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The model casting has begun for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013. Go behind the scenes with some of the models who hope to make it this year.  Hear what Victoria’s Secret casting director John Pfeiffer, collection creative director Sophia Neophitou, executive producers Ed Razek and Monica Mitro, and some of the models that have their sights set on the runway.  To see who made the cut, tune in to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 10, 10/9c, on CBS.


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  1. Javier says:

    Very well said!!
    No more Godesses Zero glamour
    More focused on the musical guests than the girls. Now they even have to make their way around the singers!
    I agree that except for Alessandra Adriana and Candice. The roster is very boring. I personally don’t know what Lily Aldridge is doing there. She is pretty but no Angel material.
    And they refuse Daniela De Jesus over and over. A stunning Mexican beauty who opens for major designers in Europe.
    Last show was so boring I’m sure people are loosing interest in the show.
    Pretty girls and some questionable beauty dancing and blowing kisses to the camera on the runway. Lame lame lame.

  2. Bảo Lã Duy says:



  3. elisa steinfeld says:

    2:01 beautiful body and with curves but unfornatelly we know she isn’t on
    the show!!!

  4. Alejandro Martinez says:

    I think it’s weird to see Jourdan Dunn, Sui He or girls that have been in
    the show doing casting…

  5. Melanie Monroe says:

    I wish they cast petite girls 🙁 but you have to be tall

  6. Victoria's Secret says:

    Ed is so kind!

  7. Moon Light says:

    awww i saw Marloes. She didnt get the runway. maybe her walk is not enough.

  8. Boo Uno says:

    1:14 someone plz tell me what’s her name?!! plz plz plz

  9. Carolyn White says:

    Get a peek at the castings for the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and
    hear from casting director John Pfeiffer, collection creative director
    Sophia Neophitou, executive producers Ed Razek and Monica Mitro, and some
    of the models that have their sights set on the runway. Found at

  10. davy kaven says:


  11. Như Ngọc Đào says:

    OMG Sui Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Ngô Hà Anh says:

    Wow, i can see sui he and jessica hart!!! Oh come on, they’re already TOP
    MODELS, they’ve shot for Vogue a million times 🙂

  13. AbbeyTaylor93 says:

    Victoria’s Secret has touched the bottom!!! I mean, this brand and its
    fashion show used to be so glamorous, flawless, exclusive, amazing and
    sexy! The best top models with the most amazing bodies have walked on that
    runway! Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Laetitia Casta,
    Carolina Kurkova, Heidi Klum and so on…! All unique women with strong
    personalities and mature femininity. Te only left from that glorious period
    are Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio (shame for Miranda). The thing is
    that today I don’t see this “goddess factor” in these new models, I’m
    sorry. I need to search their names every time because they’re just boring,
    they are all the same, a bunch of cute californian girls, no top models
    (expect for Candice)!… Lindsay, Behati, Lily… really VS? These chicks
    are your top angels? Shame on you! And I can’t understand , I can’t believe
    it because I can see models with more potential, like Doutzen Kroues, Joan
    Smalls, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Shanina Shayk, bring back Miranda, Jessica
    White and Barbara Palvin and along with Adriana, Alessandra, Izabel Goulart
    and Candice you’ll have the perfect team of angels.
    I love Cara, she’s very popular now but I don’t think she represents the
    spirit of the brand. And the singers…. Really Taylor Swift? That unkown
    girls band? I know, you are doing all this mess for sales, now you have a
    bunch of teenagers buying your products, but It’s saaaad! The outfits, the
    music, the models… Now It’s all really cheap and shoddy. It was even so
    rebel and alternative at the beginning (look the 2001 show) and now you
    invite Taylor Swift or Jstin Bieber. Big LOL.

  14. Anxhela Keqaj says:

    How or when do you know when they have castings?

  15. Asia B says:

    Ugh I want that to be me!!

  16. Gianna N says:

    who’s the model at 1:24 ?

  17. Gianna N says:

    who’s the model at 1:24 ?

  18. Doutzen bieber says:

    And Bárbara palvin??

  19. mrbrennan011 says:

    Victoria Secret where are all the girls with curves? I miss Karolina, Tyra,
    Naomi. . .

  20. akalee says:

    all those girls look like the current Victoria secret models already what
    the hell

  21. Connie Mor says:

    Daniela Cosio!

  22. klopek007 says:

    Nothing better than a tall skinny girl. 🙂
    Asian girl at 0:15 = favorite.

  23. Melquisedec Taboada says:

    Daniela Cosio is such an amazing and beautiful model, she should be in the
    runway! she ´s so beautiful!

  24. tassha95 says:

    1:56 Daniela Cosío! ♥.♥

  25. Bethany G says:

    brb going to the gym.

  26. Adryele Barros says:

    My god,esse victorias secrets só piora a cada ano só tem modelo feiaa as
    unicas quem escapam sao adriana ,candice,behati e sóooo

  27. Ann Florabelle Gacayan says:

    Why is miranda not on the show? Is she retiring as a vs model?

  28. joycee4849 says:

    more SIGRID AGREN please

  29. evitahp says:


  30. HollyGolightly078 says:

    Worst casting ever !!! Caroline Brash Nielsen, Kasia Struss , Martha Hunt
    ?! My grandma is hotter than these 3 !!!

  31. simonpedro123 says:

    That Martha Hunt girl is the only model in the vid that I think that has
    potential to be a VS angel..

  32. jasmine gutierrez says:

    jourdan <3

  33. kim allen bewick says:

    I see Jourdan! So happy they picked her 🙂 She actually did that movement
    in the last show of 2013!

  34. BrateTebra123 says:

    no ass=no women, sorry girls

  35. TheBaronOfFratton says:

    So many stunning girls and they cast Karlie?

    So unfair!

  36. 【黛芙妮性感小舖】Daphne's sexy shop says:

    內衣界大事~ 一年一度的 VS大秀, 在上週進行試鏡囉~
    一起來看看, 這次有沒有你喜歡的MODEL可以在12月大秀上場!

    Casting the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

  37. Pavlina Ornik says:

    OK. These girls need to do some squats. I am not a model, but my butt looks

  38. Nastassja Amigo says:


  39. yusuk364 . says:

    Why still so skinny? that’s so ugly realy.

  40. TheGamingTaco1 says:

    Get outta here! This place is too tough for you! (Spongebob) – “well I’ll
    have you know I watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last week, and I
    only got a boner. TWICE!” — this has been a special quote from spongebob

  41. niky1189 says:

    Eniko!!!!! i don’t understand why she’s not in the show!!!

  42. cmz8706 says:

    hey look, it’s Ed Razek. he’s so cool.
    he inspires women all over the world to turn to Bulimia and Anorexia in
    order to achieve their dreams of someday influencing other little girls to
    box themselves inside of an unrealistic and unhealthy body image.
    remember girls; your value in this world is 100% determined by how fuckable
    you are. the more you look like a cookie-cutter Barbie Doll, the more men
    will wan to stick their dick in you. more men who want to stick their dick
    in you, the more money they’ll throw at you. what a sweet deal. you never
    have to use your brain again!

  43. aonosad says:

    so u need to be : skinny, tall, high on cocaine and below 25. if you are
    all that congratz! u can be victorias angel!

  44. sunkissedwonderful says:

    You guys parts of the 2013 show are already on instagram from people who
    were there and it sucked, just like I thought it would, so you can all stop
    fighting now. Peace has been made. Each year the vs show goes downhill and
    this year is no different. I only wish I could have been at the 2005 show
    because we all know that a show like that one will never happen again 🙁
    2005 was so amazing visually and the models were the top of the top
    SUPERmodels. Now they all look the same, no offense to them but other than
    the angels like Adriana, Ale and Doutzen can you really tell the other
    models apart when they’re all in a group if you don’t already know who they

  45. Eru Penkman says:

    Martha Hunt is just wow! Can’t stop looking at her.

  46. Mein Craft says:

    0:00 – 0:01 idiot generation at its best

  47. LorenaV143 says:

    0:55 SHE HAS BOOBS, Yall’ better pick her.

  48. Chris Dante says:

    And best thing is that those few who look at girls and “grade” them are
    ugly as shit…Isn’t that amazing?

  49. iMe ze says:

    Slenderman contest

  50. Maria João Martins says:

    Sara Sampaio <3

  51. Diellza Dobroshi says:

    I think there needs to be more diversity among the angels. It would be
    amazing if there was an angel with afro hair, a lesbian angel, a short
    haired angel… They are supposed to empower all women…
    BTW I don’t get why Irina Shayk isn’t an angel…

  52. hạnh vũ says:

    some girls have great body,but I don’t really like their walk

  53. Jacob James says:

    Bring back Gisele, Karolina, Tyra, Heidi, Naomi, Carmen. They are the true

  54. LOOSEST clan says:

    that poor male judge has to sit awkwardly with a boner for all of this time
    that they are auditioning, a true man

  55. macarena nuñez says:
  56. jlshine188 says:

    Kelly gale looks like shanina shaik, Martha hunt, looks like Lindsay

  57. GosiaAga Malin says:

    Caaaaaan´t wait for the Show!

  58. wizzywoo123 says:

    None of them have boobs…I don’t get it

  59. Gjorgi Jovanovski says:

    Poor girls .. i feel sorry for them

  60. Stela95 says:

    i can’t believe they didn’t choose Marloes Horst 🙁

  61. giovonni gaines says:

    Im excited

  62. tutu says:

    Can’t wait for the show!

  63. Rebecca Fernandes says:

    These are all of the confirmed models of the VSFS 2013 so far!

    The Angels

    Adriana Lima

    Alessandra Ambrosio

    Behati Prinsloo

    Candice Swanepoel

    Doutzen Kroes

    Karlie Kloss

    Lily Aldridge

    Lindsay Ellingson

    Other Models

    9. Lais Ribeiro

    10. Elsa Hosk

    11. Barbara Fialho

    12. Izabel Goulart

    13. Jessica Hart

    14. Sara Sampaio

    15. Jourdan Dunn

    16. Josephine Skiver

    17. Ming Xi

    18. Sigrid Agren

    19. Caroline Brasch

    20. Ieva Laguna

    21. Martha Hunt

    22. Jasmine Tookes

    23. Devon Windsor

    24. Hillary Rhoda

    25. Bregje Heinen

    26. Kelly Gale

    27. Lauren Layne (Rumored)

    28. Constance Jablonski

    29. Magdalena Frackowiak

    30. Toni Garrn (rumored)

    31. Marloes Horst

    32. Sui He

    33. Maryna Linchuk

    34. Cindy Bruna

    35. Joan Smalls

    36. Malaika Firth (Rumored)

    37. Jac Jablonski




  64. Alexandra Serrano says:

    Beautiful Girls 🙂

  65. HelloRuba says:

    I feel so fat and ugly

  66. Hugh Heffner says:

    I wanna see Diana Moldovan and Andreea Diaconu in the show !!!!!!
    Also,some Cat McNeil would be nice !

  67. S Marquez says:

    Please cast Sara Sampaio!!

  68. delelenoreable says:

    none of the girls shown in this video caught my attention.
    the days of supermodels like adriana lima and gisele are truly over

  69. Brittany B. says:

    Anais Mali, Kelly Gale, Sara Sampaio and Jourdan Dunn MUST make it.

  70. Emily Jewell says:


  71. Sara Moroncelli says:

    I show my personality… ahahahah ehm..yes of course,your personality…

  72. Eimy Nami says:

    I need Barbara Palvin <3

  73. Carrie Aberdeen says:

    That’s so mee

  74. Audrey L says:

    they’re all so pretty 🙂

  75. nicknameidono says:

    Sara Sampaio, U did it girl!!! 😀

  76. Hannah Gunton says:

    Kelly is so beautiful and I really think Sara should walk in the show, she
    deserves it.

  77. Hannah Gunton says:


  78. Federica Wonderland says:

    Miranda. 🙁

  79. Oscar Ruelas says:

    carmen hunt = kate upton 2.0
    PS: This new comment section sucks

  80. Jess Edwards says:

    AUSSIE REPRESENT!! Jessica Hart at 1:19! WOOOOO!

  81. alovesherdoggie says:

    can anyone audition? like people off the streets? lol just wondering

  82. Emma F says:

    my favorite bikini top 🙂

  83. Griscely Nunez says:

    I hate that I’ll never be tall enough for this :/

  84. cheergirl744 says:

    Ew their all so skinny! The sad thing is I’m that skinny too and I’m trying
    to put on weight!

  85. Min Huang says:

    can we please please have the short hair asian girl? she really stood
    out… we need something new! hardly any chinese or japanese girls get put
    in the shows..

  86. K3chocolate says:

    I love casting videos! Please post more!

  87. Juju Jangled says:

    Sara sampio I know you going to make it OMG 🙂 she so beautiful

  88. Kim Honey says:

    OMG I saw Jessica Strother!! I hope she makes it : )

  89. indira K. says:

    OMG BABY JACQ WAS THERE!!!!! ;A; hope she would be on the runway too this

  90. Jet Yamashita says:

    Who’s the model at 1:15?

  91. officialsamtracy says:

    Looove Karlie and allllll the angels!

  92. Cai Cat says:

    I had a good feeling about Kelly’s presence. 🙂

  93. Cai Cat says:

    I had a good feeling about Kelly’s presence. 🙂

  94. Kevin Andrew says:


  95. Emily Soria says:

    I can not believe that Sara, Jourdan and Hilary have done the casting…
    for God’s love, they have been walking in the last fashion shows even in

  96. steppingpebbles says:

    Short-haired Asian at 00:14 is pretty! Would love to see her on the show! 3

  97. Isaias Delgado says:

    Daniela de jesus cosio en el casting

  98. Annabelle Jackson says:

    kelly gale better be in the show omfg

  99. Xiomara Reyes says:

    Martha Hunt looks promising.

  100. liebe georgina says:

    I really wish VS would cast curvier models… i really think that VS could
    be the catalyst for a change in what the our society covets as beautiful…

  101. yg fan says:

    i want the show to be a mix of 2003,2005 and 2008 those were the best shows
    from VS

  102. Lúcia João says:

    Please pick Sara Sampaio!!! She is Gorgeous Oh my God, next Adriana Lima

  103. Kristina Savic says:

    None of them were as pretty as Candie, Miranda, Alexandria or Adriana!

  104. Laila Suzanne says:

    “They have to preforme and walk at the same time ”

  105. Kevork89 says:

    They cast Karlie as an angel o_O

    It’s not prestigious anymore!

  106. Lynn Melina says:

    maryyyna!! I LOVE her

  107. João Martins Pereira says:

    I hope they cast Sara Sampaio!!!

  108. Gabrielle Grant says:

    i wish they would let short girls walk 🙁

  109. Valentina Vee says:

    2 words: Carmen Carrera.

  110. SapphireSintra says:

    4 others should also be cast but i dont know their names 🙁

  111. SapphireSintra says:

    Yaaaay jourdan dunn, sara , kelly, martha , anais and jessica

  112. 89Trashmaster says:

    These are bodies, perfect bodies!!!

  113. Jesus Quezada says:

    U better cast oluchi orlandi

  114. Adriana Lima says:

    “They can’t just walk the runway, they have to perform.” lolwhat?
    VS was never like that back then, they actually took it seriously instead
    of blowing kisses and pointing at cameras. Ridiculous.

  115. Levan Chelidze says:

    Yey objectifying women

  116. darkundereyes says:

    Name of the short haired asian?

  117. Sarah S says:


  118. Karla Vargas says:

    It is my dream to walk one day down in front of those judges, and show them
    what I got

  119. Marcy Sweet says:

    Is barbara palvin going to be on the runway.?

  120. Rachelle Tougas says:

    Martha hunt and Sara pleaseeeeee

  121. Charles Brownfield says:

    V/S fashion show coming soon~~yay

  122. Мирослава Перейма says:

    coming soon

  123. Regina M says:

    sara sampaio!!

  124. 513billiejoe says:

    Erin won’t be on the ranway?

  125. Thebeautylover96 says:

    Sara Sampaio :))

  126. thekurufasulye says:

    1:51 who is she?

  127. quitto91 says:

    eniko! would love to see her as an angel 🙂

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