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Watch the Burberry Spring 2013 fashion show by Christopher Bailey from London Fashion Week.


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  1. Bagz more says:

    Love this collection.

  2. MacTropicanita says:

    Cara Delevingne 1:14 + 7:16 + 13:08

  3. Online Predator says:

    Oh my. Those obtuse harlots are starving. Someone quick. get them a

  4. Joao Paulo Lima says:

    Who’s that girl? 8:33

  5. C Crane says:

    I love how the colours range from nudes,to beiges,to a pearly pink,to a pop
    of colour,which was quite unexpected. Unique.

  6. Jemima West says:

    The first model is Alisha Heng she dyed her hair

  7. Shannon Sharp says:

    Upping. Uncle. That t t t tvfrftttrrrtt yay y

  8. Shannon Sharp says:

    Kiki I IIII

  9. EdensSecret1 says:

    Love this collection

  10. EdensSecret1 says:

    Love this collection

  11. EdensSecret1 says:

    Love this collection

  12. Zara Bhatti says:

    Saif Ali khan and harry styles!!!

  13. Dan Cook says:

    I love everything about this. The vibrancy in the colours and the
    tremendous soundtrack. This got me into Tom Odell too so I can’t complain.

  14. Dan Cook says:

    Still love this. The music is one of the best parts for me.

  15. Kirstie Turkowski says:

    I see Harry <3 That was beautiful, love Caras' walk. (:

  16. Emily H says:

    3:58 harry styles..

  17. Angel S says:

    11:10 !!!

  18. Quynh Anh says:

    Gotta love Cara’s walk! Her walk is like the most unique of them all

  19. Kate says:

    Anyone knows the name of the model in white coat at 1:55?

  20. Liv X says:

    Harry x

  21. Liv X says:


  22. Liv X says:


  23. Liv X says:

    3:59 Harry xoxo

  24. buyandelger urtnasan says:

    i liked the songs

  25. AAmeh2e4p says:

    TOM ODELL <3 this is perfect

  26. Prince Moon says:

    they used Tom Odellll, saaay what, nice.

  27. Chyann Seymour's says:

    ……. No……

  28. Paty Martinez says:

    Another love-tom odell
    People help the people -birdy

  29. Kotomi Ono says:


  30. 13themuse says:

    Burberry always have awesome music

  31. Franzi Rico says:

    Nothing is better than a burberry trenchcoat, even if it´s blue or pink!
    Evangelina O’ikons the songs are:
    Antoher love- Tom Odell
    People help the people- Birdy
    Open up your arms- Ren Harvieu

  32. João Valério Jacinto says:

    Um belissimo vidio ! Linda exibição. Vale apena rever.

  33. Evangelina O'ikons says:

    can someone write the name of all the songs????? thank u…

  34. Natalia Camargo says:

    You know the name of the last song? Thanks 🙂

  35. naughtyboy says:

    im here for the music

  36. Jordan Mitchell says:

    I love burberry. Their clothes are so beautiful

  37. JadeStylesCouture says:

    2:04 I found harry ♥♥

  38. valentina moreno says:

    Love it

  39. valentina moreno says:


  40. keepitclassy316 says:

    beautiful show!

  41. Onice Matos says:


  42. LucasHa says:

    im here for cara <3

  43. alexis douglas says:

    … Is this really the “top look” nowadays ._.

  44. Hoang Le says:

    The video quality is so so much better than spring 2014 show which was shot by the fcking crap you-know-what camera

  45. littlespider17 says:

    Yes! I found harry styles out of so many people he’s in the front row 5:25

  46. doodl3bugg13 says:


  47. Jasmine Alano says:

    Throughout the video, I was playing a game called “find Harry.” Otherwise, I also expect Cara and Jourdan

  48. chrisbrazy10 says:

    How are they suppose to see at the end when there leaving. Someone please tell me they turn light on. If not that is funny and messed up at the same time.

  49. jul92xxcat says:


  50. jul92xxcat says:

    Jourdan Dunn

  51. kirstieturkowski17 says:

    I loved the hair, the makeup and the clothes! 33

  52. Maria Riera says:

    your name is another love

  53. Sasha White says:

    no – im here for the clothes.

  54. Sasha White says:

    5:13 omg she looks like a zombie – pretty scary haha

  55. bethany m says:

    wth is wrong with u? U just want to see my face. Because ur hideous!!!!!!!!!!

  56. colormered13 says:

    The only thing I’ve ever been able to afford from Burberry is the perfume. xD Y’all are TOO expensive.

  57. MrForeverGeorgia says:

    Models= People who are angry and thin as a stick. God look at those faces all angry

  58. MrForeverGeorgia says:


  59. George E. Kennedy, Jr. says:

    Spell Check and you’re missing a photo.

  60. bethany m says:

    nobody else us scary like her. umm, except u

  61. George E. Kennedy, Jr. says:

    Humm, what do you consider to be so scary about that one person? Is anyone else in the show scary?

  62. bethany m says:

    4:40 that person is just scary

  63. Stephanie Moreno says:

    Burberry is just so chic and classic. I love this show I watch a million times and fall in love all over.

  64. Aikurah says:


  65. Evangelina O'ikons says:

    i loved the clothes, the make up, the hair and the atmosphere, it was like a walk in milan…. nice…

  66. Priscila Velasco says:

    Tom Odell- Another Love
    Birdy – People help people

  67. supercerdita afull says:

    dios miooo qe flacas estas mujeres !! qe estan haciendo de ellas 🙁

  68. Muckydoggy1 says:

    Wish you directioners would all piss off. You’re tainting the beauty of this show.

  69. TheSelenaGomez1Fan4L says:


  70. Mike Zeng says:

    background music list please!!!

  71. sukino kino says:

    aduh nagol

  72. Jason Lee polluk says:

    Super brand and super music. Pop music band Wolf Gang still ‘s got a contract with Burberry fashion brand . Amazing music for those défilé

  73. Sade Oyewole says:

    12:12 Harry

  74. Sade Oyewole says:

    found harry!

  75. Julia k says:

    whos the first model?

  76. chiara carbone says:


  77. Afton Hunter says:

    Haha i found harry styles

  78. Cris Pinto says:

    Dev Patel, Harry Styles and Dita von Teese on the front row

  79. Áine Healy says:

    Love love this music

  80. Danfan216 says:

    Can somebody tell me the name of the Song in the end? <3

  81. kevinbob31 says:

    Im here for the music ♥ xxx

  82. Triiisen says:

    moa åberg!

  83. Carla Hodgson says:

    Love this collection!!!!!!

  84. lia KIMONO says:


  85. Emma Davis says:

    hahahaha you’re funny

  86. Yasmin Amutenya says:

    Jourdan Dunn! <3

  87. kpoplagiat says:

    everybody know Cara because of Harry styles lol

  88. Cypbell says:

    birdy wow

  89. Varshika aurora says:

    Harry styles at 1:10

  90. nadaabdelhakim says:


  91. Auburn Gorg says:

    No she is not I’ve met her, she is pretty average height.

  92. Krista Eastman says:

    … She is 5’9 honey.

  93. Thorbjørg Andersen says:

    Jourdan Dunn!!!

  94. Dolly Mincho says:

    Jourdan Dunn! <3

  95. Alma Glez. says:


  96. Auburn Gorg says:

    Cara never set out to be a model, she is 5’6″, she is from the UK she is nothing more then an icon to celebrate, she was a socialite before modeling, she comes from a wealthy family and also does coke. …………I would know …..I’ve done coke with her Haha

  97. Rogh Murillo says:

    is it me or the guy beside Harry whisper something to Harry while Cara was walking. <3 <3 <3 amazing show, btw

  98. Rogh Murillo says:

    Cara is flawless. Harry too <3

  99. icerose36 says:

    Birdy *__* gänsehaut

  100. Eli Nikolay says:

    im here for the music!!

  101. FerUnicorn says:

    Nice music

  102. Janine Mijango says:

    open up your arms-ren harvieu

  103. Janine Mijango says:

    another love.- tom odell, birdy people help the people,open up your arms-ren harvieu

  104. Sumaya Kaiyal says:

    What is the name of the song that began at 8:15 ??

  105. Sumaya Kaiyal says:

    What’s the name of the songs ?? I really need to know

  106. Emma Bilodeau says:

    Anyone else just here for harry? Lol

  107. swilda123 says:

    i love the how Tom Odell’s song fits the show

  108. Julia k says:

    whats the first model?plzzz

  109. TheHiiighHeels says:

    Cara is beautiful, love her!

  110. TheHiiighHeels says:

    Lovely <3

  111. beckybang1512 says:


  112. Maryum Eliyah says:

    jordan dunn <3

  113. FlossCandy96 says:

    Cara 3

  114. Cathy Zhou says:

    i got the similar one of buberry with a lowwwwwwwwwwwwww price on,perfect!!!

  115. Cathy Zhou says:

    i got the similar one of buberry with a lowwwwwwwwwwwwww price on,perfect!!!

  116. Cathy Zhou says:

    i got the similar one of buberry with a lowwwwwwwwwwwwww price on,perfect!!!

  117. klevel10girly14 says:

    And who is the model after Cara at 1:34? She is so gorgeous!

  118. klevel10girly14 says:

    It’s so amazing how the ceiling opens up. I’ve watched this countless times, the music, everything is perfect

  119. Nayli Husna says:

    The music, the venue, the pieces, the models everything is perfect.

  120. Reg Childress says:

    the music is so amazing

  121. Sasha White says:

    Can anybody tell where this venue is in London???????????????????? Please, I really want to knowww c:

  122. jasmine alli says:

    Dev Patel and Harry Styles are sitting beside each other!! Two of my favorite people<3

  123. beckybang1512 says:

    shudddupppp your not the model, cheezus

  124. Alisha Croft says:

    I love how Cara almost never wears glasses on the catwalk, even the stylists must realise how perfect and stunning her eyes and face is!

  125. Leslie Lidot says:

    ok i just found him he looks bored aha

  126. Leslie Lidot says:

    i cant find harry!!!

  127. Libby Spriggs says:

    i found harry! at 2:02! and amazing fashion show!

  128. luxurytech says:

    It’s Another Love by Tom Odell.

  129. Alejandra Palacios Jiménez says:

    OMG I hate Cara’s walk

  130. bucaneve15 says:

    SUPER beautiful !!!

  131. Janice Inzunza Garabito says:

    that song in the begin is so beautiful,

  132. frauilsebilse says:

    one of the best fashion shows i’ve ever seen.genius

  133. CorrellTV says:

    Burberry shows be addictive ♥

  134. beckybang1512 says:

    Can you not. Shes a Victoria secret model and you aren’t. mkay.

  135. Eva Chen says:

    Constance Jablonski’s walk is PERFECT!

  136. Eva Chen says:

    Something about Cara’s walk, it’s just not right.

  137. Helen Moo says:

    No, her walk really is hideous. Heh..

  138. beckybang1512 says:

    I hope your joking.

  139. Thooenepe says:

    I just came to see Cara :’D

  140. HappinessCentral says:

    Something about Cara’s face that’s so ADDICTIVE.

  141. julia250100 says:


  142. Sasha White says:

    This is like my favourite video on YouTube: the clothes, the music, the people the place…everything!

  143. Emily Styles says:

    poor Harry, he looked so bored. hahah

  144. Alan Velazquez Espino says:

    beautiful so beautiful perfection!!

  145. Gaetano Alessandro says:

    Gaetano Alessandro Feat. Claudia – Forever Love (Original mix)

  146. Belinda Bruce says:


  147. Sasha White says:

    I can spot Cara’s walk from a mile away!!

  148. Anna Crosby says:

    How can you say her walk is hideous?? It has a great beat and she is so poised when she walks. It also has her own personality, instead of being stiff and uptight she is able to swing and look like she is enjoying it. Love Cara <3 <3 brilliant model.

  149. Anastasja1D says:

    Tom Odell – Another Love

  150. karosi89 says:

    soo true! this song really hits that spot 😉 Yeah and i use this to get the mp3 of this song =>

  151. aleeeexv says:

    cara’s walk is perfect!

  152. AsadOwnsYou says:

    what was the first song?

  153. josh tamargo says:

    this is Europe not Oklahoma….

  154. jj3646 says:

    I spotted Harry! haha

  155. muzasophie69 says:

    the show is so gorgeous!!!!!!

  156. Hannah Hughes says:

    Wow…. Cara’s walk is bad….

  157. Hannah Hughes says:

    Wow…. Cara’s walk is bad….

  158. MakenzieSweet says:

    I actually feel that the music is absolutely perfect for this show. It adds to this whole romance and almost melancholic sensuality of the ‘Burberry Girl’. Although the approach to the classic looks is quite futuristic, the whole set along with music makes it all the more Burberry with all of it’s charms.

  159. GLEVV says:

    worst music for a runway ever!

  160. Nathan Mueller says:

    Tom Odell’s new album is taking forever to release!

  161. Polo mo-Nnyong says:

    Someone please teach Cara Delevigne how to WALK!

  162. Polo mo-Nnyong says:

    I designed it!

  163. BellaTalksToU says:

    Harry at 4:55

  164. andrea acevedo says:

    this models are so skinny! :d i prefer victorias secret models

  165. andrea acevedo says:

    at 4:55 i saw harry!!

  166. Hoegeng Megantara says:

    everybody who knows the architect of Burberry’s runaway?…i really like that building!!!!!!!!!

  167. 100majestro says:

    when I saw this I was just like wah..

  168. Kpop Banane says:

    i think caras walk is fine …maybe sometimes overdone

  169. ohbiggles says:

    I agree but I think that it is emphasised by the structuring of the coat

  170. lexiconlover says:

    That’s doesn’t contradict what stated earlier but ok

  171. 955chanel says:

    i bet 10000 dollars harry didnt go for fashion. He went for the girls..

  172. alexandertbux2 says:

    7:10 who is that?

  173. alexandertbux2 says:


  174. cocotiks says:

    Designers create every collection at least 6 months ahead of time, they have to predict what’s in style. It’s not like they all come together and decide what kind of clothes to make,

  175. lexiconlover says:

    I’ve looked at lots of collections for this season. Although this is the best so far, I’m still not in love with the fact that every designer is doing neon, loose material and color blocking. I know they HAVE to do what is in style but…eh.

  176. cocotiks says:

    Cara’s walk looks fine im paying more attention to the clothes

  177. jazzylove54 says:

    Great music, great pieces, amazing show. Love the color palette.

  178. Georgia Ray says:

    yes tom odell. mesmerising music.

  179. john hancock says:

    realax cunt muscle

  180. Tivona Ko says:

    the music is perfect :’)

  181. Valentina Kocsis says:

    03:26 HEY HAROLD!xx

  182. Valentina Kocsis says:

    02:04 Hey Harold!

  183. Natalia Manzano says:

    I spy Anna Wintour !

  184. Diana Mai says:

    the only reason i watch this is just because harry is in it :DDD

  185. term wat says:

    8:01 White & Black ppl’s envy for Azian

  186. lexitheshopaholic says:

    is it possible for these girl’s thighs to touch in any posistion

  187. 97Solar says:

    Cara’s walk is personal, not hideous

  188. ellenaor says:


  189. 9009cookies says:

    cara’s walk looks like she is asking for white people to be a minority in london…oh wait they already are

  190. marianlolaa says:

    Amazing show, beautiful bright colours this season! Music is amazing (per usual). I always wish to one day attend a Burberry show…

  191. Ifaaay1995 says:

    People get up and leave so fast! I’d be sitting there remembering the amazingness for like an hour haha

  192. JadeyBoo23 says:

    @955chanel it’s ok, i was too. x)

  193. JulieRodrigues1 says:

    Harry 3:40

  194. 955chanel says:

    lol XD

  195. scelinee says:

    nope lol

  196. José Carvalho says:

    MUITO BOM!!!

  197. beautifulbrightfame says:

    Harry @ 11:15

  198. samantha horan says:

    where is harry?

  199. Nathaly Pereira says:

    harry looks so sexy !!!! and Cara a little bit uncomfortable by him presence

  200. 955chanel says:

    was i the only one playing spot the harry?

  201. sorochi996 says:

    sameee! wasnt the one from slumdog sitting next to him?

  202. William Winata says:

    I really Want Buy Blue Burberrry Blaze for my Mom…. 🙂

  203. Jasmine the Best says:

    Cara is awesome!! I love her modelling!!

  204. Zsuzsanna Véber says:


  205. vale ria says:

    this is absolutely the best Burberry runaway, and it was the best of the spring/summer 2013 even better than Dolce & Gabbana in my opinion!
    the music is always amazing and the models too, Cara, Jourdan, Liu, and even the public was incredible this time…. I mean, HARRY STYLES AHAHAHA

  206. VivianAudreyy says:

    Dita Von Teese def not Katy lol

  207. fyeflourite says:

    hahaha no.. her name is Dita Von Teese.

  208. Ashley Yuen says:

    Is Katy perry sitting next to Harry?

  209. Youlia Clausen says:

    I can see all sharp colors and shine is in today or what?
    Nice some way , but not for streets …

  210. Emma Davis says:

    Jesus Cara’s walk is hideous.

  211. Joseph Fraser says:

    I see Mr Scott Schuman in the audience!

  212. Alba Gracie says:

    This show is amazing.

  213. Alba Gracie says:

    Birdy <3

  214. Hiroshi Tamura says:

    Fantastic totality !!
    Full Show: Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 Show

  215. Anaisconstant3095 says:

    Anyone else came here only to see Cara ? 😛

  216. brendaLOVESyou2 says:

    Christopher Bailey is amazing. his usage of color and texture of the clothes to the music and revenue of the actual show. just superb.

  217. Iván Galván says:

    for people who ask for the name of the songs.

    Are written in the description.

  218. Martina Paradiso says:

    God bless Christopher Bailey! Tutto perfetto!
    Cara è magnifica.

  219. georgina8994 says:

    great collection, my fave people ( Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles, George Craig, Alexa Chung) and great music (omg birdy) … can be a socialite already ?

  220. joanna2227 says:

    1st time I’ve ever watched something like this. Love the colors

  221. tvsegundapele says:


  222. ec796 says:

    Cara’s walk isn’t the best, but it’s certainly not the worst I’ve seen.

  223. 1DAdeleDream says:

    I wasn’t really watching the show,the whole time I was trying to find Harry in the audience,love him so much 🙂 P.S. he’s got an amazing sense of style!

  224. Abraxon-Lifestyle says:

    Sehen Sie hier die wunderschöne Frühlings- und Sommermode 2013 von Burberry:
    Viel Vergnügen wünscht Abraxon-Lifestyle

  225. asdfghjkl975311 says:

    harry is at 2:03

  226. Makeupcupcake07 says:


  227. DanaRadcliffe9 says:

    HARRY. BIRDY. BURBERRY. All in one video… i cant even. I cannot even.

  228. natkatherine says:

    That venue is gorgeous!

  229. Singablesongsable says:

    was i the only one who spotted harry styles in the crowd

  230. rorogerio says:


  231. Bernhard Fink says:

    Team für Mode Fashion News
    Full Show: Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 Show

  232. minp2001 says:

    I like the collection but I like it much less because its always the same jackets

  233. minp2001 says:

    Perhaps you should compare the other Burberry collection’s jackets…..same jackets

  234. minp2001 says:

    Learn about fashion you stupid dick!!!! Burberry does the same jackets every year…….learn about fashion peanut brain!!!!

  235. Muckydoggy1 says:

    I’m sorry? Same collection? Did you see last years summer collection? The two collections couldn’t be further apart. Idiot.

  236. Mai Tran says:

    I love the fact that Burberry use more healthy looking models than most designers. Hats of to you Christopher Bailey xx

  237. diepoodledie says:

    i need the name of those new glasses, they’re _impossible_ to find

  238. Josie Hilliard says:

    Cara’s walk is awfull

  239. gloria guzman says:

    her name? 4:37 she is stunning!

  240. Jennifer Smiley says:

    6:00 it’s perfect

  241. Mai Tran says:

    01:36 the healthiest looking model they had

  242. Mai Tran says:

    Most classy brand in the world! And British! Love the music choice as well. Congrats Christopher Bailey xx

  243. fatou bathily says:
  244. Bellomarco Türkiye says:

    Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 Show

  245. Kanyo van de Molale says:

    burberry music is just amazing!!!

  246. MyChippy00 says:

    The waist at 8:00 is sick.

  247. Heather Pollitt says:

    Cara is drop dead but her walk seems a little unpolished at the moment.

  248. Cheatnot Prucksachat says:

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  249. doiconfuseyou says:

    this was filmed really badly i wanna seethe whole outfit not the model’s headand shoulders

  250. xalleniex says:

    Caraaa <3

  251. Valkan Dechev says:

    the music is……….

  252. hucklesuckle says:

    i like the lighting, music, clothing even the lighting as they tried to make the scene look natural but I don’t like the models they seem a bit… annoying and ruin what Burberry was trying to do.

  253. Grace Aquilina says:

    Oh, Cara. Marry me.

  254. CalvinKiss says:

    Who is the third model?

  255. symnsalehaldin says:

    First pay check : Burberry trench coat !

  256. PochoniA says:

    Another Love — Tom Odell

  257. girlinNYC101 says:

    I like One Direction and Harry Styles as well but I’d much rather have the comments speaking of the clothing and show rather than just the pop star guess.

  258. LaVienRose OHLALA says:

    I ship Hara or Carry just as much as the next girl…but unfortunately no 🙁

  259. CalvinKiss says:

    All of the music is in the description.

  260. Maisie Germain says:

    playing spot the celebrity

  261. Alysia Sombillo says:


  262. Alysia Sombillo says:

    AW YOU CAN SEE HARRY! i love cara so much shes perff

  263. Melissa Atalay says:

    I see harry !!!!

  264. likea888 says:

    yes!!!!…plz tell me yes

  265. beth22em29 says:

    What is the title or the band of the first song ?!!!!!!!??

  266. LaVienRose OHLALA says:

    You’re face & being is atrocious. That is all.

  267. LaVienRose OHLALA says:

    Not really… no.

  268. LaVienRose OHLALA says:

    Bitch, excuse yourself. We all care about Cara. We can appreciate everything & give Cara special attention. Cara’s army will be ready to attack. BITCH IF SHE COULDNT WALK DO YOU THINK SHE WOULD HAVE WALKED IN 38 SHOWS THIS FALL IN NEW YORK ALONE? SHUT YOUR RATCHET ASS MOUTH.

  269. ChristineBends says:

    Seriously who even cares about Cara? I LOVE the collection and models who actually know how to walk.

  270. likea888 says:

    01:12 LOOk when cara walks Dev is whispering something to harry…

  271. maribeth tan says:

    Is anyone here actually watching for the Burberry collection or are you guys just here because of the Harry dude and the fact that he has some kind of connection with Cara you guys are only watching this amazing clothes because of them.

  272. minp2001 says:

    I wish burberry could do something different next year.

  273. n00dleluvr93 says:

    cara’s walk is atrocious

  274. Valerie Styles says:

    Cara is beyond gorgeous <33

  275. Queen Bee Beverly Hills says:

    The video is fabulous! Check out queenbeeofbeverlyhills. com and blog.queenbeeofbeverlyhills. com

  276. bornthisway357 says:

    Harry what are you thinking, leaving cara for Taylor

  277. Blackwish92 says:

    who is the guy on the right side at 14:35 ?

  278. Diego Andrés Bustos says:

    so much love for Christopher Bailey, he’s a genius.

  279. Simran Dulai says:

    another love by tom odell

  280. eszter kisfaludi says:

    Is there anyone who knows what’s the title of the first music?

  281. TheCoolHeart11 says:

    CARAAAAAA <3 <3 <3

  282. minp2001 says:

    Same collection in every single yaer

  283. vanisha auglira says:

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  284. minp2001 says:

    You can see harry styles

  285. Josh Kneale says:


  286. Ania M says:

    7:24 cara and jordan comes right after! my 2 fave girls!

  287. Maia Tobien says:

    Cara just owns the runway 🙂

  288. fyeflourite says:

    People help the people – Birdy

  289. momande bawari says:


  290. Jill Ware says:

    love the pace. love the garments. love the music. would love for all of these clothes to walk themselves into my closet…

  291. vroyen says:

    Great use of fabric and color.

  292. Jack L. says:

    what an amazing show, love all those clothes and songs!

  293. scuggino says:


  294. trinityh33 says:

    hate to break it to you but harry only went there for cara

  295. PolePrincess69 says:

    Moa Aberg.

  296. Christian Van-Ristell says:

    Does anyone know who the girl is at 12:35?

  297. jprince186 says:

    Those women are so skinny EEEWWW, Reminds me of a holocaust documentary I saw on the history channel.

  298. Missargentina19 says:


  299. Shanice Gervais says:

    I only came here for Harry. Lol

  300. LuluHap4 says:

    No he was there because it’s good PR.

  301. gzogt says:

    The youtube view counter says otherwise;)

  302. LBjeah says:

    the song is Open up your arms by Ren Harvieu

  303. getmehazza quickly says:

    if you pause at 3:58 … theres harry styles (sorry)

  304. pattNY says:

    I’m gonna watch this clip every single day till next fashionweek, just saying.

  305. aliceinwonderlandsn says:

    it’s hyde park , in london

  306. Stephanie Moreno says:

    i have seen this show like a million times!

  307. rdboy10 says:

    And if I have to choose ~ Tres belle Josephine Le Tutour at 4:03…

  308. meyouani1593 says:

    What song is this at 5:05

  309. Roberto Castro says:

    Hey Suzy where is the iPad? Hahahaha.

  310. tastic88 says:

    what is this venue, it is gorgeous!

  311. Erica Acipreste says:

    2:03 harry next to the lady in the olive colored dress 🙂

  312. oramacathiria says:

    Beautiful clothes, just breathtaking

  313. viewtube0504 says:

    i love the foil effect on some of the clothes!

  314. Jasmine Arevalo says:

    ^.^ I could see Harry styles 😀

  315. Zarai Flores says:

    Feliz fin de semana comparto un show de Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013

  316. LONDONLAD789 says:

    Not really a fan of this collection, but i love the short trench coat 🙂 7:40

  317. Muckydoggy1 says:

    clothes, music, guests; can we not just agree that Burberry are the most artistic and awe-inspiring brand out there today?

  318. ellen webster says:

    I’m sorry but what’s with all the comments about the guests? Did you even notice the clothes?

  319. Mïster Andi says:

    Hey! Do you hate all of the ads on Youtube? They want to hear what you think, go here to tell them
    They are giving away Macbooks to the first 500 that answer the 5 easy questions!

  320. Sky Garcia says:

    Cara! One Of The Best Modelss !

  321. Remi Imbert says:

    love it!

  322. KagamineButton says:

    @12:30 perfection

  323. KagamineButton says:

    @12:30 perfection

  324. KagamineButton says:

    I LOVE this collection, but I’m not such a fan of the bubble-like pieces.

  325. KagamineButton says:

    I LOVE this collection, but I’m not such a fan of the bubble-like pieces.

  326. LOREEN TAREQ says:

    Thank you so much

  327. Akawette says:

    two extremely different collections, i’m amazed u even thought of comparing both shows, sicilian sassiness vs british timeless class? wtf .. great Burberry collection, full of energy and pretty bold, the colours combos are brilliant and tasteful, the cuts are impeccable, as usual and the bags are to die for ! loved it regarless of who might’ve been there, although i got emotionnal after seeing Wintour & Testino, wasn’t expecting them to be there (:

  328. TheFashionaddict90 says:

    Anna Couldnt stop looking at Jourdan…. yep thats my girl

  329. brenae2016 says:

    cara delevigne….harry styles rumored girlfriend…which explains all the talk of harry.

  330. JoonasSistersBaand says:

    not just the songs.. the collection!

  331. Ysabella Lebrilla says:

    Wonderful collection yet again from Burberry! But it’s not just about the clothes, a lot also has to do with the manner of presentation methinks. I think Burberry did a great job on the song choices, and the venue too. The atmosphere is amazing!

  332. Danielle28796 says:

    I’m sorry but those clothes are hideous.

  333. Danielle28796 says:

    Cara has a really demented walk.

  334. 333mrslautner says:

    the ufits are freaky

  335. arevalo56 says:

    Burberry shows are always so good with expressing emotions. <3

  336. clareisafrog says:

    the outfit at 4:29 was exquisite

  337. Sapphire52010 says:

    OMG! i got a top comment! thank you! my first one :):)

  338. Dasha K. says:

    10:02 i thought its womenswer

  339. Noheluwu says:


  340. RadioheadTLY says:

    Don’t tell me Mr.Bailey picked these songs,he is good enough.

  341. pady1adam says:

    cara y constance MY FAVORITE

  342. Edgar UmCo says:

    another lover – tom odell

  343. 13300ines says:

    very “électric” collection

  344. LOREEN TAREQ says:

    I like first song it’s amazing who know whats name of first song please tell me guys

  345. Roberto Castro says:

    Annna Wintour, Scott Schuman, Dita Von Teese, Mario Testino all of them were at front row and all you people see is that Harry? Why are you watching this?

  346. Nuzhah Miah says:

    Harry looks bored at 3:26

  347. LOREEN TAREQ says:

    I’ve been watching Harry as he looked to cara delevingne Looks impressive I think he was impressed and he is now in a relationship with her ​​good luck guys

  348. LOREEN TAREQ says:

    I’ve been watching Harry as he looked to cara delevingne Looks impressive I think he was impressed and he is now in a relationship with her ​​good luck guys

  349. pythagorasadie says:

    That open up your arms song is dreadful and repetitive, like Muse but with a female vocal.

  350. summerinbloom13 says:

    Gawd. Louis Vuitton & Burberry sure knows how to open a show. *.* <33333333 LOVE ITTTT!

  351. Stephanie Moreno says:

    who sings the intro song?

  352. LOREEN TAREQ says:

    I Love cara delevingne

  353. judith2568 says:

    i have to love it

  354. The01jetfly says:

    nope,nope nope, soory i wouldnt wear a stitch,this fashion is designed for people who have a need to think any THING goes,false fashion, fake pretence.if they sold these @ a thrift store i wouldnt spend a dime.

  355. hollywoodvamp says:

    less is more

  356. Potooful says:

    People Help The People (RAK Studios Session) — Birdy YES

  357. chutto2011 says:

    so classic so beautiful

  358. dennisambrose06 says:

    Excellent. Music everything.

  359. Gabriel Mauas says:

    Where found the song of Walk On — Ren Harvieu????

  360. valeria zhelve says:

    Tom Odell – Another Love

  361. Stephanie Moreno says:

    one day ill walk this runway!

  362. Stephanie Moreno says:

    who sings the opening song??

  363. TheWitchywitchful1 says:

    Simply Disappointing!

  364. peceee365 says:

    7:33 hate that girl’s walk 😐

  365. RobLopster says:

    @Maria Vittoria Reale girl at 1:33 is Moa Aberg

  366. salandotis says:

    @Muckydoggy1 Perfectly said. They probably also have the best menswear out there, as well. Christopher Bailey’s the only designer today who reminds me heavily of Tom Ford.

  367. Anett Földi says:

    Oh these songs are very amazing!

  368. Maria Vittoria Reale says:

    anyone knows the name of the model at 1:33?

  369. sustutefuf says:

    The song is amazing, really interesting atmosphere it sets. Love it

  370. adgusto says:

    Oh Burberry how do I love thee

  371. Sapphire52010 says:

    I have a huge respect for Burberry, Such an awesome collection! And the best thing is that they can be worn Normally, They are not Extravagant and too much! Absolutely stunning and Colors are Brilliant!

  372. Catherine Escobar says:

    12:30 loved it, beautiful outfit

  373. monochromedx says:

    you have got to be kidding me now….

  374. xxCandilicousxx says:

    Burberry NEVER fails!
    The collections season after season never lets me down.
    && Muckydoggy1 does have a point there.
    I would like one of the purple coats presented in that fabulously executed rainbow closing:]

  375. es78xx says:

    9:23 love that green coat… i want it..

  376. es78xx says:

    9:23 love that green coat… i want it..

  377. Amy Carden says:

    So happy I got to go to Burberry’s previous Fall 12 show, their shows are so captivating! Amazing to watch and great accompanying music!

  378. prikaot says:

    SHUT UP!

  379. Nuzhah Miah says:

    3:59 that coat is gorgeous its mixes the two trends color blocking and ombre love it

  380. VloggingOutLoudd says:

    Burberry fashion shows are the only ones I love watching <3

  381. lizeliz429 says:

    Although the designs are boring, but I love how they maintain the ‘high class’, classy look.. Absolutely love it! <3

  382. Wanda Echoes says:


  383. professorbland says:

    12:50 Sickest coat on the planet.

  384. bloodalcoholic says:

    The one who did that .. pathetic. I watched the show live and when I saw Harry on instagram, I was like “What is he doing there?”

  385. brightlights456X says:

    Okay….that is annoying 😀

  386. facilito088 says:

    and what about all the shitty teenagers that come here to see him, and what is worst comment things like “i’m here for harry”?

  387. brightlights456X says:

    Ooohhh, come now. Be fair. He was merely invited. It’s rude for one to turn down an invitation.

  388. facilito088 says:

    at least she’s not a trashy teen that don’t know anything about fashion

  389. brightlights456X says:

    I’m here for Dita Von Tease. Is that ok ;D

  390. facilito088 says:

    if you want a lovely fashion blog

  391. mszigetihu says:

    horrible. really.

  392. krossindoor says:

    Vraiment très Luxurieux 😉
    Je suis Beat Maker et peut vous composer des mélodies correspondant au thème du défilé
    Facebook : Beat’s Sebeat
    Thanks , See you soon

  393. leomon101 says:

    Kate King and Herieth Paul both looked so beautiful ! 🙂

  394. zafonicblog says:

    The whole show was fabulous, music was beautiful.

  395. watitdodanny says:

    Oh wow the music is in the description -_- lol

  396. Leonardo Oliveira says:

    Muito legal e excitante,gatas lindas em couro,quero mais,bjhs!

  397. daulton gordon says:

    adults only

  398. watitdodanny says:

    What are the songs used in the show? 🙂

  399. jiuel1 says:

    Look for her on google,(suggestions):Cara delevigne…and Harry Styles.Fuck

  400. Verna Dai says:

    not only black or white!
    it’s colorful and gorgeous!!! that is spring and summer style!

  401. girlhesod143 says:

    others are nice others look like a rain coat others look like a ballon other looked like an umbrella but the show is nice

  402. maishi says:

    The collection is beautiful and so very wearable!
    The presentation and music were both perfection. Thank you.

  403. vvvinkela1 says:

    Good style, nice music and surroundings- simply perfect 🙂

  404. Al-Malik Baker says:

    best wedged heels and closing i have seen thus far of the ss2013 shows.

  405. facilito088 says:

    when you go to a show where the music its like a million times better than yours you must feel depressed

  406. facilito088 says:

    hahaha as fucking hell

  407. Loose Korn says:

    7:16 Cara and Harry -3

  408. Leandra Burns says:

    You’re pretty rude.

  409. abipimpin3 says:

    This show left me with goosebumps! Christopher Bailey has outdone himself yet again!

  410. merpinarounddaworld says:

    she is incredible, so happy she is the face of burberry.

  411. o8minzblatt says:

    The show was amazing!!

  412. beingscouted says:

    7:52…oh my. I need this in my life.

  413. beingscouted says:

    That I’ll be very mad if girls think they’re Burberry fans because Harry came to the show.

  414. facilito088 says:

    that if you’re here just for the disgusting intent of singer, get the hell out of here or at least dont comment here because this is not one of his artless and empty videos, this is a videos of art and fashion. did you get it?

  415. Tigerhood11 says:

    what are you trying to say?

  416. Tigerhood11 says:

    I don’t really like who she moves her hips.. all of them

  417. SuperBanane10000 says:


  418. DorisHenrique says:

    Cara Delevingne

  419. jiuel1 says:

    1:17 does anybody know who that is?She’s absolutely stunning.

  420. Erin Mullen says:

    who is the young woman sitting next to dev patel?

  421. femmeofsubstance says:

    Wow, the fashion here is fantastic, but the music pop-trash… I’m sorry.

  422. fyeflourite says:


  423. Zoe Cursual says:

    Model at 11:27? She’s stunning!

  424. MrDweto says:


  425. antoshkaa96 says:

    christopher bailey truly outdid himself with this season. it really makes up for how bad dolce was.

  426. qwert78yuiop10 says:

    Love the coats!

  427. mahahz94 says:

    Much better than d&g ♡♡

  428. alfrerako says:

    @3:25 you can see deve patel from (slum dog millionairie)

  429. teddypie22 says:


  430. bijecama says:


  431. roseypatosey says:

    Liu Wen!

  432. beingscouted says:

    if you came here for harry styles please feel free to exit the page

    i don’t want this show to turn into girls commenting about how “hot” he looks in “burbery porsum”

  433. Eugenio Monje says:


  434. Tipie6511 says:

    WOW Andy Murray at 3:25! (left)

  435. rangabanga101 says:

    Christopher. You sir, are amazing. You create a dream for me to be a part of Britain, it’s music and it’s people as well as the fashion.

  436. Muckydoggy1 says:

    ”Burberry aren’t very creative”?!?!? Not to insult your ‘intelligence’ but Burberry reinvents itself every year. They create a new style every season yet maintain a style synonymous with class and elegance irrelevant of the current fashion. If only the likes of Chanel and YSL had a brand ethos as strong and persistent as Burberry’s, the fashion world would be in a much better place.

  437. GrrrSmiLeyx3 says:


  438. Iss D says:

    I came here interested in Harry Styles and left captivated by Christopher Bailey(and tom odell).

  439. JUSBiER says:

    7:16 – 7:37 I loved that part

  440. lovelee20 says:

    Love the music!

  441. nikolettkustos says:

    check the soundtrack under the video

  442. Katie Miller says:

    All I’m saying, is that, if there are girls coming here just to see him, hopefully, they will realize what an amazing collection this is and end up becoming a fan of Burberry. But yes, the posts about only watching this to see him are a little odd. I’m a fan of 1D, but he’s watching and enjoying the show. We all should, too, and not focus on a guy sitting in a chair for 17:00 minutes. Is that really more exciting than a whole line of gorgeous metallic trench coats?

  443. lbernazani says:

    I LOVE this collection! Everything is SO lovely. I realize the “bathing suit bottoms” are a new trend… Lovely, but hard to wear.

  444. MsLechaperonrouge says:

    love the shoes and bags

  445. Darshana Dave says:

    My obsession with this collection is getting pretty ridiculous seeing as I
    can’t buy any of the pieces at the moment!

  446. Brando Prizzon says:

    first song??? title??

  447. IdeaGenerator1 says:


  448. carey579 says:

    you won’t or you can’t? I know they don’t use alot of top models its my WISH they would! you don’t have to lecture me what kind of models they use which obviously you didn’t know since you said ‘they only hire British models’ or the technical details of how a model should walk which was just rediculous

  449. joshcka says:

    o.m.g they used Ren Harvieu song! love it! 🙂

  450. EmilyGLoves1D says:

    Cara Delevigne was so beautiful!!! And for people who don’t know, Harry was there to support Cara 🙂

  451. wcmika says:

    Burberry aren’t very creative of brand but i really love to watching the show so much!

  452. aalyv says:

    I think Burberry is an absolutely amazing brand itself, it doesn’t need that kind of cheap publicity. Harry is there ’cause he’s becoming a well-knowned british and i don’t know about you but i relate Harry and 1D with England in a matter of seconds, they have that british style Burberry loves, so i get why he’s there what i don’t get is all the girls comming to talk about him when it’s not the main topic.

  453. annatata1234 says:

    what dafuck with that indian actor next to my lovely harry styles……

  454. fyeflourite says:

    You can download it in his facebook page. it’s free

  455. john3093 says:

    I definitively enjoyed last years show better, the clothes were a lot more polished & expensive looking that this, it looks like some colored aluminum foil made into dresses and men cardigans, just saying… This is definitively NOT so Burberry.

  456. RadioheadTLY says:

    At 7:58 i forgot she’s name,at 12:18 that’s Liu Wen,both from China.

  457. Samuel Cervantes says:

    Most of them are, last SS collection they even used Anja Rubik, but don’t expect to see all of the top models, and to the first things you said I’m not even going to waste my time answering.

  458. carey579 says:

    I’m sorry what? I didn’t even put an effort into what you’re saying past Cara having a good walk which is just absolutely rediculous! i don’t know where you get your information from but Burberry does and has been using non-Bristish models forever, eg Fei Fei Sun at 10:23 now THAT is a good walk! 🙂

  459. ActualMarionCanneval says:

    Oh my God. Jourdan. She’s flawless.

  460. ImYonghoonKim says:

    Who is the model at 7:58 and 12:18?

  461. Samuel Cervantes says:

    They have certain un-official politics, they only hire British models. And Cara doesn’t have a bad walk, you can tell by watching that she makes that effort of not moving her upper body so it would look good on photos, those kind of materials and figures are hard to look good on movement, watch her on Blumarine, Chanel and Jason Wu.

  462. Samuel Cervantes says:

    It’s not about the guests, it’s about the fashion and work, passion and art. All in one. So besides being rude you’re being ignorant. The worst thing they did last SS was inviting 2 girls from Girls Generation, now Harry Styles. So you can go and watch another video.

  463. prikaot says:

    Dafuck with your comment… Please pay attention to the collection.

  464. Greer Linsday says:

    excuse me? Dev Patel? The lead in several academy award winning film Slumdog Millionaire and from skins. What do you mean what is with him next to THE harry styles (not yours)

  465. Dylan Law says:

    it’s free on his website!

  466. leomon101 says:

    Oh my gosh, Kate King was so beautiful in this show!!!! -3

  467. Miranneda says:

    ummm isnt Harry dating Cara?….

  468. MissBrainiaC says:

    the soundtrack is just… perfect!

  469. 18mindless says:

    Burberry is always creating great trends. Those bags are so cool and the light weight capes are very chic and clever. Its all refreshing…and Jourdan Dunn looked like a complete bombshell in this show.

  470. Katie Miller says:

    Frankly, having Harry there is probably a great way to gain publicity. I don’t think anyone there is complaining about having him there. At the end of the day, the young girls looking for him will see what beautiful fashions Burberry makes, so it’s kind of a win/win situation. Most girls like pretty boys AND pretty clothes. So let’s not be mean to each other and enjoy the show 🙂

  471. mollyw00d95 says:

    I love Harry Styles as much as the next person but what really impressed me about this video was Bailey’s collection and the show as a whole. it was truly stunning.

  472. Yuting Pang says:

    Absolute mega love this collection.

  473. leomon101 says:

    I love this collection. So Sexy and Modern, yet so Classic and Beautiful. Bravo Burberry!

  474. carra (@carranethania) says:

    RT @MODTV: #Burberry Spring 2013 Fashion Show: Watch the Burberry Spring Summer 2013 fashion show… @MODTV

  475. annatata1234 says:

    what dafuck with that indian actor next to my lovely harry styles……

  476. aalyv says:

    Did you really girls watched the whole video just to see Mr. Styles sittin in chair? Wow i’ll suggest to do something better with your time.

  477. laelailays says:

    Burberry never fails to amaze me! Everything is so perfect. This collection was golden.

  478. johnnydeppsfan007 says:

    yeah i’ve noticed that too !

  479. Yolanda Lewis says:

    So sad that all these models look emaciated.

  480. nmark125 says:

    Anyone know where I can buy the “Another Love” by Tom Odell song?

  481. Dylan Law says:

    Can we PLEASE note the STUNNING Jourdan Dunn moment from 7:36 – 7:43 . The music, the model, the outfit…. FLAWLESS

  482. prikaot says:

    Directiones this collection is just a master piece, if you want to see Harry instead of watching Bailey’s work please watch other video. Burberry is Burberry so please contain your hormones and get a fashion shower.

  483. ValentinaCepeda1 says:


  484. ValentinaCepeda1 says:


  485. PoisenIvy69 says:

    I loved the show but the soundtrack is hella annoying.

  486. Kai Cem Narin says:

    i was photographing at LFW for a mag and the security was high at this show so wasnt able to get in but being outside the show space was incredible, the music echoing out into the streets, the fashion and celebs it was a very moving moment and was certainly highlight x but just watched it live on my phone anyways x so all was not lost haha

  487. ICONicprincess143 says:

    WALK STRAIGHT CARA. no crisscross cross

  488. ICONicprincess143 says:

    I only watched this too catch one tiny glimpse of Harry

  489. cuaquerito1983 says:

    Yes it’s always like a dream come true !!! Love the colors and the begining with the opening cortina!

  490. TheOnedirection1994 says:

    sorry but that’s rude respect the fans they are exited that’s all , yea Burberry was amazing don’t you think that :)!!?

  491. TheOnedirection1994 says:

    amazing show i really like the clothe i want them all and cara was the star between all the models and nice to see harry styles there he have high sens of fashion i really like it i wonder if there fashion show soon tell me if you know i`m new designer i love to learn 🙂

  492. Megisuncool says:

    some amazing designs!

  493. cuaquerito1983 says:

    Who fucking is Harry Styles? This is Burberry a tradition of England not an stupid teenager that will be nowbody in a few years !

  494. Muckydoggy1 says:

    08:15 … Anna WIntour just fucking smiled.

  495. CARAS Fashion says:

    Assista ao desfile da Burberry na London Fashion Week (na íntegra!)

  496. hilary HL says:

    I almost want to go to a fashion show watching this… #LFW.

  497. Yumiko Ruboneka says:

    Watch the full Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 show, filmed
    earlier today in London #LFW

  498. Ivy Leung says:

    I almost want to go to a fashion show watching this… #LFW.

  499. Gayle MacGregor says:

    I almost want to go to a fashion show watching this… #LFW.

  500. Suzanne Perry says:

    The Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 show, shot in London on
    Monday 17 September 2012:

    #fashion #burberry #springsummer2013

  501. Sade Salami says:

    Watch the full Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 show, filmed
    earlier today in London #LFW

  502. Keisha Morrisey says:

    Watch the full @Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 show, filmed
    earlier today in London #LFW Full Show: The Burberry Prorsum Womenswear
    Spring/Summer 2013 Show

  503. O. Eimus López Gea says:


  504. Musa Tariq says:

    Best show yet.

  505. Tríona Butler says:

    Burberry SS13 Show

  506. Alevosía says:

    Watch the full Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 show, filmed
    earlier today in London #LFW

  507. YAZBRI ZR says:

    Watch the full Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 show, filmed
    earlier today in London #LFW

  508. Burberry says:

    Watch the full Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013 show, filmed
    earlier today in London #LFW

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