Wayne says:

    Came here to see Cara, then I heard music from GTA V!

  102. Ben Willis says:

    This was in gta 5

  103. Joshua Kairl says:

    Nice Tunes in this & well put together

  104. sandy88899000947 says:

    Where have i heard this music before? Cannot place it….

  105. Kiu GG says:

    Cara Delevingne the most beautiful!

  106. neiba potts says:

    X is brilliant 🙂

  107. Viking Ragnar Björn says:
  108. comeddian says:

    Man all these fan girls think cara is pretty, but as a guy, cara has such
    oversized eyebrows and is generally pretty ugly RELATIVE to the other
    models here.

  109. Lukes channel says:

    I came here only for cara

  110. ThepinkxblueTo says:

    Awesome!!! LOVE IT

  111. starfun17 says:

    ugh stop with the illuminati,seriously. every video always someone has to
    mention it.

  112. marco alessi says:

    love this tune – u gals so hot!

  113. Charlie Stewart says:

    ok……………………… o.O

  114. Heer hanjo says:

    SKAFFE negers

  115. Catherine Loftus says:

    At least 6,000 of these views are from me

  116. nekrasoviet says:

    <3 Lara <3

  117. Yeh Chester says:

    your welcome~

  118. Teresa a says:

    I like the video, but do they always have to show Allegiance to the
    Illuminati all the time? This can be popular without it.

  119. joseph wong says:


  120. Garfieldko Tinuš says:

    Binx :3 :3

  121. JaySunFire says:

    cool tune

  122. Carolinalioon says:

    More than three winketeers!

  123. lovemisspark says:

    who tried winking after or while watching the vid? hahahha

  124. MegaBombardir says:

    Why do they all show one eye? O.o

  125. Gepetto Says says:

    f*ckin’ illuminatis

  126. martinmartin martin says:

    thank u rick ily

  127. Jamar Johnson says:

    I want that song. Anyone know who it’s by?

  128. gramirez00 says:

    Z is fierce! loving it

  129. DLA LAD says:

    This is not illuminati, why are people idiosyncratic bout illuminati in
    everything. i-D is a wink symbol!! Also who knows the song!!!

  130. rizendell says:

    B is for Boobs

  131. Belgin Yıldız says:

    So creative video. Congrats İ-D..

  132. Mark Phillips says:

    that was gay..

  133. TheAdom87 says:


  134. ANNIE Mills says:


  135. Phish Chiang says:

    enter the void

  136. RadicalAwesomeness says:

    What the hell did I just watch?

  137. Souya Tempe says:

    I pause at B

  138. AntonNZL says:

    A – Z ways to express your affiliation with the Illuminati

  139. Παναγιώτης Κιαουλιας says:

    Cara you are awesome !!!!!!!

  140. Lolly Nienna says:

    A-Z of Wink ! i-D magazine

  141. Cassko K says:

    I came here purely for tits

  142. James Ahrens says:

    “Fashion it’s cool and all but,” I suppose I missed the epilepsy warning.

  143. eli e hernandez says:

    They all do the all seeing eye shit.

  144. Viking Ragnar Björn says:

    Miranda Kerr is just the best 🙂

  145. Dana Torres says:

    Just perfect.

  146. Semyon Delaney says:
  147. Bee Tee says:

    Reminds me of gta v music

  148. Bonnie Boon says:


  149. Kara Ang says:

    SO HOT!

  150. YouOriginal says:

    Wow love the effects in this video… visonary is a lucky guy.

  151. Emilija Bozinovska says:

    I love Cara’s hoodie!

  152. Kate B says:

    Where is the music from?

  153. Emiko Asifor-Tuoyo says:

    Miranda Kerr OMG

  154. Alice Wanner says:

    Miranda. <3

  155. Klodust says:

    a-z of twinks

  156. soubido says:

    i came for miranda kerr

  157. scarcuchi says:

    cara is the best

  158. Mario Cardona says:

    I see Lisa’s hand :43

  159. Needlezz Markupz says:

    Liya Kebede ‘ O ‘ #Opulent

  160. Adam-marc Kelly says:

    stunning work. the fact they all look so beautiful in HD!

  161. cat22203 says:

    This video is ingenious. Very good job.

  162. satinbarbi says:

    If you want to make a pretty girl look terrible just have the fashion
    industry make her over.

  163. Gradyolson says:

    Ahh epilepsy test at the end lol cool vid.

  164. Cesia C says:

    1:16 Björk

  165. Dani Poo says:

    Haha that was interesting, I seen some familiar faces

  166. Gabriel Maza says:


  167. MarakeyTV says:

    @Liya Kebede Original! <3

  168. Gilbert Savala says:

    Nice, zoolanderish

  169. micah mackenzie says:

    BRILLANT. Plain and Simple.

  170. April M says:

    This is catchy.

  171. viliboy says:

    Clement in H – Anorexia

  172. bounchofbeaners says:

    more like a bunch of illuminati sellouts……..

  173. Noelle Horn says:

    I love this so much! i-D has to be one of my favorite magazines, especially
    visually! Perfect balance of fashion, rebellion and art!

  174. Lisa Eldridge says:

    This is the short editorial fashion film I worked on for ID Magazine with
    #caradelevingne #GeorgiaMayJagger #CarolineMurphy #MirandaKerr and
    lots of other gorgeous gals. We filmed it during Paris Fashion week – it
    was a lot of fun! Lisa X

    A-Z of Wink!

  175. pectox300 says:

    illuminati junk

  176. Frank Munson says:


  177. dankybacon says:

    ugly bitches… some atleast. xD

  178. kylem1112 says:

    why are you obsessed with covering one eye like the eye of horus you
    illiminati pieces of shit.

  179. lherman22 says:

    Was there a point to this video? Model’s are talented enough to wink and
    model at the same time?

  180. twell609 says:


  181. Missioneer says:

    Nice, a bunch of underweight women wearing retarded clothing that could
    potentially cause a lawsuit… Brilliant waste of time that is.

  182. abirsashee says:

    Gorgeous makeup!

  183. PunkPanda says:

    Meh. The fashion industry sucks.

  184. fai faiivae says:

    Oh i get it… Theyre all winking lol idk

  185. i-D Magazine says:

    A-Z of Wink! Learn your i-D alphabet with Miranda Kerr, Cara Delevingne and
    friends in Jérémie Rozan and Charlotte Stockdale’s film.

  186. Lap Fung Lee says:

    Very Gaspar Noé.

  187. Josse Alberto Gonzalez says:

    If you used Miranda as thumbnail to get male attention… congratz, you
    succeeded 😉

  188. Richard Baker says:

    Click here to ride the the comment train!!!!!

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