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Abbey Lee Kershaw is one of the hottest models on the planet, and is the cover girl of the March issue of Vogue Australia. Abbey’s star has continued to rise since last season, when she opened both Fendi and Versace, making her the top model of Milan’s Spring 2010 fashion week. With all her recent covers and fashion editorials she’s poised to be the star of the up-coming Fall 2010 show season.

Back at home in Australia Abbey Lee’s rise to fame hasn’t gone unnoticed by the mainstream press. She is featured in a profile segment on the leading Australian current affairs TV program Today Tonight. (MORE: Watch the Video after the jump).

Vogue Australia March 2010

The Today Tonight TV story was produced by fashion journalist Patty Huntington. Abbey is very honest and down to earth, and in the Today Tonight segment she’s quite candid when asked how she feels about the pressure to be ultra-thin:

That’s like asking a bodybuilder how they feel about the pressures to be incredibly muscly. An elite performer is always put under some sort of extreme pressure that the rest of society can argue, might not quite understand.”

As for turning down doing Alexander McQueen’s show last season due to the shoes:
I’m hoping [the shoe heights are] going to come back down soon because . . . I mean, health and safety regulations have to come into play at some point.

And on her comfort level with nudity, Kershaw replied:
I find nudity quite imperative to the expression of fashion. I’m quite comfortable with saying no, so I don’t think I’ve done anything too outrageous.”


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