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“It’s all about raw beauty” at Alexander Wang Spring 2014. Go backstage at Alexander Wang Spring 2014 with top models Georgia May Jagger, Jourdan Dunn, Erin Wasson and Josephine Skriver and find out how Guido Palau and Diane Kendal created the sexy, raw beauty look for the show.

This was top model Georgia May Jagger’s first New York Fashion Week runway show and Alexander Wang said he cast her because not only is she a friend, but because she perfectly captures that “sexy bombshell’ look he was going for this season.  Makeup artist Diane Kendal kept the makeup minimal and Guido Palau added extensions giving the models sexy, full thick hair.

Find out why top models Erin Wasson, Jourdan Dunn and Georgia May Jagger love Alexander Wang and can’t get enough of his cool, downtown style. Watch our Alexander Wang Spring 2014 Backstage fashion video here now.

Reported and produced by Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director.  Camera: Giovanni Sicignano. A production of MODTV Fashion Network.  


Karen Morrison is an award-winning executive producer, director and multimedia journalist at the forefront of fashion and beauty content creation for digital platforms and broadcast television. Follow Karen on Twitter @MODTV or on Google+


  1. Leonardo di caprio says:

    Si Doll

  2. Nina LOVE says:

    How tall is Georgia? She looks short.

  3. Cendrine Pennell says:

    ALEXANDER WANG Spring 2014 Backstage ft Georgia May Jagger | MODTV

  4. Francisco Perez says:

    Follow me | Astroleaf

  5. Stéph says:

    i don’t get Jourdan’s face, she looks a bit older for her age

  6. Francisco Perez says:

    Just sexy

  7. abcdefgrapefruit says:

    i lovvve alexander wang

  8. Avia Tsoran says:

    who is the girl at 1:00 ????

  9. jonatan black says:

    where’s the diversity? why is everyone white and look the same?

  10. Ming S says:


  11. Ariana C says:

    How tall are these models usually? xxx please help

  12. ProvocatuerBarbie25 says:

    God, Alexander is my Idol! He is the only ‘celebrity’ I would ever act a
    fool in front of!!! Bc hes just soooooo cool.

  13. Eva Aghekyan says:

    Georgia is so unbelievably stunning

  14. Karen Morrison says:

    It’s all about raw beauty at *Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2014*. Makeup
    artist *Diane Kendal* and hair stylist *Guido* show us how to get the look.
    Featuring a couple of my favorite models *Georgia May Jagger, Jourdan Dunn
    and Erin Wasson*

    #alexanderwang #spring2014 #fashion #beauty #georgiamayjagger #modtv #models
    #jourdandunn #erinwasson

  15. katsan88 says:

    that model needs braces

  16. Edward Loys says:

    wonderful collection, Alexander Wang at its fullest.Besides must say that
    topmodels adriana cernanova and coralie pavlik-frege were incredibly

  17. carla guidibi says:

    *Georgia May Jagger* gives an exclusive look backstage at *Alexander Wang
    Spring 2014* with top models *Erin Wasson* *Jourdan Dunn*, makeup artist *Diane
    Kendal* and *Guido Palau*.

    #alexanderwang #spring2014 #georgiamayjagger #NYFW #MODTV +Redken
    5th Avenue NYC

  18. Maurício Queiroz says:


  19. Wafaa Akmal says:

    One of my favorite designers ever and Georgia is stunning as always.

  20. MODTV says:

    We agree – Alexander Wang rocks!

  21. MODTV says:

    We agree! We love her too!

  22. MODTV says:

    Hey there the music track in this video is listed in our credits.
    It’s “Who I Want To Be” by Chris Lago

    Thanks for watching!

  23. Mollie Brittain says:

    I love Alexander Wang so much

  24. lykke li says:

    What song is that @ 0:53?

  25. Hannah Gunton says:

    Alexander Wang, you are incredible!!

  26. Hannah Gunton says:

    Josephine Skriver is incredible. SUCH a natural beauty! Stunning.

  27. MODTV says:

    That’s one of our favorite models Josephine Skriver @JosephinSkriver

  28. sweetandsourapple says:

    0:55 Who is this??

  29. Adam Bagley says:

    you guys always match the right music for each designer and show but this was just way off

  30. Aisling O'Leary says:

    More Behati!

  31. MODTV says:

    *Georgia May Jagger* gives an exclusive look backstage at *Alexander Wang
    Spring 2014* with top models *Erin Wasson* *Jourdan Dunn*, makeup artist *Diane
    Kendal* and *Guido Palau*.

    #alexanderwang #spring2014 #georgiamayjagger #NYFW #MODTV +Redken
    5th Avenue NYC

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