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Watch the new incredible PRADA film for Spring 2013 called “10 Women” starring Sasha Pivovarova, one of our favorite top models.

We loved the Prada Spring 2013 collection – it’s seriously one of our favorite collections of the season.

The graphic pop red lip that makeup Pat McGrath created for the show is one of the biggest trends for Spring ’13. Everything in the Prada show was beyond beautiful – from the graphic glasses to the Japanese style shoes to the power flower prints. The new campaign film directed by Steven Meisel really captures the beauty and magic of it all. Watch the Prada Spring 2013 Campaign film here now and to shop the collection visit Prada.Com.


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  1. alejo leon says:

    sasha is fucking perfection

  2. Todd VanSlyck says:

    Am I the only one who thinks these women would be a million times more
    beautiful in jeans and a t-shirt…

  3. Daniele Bronzino says:
  4. anggie ar says:


  5. Evan H says:

    just fantabulus

  6. Javiera Pradenas says:

    Sasha and Saskia are the best *-*

  7. Printed Village says:

    A Prada Petal Storm

  8. Loc Henry says:

    i love sasha she ‘s so amazing love her

  9. Maine Libe says:

    …прикольно всё-таки быть женщиной ))

  10. lily endo says:

    models should not act….

  11. Victoria Smith says:

    Yes prada!!!

  12. bibek himali says:

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  13. natalie gonzalez says:

    I love Sasha and Vanessa!!!

  14. kgp368 says:

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  15. furqan abbas says:

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  16. yolas1299 says:

    Is Heidi Klum the voice?

  17. seoulyoja says:


  18. seoulyoja says:

    LOVELY ADS *********

  19. Darren Alejandro says:

    Sasha is perfection

  20. happyfacercs says:

    This is beautiful, but I have literally know idea what’s happening in this ad.

  21. Ana Cristina ferreira Rebelo says:

    O new look e a elegância dos anos 40 estão de volta!!!

  22. MIUCCIAK says:

    Miuccia, the queen

  23. circasurvive04 says:

    omg this is actually so perfect

  24. peru29 says:

    dont get me wrong, i love the photography on this art and the song according to every appearances but the feeling i ve got is depresion so it was weird cause i love Prada.

  25. yolas1299 says:

    This is an art expression, it’s suppoused to represent a certain mood not to resemble the “real world”.

  26. 'A Beginner's Guide to becoming an Antiques Dealer' says:
  27. Elena Komarchuk says:
  28. peru29 says:

    seems scary and hungry women with not clue of a real world,too dark

  29. fausthok says:

    Perfección es posible

  30. silverpixel2 says:

    Wow. This ad is truly the essence of Prada! Awesome 🙂

  31. Napster Hatson says:

    I’m going to learn how to have more sex. My cousin has begun going out with a stunning woman mainly because 2 months back he signed up to an internet site named Master Attraction (Google it if you wish to learn more.) I’m jealous since I want to fall madly in love too. I’m going to check out this Jake Ayres man’s information. Strange thing is, my friend previously had Zero luck with women. How does one transform so swiftly? His girl’s like a model…

  32. Liberalshinigami says:

    Yes I did. are you going to respond to every comment I make?

  33. wqwew ewfre says:

    Have you seen the chanel la montre premier ad?

  34. Jorge Daniel Astorga says:
  35. Liberalshinigami says:

    Prada and Dior have the best ads

  36. Vision Art Sas Di Emanuela Federici says:
  37. Darcy Harry says:

    One of the girls is doing Inci Winci Spider up her leg!! 😉

  38. yolas1299 says:

    Meisel is the KING!

  39. Xia Martin says:

    Fashion IS advertising! <3

  40. LinguisticDreams says:

    Sasha, Eva, and Raquel!

  41. rvggarcon says:

    I thought that was Snejana 🙁

  42. Iconology says:

    “Stamping Ground” composed by Louis Hardin (aka Moondog).

  43. Ilia Sdralli says:
  44. Duke Nielsen says:

    That was so intense haha

  45. Eunsu Moon says:

    Sasha pivovarova♥

  46. Michael Marzetti says:
  47. KK Fan says:

    omg Sasha Pivovarova!! gorgeous as ever

  48. Windlespoon says:

    Vanessa Axente is wonderful here. 🙂 She is just perfect. :-))

  49. CharlotteNaomiEvans says:


  50. Randi Himelfarb says:

    Story meets style. Finally.

  51. Nathan Carter says:

    Miuccia Prada & Patrizio Bertelli, Owners of Prada
    Claudia Burbui, Senior HR Manager at Prada
    Hironobu Takesaki, Head of the Supreme Court of Japan
    Yuichi Okada, Head of the District Court of Tokyo
    Shuichi Yoshikai, Head of the Supreme Court of Tokyo
    Francois Kress, Chief Executive Officer of Prada USA Corp.
    Carlo Mazzi, Deputy Chairman of Prada Group
    Demonstrate your commitment to ending gender discrimination by dropping your lawsuit against former employee Rina Bovrisse.


  52. Yoland Handoko says:

    YASSS!!! Raquel and Sasha!

  53. Rana di Aristofane says:

    Can someone traslate in italian, please?

  54. 坤 吴 says:


  55. Redbidz says:

    Amazing. Can somebody tell me the background music please?

  56. NaBiL2o50 says:

    Let’s watch TV AD-AIR POLLUTION can watch it at NaBiL2o50

  57. QM3980 says:

    Saskia de Brauw

  58. Frank Struß says:

    Sehr schöner Clip!!

  59. alerocksss says:

    0:49 what is her name?? 🙂

  60. kb4iuj says:

    Have they ever done the Southern Tier or the MRT (New Orleans to MStP)

  61. kb4iuj says:

    Sounds like a bicycling adventure with tall fashion models… Can they do that?

  62. Utkarsh Singh says:

    Steven Meisel is amazing..i always wanted to work with him!

  63. Claudia El Fakih says:

    Prada’s ads have something special.

  64. ThebloodyFairy Walsh says:


  65. millybells says:

    Stupid looking glasses and shoes !

  66. Evo Shomar says:

    Sasha Pivovarova —

  67. Carolina G says:


  68. Emily Law says:
  69. febbs18 says:

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  71. MrSpecBoom says:

    Saskia is cray-cray!

  72. Madeline Graham says:

    Saskia’s sound effects

  73. sparkl121 says:

    saskia de brauw

  74. Allegra Houghton says:

    Strange. … But can’t get over the pearly glasses

  75. kaivan33333 says:

    I love that they brought Sasha back, she is the epitome of beauty.

  76. arizcats03 says:

    PRADA Bravo!!! This was a beautiful video and with Raquel Zimmerman and Sasha P. loved it!!!

  77. SalluSalmanKhan says:


  78. Indira Iman says:

    if u wanna talk about diversity in modelling then i’ll prefer to sees it as hair-skin-eye colours, heights, personality, walks, features. Not ethnic/race. Stupid how ppl debating this. i’m asian n i never take anything too srsly bout these shits. We’re not living in the 1940s for God’s sakes. it’s all about client’s demands n what suits the collections better. Not all shows hv to cast some certain races just bcs in the name of diversity. Some ppl just need to chill

  79. Raphael Potts says:

    i’m sorry…… maybe i am just a total plebeian and don’t understand this as art, but i just really don’t care for it. Every other Prada Spring/Summer campaign is so much fun and it gets me excited for summer (namely 2011 and 2012)! But this is just so like, eh, it is just boring. Maybe it is because i am not a woman that I don’t find this cool. I also didn’t really love the collection…. That may have something to do with it.

  80. coolida23511 says:

    Prada always has the most interesting campaigns.

  81. JenseninBrizo2012 says:

    glamourous! what a fun video

  82. Domenico Trapani says:

    A true story.
    #Spring #Flowers #Prada

  83. says:

    Удивительный, кокетливый и артистичный ролик в поддержку весенне-летней
    коллекции Prada. Смотрим, вдохновляемся и поднимаем себе настроение 🙂

  84. chisovnik says:

    I have no idea what the point of this video is but Sasha is ADORABLE! She’ll be around forever- no other model can give what she can to the fashion industry.

    Saskia is really growing on me too. She’s terrible on the runway but she couldn’t take a bad picture if she tried.

  85. hieu tran says:

    who’s the model with the short hair at 1:20

  86. jeremyrain99 says:

    OH shit, it has every major fashion legend models in it. Wow!

  87. biyyan ßëe says:


    sasha pivovarova ever <3

  88. Archi Bald says:

    oh good the feeling’s fucking mutual. i mean what am i even doing here. these people basically shit in your head everyday and you worship them? jesus

  89. goliaboi says:

    or an asian american for balenciaga etc. you can rebuttal more irrelevant facts if you want, they still won’t make your argument anymore valid. have fun being condescending and ignorant! hope i won’t have to read anymore of your comments on other videos

  90. goliaboi says:

    yes thanks for stating points such as china being a huge economy = more chinese models. that’s redundant. the fact is there are other colored of models now. you are making my every point except about the racism part. if they are so racist, and since you keep regarding this conversation to FASHION and not strictly the modelling industry, why are there so many mutli-national people working within the industry? if they were so racist, there wouldn’t be a black guy designing at balmain

  91. Archi Bald says:

    are you serious right now. i just watched 50 runway shows or so. of course there’s 1 or 2 asian models, china is a huge economy now. the majority of models, and i mean the overwhelming majority of models walking milan paris NY are white, and not just any kind of white – porcelain white. i bet you’re not even caucasian, i am, if anyone should be upset it should be you. you know the stereotype that people in fashion are stupid? you’re living proof of it

  92. goliaboi says:

    i mean, SURE the MAJORITY of models are white, that doesn’t make the MODELING nor fashion industry racist. at least they are improving this “issue” pretty quickly. the past couple years there has been a LOT of positive change regarding race in the modelling industry. anyway i’m repeating myself now. bye. also, nice comment left on your page: WhiteDragonTile: still think you have no idea what you are talking about… check and point.

  93. goliaboi says:

    yes and if you would learn some mother fucking FACTS before you FUCKING excrete your bigot self righteous tunnel vision dribble over a video and babbling on and on about nothing, you would know that there are PLENTY variety in models now. my comparison is as futile as your initial comments which would make mine relevant, as i was making a point to how “futile” your comment was. lol. go to and there you will be able to see the list of all current major top models IN ORDER.

  94. Archi Bald says:

    you never heard me saying i support homophobia or did you? thats another problem that needs our attention. but you bet if the best basketball player in the word is gay they’ll use him. its just that he’ll probably have to endure a variety of negative experiences in the changing room and media. your comparison is futile in the 1st place because homophobia is collateral in sports, not structural, whereas racism is structural in fashion

  95. goliaboi says:

    i guess that just because the sports world is not racist, they are allowed to be homophobic? great logic! surely your sexual orientation has nothing to do w/ ones skill of playing a sport? the fashion world is much like the sports world, they both do what they have to do to make money. i sure don’t feel like my self esteem is being destroyed, i love fashion. one can argue sports destroys ones self esteem as well. as for race, they have diversified A LOT recently, which is very commendable

  96. Archi Bald says:

    oh well i guess that gives them the right to spread racism. you know the purpose of modeling is to destroy people’s self esteem so they rely on clothes to restore it. they present you an idea of what you should be and ultimately what you hate yourself for not being – ivory white, skin and bones, and 16 or 17 yrs old.

  97. goliaboi says:

    at least the fashion community isn’t homophobic

  98. Derek Cruzen says:
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  100. assurbanipallmall says:

    i don’t want to waste any more time talking to an ignorant psycho-hater like you. you don’t know fashion, you don’t know prada and you don’t know why you are still on this earth. so go on leading your miserable life… nobody gives a fuck.

  101. BuckandZinkos says:

    hmmm…as the models are great and have unique looks which we love…we felt this was a tad odd…a bit random mixed with some fashion…funky looks and sat there trying to make sense of it all….but then again…it is PRADA lol…they tend to be outside the box.
    buck and zinkos

  102. Kymbia Ainsworth says:

    Dear Prada, those sunglasses at 1:18 are AMAZING!! Belle!! Li voglio!

  103. Kjadija Kassa says:


  104. Archi Bald says:

    you need to realize this-sometimes “haters” hate things for a reason and not just because. miucca prada is where she is because she’s a member of the prada family, she inherited the business. i don’t undervalue myself and grovel before people that are more accomplished than me because thats what the dregs of humanity like you do. i’m more intelligent than that

  105. assurbanipallmall says:

    haters gonna hate.
    in the meanwhile you are a pathetic idiot and she is miuccia prada.

  106. Mario Charlie says:

    sasha.. <3 and the collection is fab.

  107. Marcel Carneiro says:

    Raquel, Sasha, Eva <3

  108. jlcook33 says:

    Way too skinny and unhealthy !! Even the make up doesn’t look clean ….

  109. mrfunky091 says:

    Fur has been an iconic fashion accessory for many years and my mum has been in fashion for years and is a frequent fur buyer and I am sure major fashion houses like prada do not import fur from places like those disgusting fur farms in china, I’m fine with the use of fur as long as it isn’t and endangered species!!

  110. Edouard Nellapin says:
  111. Archi Bald says:

    i can’t quite figure out what you’re trying to say but it kind of strikes me as irony. well the way i see it, people really indulge their stupidity when they wear animal fur, i believe nobody intelligent ever did it. its understandable that you skin an animal if you’re lost in a very cold and remote place but for us in the civilized world, its uncivil and unscrupulous to do so but cruelty is the defining characteristic of rich people which are the only ones that can afford fur in the 1st place

  112. ANIA NINA says:

    Sasha! <3

  113. Robertking1996 says:

    Hate the whole direction of the video. But love that they used Vanessa!

  114. yeehawlaaaa says:

    well said broter… well said… *STROKES FUR COAT* discusting.

  115. luandabjabur says:

    it reminded me so much of girl, interrupted

  116. Archi Bald says:

    yes the illuminati, masonry, banksters, warlords and all kinds of otherwise capital criminals constitute prada’s clientele. people work 8 hours, 5-6 times a week in factories, shops, call centers, whatever to earn the right to exist, to eat and have somewhere to sleep, so their boss can spend a month’s worth of money on just 1 restaurant meal. this is absolutely unethical, criminal and disgusting

  117. Archi Bald says:

    oh wow you really are just unbelievably stupid, which is in all ways consistent with your obsessive love of fashion. i’m sorry but its true, i have never met a fashionista with an IQ in the tripe digits. “prada wants white girls” yes, i’ve noticed, thats exactly what brought me here – prada uses white models because they are racist and elitist

  118. assurbanipallmall says:

    in basket being good players is important.
    in fashion communication being perfect for certain clothes is important.
    in fashion meritocracy means to match with a collection, and prada wants white girls… maybe even just for the color!
    but i think you are too retarded to get this simple concept.

  119. tranquilliasialonda says:

    Sasha is so adorable!

  120. Nick Lee says:

    woo~~Sasha is back !!!!!

  121. yeehawlaaaa says:

    the tragedy of 9/11 happened on september 11. september is the 9th month of the year. george w. bush was our president. george w. bush has 11 letters. if you fold a dollar bill to look like two towers burning it will look like the burning of the twin towers. the twin towers were two buildings of the same height standing adjacent to each other,this looks like two 1s next to eachother. 11. if you replace the Ls in illuminati with 1s, you will have i11uminati. scary, isn’t it ? .

  122. mino moretti says:
  123. Archi Bald says:

    NBA players aren’t chosen because they are the prettiest or because they’re black but because they are the best – its meritocratic. if there’s a phenomenal white athlete they’ll use him. i’m sorry, are you that stupid?

  124. assurbanipallmall says:

    NBA is just incredibly racist as well…

  125. Basil Castelnovo says:

    WOW amazing

  126. salvi1565 says:

    sasha is sooo adorable!

  127. Gordana Radović says:


  128. Martha Corzo says:
  129. takashi8san says:

    Raquel Zimmerman (Wow!)

  130. jess jesse says:

    new generations = selfish
    1. greed + im = important
    2. mobils + put yourself on it = selfish
    3. make _up + clothes = selfish
    4. see the marketing how maels easy earb their money = by dumbass women who dont using their brians,
    5. tax paying + house + cars+ streeth = on everymaterial stuff= > satan workingmetods
    6. when you get + awake = 2050? or – 864000 time /data?

  131. Aglaya Sh says:

    come on guys! This video is not about that….it is really well done…

  132. QM3980 says:

    Eva Herzigova

  133. Jad Alarde says:

    who’s the model at 0:53?

  134. Makoto Ikeda says:
  135. Aglaya Shadrina says:

    such an inspiration! Truly ART! One of the best commercial projects I’ve ever seen in my life!

  136. Feed Me Clothes says:

    Guess what [?] | Tomorrow
    – asc –

    #guessWhat #fashion #asc

  137. Archi Bald says:

    yes but prada started it. and while many household names typically include 1 or 2 ethnic models, never latin, mostly to shake off these accusations, prada and jil sander don’t even bother because people don’t give a shit though the majority of us here are not northern european. its incomprehensible. i’m southern european, caucasian, and i feel quite insulted

  138. Archi Bald says:

    ironically, prada is an italian brand and miucca has an olive complexion.

  139. Archi Bald says:

    if you somehow calculate the coefficient of darkness in fashion shows, prada and jil sander will consistently score the lowest.

  140. QM3980 says:

    Archi Bald, yours just seem conspiracy theories.

  141. Archi Bald says:

    well fashion has always had a clear preference for caucasian models, understandably so. fashion was predominantly european, made in europe for european costumers. but prada took it to a whole new level throwing authentic nazi parades and everyone just followed in its footsteps. contemporary models are the whitest of the white. even the asian girls they book now that china, japan and korea are economical superpowers are ivory pale. personally i find this repulsive, dont you?

  142. CMCDphoto says:

    um, how?

  143. sflacali says:

    Sung hee!

  144. julios24 says:

    My God, Sasha.

  145. Nadiezhda Sch says:

    So Miu Miu

  146. Archi Bald says:

    prada is just incredibly racist.

  147. Archi Bald says:

    yes its just that they’re wearing sixteen layers of makeup and never seen before clothes in addition to being incredibly thin. it gives you the illusion that these 16 yr old girls are from another galaxy

  148. julia van kampen says:

    these girls are to skinny for the ‘normal’ beautiful girls and womans

  149. MiucciaPradaify says:

    Raquel Zimmerman looks like a charging Rhinoceros moving in slow motion.

  150. MrKobormacska says:

    az anyád volt keversz vele, jól le is szopattam az este

  151. closerr says:

    Guess what [?] | Tonight
    – asc –

    #guessWhat #fashion #asc

  152. imfixingaholeTUMBLR says:

    magnificent. that’s the word.

  153. hector roberto contreras miranda says:

    Sasha and Saskia steal the show, LOVE THEM BOTH!

  154. Lily Kissm says:

    Girls, are you human beings??

  155. татьЯна Обертос says:
  156. TheArthistorygeek says:

    Eva Herzigová look flawless.

  157. SEL MOON says:


  158. mack0ka says:

    hát te nagyon buta vagy.

  159. MrKobormacska says:

    i jerk of your mother

  160. longisthenight says:

    go jerk to your tv guide.

  161. MrKobormacska says:

    ugly girls!!! PFEEEEJ

  162. DorNagy says:

    Vanessa <3

  163. rypypypypypy says:

    Na ciepłe nie wyglądają 😀

  164. bebe bebezao says:

    Raquel <3

  165. iseline22 says:

    sasha is flawless.

  166. iseline22 says:

    that was jerking my nerves too. the girl with a red-ish hair is irina kravchenko.

  167. Campaign / PRADA. 10 Women. Spring 2013 Video

  168. pizzaqueens says:

    is maartje the girl at 0:42???

  169. proenzascowler says:

    crying because sasha pivovarova

  170. jessina lindroos says:

    perfection love sasha so much

  171. Marcin Waska says:

    I love it:)

  172. le69vi says:

    s a s h a

  173. XxXFashionQueenXxX1 says:

    Saskia is really annoying with the ‘whoosh’ noises! Love Sasha and the girl with red ish hair, who is she?

  174. fung csmfung says:

    I want Vanessa in every Prada campaign!!

  175. Giu Brandao says:


  176. jotaman89 says:

    Raquel shine!

  177. eHannahMontana says:

    sasha is so cute

  178. chisovnik says:

    I can’t get over how adorable Sasha is!

  179. lorenzorlandi says:


  180. ojy0615 says:

    Funny!!!!and lovely!!!!!!

  181. olimac909 says:

    vanessa is queen

  182. Bruno Ponce says:

    sasha and saskia steal this campaign

  183. daphne greengrass says:


  184. miranda0x0x says:

    i love this so much.

  185. TREVology1 says:

    love the lyrics, they sound like they come from the same person that did the Fall 2011 video

  186. pillarmendes says:

    wow. perfection

  187. luvlifeteddy says:

    I love saskia. Her explosion sounds…she’s so cute

  188. Stylabl UK says:

    The Prada Spring/Summer Ad Campaign is quite a mystery.

  189. STYLABL says:

    The Prada Spring/Summer Ad Campaign Video is quite a mystery.

  190. Peshuga de posho says:

    Oh No!

    I hate this advertising, But I have to recognize the models did well.

    Sorry for giving my opinion

  191. Misseffortlesslychic says:


  192. LivingForLOL says:

    Saskia, close your legs.

  193. mrkangarooz says:

    I die when Raquel walks out from the dark.

  194. Currentnoise says:


  195. Amauri Junior says:


  196. should be CHIC says:

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