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Get a first look at Burberry Prorsum Menswear Fall Winter 2014 Collection by Designer Christopher Bailey direct from London Fashion Week.

As stated on Burberry’s show notes, the Fall 2014 Mens Collection was inspired by the British decorative arts.  The collection features hand-painted florals and abstract designs on showerproof silk and textured leather.  Relaxed outerwear, open shirts and scarves are printed with iconic landmarks, while wool blankets and knitwear are made in Britain.  To shop the Collection visit


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  1. Ángel Bernal says:

    If You´re skinny, pale skin you´ve got a big advantage to look fine, the
    another part is to know how to dress well. But always remember that the
    body makes the style. STAY HUMBLE

  2. No, No, No says:

    Most of these models look underweight and bored on the runway.

  3. Batir Turkmen says:

    Turkmen Haly dizayn gormage gelenler 06:39 🙂

  4. aanonymous632 says:

    The collection is beautiful! One of the best Christopher has done! I love
    the silk scarves and how they’re tied. However, I despise those huge Mary
    Poppins bags!

  5. whale says:

    whos the model at 4:44

  6. Tia Borg says:

    Abel had such a great outfit, my favourite, the light-weight trench tucked
    behind hands in the pocket and billowed back, fantastic! The whole
    collection was amazing!

  7. Eduardo O'Riordan says:

    Who is the first model?

  8. Mahri Bashiyeva says:

    It was pleasure to watch Turkmen rug pattern bags on Burberry show (y)

  9. Psalm Fang says:


  10. NJP Thompson says:

    I don’t get the connection to the clothes

  11. NJP Thompson says:

    in 2014 men can be Sloane Rangers too

  12. Fille Roos says:

    oh my God if I die today I want to be buried in this collection

  13. elvistcs says:

    Christopher Bailey’s predict: autumn/winter 2014 will be really warm

  14. Cho Peter says:

    Bailey always picks the best song for the shows. I can’t get over how good
    these songs are because some of the other runway overuse boring repetitive
    music. Can’t wait to see the collections in stores!

  15. Jakub Lankas says:

    Cuts are well made, pants are to eat. All pieces are precisely done. As for
    the whole show and soundtrack that is a downhill as always but I don’t much
    look around for music so far

  16. Daniel Moldoveanu says:

    Am i the only one who think the bags R wayyy to huge. I mean the model can
    barely walk with them what about normal people o_O ?? MA i right?

  17. belljackson2 says:

    9:56 Jamieeeeeeeeee <3

  18. TheCuffLink says:

    This was a great show. Very romantic and mature for being “Prorsum”

  19. Mr. Harold Styles says:

    A really cool collection! +*****

  20. ShelookslikeGetuhome says:

    Still can’t believe it is the first show with a black male model!

  21. TheG3rmanReviewer says:

    such a nice collection!

  22. Nathaly Pereira says:

    amazing collection … handsome guys 😀

  23. Kaere G says:

    This irks me. I love to see that some guys are interested in fashion but
    seriously why does every model look so grim and unhappy. Theres no smiles
    and they dont even stop at all on the runway they just hurry on up like
    they dont want to be seen. As a guy that wears skirts and mens and womens
    clothes, personally I want so see some skirts pushed more often in mens
    fashion. All the pants look the same and a lot of the same reused netted
    shirts, and whats with the blankets covering up the clothes. Sorry but this
    is a disgrace to me, wish the men looked happy and the looks werent all the
    same crap!

  24. Evannis Ma says:

    BURBERRY PRORSUM Menswear A/W 2014 in London.
    More reading in BOBO CHIC blog.

  25. TSS441 says:

    I can see Clare maguire in the crowd watching with the Burberry coat on.


    Full Show – #BurberryProrsum #Menswear A/W 2014

  27. AZofWizard says:
  28. 山本寛巳 says:

    what is the last song????

  29. roberta galdieri says:

    finalmente un abbigliamento giovane……..!!!!

  30. roberta galdieri says:


  31. Ernesto J Umaña says:

    Beautiful. Réalement Marveillieux.

  32. Joe pesci says:

    Burberry is definitely not my style… Too dandyish and effeminate.

  33. Luis Garcia says:

    +Denise Patterson definitely if not your first then you haven’t watched one
    in a while, nobody stops at the end anymore…

  34. José Daniel Caamaño Hernández says:

    I don’t know if it only happens to me, but Burberry soundtracks can really
    tell the story of my life in every season.. It’s so amazing <3

  35. Daniel Goncalves says:

    If you are presenting a Men’s collection.. then show a Men’s collection..
    this runway is ridiculous; looks more a Women’s wear show

  36. islabonito says:

    not my favorite collection. and mesh for winter?

  37. Jimmy James says:

    does anyone know who’s walking at 3:05 ?

  38. themotionzero says:

    Diggin the loose yet sleek fittings!

  39. Chris Garcia says:

    Who was the 4th model out?

  40. tudonam says:

    who’s model in 1:48? pls tell me!

  41. The Night VI says:

    thank you Burberry for playing our cover of Jeff Buckley’s Lover Should’ve
    Come Over at the A/W 2014 Menswear show!such a beautiful collection. x

  42. evapalace says:
  43. Kanyo van de Molale says:

    urban nomad..i like. 🙂

  44. rdestloup says:

    Stunning as usual! Love Christopher Bailey!

  45. Santiago Barral says:

    Man. I’d wear Burberry all day every day if I could.

  46. Marco Q. says:

    What’s the name of the first model?

  47. Jennifer Adu says:

    George Barnett @ 10.04 – no longer a Burberry model?

  48. Bryan Kagenveama Jr says:

    Wasn’t the best collection from Christopher.

  49. Alla Rahma says:


  50. Burberry says:

    Watch the full Burberry Prorsum Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014 show, filmed on
    8 January in London

  51. Number31.KirillIvanov. says:


  52. seling97 says:

    some of the bags look like Mary Poppin’s bag 😉

  53. seling97 says:

    i love how Jamie is still wearing his sunglasses indoors 😉

  54. seling97 says:

    Suki Waterhouse and Jamie Campbell Bower 🙂

  55. notsniw135 says:

    The scarf over the shoulder. NO.

  56. ZOcouture says:

    AMAZING!!! love everything!

  57. ruthie boots says:

    Clint Eastwood meets Mary Poppins,just kidding I like the coats very much.

  58. joohee choi says:


  59. Clare Maguire says:

    I recorded a cover of ‘Lilac Wine’ for Burberry to use in their Menswear
    Autumn/Winter 2014 Show. ♥

  60. Christian Van-Ristell says:

    Great collection! Simple but elegant.

  61. diaboliqueguan says:

    everytime a burberry catwalk show starts, i cant wait for it to end.

  62. oOTeleTabiEsOo says:

    i love the pants <3

  63. DubsMood says:

    Really nothing specia…, and those seethru-fishnet shirts for a AW
    collection are a joke, right?!?

  64. DubsMood says:

    Cant stand this boxy-fit stuff…

  65. Dario Styling says:
  66. beadyeyeproductions says:

    Burberry Prorsum Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014 show

    Inspired by the British decorative arts, the collection features
    hand-painted florals and abstract designs on showerproof silk and textured
    leather. Relaxed outerwear, open shirts and scarves are printed with iconic
    landmarks, while wool blankets and knitwear are made in Britain

    Filmed on 8 January 2014 in London

  67. Amy Woy says:

    damn, what a beautiful collection

  68. TopTastyFudge says:

    I’m amazed …

  69. LucasKimy says:


  70. Jon Dawson says:

    So beautiful, Christopher Bailey is a genius, every season

  72. KyleSeraphim says:

    I dont understand the see through shirt in winter collection…

  73. nadzim bakri says:

    DOPE Dapper and I’m pleasure to wearing every single pieces

  74. Philgoethe says:

    Great show!
    Love the Pullover which Ben Allen was wearing!:)

  75. Daniel Pham says:

    Thank you Christopher Bailey for never letting us down. THANK YOU !!

  76. 許哲寧 says:

    Great Show today.

  77. Ife Ahove says:

    Beautiful as always!

  78. Peter Yeap says:

    Love!! Such an amazing collection! Love the relaxed and youthful looks with
    colorful silk scarves wrapped around shoulders. xoxo

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