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Go backstage with Tommy Ton, fashion’s hottest photo blogger and street style photographer at Milan and Paris Fashion week. In this exclusive behind the scenes video we discover why Tommy Ton’s passionate eye and love of fashion has made him the most influential street style photographer working today. A self described “fashion paparazzi” Tommy documents the exotic trends, the colorful accessories and the stylish people at fashion month for Style.Com and GQ.COM and his popular blog Jak&Jil.

As Tommy explains the internet and the digital age has given people the chance to become a working professional overnight, “the fashion show is the new red carpet, everybody wants to be a part of this world, it’s not so exclusive anymore. With the whole boom of the internet and blogging and twitter, people have become so connected to each other – it’s a community that has grown so fast.”  

MODTV’s cameras captured Tommy in action from Milan to Paris and we spoke with some of his friends and fashion bloggers including Bryan Boy, Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist, Garance Dore and fashion editor Anna Dello Russo.  What’s life of the hottest street style photo blogger really like?

Watch our exclusive fashion video of street style photographer Tommy Ton here now and find out. Download the video on MODTV Mobile App.

Reported by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director. A production of MODTV Fashion Network.  Filmed & Edited by: Giovanni Sicignano and Karen Morrison.  Photographs: Courtesy Tommy Ton © 2012.


Karen Morrison is Executive Producer & Director of MODTV. An award-winning fashion and beauty video content creator she produced and directed the Allure Backstage Web series for Allure Magazine. Karen was also the creator, Series Producer of 'Fashion File' the global fashion TV series seen on E! Entertainment Television and CBC TV. Follow Karen Morrison on Twitter @MODTV or on Google+


  1. NFB FFB says:

    He’s so talented and also seems so down to Earth. Love love his work

  2. Andre Jordan says:


  3. kaveman525 says:

    lady gaga looked disgusting

  4. flamingminds says:

    slenderman likes duffle coats

  5. Auston Hastings says:


  6. Tommy Ton Backstage

  7. Burak KESKİN says:

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  8. BellisVintage says:

    For me it will always be Bill Cunningham first, he has a philosophy of life that is pure and truthful and not about the money. I have uploaded a video with his words of wisdom do check it out if you want to know how this inventor of street style photography thinks.

  9. Whatisright says:

    That photo at 3:29. I think that’s really good.

  10. MODTV says:

    Tommy Ton, fashion’s hottest street style photo blogger takes us inside his
    beautiful world during Paris & Milan fashion week. #streetphotography
    #streetstyle #tommyton #fashionweek

  11. MODTV says:

    Tommy Ton, fashion’s hottest photo blogger takes us backstage at fashion
    week in Milan and Paris. #pfw #bloggers #fashion #mfw #tommyton

  12. Rickki Connell says:
  13. mihos100 says:


  14. megan renfrow says:

    i love this channel I am a inspireing model so look out for MaeMae

  15. Bonnie Penny Presumida says:
  16. Karen Morrison says:
  17. Karen Morrison says:

    Tommy Ton has such a great eye, and I’m a major fan of his work. I captured
    him in action behind the scenes at Paris Fashion week – see why he is the
    hottest photo blogger working right now.

  18. Ashley Sommer says:

    Have you ever wonder what it is like to be a fashion photographer? Check
    this look at one of the biggest names in fashion photography. Also get a
    behind the scenes look at him trying to capture a moment. Its not as easy
    as it might seem.

    #fashion #photographer #fashionphotography #fashionweek #photography
    #capturedmoments #tommyton #jackandjill

  19. angelstern says:

    I wish I could personally tell Tommy Ton to please bring back his Sergio Rossi Sightings blog!!
    I miss it : (

  20. Scalikitty says:

    i know right. love his perspective
    you should go view the network page and subscribe

  21. njesseable says:

    i love his photos, i’m such a fan of Tommy!!

  22. 愛子 中野 says:

    he’s charming and cute.

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